my favorite photoshoot of hers so far


Here’s the best full body shots of my Sombra cosplay that I have so far!! Sorry about the shady af lighting but I did a small photoshoot today so I’ll share those photos when I get them :)

She is by far my favorite character I’ve ever cosplayed. Talon Widowmaker is definitely my 2nd fave cosplay now too (also have nicer photos of her with Tracer that I’ll share!!)! Working on upgrades for both Sombra & Widowmaker currently.

Had so much fun at CT Con this weekend and I’m so excited to wear her again.


This is Rhududu, or Rhu for short. She is a service dog and a Pit Bull advocate who is a BIG fan of @markiplier ! So her handler (who is also a big fan) worked very hard with her every day for several weeks to teach her how to stand on her back legs so that she could pose for this photoshoot as Wilford Warfstashe! She even made most of her costume by hand! This has been my most favorite photoshoot so far. I am posting these with some hope that it will get a little sass attention from the big man himself, because you can’t deny that the hard work and amazing cuteness in these photos hold a little sass of their own!

bookgalaxyus  asked:

PLEASE!! do a fic where Aelin is a model and Rowan is an intern taking a photography class

“Could you turn a little, just to the left?” the photographer asked, looking out from behind his camera.  His long hair was thrown up in a messy bun that day, tattoos curving with the motion of his arm.

Aelin turned accordingly, keeping her stare, imagining this is what she would look like if she were about to murder someone who deserved it and enjoy every second of it.

The student who’d asked to work with her for his final project was someone closer to her age than the rest of the class, a man who’d obviously gone back to school after so many years, and he was her favorite to work with.

Rowan Whitethorn was calm and self-assured, knowing how to position each model for the perfect shot, playing to their strengths and working with them to find what they were comfortable with and how far they were willing to extend that comfort zone for a photoshoot.

And if he gave her something to look at while she was posing? Well that was just fine too.