my favorite photo art

I´m almost 2 days late, but finally i´m done!! This is my piece for @vldexchange  that i did for @bleventeen <3 I´m sorry i made you wait so long, but i got carried away with the road trip theme lol I hope you like it ~ I had lots of fun doing it :3

Day 12: Childhood Friends

Storytime! This is based off of a photo of me and my cousin during Easter. For whatever reason I am just sneering at him, egg in hand, while he looks completely zoned out. It’s one of my favorite baby photos. :)

A happy family~ (full photo album here)


How I imagine the business days of Sarge and Fillmore’s Casa Della Tires haha

The dialogue in the bottom doodle of the 2nd photo was @disrespectful-junk ’s idea. I imagine Fillmore at one point becoming so bored he modifies old tires to resemble peace signs because that’s him, and Sarge scolds him for it because that’s him.

The last photo is my favorite 😆