my favorite person in the entire universe

i am going to argue that this new episode is on my list of top top favorites like,,,, personally i think this is the best song in the entire show. the episode was great,, it had friendship and pearl is a lesbian and im just,,, i cried a lot?? this is a really good episode one of my top episodes oh my god,, now i understand why the crew was so hyped,, we was all happy and deedee dropped this bomb on us,,, hopy shit

i’m going to happy cry oh my god my boyfriend is taking me to disneyland and no one loves/knows more about disney than i do and he is so amazing and perfect and i can’t believe how lucky and fortunate i am!!!! i can’t wait to see all the cute 60th anniversary stuff and the paint the night parade and star wars stuff and sleeping beauty’s castle and everything oh my GOD what the fuck how in the world did i get so lucky to be able to soon experience such an amazing place with my actual favorite person in the entire universe