my favorite parts of the skull

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I think my favorite part was when Tony realized Steve might be alive and literally just abandons the rest of the team, like, bye


in that moment….Red Skull himself became a stevetony shipper, if only because he realized that he could exploit just how Extra™ steve and tony were about each other

I am aware that this is a shitty meme page, but major credit to the guys that made this picture (Wil and Tyrine from Musetap studios) Honestly though my favorite part is the face Lewis is making.

When you the only one who can’t speak, and they give you vocals.

When you don’t have a jaw, and you have to sing.

When you see the guy that’s been talking to your gf.

When your friend does something wrong, and you’re still salty about it, but they’ve forgotten.

When you always end up being a push over.

Wen u die.

Alright well… I’m terrible….I’m just going to bury my head under a pillow and not come out for embarrasments sake


Had DnD last night and one of our players gets up to leave after the session and were discussing another game we also have running and whether our Cleric will be able to make it to the game, this is an evil game our cleric is a cleric of Asmodeus and he plays the part great. Like subtally and great hes our face man, very dry humor, my favorite kind. Anyway the person leaving my apt is like no I dont think hes going to make it and I yell. “Tell him he has to come who is going to be our cult leader!” ….Front door is wide open. Well theres that. I dont see anyone in teh breeze way so okay maybe I’ve escaped it. 

During this session (Skulls and Shackles - Pirate Campaign) one of our members got shanked. So The player leaving is a very small woman, I jokingly told Zaanthe to walk her to her car so she didn’t get shanked. APPARENTLY there was someone standing in the breeze way (I never saw them) but when Zaanteh walked out with her he said there was a guy standing there that gave him a look like : Wtf did they just say?

So… leave me here to die in shame plz

I got tagged twice in two text things so here we go i s’pose, sorry for the lots of text!

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Nickname(s): None, people don’t give me nicknames for some reason, tho my parents refer to me as “Sabbe” sometimes just to tease me

Star sign: Aquarius~

Height: 4ft 11in, aka really short

Time right now: 6:43pm

Favorite music artist: Dunno?? Takida probably if i had to pick

Song stuck in your head: None

Last movie watched: Don’t remember, last movie i watched in class tho was Mad Max 2 as part of nature science class

Last TV show watched: Steven Universe

What are you wearing right now: Red sweater with a skull print on it and grey softpants

When did you create your blog: Like on June 14th, tho probably earlier i just didn’t post anything before then

What kind of stuff do you post: My art, my thoughts and “funny” text posts of mine, ask memes, but mostly art

Do you have any other blogs: Yes i do, only two of them however i’m currently using, tho my comic blog will be seeing some updates in march!

Do you get asks regularly: Kinda??

Why did you choose your URL: I was very much into Super Smash Brothers at the time and liked giving character to the pikachu in the game, tho nowadays i just keep it because i’d love to smash a pikachu in the face

Hogwarts house: No idea

Pokémon team: Ampharos, Bewear, Swanna, Leavanny, Slurpuff, Magcargo

Favorite color: Turquoise~

Average hours of sleep: Depends on the day, but from either 5-6 or 7-8

Lucky number: 17 and 24

Favorite character: My characters, but for real tho i can’t pick favorites from the few things i’m really into, my favorite pokemon however is Ampharos

How many blankets do you sleep with: Who the heck sleeps with just blankets?? Here you use something called “täcke”, which i guess is called quilt in English, but you only need one of those n you’re set~ So none i guess?

Dream Job (s): Game graphics designer

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Relationship Status: Single

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Last song I listened to: The Rusty Bucket Bay theme from Banjo Kazooie, or an actual song would be Flowerchild by Takida

Favorite TV Shows: Steven Universe

First Fandom: Pokemon, probably

Hobbies: Drawing, spending time with my friend, playing games and analyzing them too much, listen to video game soundtracks, day dream

Books I’m currently reading: None!

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Hello, I saw that you wanted your followers to talk to you about little things and it just so happens that I could use somebody to talk to :) I’d be from Hoenn but frequently vacation in Alola, Totodile is my favorite starter, and my favorite Pokemon of all time is Lugia. Right now I’m sort of wandering around searching for my purpose in life, so I like to imagine that’s how I’d become a part of Team Skull.

PS: I love your blog! Your headcanons make me smile. :)


Totodile is so good lol i love impersonating it’s sound because it pisses my siblings off a lot. Lugia is so beautiful though dude, I learned how to play its theme which is amazing. No pressure on figuring out where you stand in life right now, some figure it out early on others take a while! And you make me smile too babe 

#02 _Skull, side view (sidenote)

Things I learned
Following the same process used in the last note, it’s interesting to see the differences between Cullen’s and Ellyna’s skulls.

Along with things we already noticed (bigger skull for Cullen, rounder eyes for Ellyna), what I find very interesting of this side view is the overall proportions: Ellyna’s skull is not only tinier, but rounder too (look at the chin and jawline!). Also, she has softer shapes (chin again, and cheekbones), and a pretty straight nose bridge (elven heritage ^^).

If we look at how the skull bones defines the face features, my favorite discover goes to the nose. I’ve never thought about this before (maybe because my nose is pretty much straight), but the little bump that some people have at the top of theit nose is actually defined by the skull’s nose bones :O So, while on Cullen that part is sliiiighly defined (and it’s not defined at all in Ellyna), Dorian and Josie will have way more prominent bones in that area.

Another special mention goes to the teeth position, which is pretty important in case you need to draw someone with their mouth open. Even though I’m sure my skulls here are not precise at all, just thinking about how the bones behave, from the top of the nose to lower down on the chin, really helps me to determine teeth position. Little side note: Josie’s has very full/plush lips, which brings her mouth way more forward than in Cullen or Dorian’s profile. It makes sense, doesn’t it? :)

I’ve been sitting on this sketch for months lol. 

I am EXTREMELY happy she was finally revealed because I love Shiro so damn much. Might be like a few tiny inconsistencies with the final design, but I updated just a few parts to keep her on model with her current turn around.

Hope you enjoy. c:


Gangsta // EP01 - Favorite part


30 Days of Vulture Culture - Day 3: What is your collection mostly; bones, pelts, taxidermy, a mixture?

A mixture! Skulls, bones, and teeth for the most part and they are my favorites but I also like collecting feathers (only the legal ones!), fossils, and other bits n’ bobs. Pictured here is a small sampling of it all, haha!

by far my favorite part of rwby was when during a battle when a girl got hung up on a mast by the foot, instead of the typical upskirt scene, 50 knives fell out of her dress and nearly embedded themselves in a man’s skull

My debut album “The Shadow Side” from my solo project #AndyBLACK will be released Friday May 6th worldwide! Pre-orders are available now and include a limited edition autographed CD (while supplies last) and exclusive photo poster by @jweinerphotography skull I am so excited to unveil the album cover designed and executed by my longtime friend and favorite artist in the world @exhibitagallery “Everyone carries a shadow,” Carl Jung once wrote, “and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” It may be (in part) one’s link to more primitive animal instincts, which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind.“ To me, “The Shadow Side” represents taking the things you fear the most…your darkest emotions and using them to create something stronger. Make yourself into a warrior. 1. Homecoming King 2. We Don’t Have To Dance 3. Ribcage 4. Stay Alive (feat. Matt Skiba) 5. Love Was Made To Break
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13. The Void