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How adorable, right?

My favorite part of the “moving out” video was the little flashback (just a few seconds!) to the two of them building the wardrobe when they first moved in. They looked like little tiny babies! With such “interesting” haircuts! And that was such a funny, iconic video! With Phil stroking the piece of wood up and down until Dan stopped him. That made me laugh so hard. I think that was the only part of the video that made me really nostalgic.

Shame on those 5 noisy phandom cynics who insisted that they would be moving out separately. Why would a 25-year-old man and a 30-year-old man who are very special friends ever want to live independently of each other?


My favorite excerpt from this article is the part about “Wicked”…. because his Fiyero had so much Sass.


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How do you feel about dan and phil moving out? Im kinda sad but also kinda excited to see the new place

same here, I’m feeling nostalgic of their old flat even though i don’t even live there but I’m also excited for their new place and how they decorate it and shit cause thats my favorite part of moving

Perhaps my favorite part of the Thrawn novel:

Thrawn: Hey, so I have to go meet Governor Pryce incognito, can you tell me if my disguise works.

Eli *looks up from datapad* *Thrawn is literally wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses*


Eli: Whoa, I have no idea who is talking to me, I swear that’s the voice of my bestie best friend but goodness I’m so confused.

Thrawn *silently congratulates himself because he can’t detect sarcasm*

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I've run out of fics to read , do you have any recommendations????

Transatlanticism by tabulaxrasa

gerard lives in london and works for DC comics… frank’s in new york with his band….. they end up starting a long-distance relationship and it’s PRETTY CUTE…. if i’m honest though my favorite parts are the bits of banter between gerard and his colleagues lol…… “it could be worse lads… we could be working for marvel”

Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is) by brooklinegirl

okay /wheeze/ there’s no good way to summarize this except frank keeps accidentally walking in on gerard having sex with people and it’s starting to fuck him up. I GUESS there’s not really that much to this fic, it’s kinda short, but personally i think it’s funny as hell so 

My Ferry Romance by lovebashed

YEAH THIS ONE IS JUST…. REALLY CUTE OK… gerard is a Struggling Cartoonist, frank is the friendly ferry.. cafeteria… barista?? i think???? whatever gerard basically gets adopted by a ferry crew and frank gets sick. everyone’s cute, awkward, and oblivious so like classic fic stuff here WHATEVER IT’S A PLEASANT READ

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I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely loved your black sails fic! Your writing is really elegant. I loved the way you managed to fit so much story and character work in so few words. There were so many details that will stay with me - thank you for writing it. I hope you'll be moved to write these characters again!

Thank you for your kind words, you are so so so sweet. I wanted it to be sexier but it seems I can’t write smut to save my life lol. What was your favorite part ? Thank you again ! Peace and blessings.