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So, last week I watched Kill Bill and I remembered how much I love this movie!! I couldn’t help to draw some characters while I was listening to the soundtrack, one of my favorite parts is the story of O Ren Ishii! OMG this movie is so good! 

Hope all of you like these drawings as much as I do!

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UT! Charisk with US! Charisk (Part 2)

Here is it! The continuation of the fiction where US! Charisk meets UT! Charisk. Hope you like and to avoid confusion here are speaking patterns for each character:

Normal: All the Undertale Characters

Italics: All Underswap Characters (except Frisk)

Bold: Underswap Frisk

Also congratulations on your 7000 followers! (in fact, this is my gift for you).


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Although Deku and Todo weren’t in the same shots

there were still

a lot of 


Just look how riled up Todo got after Deku called out to him


he’s still

not ready

But that’s okay because like All Might 

I believe in my boy

I also have to mention his karate killer moves

Anywho, my favorite parts of this episode were his reactions to Bakugou cuz omg that was hella funny so I did another post for that LOL! (also when he was in his casual clothes cuz he looked so cute) 

Here are season’s 2 so far

Ep 24Ep 23 (this one has 5 parts), Ep 22, Ep 21, Ep 20, Ep 19, Ep 18 Part One and Part Two, Ep 17, EP 16 Part One and Part Two, Ep 15 Part One and Part Two, Ep 14

And here are the ones from season 1:

Ep 13, Ep 12,  Ep 11, Ep 10, Ep 9, Ep 8, Ep 7, Ep 6, Ep 5

Ser Jaime Lannister in the Season 7 Trailer for Game if Thrones.

My theory: he’s charging to maim or kill a dragon with that lance (no sword).

Look at that devastation around him. OMG. Something has made him so desperate to charge something.. it isn’t like Jaime Lannister to just do something like this without reason.

miniwaves  asked:

What are these tales games?? I would love to start a new series of games.

The Tales games are JRPGs that are INSANELY fun and pretty relevant to real-world issues. Like most of them have complex characters, an underlying message, amazing music, and an engaging battle system (similar to Final Fantasy where it’s more ‘free-style’ rather than turn-based). I’m not very good at explaining things, but I’ll list a few of my favorite things about the games.

There’s these random little scenes called ‘skits’ and they honestly add a whole new level of involvement to the story / game because you get to better understand the characters’ points of view, plus they’re usually pretty funny. At the end of battles the characters have little bits of dialogue that are pretty cute (especially Tales of Graces OMG), and you also can dress the characters in cute outfits with accessories.

I HIGHLY recommend Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360) for first-timers because it’s a great introduction to the series since it has ALL the qualities listed above and the protag is a sassy crimeboy like Akira. LMAO But the character development is incredible and the graphics are nice to look at. The battle mechanics are easy to grasp and there isn’t too much grinding. Here’s a few screenshots from Vesperia:

Anyway, I hope this was somewhat helpful??? LMAO I’m not good at explaining things, and it also depends on the consoles you have; most of the popular Tales games are on PS3. ;A; But I could talk about my love for these games all day, and I hope you give the series a chance!! ^^

Extra Mile | Miami

Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

So ya’ll know Mun/Mod Phoenix is a cosplayer! That being said, I was in a Voltron Panel with my friends at Phoenix Comicon (PCC) as Lance and my friend recorded parts of it and my favorite parts of the panel was the roast section and OMG

So I got my favorite roast in this short video right here!

So here’s the video!