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Production Draft of QAF 5x11 - The most precious thing in the world

Can we just hard core applaud 3% on Netflix like omg perfectly done. I think my absolutely favorite part was that they had a character in a wheelchair whose goal was not to get through The Process so that he could be “fixed”. He was offended by the idea that he could be made to walk again as if there was something wrong with him the way he was.


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So, last week I watched Kill Bill and I remembered how much I love this movie!! I couldn’t help to draw some characters while I was listening to the soundtrack, one of my favorite parts is the story of O Ren Ishii! OMG this movie is so good! 

Hope all of you like these drawings as much as I do!

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Befriending other Babyz like
  • When you first start talking: Hi there~ I'm a fan of B.A.P! My favorite song is "Badman" and my bias is Jongup *blush* I hope we can be friends and talk often :)
  • When you become BBFs (Best Baby Friends): asjndkjsdkjgnr omg diD YoU watCH thE new mUsic video ofc u did u fucKInG loser lmao jk iLYSM omg BAP slayyyyyyyed my life omg omg omg my favorite part of the mv was the whOLE THINg what was ur fav part yoOOooOo did u see baNG YONGGUKS FUCKING EYEBROW ugghHHHH HE'S SO HOT asjbdkjnbkfj i love bAp so frejkaing much>?>!!!

my favorite part of college so far has been my religion class last quarter that somehow bent itself backwards enough to assert that the military draft is a way of subverting the generational conflict of the oedipus complex

what better way is there to avoid your son usurping your position as patriarch than to send all young, healthy, and sexually viable men off to fucking DIE

ashenrenee  asked:

The clown thing. I can't even. OKAY SO THAT PINK FEATHER IS MY FAVORITE PART AND I'M SCREAMING OMG!!!! When she calls him Tommy, I'm going to cry again. "You're my special little scary snowflake." Fucking gold. Like it just honestly doesn't get any better than this. "Nicholas Flamel was as good as dead." Proof that if you promise a man sex he'll do just about anything. "Having a slow Veela is a bit like having a simple dog." They really ought to give you an award for writing this story. Genius.

You are just all kinds of perfect!!!