my favorite part of the whole movie

Went and saw Beauty and the Beast, and I just had to share my experience because it was so pure?

So, like, I get into the theater, find myself a nice spot smack dab midscreen, which is WAY EASIER without thirty people traipsing in behind you in a group, lemme tell you, and I’m just sitting there, by my lonesome, scrolling tumblr and watching whatever weird stuff they’ve got on screen, and a family comes to sit in my row, which was the only empty one not right in front of the screen. Sat down what I thought was a seat away from me until I saw a little girl in an adorable ass red dress climbing over mom and dad to sit next to me. 

Totally fine. I was just off of center and they got to sit right in the middle of the screen, and when she finally gets settled this little girl looks up at me, with a soda half her size in one hand, and somehow both popcorn and candy in her tiny little lap, and she stage whispers to her mom:

“She’s by herself!”

Mom looks embarrassed, but I smile and wave off the apology. 

I go back to my phone, only to realize someone is tugging at my sleeve. Little girl looks up at me, all wide eyes and curiosity, and holds out a napkin filled with popcorn and chocolate. Like, I remember being a kid, and I remember how important candy and popcorn at the theater are, and I think she thought she was saving my life by offering this sustenance.

I almost fucking cried guys, kids are the best.

So I take it and thank her and let her talk my ear off for a few minutes until she needs a drink because she has been talking SO MUCH her mouth is dry. This kid is going places, guys, I’m telling you right now, because she picked up that cup the size of her torso like a champ and angled the straw just right and continued to try to talk to me around her gulps.

While this is happening, on the other side of me another mom and daughter sat down, and, turns out, the girls know each other. I’m guessing, based on the gumption of Red Dress, that they probably met in the lobby before they went into the theater. 

Girl number 2, I’ll call her Princess Dress, because it was a fantastic dress and when I told her so she proceeded to point to every princess along the neck and name them and give me their Stats, proceeds to have a conversation across me with Red Dress.

Both sets of parents were looking like they wanted to bury their heads in their hands, but I was having a blast.

Anyway, eventually lights go down, we get into the movie, and for the most part Red and Princess were content, although every so often Red made sure to pass me a handful of sticky half-melted chocolate. 

Watching a live action version of a movie that I watched for the first time when I was their age was a fuckin’ trip, man. Like. I got super emotional over things I didn’t expect to, and during the wolf scenes I was actually mildly distressed, because Princess was gripping the hand rest so hard on my right I thought she was gonna break it. Any scene I laughed or snorted at got a peal of laughter from my two new best friends, so hopefully no one has to go home and explain why I nearly snorted out my drink during “Be Our Guest” when they went for a visual gag for “After all miss, this is France!”.

During the ballroom scene, Red turned to her mom and whispered “The Beast is handsome!” and it took so much for me not to lean over and whisper back “Girl same.”

But my favorite, MY VERY FAVORITE part of this whole experience was when Gaston shot the Beast - FOR THE THIRD TIME HOLY HELL I KNEW IT WAS DARK BUT GODDAMN THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE ISN’T IT - Red patted my arm because yeah, okay, I was maybe crying a little, look, I know what happens but the movie made me feel things okay. Anyway, she like, pushes herself up in her seat and leans in close and she goes “It’s okay. He’s gonna be okay.”

The point is, children are so pure, and everyone should always watch movies with strangers.

Why the 1997 Disney Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” is the greatest movie ever made
  • Brandy is Cinderella
  • Remember Brandy? No? She was a big deal in the 90s because SHE’S WONDERFUL
  • She’s so sweet and wide-eyed and beautiful and strong and curious and exactly what Cinderella should be
  • She’s the QUEEN of back-handed insults 
  • She also takes NO SHIT from bros
  • This movie is so fucking COLORFUL (and I don’t even mean the casting -we’ll get to that) - like, they just use every fucking color that is visible to the human eye and splatter them over the sets and costumes and it’s GREAT 

  • Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music is re-orchestrated to have this weird 90s pop/R&B twinge (so many synths) and it’s so bizarre but also really wonderful?
  • Just in general, the orchestrations are amazing - they clearly spent half their budget on the orchestra
  • They clearly didn’t spend much money on the set - I’m pretty sure they filmed the whole movie on a disused part of Disneyland but it’s perfect. 
  • The King & Queen are Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber and they have an ASIAN SON

  • Like, THESE TWO PEOPLE PRODUCED THIS GODLIKE KEN DOLL OF A PERSON (it makes zero genetic sense and is my favorite thing about this movie)

  • Seriously, who is this guy and where do I get one?
  • This actor, Paolo Montalban, was basically never in anything else which is a fucking CRIME because he is BEAUTIFUL and a WONDERFUL SINGER
  • Speaking of wonderful singers, Bernadette Peters is the step-mother. That’s right, Broadway superstar, Sondheim’s muse herself, Bernadette Peters. 
  • And for no other reason than being Bernadette Peters, she sings “Falling in Love with Love” which isn’t even from this fucking musical (though it is R&H’s) and dramatically swoons onto couches
  • She also has one white daughter and one black daughter and they are both terrible and perfect
  • What even is the wallpaper in this movie? Seriously, pay attention to the wallpaper. 
  • And the costumes in the movie. Especially during the ball when the dresses all go swoosh! 

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  • Inexplicably, George Costanza is the prince’s servant and has a completely random and bizarre accent. 
  • “I wish there was something between us: a continent” is the greatest rejection line ever
  • This movie is genuinely funny at times. All the actors are too good to get bogged down by cheesy dialogue 
  • Ugh, that scene in the garden. I s2g, this was the most romantic thing to me when I was 8 

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  • Seriously, this prince is the dreamiest prince you’ve ever seen 
  • Oh man, the special effects are so bad
  • Whitney Houston singing and floating away into the aether is maybe my favorite film ending of all time


My favorite part about Kent Parson is that we can have diametrically opposed headcanons about him and the entire fandom is totally like “Yeah, I can believe that”.  I mean, take these for example:

Kent Parson smells like Axe Body Spray.
Kent Parson smells like strawberry scented lotion from Bath and Body Works.

Kent Parson eats Kraft Dinner every night.
Kent Parson is a Whole Foods junkie.

Kent Parson spends 2 hours styling his hair every morning.
Kent Parson wakes up looking like that.

Kent Parson’s favorite movie is Sixteen Candles.
Kent Parson’s favorite movie is Snakes on a Plane.

Kent Parson deserves to be mauled by a bear.
Kent Parson deserves to be mauled by a bear. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

The AP United States History Exam is right around the corner. These next few weeks are the most stressful time of the year for most students. So, if you are going to procrastinate, you can procrastinate with style! Here is a list of movies, musicals, videos, ect. that came to mind while I was studying during the year. They are a lot of fun to watch, but they are educational, and most of them are free!

TV Shows:

Liberty’s Kids: a super cute, animated series that takes place during the American Revolution, and highlights some of its aftermath. There are 40 episodes, but each thirty minute episode is full of concrete details. Start watching the first episode here 

Drunk History: Really funny with some topics not often discussed in the textbooks, but very relevant. 


Hamilton: obviously this is a no-brainer. The music is full of concrete details and has helped me so much during my multiple choice practice tests dealing with early US development. You can listen to the full soundtrack here. Below is a shortened list of songs that have the most relevant concrete details.

Dogfight: Probably my favorite musical. It’s one night in America during the Vietnam war, and there aren’t a ton of concrete details, but the parts here (starting at 1:19) and here (10:25) accurately reflect the time period. You can start watching the whole musical here. (warning: there is a lot of cursing)

Pocahontas: Okay, let me preface this by saying that there are a lot of inaccuracies in this movie. A lot. But if you disregard the portrayal of Pocahontas and John Smith, there are some CDs. Listen to the Virginia Company for some of the highlights. 

EDIT (7/9/16) : Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: Though there is some explicit language I picked out the songs that have some great concrete details on Jackson’s presidency and philosophies.

  • Populism Yea Yea: a helpful definition of populism
  • The Corrupt Bargain: this event always confused, and this song definitly clears it up (featuring Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun and John Quincy Adams)
  • The Saddest Song: really sums up Jackson as a president in a different point of view


Schoolhouse Rock: Reconnect with your childhood and refresh on some historical events!

The XYZ Affair: i

t may be weird, but you will definitely remember it

The Gadsden Purchase:

Never forget

So that’s my list. All of the links are italicized. If you have any movies/musicals/videos/songs/ect that you think would help feel free to message me and I will add it to list. Good luck to everyone on the test this Friday!

days ago I’d been doodling this scruffy nerd sign spinner when the opening credits to the bh6 series got out

and lemme tell you, once again i l i v e

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Okay so, a bit obvious but, spoilers ahead.

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Okay, so to start off I just want to say I loved this movie. In my opinion, it is not the best Star Wars (Empire is that for me), but I would say it is a close second. So to get in really in depth into this movie, I’m going to split off by story lines (i.e. Poe, Finn & Rose, Rey & Kylo, etc.).

Lets start off with my favorite: the Rey, Kylo, & Luke storyline.

This, to me, was the strongest of all the storylines, and the most interesting. I loved the whole explanation to the force Luke gives to Rey, and the fact he states the need for balance in the universe, rather than the whole light over dark thing. 

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I also loved that Rey had to go to the darkness to find what she needed. That to me, will be something that may come into play with the whole ‘balance’ factor. And can I just say, I’m kind of happy that Rey comes from nothing. Now, I myself have followed theories about Rey being a Kenobi or Skywalker, or some sort of jedi. But the fact that she is just a girl, chosen by the force, is something quite amazing. Which makes her force bond to Kylo/Ben all the more interesting.

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Now, I do ship Reylo. And I admit, my inner fangirl squealed at every moment between these two. However, after calming myself, I decided to look at this from a non-biased standpoint. I think the story going forward with these two will be something we have never seen in the Star Wars film saga. Whether or not it will be romantic (though I would prefer it, because, Reylo), I think the connection they share will continue to grow. Which will be important to Kylo’s story going forward and his possible redemption arc.

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You see, within this movie, we saw moments where Ben Solo was present. At the beginning, when Kylo is attacking the rebellion’s ships, and he is about to shoot his mother, Leia, we see him hesitate, the bit of Ben Solo that still in him can’t harm his mother. And that worried look on his face as the TIE fighters shoot at Leia’s ship, was just heartbreaking (*Claps for Adam Driver’s acting).

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This connection Kylo shares with Rey, will allow him to actually finally care for another person (besides his mother of course, cause let’s be honest, Ben Solo is a mama’s boy). And like I said, that doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic, but I can easily see them taking that route as well. In fact, I think this force bond is going to have more of an effect on Kylo then Rey.

Like, I can totally picture Kylo constantly reaching out to Rey in Episode IX, trying to contact her via the force bond, and eventually them coming together to break the old ways of the sith and jedi and create the grey force aspect.

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The only real complaint I have about this story line is the fact that Rey just left Kylo. Now, I completely understand why she did. But if her plan was to help redeem him, to bring Ben Solo back to the light, why would leaving him be the best solution? Honestly, I think it would have been interesting if Rey had agreed to stay with Kylo, but all the while influencing him to become Ben again and to destroy the First Order.

But overall, I’m so intrigued to find out what happens between these two in the future!

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Also the whole Luke storyline was just amazing! I loved his whole backstory with Ben/Kylo. Hearing Luke explaining his fear of the darkness rising again and the fact that Luke had become a legend, causing him to feel so much pressure. And that scene with him thinking about killing Ben, broke my heart for both characters.

Now onto the Finn & Rose plotline:

I would say this was my least favorite of the main three storylines. While I enjoyed both characters, John Boyega was as amazing as always. And Rose (*waving hands excitedly!*), I love her. I loved her backstory, the relationship with her sister, she was so cool, and she and Finn had great moments together (but I think that kiss should have been saved for the next movie).

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Unfortunately, they had the weakest storyline that, in the end, didn’t pay off really. The whole casino part was a bit pointless; they ended up not even finding the person they were looking for, not to mention, their plan failed. And as for Benicio del Toro, who I adore as an actor, was great, but we didn’t get to see a ton of him either. But I loved the point he made about there being no good or bad in the actual war of Star Wars. I don’t know if he’ll be back in episode IX but I wouldn’t mind either. 

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Poe & Leia:

First off, Carrie Fisher.

Originally posted by glendale2000

This was one of her best performances as Leia Organa, and she had moments where I was in complete awe. (HER FORCE POWERS THO!!!!) Seeing that she is the last surviving original character at the end of the film (although I’m sure we’ll see Luke in ghost form), it makes me sadder to know that she would of had an amazing, key role in the ninth film. Its truly unfortunate to have lost her. But I know that she will have a beautiful send off in the next film.

Now onto Poe Dameron, who, in my opinion, had a rather interesting and different storyline than the others. I liked seeing Leia put him down in the beginning, telling him that he is being too reckless, and that, sure, they completed the mission, but at what cost?

Originally posted by poezdameron

And honestly, since Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, I can see Poe rising to her position as the next leader of the Rebellion. That, if Leia is dead in the next film, Poe would honor her, and lead in her image.

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Okay, now for my top 5 favorite moments:

1. Reylo Fight Scene (& every other Reylo moment.)

2. Admiral Holdo (Literally went from hating her to loving her in a moment of pure silence)

3. Rey reaching out and “Feeling” the Force (& Luke slapping her hand)


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5. And of course: Luke Sass. (Pissed there’s no gif)

Predictions for Episode IX:

Unlike The Force Awakens, I don’t exactly have any solid theories as to what will happen in Episode IX. I think the biggest thing that will carry over will be the force bond between Kylo and Rey, and Rey’s goal of defeating Kylo Ren and saving Ben Solo.

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But let’s be real here, I’m sure I’ll get some theory in my head real soon, and when I do, you’ll be hearing from me!

So anyway, those are some of my thoughts, I’d love to know what you guys think! Feel free to share your theories or favorite moment from the movie.

On Iron Man 2

The recent Wank resulted in a rewatch of Iron Man 2, which renewed my love for this movie. Iron Man 2 is hands down my favorite ever MCU film. Ill admit that part of this is probably because its also the first MCU film I saw, and it as a movie has literally shaped my life. 

I hate that some people seem to forget the very specific set of circumstances that led to this movie. This is Tony dying. 

It amplifies his best and his worst. Hell take on the weight of the whole world and not tell anybody because he doesnt want them to worry. He wants to take care of everything. He thinks its his responsibility to, and he thinks he doesnt have the right to complain or ask for help.

He pretends like nothing is wrong, and to keep up appearances, he behaves like how he thinks others think he normally behaves. Honestly, it speaks to his astoundingly low self-image that this who he thinks he is. He thinks these are the actions that would not ring any warning bells. 

Even Natasha falls into his trap. That scene where he asks Natasha what she would do if it was her last birthday was so telling. This is where Natasha, I think, figured it out, and also where she sets out a test: Id do whatever I wanted. What do you really want, Tony Stark? 

And Tony parses this as, pass on my legacy without alerting and worrying anyone, and proceeds to do the entire birthday party thing, which was, objectively, a mess. Natasha sees the birthday party and then parses Tony as this: I want to be the center of attention and blow things up despite endangering people and getting into a fight with my actual best friend. Conclusion: Will not work well in a team. Tony Stark, not recommended.

We, the audience, get to see Tonys inner workings. We see that this is a straight-up existential breakdown. The people around him do not precisely because he works so hard to keep it from them. They suspect that somethings wrong–Rhodey and Pepper ask him whats up; superspies Fury and Nat figure it out with the help of old Howard knowledge. But still, all they see is his erratic behavior because thats all he gives them.

Well, you say, theyre his friends. They shouldve seen through him. Im sorry, but no. Tony is acting against them. Pepper and Rhodey and Happy arent mind-readers, and they shouldnt have to be. Pretty much all the mess in this movie could have been averted if he just talked to them about anything at all. The fact that he doesnt is a result of who he is as a character–too noble for his own good. Whether thats a character flaw or strength is a matter of circumstance.

tl;dr please dont use IM2 to prove either that a) Tony is an asshole, or b) his friends are assholes to him because youd be wrong on both counts because youre ignoring the entire premise of the movie


Okay. God damn. I loved that movie. I watched it tonight at a theater where people have more fun (yell and clap and stuff) than normal theaters. It was a good time. I laughed so hard so many times. I can’t even tell you how many times I gasped. WOW.

I can say one of my favorite parts of the whole thing was the fact that literally everyone has a crush on Finn because same. He looked damn good in that black imperial uniform.

I love Finn x Poe so much and I think they’re adorable.

I’m so conflicted about Reylo. On one hand I see how they are the light and the dark. They are the ultimate balance. I understand Ben’s backstory and why he turned. I get that they are both alone and their forcebond is comforting. I get it all. But then again it’s just weird to me. Like he tortured her in the force awakens??? And he just wants to rule the galaxy? I just feel like they don’t actually care about each other. They just like the idea of each other. But I did like the scene where they took down all the imperial guards. That was cool.

Also, YODA! I MEAN. YODA? dang that was awesome (one of the times I gasped) that surprised me. Plus he straight up hit luke across the face with his cane. I mean.

I also just have to say luke fighting kylo from the rock on his island was the most badass display of the force probably in all the movies. Damn that was cool.

I just really enjoyed a lot of the movie. Sure there was a lot going on and there were a lot of plot that got diluted because of it. I’m not sure where the next movie is going to go. It’s not perfect and i recognize that.

But there were so many things about it that were good:

  • Poe rubbing bb8’s belly like a dog (adorable)
  • Laura Dern flying the rebellion space ship into the star destroyer at fucking light spead. And then the whole scene going completely silent with gorgeous graphics. (The whole theater gasped then chuckled in awe)
  • Luke being the sassy, whiney, Jedi master we all deserve
  • Finn and Rose just completely annihilating the casino planet for just overall being awful people.
  • Luke and Leia reunion scene
  • Leia bring one with the force and sensing whenever something happens
  • Daisy Ridley being an absolute babe the entire time
  • Rey using Kylo’s lightsaber for a second
  • The perfect description of the force

Overall, no the last jedi wasn’t perfect, but it was a damn exciting movie that I loved every minute of.

Say, baby… can I be Your slave? I’ve got to admit girl you’re the shit girl… and I’m digging you like a grave. Now, do they call you Daughter to the Spinning Pulsar… or maybe Queen of 10,000 moons? Sister to the Distant yet Rising Star? Is your name Yemaya? Oh, hell no. Its got to be Oshun. Oooh, is that a smile me put on your face, child… wide as a field of jasmine and clover? Talk that talk, honey. Walk that walk, money. High on legs that’ll spite Jehovah. Shit. Who am I? It’s not important.. But me they call me brother to the night. And right now… I’m the blues in yourleft thigh… trying to become the funk in your right. Who am I? I’ll be whoever you say? But right now I’m the sight-raped hunter… blindly pursuing you as my prey. And I just want to give you injections… of sublime erections… and get you to dance to my rhythm… make you dream archetypes… of black angels in flight… upon wings of distorted, contorted… metaphoric jizm. Come on slim. Fuck your man. I ain’t worried about him. It’s you who I want to step to my scene. ‘cause rather the deal with the fallacy… of this dry-ass reality… I’d rather dance and romance your sweet ass in a wet dream. Who am I? Well, they call me Brother to the night. And right now I’m the blues in your left thigh… trying to become the funk in your right. Is that all right? ~Darius Lovehall. - Love Jones (1997)

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I’ve finally gotten around to reading The Last Unicorn and my favorite part is how 95% of everything thats happening fits perfectly into the generic medieval fantasy time period- chain mail, dragons, castles, wizards etc. but then theres:

  • Prince Lír whipping out a magazine and reading while having lunch in the forest with a princess
  • Haggard firing his court magician/wizard and Lír offering to write him a reference
  • Everyone using swords but at one point its mentioned that they’re being held up by two people with pistols

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Emperors new groove

(Gif is not mine, by the way.)


(There is definitely going to be a part two to this one. Not only to draw the crocodile river scene, but basically the whole movie! I am having way too much fun! I think my favorite thing to come out of this is Bellwether and Lionheart as Yzma and Kronk! I just want Zootopia 2 to be Bellwether/Lionheart teaming up to seek revenge on Nick and Judy, and I can see their relationship exactly mirroring these two! Haha!  -admin)


“ ‘Sanctuary’…is a word which here means, ‘a small safe place in a troubling world’. Like an oasis in a vast desert or an island in a stormy sea”

- Lemony Snicket

@connormurphweed read this I crave validation @her-biness too I love you both

Jeremy is in the kitchen at Michael’s house, and he has no idea how he got there.

He’s tired, eyelids slipping down until he opens them again, crossing his eyes and struggling to get them focused again.

He’s standing, legs apart so that his thighs aren’t touching, and he knows he should go back to bed, Michael’s bed, but he can’t move. It’s like he’s in a trance.

He woke up about twenty minutes ago, Michael’s back pressing warmly into his, and he felt blood trickling down his thighs. Shit.

He had gotten up quickly, not wanting to get blood all over Michael’s bed, went to the bathroom, and saw that he would have to quietly go downstairs, because surprise, Michael doesn’t have pads in his personal bathroom. Double shit.

He goes downstairs, changes his pad, then decides to just camp out in the living room until the morning.

He gets a glass of water from Michael’s fridge, where the water is so cold a film of frost ices over the top of the water if he leaves it alone for a bit, and takes a long drink.

It burns his throat going down, but he likes it like that.

He then just sits on the couch, dozing off, until he hears the creaking of steps going downstairs. He startles, pulling a blanket over his head but peeking out.

He sees red pajama bottoms, then a pac-man shirt.


He’s rubbing his eyes tiredly, and his hair is a mess, and he doesn’t have his glasses on. Jeremy suddenly feels guilty.

Michael is stumbling over himself, which makes sense because, you know, his glasses aren’t on… his face.

God, Jeremy is more tired than he thought.

Michael is fumbling with his phone, but he looks more awake then Jeremy feels, so there’s that.

Then Michael’s phone flashlight sweeps brightly right into his eyes, and Jeremy resists the impulse to hiss loudly.

He covers his face with the blankets, flushing as he hears Michael walk over to him.

“I know you’re under there, Jeremy,” Michael says. His voice is low and husky, and Jeremy falls in love with him a bit more.

“Sorry,” Jeremy whispers back. “I woke up then I didn’t want to go back upstairs because of my fucked up sleeping schedule and-” He’s rambling, but then Michael pulls back the blanket, and Jeremy shuts up. “Sorry.” He finishes quickly. Michael smiles a little, then pulls him up off the couch and into the kitchen.

“Dance with me,” Michael tells him, and Jeremy nods.


The night took a turn, but it’s a good one.

Michael clicks on a playlist from YouTube Music that’s labelled Calm Songs For Dates.
‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ starts to play. Jeremy is standing awkwardly, then jumps a little when Michael turns around and grabs his hand lacing their fingers together. Jeremy’s other hand goes up to rest on Michael’s shoulder, and Michael puts his hand on Jeremy’s hip.

“Dance with me,” Michael says again, then starts to sway with the music. Jeremy sways with him, both embarrassed that he doesn’t really know how to dance, and feeling a bit cliche.

“This is what they do in movies,” Jeremy says. Michael huffs out a laugh.

“Shut up, my favorite part is playing.” Michael starts to hum, then sings quietly in Jeremy’s ear.

“Take my hand,” Michael squeezes their linked hands a little, making Jeremy’s mouth quirk up at the corners, “take my whole life too, for I can’t help falling in love with you.” Jeremy then joins in singing.

“Like a river flows, surely to the sea, Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be,” Then the two boys sing together, their voices melding together to make a pleasant harmony.

“Take my hand,” this time Jeremy brings their hands together, placing them in between he and Michael’s chests, then leans forward, trapping their hands between them, “Take my whole life, too, for I can’t help falling in love with you, for I can’t help falling in love with you.” The song fades out, leaving the boys to be swaying together, their foreheads touching.

The two then look towards Michael’s phone as ‘Here Comes A Thought’ from Steven Universe starts to play. Jeremy giggles and lets his head plunk against Michael’s shoulder.

“I can’t believe you, Michael.” Michael grumbles and steps on Jeremy’s foot. “Ow!”

“Screw you, it’s a good show, and this song is relaxing!” Michael sounds offended, which only makes Jeremy smile more.

Jeremy starts to softly sing along, stopping Michael from skipping the song from spite.

“Here comes a thought that might alarm you, what someone said and how it harmed you, something you did that failed to be charming,
things that you said are suddenly swarming,” Michael joins in, and Jeremy stops singing to start doing simple footwork that he remembers from dancing in sixth grade.

“And, oh, you’re losing sight, you’re losing touch, all these little things seem to matter so much, that they confuse you, that I might lose you,”

And they go on like that. There’s a part in the song where there’s an tinkling of notes getting higher and higher, and, at that part, Michael tries to pick up and twirl Jeremy.

He isn’t able to do it because Michael has pretty much no muscles whatsoever, but Jeremy appreciates the effort.

Then that song ends, and Michael pauses the track, letting the two stand in silence. It’s nice, Jeremy thinks, it’s nice to be standing in your boyfriend’s kitchen as the sun is rising, holding hands, dancing, and enjoying each other’s company.

Michael then yawns. A squeak comes out of his throat as he does, Jeremy snickering.

“Shut up,” Michael says mock-angrily, swatting Jeremy’s bicep. Jeremy holds back his laughter, his cheeks puffing out.

“Sorry.” He and Michael both laugh together, then Michael starts to lead them both upstairs.

“I’m going back to bed. Join me?”

“I’ve heard worse ideas,” Jeremy teases him. Michael flushes red.

“Shut your face.” Michael mutters as they crawl under the covers. Jeremy smiles widely.


“Maybe ‘okay’ will be our ‘always.’” Michael says sleepily, rolling on his side and opening his arms so that Jeremy could lay by him.

“I can’t believe you.” Jeremy mutters, but still lets Michael hug him.

“Night. Well, morning.”



“Maybe-” Jeremy knees him in the calf.

“Go to sleep.”

“O- alright.”

Wow that was cheesy

OK IT 2017. This will be a long ass post FYI!!

So this post will contain spoilers if you don’t want to see any don’t look at this

- so overall I was very satisfied with the movie I thought that the mood was correct they definitely got the themes right it was definitely a coming-of-age film more than a horror film which I really liked

- I thought that every actor did fantastic with their character. Jack and Finn knocked it out of the park. I thought Jack was just absolutely amazing

- the thing that I like the most with this film was the kids. I didn’t so much care about the horror aspect of it I only cared about the kids and their friendship

- I didn’t get scared in all honesty because movies usually don’t scare me. I did jump a few times but the jump-scares were not extensive at all and I thought they were done pretty well

-Pennywise himself was not in it that much which I did like considering he wasn’t in the book that much. he did look a bit fake in some parts and I think that was mostly due to bills prosthetics on his face made his face and mouth move very strange which I did like.

- if you’re worried about Gore or anything like that don’t because there’s really no Gore in it at all except maybe the beginning and bevs scene.

- The Blood Oath made me tear up and made me very emotional and also a scene with stan where he wakes up and he starts crying in the sewers made me tear up as well. The Blood Oath though definitely made me emotional

- I like the idea of Stan’s encounter with the painting but I think it looked a bit strange coming to life and I don’t know if that was intentional or not but to be completely honest I was a bit underwhelmed with the way it looked. I was also a little underwhelmed with Eddie’s encounter. I thought it was done well but there are a few things that I wish they did it a little bit differently

-Some of the music in certain places was a bit over-the-top for my taste but overall I thought the soundtrack was good

-Richie didn’t really have that much of an encounter. His encounter was at Neibolt Street for the first time in the clown room. Now perhaps they did that on purpose considering we don’t find out about Richies true first encounter until he’s an adult so I can move past that

- I’m a bit confused though considering Finn said richie is neglected at home and that’s why he acts the way he does. Now perhaps that was a scene cut from the movie but there’s nothing that suggests at all that Richie was neglected at home. Perhaps that will be a flashback in part 2 I don’t know

- I knew that this was going to happen but I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to hear any of Stan’s Bar Mitzvah speech

- speaking of Stan I did like that they made him deny what was going on and made him a bit reluctant to do anything about it

- I thought the bullies did good but they didn’t show at all the fate of Victor and belch which made me a bit confused perhaps that was a scene cut too. Also Henry’s fate was fuzzy in this considering they made it look like he could have died and we saw nothing of him after that

- I do wish we saw more of Mike. We didn’t really see much of him he had the least amount of screen time

- I also wish we got one more scene of Bill at home with his parents ignoring him. We didn’t see his parents ignore him at all in this actually

- The chemistry between the kids is just fantastic especially between Eddie and Richie and Stan and Bill.

-Okay so concerning Beverly: I was never the biggest fan of Beverly in the book. I thought she wasn’t a well-written character. I liked her a little bit more in this maybe just because I like Sophia. I honestly thought that they were trying too hard to make her seem like a really strong female character (which in the novel as an adult anyway I never really saw her as that) and to make her seem like the kind of girl who is like “i’m not like other girls”

- and who called it? Eddie writing the V on his own cast? I did I knew that was going to happen!!! I also knew that it would be Greta who wrote Loser on his cast instead

-I truly enjoyed every single scene with Eddie in it. Now Eddie’s obviously my favorite character if you couldn’t tell but again I just think Jack did fantastic as Eddie


- I thought that they would do the final confrontation a bit differently and not the Cary fukunaga route. I thought that they would do what they did in the 2016 script and do that altered reality thing but instead they went the fukunaga route which made me kind of eh.

-the ben/bev kiss….could it have been any cheesier.??

-i love Ben so much ekenrkenrejhe

- I thought the scenes with Bev and her dad we’re done very well. You definitely get a bad feeling when Bev’s dad is on screen

- I did think Bill did a fantastic job as Pennywise though a couple scenes I was kind of underwhelmed

- I definitely saw the bill Bev kiss coming. I knew that they would play up the romance a bit in this movie considering if there’s any hint of romance in a novel the movie studio will turn it up a notch at least so I saw that coming but I didn’t think it was bad. Now I like Bev and Ben together but in this movie I did think Bill and Beverly were cute. Only as kids though… I’m not looking forward to any romance between them whatsoever in part two as adults

-Jaeden Lieberher was just fantastic!

- one thing that I wish they did though is that in the 2016 script they referenced the spider by Pennywise doing shadow puppets on the wall to scare Beverly and he does a shadow puppet of a spider and it was just super clever but unfortunately that was not in this

- the part with them playing in the Quarry was great. Though the whole group of them staring at Bev when she was laying in the sun was a bit eh to me. I knew they’d do that tho

-The only reason I could see why they made it rated R was because of the language. Nothing else made me feel like it was rated R

-Finn did absolutely amazing as richie though I do wish we heard his voice is a bit more I was very satisfied with the voices that Finn did. But overall I think he was just absolutely fantastic as Richie


I like the film as a whole. My favorite parts though were just with the kids and nothing to do with Pennywise and the horror. Finn and jack stole the show in my opinion. My favorites were Eddie and Richie and Stan (obvi). I would definitely go see this movie a bunch of times but only to see the kids. I ……i just love the kids so so much

Mutual Benefits Vol.4

While we were dancing, belly against belly, I thought back to the beginning of our relationship. Before the mind-blowing sex. Before I’d gotten so fat… Our fourth date is where things really started to heat up. We had both waited so long. 8 months to be exact…
I was eating more and more as our fourth date approached. There was a part of me that was scared I wasn’t fat enough for him so I was eating everything in sight. My belly stuck out nicely as I walked to the store. I was picking up dinner and dessert but I already felt embarrassingly fat. I was proud of my growing belly, jiggling softly as I went.
When Jack and I finally saw each other, I felt fatter than ever. I wasn’t shy about showing it off for him either. This mint green dress was skin tight in all the best areas.
We were standing outside the theater and he tilted my head and kissed me, soft. I rested my arms on his shoulders as he slid his hands stealthily down my sides. He ended up on my hips, and I wished he’d squeeze harder. He tucked a stray strand of hair back behind my ear and looked at me. I felt lost in my emotion and yet pulled, strongly towards him and nothing else. I wanted to confront him with my body. Wanted to push myself against him and show how soft I was. Wanted him to grab and prod at me in public, proving how fat I’d gotten at every turn. His boyish, taut body was foreign to me. I usually take comfort in bigger guys. I like them for their strength and softness. But Jack, what he lacked in belly he made up for in devilish glances and quick belly grabs. He was always looking at me like he wanted to devour me. And that, in turn, made me want to devour everything. My belly was expanding at a rate faster than I’d expected. Being around Jack was incredibly liberating. I was literally expanding into myself and It felt so good.
Wiffs of possible futures flashed in my head. He could be really confident with me… I pictured him pushing me onto the bed and climbing on top of me. He would immediately try to put his hand down my pants and what would follow would be submissive bliss. But what if he’s shy, I thought. What if he needs me to make some sort of move? I then imagined us embracing in his room again. We felt each other for a long time before I decided he wasn’t going to make a move. I would then kiss him deeply and hug him tight and he’d do the same. I would tell him “I want you on my skin. I want you in my hair, I want you all over me. Run your hands the length of my body. Whisper in my ear how fat you want me. Tell me I have no choice in the matter. Tell me I’m your little fat girl and I have to eat what you tell me to, when you tell me to. Make me fat.” I said. I watched as his face went from denial to acceptance to utterly encompassing excitement. He grabbed me then and buried his face in my neck. I squealed, unable to suppress my satisfaction.
But that hadn’t happened yet. Jack took my hand and led me into the theater. We were seeing some old horror movie that I’d forgotten the title of. What I was most excited about were the moments I anticipated having an excuse to scream and grab his hand. I wondered how far I could push it and still seem intelligent and somewhat strong… I wondered if he’d like it.
“Yeah, the big one!” I chirped as we were picking out popcorn.
“If you can handle it” He replied with a smile.
“You ain’t seen nothin yet” I replied.
As we took our seats I thought again of the future and wished that one day this seat would feel a whole lot smaller. Maybe I’d even struggle to fit my butt in comfortably. I smiled because finally, I knew I was dating someone who would not only understand, but like to hear this thought.
After the movie we went straight to an Italian place. I was already full of popcorn but excited to see how much I could eat.
When the food came I looked up at him anticipatorily as he commanded “Eat.” And I began immediately, picking up chicken finger after chicken finger. Every so often I would lick my fingers. Sometimes that was my favorite part. I watched as Jack tried to act natural, but I had a feeling all of my finger sucking was getting to him.
As my belly started to blow up I felt so nervous that everyone in this restaurant knew how turned on I was. I pulled my dress out from under my belly, which collapsed onto my lap. I felt a surge of pleasure as my belly rested heavily on my thighs. I sighed and drank some of my soda. Jack was looking at me with a beaming face. It was new, this admiration for my feedee side. I’d never known someone who quite admired me the way he did. I wasn’t used to it and here I was, diving head first into obesity for this guy I barely knew.
“You’re trembling” he said as he grabbed my belly from behind and pushed himself comfortably against my butt. We had gone back to his place and I was so bloated by then that every brush of my belly felt sensitive and captivating. I wanted to sit down but this felt so good.
“I’m excited” I said. And he pulled me in tighter, trying to see how much of me he could possess with his arms. I snuggled into him, wiggling my ass a little as I did. Jack was so good at working me up but he hadn’t done anything about it yet. My belly was big enough now for 2 of his handfuls and he was taking advantage of every inch of it. He pinched it on both sides, picking it up as far as he could and dropping it. I felt the little jiggles as my fat settled. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be his fat, captive piggy, obese and helpless in his arms.