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YEAH so a couple of you actually wanted to see that god-awful ancient piece of fanart I did when I first watched death note and holy hell this single drawing has somehow survived in my archives since god knows when and it still haunts me. i was probably in my mid teens when I drew that atrocity.

there are so many things I hate about the old drawing. i want to set it on fire and never look back [there is a phsyical copy of the sketch somewhere, it was coloured digitally].

the context to the whole “teams” thing is when I first watched it, I immediately decided that matt was my favorite character. sure he didn’t make an appearance until later on, but something about his outfit was just so appealing. now unfortunately I could never remember his name [he appeared for like, five seconds and this was wayyy before I read the manga] so for an entire year I went around calling him “that guy”. also my gf [at the time] and her cousin decided that their teams were L and Light respectively and I wasn’t interested in being part of any of that.

SO, tl;dr: to all you young or otherwise inexperienced artists out there - take this as some form of inspiration. you will eventually get better. it’s gonna take a while, and you’re gonna hate your art, but you’ll get to where you want to be if you keep drawing.

Character/Outfit Design Analysis(Jolyne Kujo)

Jojo’s is a, for lack of a better word, bizarre manga and anime. It tells a story like no one before it in ways that would go on to revolutionize the industry as a whole. This young lady here is one of those attempts literally personified. Jolyne Kujo is one of my favorite of all the jojos, as she’s a badass leading women made in a time when that wasn’t who isn’t afraid to get dirty just to beat up someone that did her wrong.

The one thing I want to mention briefly is that spoilers are going to come up for Stone Ocean, so if you’re planning on reading part 6 make sure to read that first before reading this. So, to reiterate, from this point on please expect massive…


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Me after Most of Alverez: It cant get any worse than this.

Chapter 536: 

I’ve never seen a chapter straight up insult its own series this hard. Over 200 chapters of hype for…this. The two final bosses of the entire series defeated by…

Ichiya- the character who has literally been comedic relief for 99% of his screentime and has no relations to Fairy Tail, Acnologia or Zeref whatsoever. 

Anna- Lucy clone #4, who was introduced ten chapters ago.

Natsu- Whose previous powerful attack utterly failed, who has a very finite amount of magic–Defeated Ultimate Form Zeref, who has an infinite amount of magic, has been shown to completely recover from powerful attacks. And you know what he used to defeat Zeref in one shot? Canon Nakama Bullshit Power. And he wins because…he’s Natsu, logic be damned.

Ichiya, stop the jerza support tease. You literally should not know their relationship depth to such a degree. Why are you even giving advice to Jellal. You aren’t close. 

And Anna and Ichiya tease in death? What…

No, Natsu. No, you don’t get to try to walk off like a badass after your fight with Zeref. You should have lost a limb, your magic or your humanity. You don’t get to defeat the final boss in one shot by yourself, I don’t give a fuck what kind of character you are. Naruto didn’t pull that shit and that had Narujesus vs Kaguya (literally God). Dragon Ball Z didn’t pull that shit and that’s the God of all shounen. I have literally never seen a series with the balls to pull this bullshit so unapologetically

And then Zeref is going to be redeemed because Zervis….even though his characterization has gone to shit, making it impossibly to have any remaining sympathy points for redemption.

Why is Natsu even doing all this, anyway? From what Zeref described, his plan to go back in time was perfect for everyone except possibly Natsu. A LOT of tragedies and deaths could have been prevented if Zeref had just walked through that time portal thing. Honestly, this whole thing just makes Natsu seem like a selfish dick. And yet he’s still portrayed as this morally righteous hero. Have you ever noticed that no one ever seems to call Natsu out on this shit? And one time someone did (Lucy), they’re straight up ignored and forgive him without even the slightest bit of guilt on his part. 

This used to be my favorite manga, you know. Then Alverez hit and now I wonder just what happened to Mashima’s ability to write a story. 10 chapters to go…I would say that it can’t get much worse, but with Mashima at the helm, it definitely will. 

For his next series, PLEASE someone get this man a critical editor. PLEASE!

Okay so I’m doing my favorite daily activity again, which is thinking procrastinating extremely important work and thinking about the season 2 soundtrack.

So far, we’ve heard at least 5 of the 7 new main tracks (lets exclude the background/atmospheric stuff likely featured on disc 2 for now).

APETITAN obviously is the beast titan theme, heard throughout numerous instances in ep 1-4, the episodes where BT was more or less responsible for the ongoing action. 

YouSeeBIGGIRL or Call of Silence is the new Vogel im Käfig ft Gemie, used during Ymir’s transformation in 5, and the RB transformation in 6. Personally, I’m suspecting it to be Call of Silence, only because its a more general title. Honestly its just a guess though, could be either.

attack音D is what I suspect to be Counterattack mankind 2017, heard twice in ep 2 and once when Eren was standing up to Reiner in 7 before becoming the flying titan. 

ERENthe標, according to Fuku-Shuu, means Eren the coordinate, which is pretty appropriate considering we’re getting the coordinate this season. And since that’s arguably one of the most epic, monumental, large scale intense sequences in the whole manga, it’d be appropriate to give it a theme matching its proportions, which, so far, I suspect to be the track that plays just before RB transform in ep 6 (Reiner revealing his arm, Mikasa slicing and dicing). This definitely is not part of Vogel, we’ve heard portions of Vogel in ep 5 that were covered by this track in ep 6, so its definitely its own thing (can also briefly be heard during the herring scene). It’s probably my favorite track out of all the new ones so far and if it doesn’t play during ch 50 I’ll punch a goat.

Barricades is the upbeat track heard in PV2, which we haven’t heard at all in the season. There is a slight possibility that, when Connie was preparing to leave Rakago behind, the opening notes of that song started playing, but we’re not sure. Quite frankly, I’m starting to get worried about where it’ll end up being placed: it’s way too upbeat for anything starting chapter 48, but too fast paced to only be applied in the middle of some dialogue sequence. The only possibilities I can think of are some sort of extended departure from the wall next episode, or perhaps some point in ch 47 (RBY leaving, SC pursuing maybe). Other than that…I’m out of suggestions where the track would work out. 48-50 are WAY too dramatic for anything really upbeat. 

This leaves us with two tracks yet to be confirmed/heard. son2seaVer….I don’t even know what that means, but that’s not exactly unusual with Sawano. We know it’s not credited to have a vocalist, but that’s not to say there won’t be vocals at all: background vocals, even if by his main singers, aren’t always credited by Sawano. Another track we’ve yet to hear would be the 2nd Gemie track, the one  that isn’t Vogel 2017 (my money on it being YouseeBIGGIRL/T:T). This one definitely has vocals, and we definitely have yet to hear them.  

Those two tracks ultimately are the biggest questions marks left. I was hoping we’d hear some of them during the AT fight, but the 2nd movie OST took over. So….next episode maybe? Hopefully? Pretty please?

We still have a few undetermined tracks used in the season though. An atmospheric background piece at the end of ep 2 when Connie returns to Ragako, which reappears during the RB/Eren talk about the hometown in ep 6, and a little later when Reiner reveals their identities. Another atmospheric track is used in the opening scene of ep 3 in Ragako, it reappears in ep 5 during the snowstorm and ep 6 when Ymir is lifted up the wall and a bit further. There’s a new piano track playing during the yumikuri scene at the end of ep 5, which is pretty damn lovely. Last thing is an ambiance thing playing when Historia is yelling from atop the tower just before CAM 2017 starts, but that could be just the natural prelude to the new CAM. I find it unlikely that any of these tracks are part of the main tracks mentioned above, and suspect them to be the additional tracks listed on the 2nd disc.

Conclusion: we have two main songs that we haven’t heard at all, and we should look forward to them. 

Tbh… One of my biggest critiques of FMAB is that compared to the manga and 03, it’s just not funny enough.

Like, one of the things I really, really loved about the manga is how frequently and seamlessly it swapped between serious moments and little joke lines and slapstick panels, but Brotherhood just doesn’t do that. And 03 had two whole episodes that were nothing but comic relief, plus a lot of amusing lines sprinkled in even with the worst of the angst, most of the time.

Just off the top of my head, I can list some of my favorite manga comedy moments that I know weren’t in Brotherhood (Ed and Ling’s height comparison, Lan Fan’s new mask, the “I’ll order a blitzkrieg on that little brat!” scene, the part where Greed thinks Ed is dead + pretty much the entire Dublith arc, Hohenheim’s reaction to meeting Al, etc.). 

I mean Brotherhood isn’t totally unfunny, but the big “funny moment” is pretty much Elric Telepathy. That’s it. That’s the height of comedy in FMAB. They used a few running gags painfully frequently in the first few episodes, and then that was about it. :/ The bloopers and 4komas were way funnier than the rest of the series, and granted everyone knows the omakes were the best part of the manga, but still, yknow? Come on.

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Congrats on reaching the 10k mark!! You really deserve all the happiness comimg your way sweetie! I absolutely ADORE your blog; be it from the constant AnY material to the constant updates on how the manga is doing! But my favorite part about your blog is how YOU make it so open and accepting. You dedicate time to answering asks and addressing issues and I just LOVE reading your answers bc they're so respectful & insightful! Thank u! Stay awesome and I hope this blog stays for a long time!

I really don’t know what to say anon. You’re far too kind and I’m incredibly moved that you took the time to message me something so sweet. Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t quite have the words to express my thankfulness to you and all of the people who have been so kind to me during my time in this fandom, but you get all my hugs. 

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Hey sorry if this has been asked a million times but I was wondering where you read parts 5-8 cause I can't seem to find anything 😰 thanks so much and also trans girl Giorno is literally my favorite thing in the whole world and that's what has me looking for part 5

thank you anon!! also i read p5 here (it’s the only one not in color???) then p6 p7 and p8 on batoto. you have to sign up but it’s pretty painless and the manga is in great quality!

Rave master : Favorite chapter

This manga is one of my favorites and one of the first ones that i read. I loved this manga so much. I read it again just to revive the funny moments and this interesting story about raves and etherion. I was thinking in this chapter that it’s actually my favorite of the whole manga, they all in happiness before the last battle

¡how much i loved this chapter! it’s all about both realizing their feelings to each other but at the end they couldn’t say it HAHAHA


In this part, Haru is overthinking in Elie and when she smiles to him, he gets crazy. Musica tells him that if he has something to say, he had to say it now, because they don’t know what could happen tomorrow, then haru says that he doesn’t want this to be the last night and that it was (lyingggg)

Julia tells Elie that she loves Haru and that she should go and kiss him while she is drunk but elie refused, then we realize that it’s a plan from Julia and Musica to put them together (i loved these two for that omfg friends goals)

Musica holds haru at the floor while Julia says to him that she’s going to undress elie and she says it’s okay, because you don’t care huh? and then haru it’s like (STOP PLEASE SHES MY WOMAN WTF) not really but…Then he says ‘’I like elie. (MY FEELINGS JUST EXPLODED) but elie was drunk lol. Julia tells him to come and tell her that otherwise she’s going to undress elile completely as she was born lol

Haru puts some courage and takes a whole bottle of alcohol and says he is gonna do it!, also he gets naked here (yk girls huh)


When he’s about to say it, elie spits fire on him because of that alcohol that Julia gave her at the beginning.

(belnika is concentrated in her thing…HAHAHA)


I really cannot wait for what is coming with Nalu confessing feelings!

Anyway, that’s the end of the chapter, for me it was pretty funny and they realize their feelings, even if they didn’t tell each other. They will say it later.

Last night i was imagining this scene with Natsu and Lucy, Julia as Cana, Musica as Gray, think about it and laughhhh!

“Well…  It was like she had cast a spell. From day to night she would tell me ‘I love you.’ It was so annoying. But when I slowly got used to it, all of a sudden she says, 'I don’t like you anymore.’ I remember feeling mad. I should have been relieved but that didn’t seem to be the case.”

Sorry I had to post another one~ it’s just that, I’ve watched all versions and read the manga over and over, and this part is really one of my most favorite scenes from the whole manga.

When I first watched this from They Kiss Again, I cried so hard and got extremely touched at this line. Itazura Na Kiss is centered on Kotoko’s feelings, and somehow it has developed a pattern about how she looses confidence and becomes jealous to any girl who Naoki seems to be in good terms with, and then Naoki, as any male shoujo lead, would go after her and kiss her suddenly. Then we are reminded again how head-over-heels she is towards him.

But then these rare moments come, where it is Naoki who would admit just how important and influential she is to him. The first one would be him telling Kotoko’s father: “She just doesn’t know how much I am in love with her” during the pre-Kobe departure. This time, he openly tells Yuuki how he felt during season 1. It is in rare moments like this that I appreciate their relationship, no matter how most people disagree on it, but I think they just don’t understand what the author’s message is. There are those who say Kotoko is stupid and childish, there are even feminist qualms, and there are those who say Naoki is a jerk and an ass–well, they are. I don’t fully agree to their personalities, but even then, the way they affect each other make them better. Kotoko is encouraged to do her best for Naoki, while Naoki learns to be more sensitive towards others. And I think this is how a relationship should be, doesn’t it? You become better for and because of the other person, while also becoming that one person who would make them better as well.


I really hope I’m not spoiling this for anyone! I actually waited a whole week since I read this for the first time to post this, but I just have to share.

This part. This part absolutely broke my heart. I love this manga so much and I just hope more people find out about it. It’s so silly and cute but can be so real too.

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I often see you post about Kira, and talk about your own lack of feelings and such. Do you connect/relate to Kira, not in a kin way, but just associate yourself with him?

Oh depends on which kira youre talking about but if youre talking about the part 4 Kira, he’s actually a pretty emotional guy. It’s suble tho and it was erased in the anime but he gets angry super easily and even cries. Not to mention he’s pretty egoistical

my favorite hint, aside from him crying, is when he beats up koichi. The dialogue was changed in the anime to “you need to be more like me!”, but check this out

The manga version is much more intense to me, and kira demonstrates to koichi that when he fell, it felt like immense, humiliating pain which is interesting. It’s complicated to explain I guess but it gives a whole lot more meaning to the “kira has matured” phase.

I don’t really relate to part 4 kira but to hell if he aint my favorite villain

As for part 8 kira, I relate to him a fucking lot and it’s easy for me to associate myself with him and is kind of a reason why i prefer friendship josefumi n kira haha but aside that just him being analytical, hating grey zones and expressing little emotion is something that speaks to me

Pro Elizabeth Midford

I made this to combat the saying that “Elizabeth is a spoiled brat who always throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.” Which is mainly focused on the chapter 2 ring breaking and almost slapping scene.

I disagree with those choice of words. In my opinion being a spoiled brat and having a moment of acting like one is different.

The chapter where that scene takes place is where we first see Elizabeth. To almost everyone she didn’t come off as a likable character in any way so from then on they still seem to view her as the girl that she acted like in that chapter. Which to me doesn’t make much sense, as this behavior seems to be an isolated incident.

This theory that Elizabeth is a spoiled brat who just throws tantrums whenever something doesn’t go her way has been disproven time and time again by Elizabeth herself and it doesn’t fit in with what we’ve seen or know about her and her family and her interactions with other people.

Going on from chapter 2 the next appearance she makes is in chapter 7 at Aleister Chambers party. The only thing we see her doing is complimenting other girls on how cute or pretty they look in their dresses. We see nothing, but a sweet girl going out of her way to pay a compliment to others.

Chapter 13. We only see glimpses of Lizzy here so not much can be ascertained about her or her character besides the fact that she was saddened by her aunts death.

Chapter 14. This is the chapter where Lizzy and her mother Francis come to “inspect” Ciel and his home, when really they are there for his birthday. When Lizzy arrives she hugs Ciel and gets scolded for it by her mother. Now it would seem like a totally natural thing to hug your fiancé on the day of his birth in greeting, but France’s doesn’t like it. So what does Lizzy do? She apologizes for her behavior. She doesn’t throw a fit. She doesn’t argue. She respects her mothers word. I think a stark contrast can be seen with just a few panels in this one compared to the first time we see Lizzy as well. Such as when Lizzy is riding with Ciel on his horse Ciel asks her to get off so he can hunt better. She merely comments that she doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with him like this. After Ciel shoots his gun he once again asks her to get off and wait with Sebastian she gives no further argument to that, and only notices how high Ciel’s spirits have become. Instead of complaining to Sebastian about being left out, she only states how relieved she is that Ciel is doing better after Madam Red’s death. She didn’t throw a tantrum or become overly upset, she just focused on Ciel feeling better. I think Yana really gives us our first good glimpse of this side of Lizzy and her motivations here, but that is for another time.

Chapter 37. We do see Elizabeth in teary hysterics in this one. But we also see that a good portion of the mansion is now gone. I don’t think that’s too much overreaction.

She shows disappointment for not being able to go on a boat ride with Ciel, but doesn’t dwell on it and instead focuses on something happier, like being able to make new clothes. She does step over what Sebastian is trying to say, but we aren’t debating over this particular part of Elizabeth’s personality. Being overenthusiastic and somewhat pushy is different from being a spoiled brat and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way.

She does get mildly upset when Ciel isn’t paying attention to anything she’s saying, but is that really a reason to dislike her? You’d be hard pressed to find anyone, manga character or not, who didn’t get exasperated over someone ignoring them when they are trying to talk to them. She could have made a bigger deal about it, but she doesn’t.

The only things she does for the rest of the chapter are try to help Ciel get dressed and worry over him and his health.

Chapter 50. Elizabeth does get very upset in this chapter, saying how sorry she is that Sebastian lied about staying with him forever. I don’t think this is any sort of display like the one you are speaking about. She is just worried because she knows how much Ciel has already lost and is upset over him losing another constant in his life. She then declares she’ll be with him forever. That seems like a dedicated, caring person to me. Not a spoiled brat. Not a tantrum thrower.

I will skip over chapter 51 for right now because I’m going to use it to make a point later on.

Chapter 52. She greets Ciel with a teary hug because she thought that there was no way he would be coming and she thinks its all for her-I am aware it’s not completely for her-and is overjoyed at the surprise.

She tells Ciel to escort her to the party happening in a few days. Is it pushy or being spoiled and bratty to expect your fiancé to escort you to a party? Not really.

Going over to chapter 53 we see Elizabeth trying to give Ciel his piece of cake that she got especially for him. She follows him deeper into the ship because she doesn’t want to be left alone in the dark.

She meets back up with Ciel stating that she just really wanted him to eat it. It’s not odd to want the things you go out of your way to do to be acknowledged by the person you’re doing it for. That doesn’t give off a spoiled attitude at all. In fact if there’s any spoiling going on it’s from Elizabeth to Ciel. She’s not throwing a big temper tantrum about it either so I still am not seeing any proof of that theory.

The next chapters produce nothing as well. Till we get to chapter 56 we don’t really see much centering around Ciel and Elizabeth as individuals. When Ciel tells Elizabeth to take off some of her clothes she refuses. When he calls her silly she refuses vehemently. Why is this all being done? It is obvious that Yana is setting up for the coming chapters where she explains primarily Lizzy’s background. This cute aesthetic has been something that she has been working to maintain since she was a little girl. She has been taught by madam red that she is always to be an unknowing angel surrounded by pretty things, Ciel has shown her that if she were to act strong he would be frightened of her, and I’m sure society and the standards for women at that time had a big influence on her as well. So I don’t see it as a show of being spoiled or even a show of stupidity. Once again nothing to show her being a spoiled brat.

Then Ciel reacts by going to tear off the clothes on her. Is that a better reaction? No. But in the end Lizzy says she’s sorry and Ciel calms down. Elizabeth apologizes about being so stubborn and even Ciel apologizes for his behavior! That is something major because we all know Ciel is not one to apologize. This shows both of them acknowledging that they were in the wrong and I think it’s a show of some character growth as I will point out later.

Chapter 57. In this chapter we see something extraordinary happen to Lizzy’s character. Yes, her sword fighting ability is a major reveal and one of my favorite parts of the manga. However I think some people miss the really amazing thing in this chapter. Lizzy’s willingness to throw away her cute appearance. All for Ciel. This shows great maturity all in itself. Something that she has worked almost her whole life trying to maintain, something that is so deeply ingrained into her brain since childhood, something that she put above wading more easily through the rising waters that she could drown in. Ciel is too important to her, too precious to ever let be endangered just for some aesthetic. She saw those sabers on the wall, she took the risk, and basically threw away an image of herself that she had spent a lifetime trying to create, because she was strong enough, mature enough, to know this was no time or place for that. That is not a spoiled brat. That is a strong girl.

Chapter 58. This chapter is the first one we see centered around Lizzy and I think it’s a fascinating chapter. We see so much more about her motivations and learn more about her background. We see how she got it stuck in her head that being cute is better, being weak is best.

We can tell from just the deflated look on her face after she wins that match in the fencing hall that she doesn’t enjoy this. She just won, she should look pleased, happy, proud of herself. But she doesn’t. We then cut to a scene with her arguing with her mother about practicing fencing and Francis slaps her for questioning it. She embraces her and says that it’s for her sake and his, besides Francis knows that dangerous things lie in wait for her daughter and she wants her to be prepared. She asks Lizzy if she understands and she doesn’t seem to argue any farther. That’s a lot to put on a little girl, but she just accepts it.

Moving on to after Ciel has returned we see Lizzy excited to go out with Ciel. She wants to look cute in the heels her father had bought her for winning the match. However when Paula says that she has grown again Lizzy has a shocked face. Paula tries to comfort her, but Lizzy doesn’t cheer up. She decides to wear the low heeled shoes instead. Why does she do this? Because Lizzy has already realized that Ciel is shorter than her, and not as strong. She has already made the decision to protect him, but also keep up her cute aesthetic for her and his benefit. She has realized that Ciel is trying to be seen as an adult and it wouldn’t look good if his fiancé seemed more mature and grown up than he. So she puts away those cute shoes she was so excited to wear and chooses low ones so Ciel can seem more adult like in comparison. Spoiled brats are selfish, and that act was nothing, but selfless. Till this day Lizzy does not wear heels.

After Grell and Ronald leave and they find out that Ciel can’t walk on his own Lizzy offers to carry him on her back. Ciel is shocked and embarrassed to hear this. Lizzy starts to panic because now she thinks Ciel will hate her for showing the strong side of herself. But nothing else really happens to show anything abhorrently negative about her character.

She gets taken out of the action by Sebastian when she wants to stay with Ciel to protect and be with him. She knows how dangerous the situation is, she’s just gone through a lot, but she’s willing to brave more for Ciel. Selfless. Even Edward remarks how hard it must have been for her when he sees her sabers.

Chapter 66. The Easter Chapter is centered mostly around the eater egg hunt and Lizzy is only there because she wants to spend a holiday with Ciel just as they had done when they were kids. She shows no signs of being a spoiled brat or anything. Just over enthusiastic once again. Which I think worked because in the middle of it we can’t deny that Ciel got some sort of positive satisfaction from the whole thing.

I’ll refrain from going over her further manga appearances because their is no evidence there that she is a spoiled brat and not a tantrum is seen in all of it. It would just be me saying, “Here Lizzy is, showing no signs of being a brat, being spoiled, or throwing a tantrum. Just her wanting to spend time with him and cheer him on.”

Going at it from another point the whole claiming Lizzy is a spoiled brat who throws tantrums just doesn’t fit when you consider who her parents are. Now there are certain things that will obviously be given to her because of her social standing and her families wealth. She’s not at all likely to go hungry, she gets lavish clothing, she gets to go to fancy parties. But that’s no different from any other noble at the time. That was what was expected of her class. To be truly spoiled I think there would have to be a lot more handed to Lizzy and looking at the personalities of her parents that just doesn’t add up.

Alexis Leon Midford. He is shown to be much more lighthearted and easygoing person than his wife. He shows other tendencies that are much like Lizzy’s by grabbing Ciel and declaring how happy he is to have such a cute nephew. So we can see some similarities between them. However he is also leader of the British knights and has shown to take that very seriously, which is paralleled by how seriously Lizzy takes her role as “wife of the queens watchdog.” Now he may seem the easy going type to shower his daughter with things, but the only canon time we’ve seen him give her anything of extravagance was when he purchased her those high heels. He did so as a reward for her winning her fencing match. That’s not spoiling, that’s rewarding hard work. The only other time is when he made those Easter eggs for Lizzy, which doesn’t scream being spoiled.

Frances Midford. We get a sense of Frances before she even appears in the manga. In chapter 14 Sebastian informs Ciel of his Aunt and fiancé’s impending arrival. To which Ciel starts to panic and order quick preparations because it’s aunt Frances. That right there signals that she’s not the most laid back aunt in the world.

Then we actually meet her and she appears to be a collected, elegant noblewoman with a penchant for arriving early. Which is true. What is one of her first actions? To scold Lizzy for hugging Ciel. She calls it “improper.” That seems pretty uptight behavior especially since this is where she used to live and Ciel is her fiancé.

Then Frances chastises both Sebastian and Ciel for their “indecent” looks and fixes it. We then get a brief description of her as “someone who adheres strictly to rules, and abstains from temptations and desires.” Does that sound like someone who would spoil or ever let her children be spoiled? In fact it would make more sense if she were more strict with her children. In all the times we’ve seen Frances she has always been composed and levelheaded, with an iron first when it comes to acting proper and civilized. I think that is how her house is run as well.

And as for the tantrum throwing, Frances has chastised Elizabeth twice for merely hugging Ciel, and slapped her for questioning her fencing lessons-though to be fair that was an attempt at showing her how important the lessons were to her and Ciel’s well being in the long run-can you honestly tell me she would stand by and let Elizabeth throw a tantrum over something that she didn’t get? I apologize, but that is just ridiculous. Frances would not stand for that.

My final point will be to showcase what I think was an attempt at Yana to see how immature both Elizabeth AND Ciel acted and later on paralleled their growth.

When Lizzy broke that ring it is true that she was being too overdramatic and wasn’t showing maturity in that moment. That’s not really something to debate. Her motivations for it are another thing, but that is not relevant here. However in what situation would it be acceptable for Ciel to strike out PHYSICALLY at Elizabeth for breaking a ring? Were her actions right? Absolutely not. We’re his actions right? Absolutely NOT.

It is true that it is a precious family ring-which Elizabeth was unaware of at the time-but Elizabeth herself is a close family member that has been with Ciel since childhood, if not infancy considering their close ties and close age. He should prioritize Elizabeth above a ring, showing that he still needs to mature more.

Sebastian stopped him because he knew it would be wrong of him to do something like that, and Sebastian doesn’t often directly interfere with Ciel’s actions. He had to play peacemaker between the two, stopping Ciel, and explaining the situation to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth may have acted immature and improper, but Ciel did as well. An argument could be made that Ceil is just as immature as Elizabeth, just in different aspects. He is still thirteen after all. Even Sebastian stated this in chapter 14 and something along these lines several times throughout the series. “The head of the household that I serve is a child. Yet at the same time he is also the ‘master.’” Is what Sebastian said to Frances while asking her to be his adult role model “In order to keep him in check.” He also mentioned how Ciel needed to eat some humble pie because he had adopted childish notions of “I can never loose.”

There is a good parallel to the whole chapter 2 scene in chapter 56. Which I think is the second show case of their growth from that time.

The first showcase I believe takes place in chapter 51. Elizabeth shows up and excitedly declares to Ciel that they will be going on a trip in April and that they want him to come. She starts to talk about it, but he just shoots her down right away. She tries to talk him into it, but he explains that it just isn’t possible with his work.

She’s disappointed, but doesn’t argue. She’s teary eyed, but doesn’t start bawling or throwing a tantrum. Then Ciel does something totally unexpected. He says that he will go on a trip with her somewhere close as long as it’s only for a few days. We know canonically that Ciel hardly EVER compromises, but for Lizzy he did. He knew it would make her happy even though we know he doesn’t enjoy trips that much. It was very mature of him to step up and do that.

Combined with chapter 56 I think that showcases how much they have matured in that short amount of time and can now handle each other in a much more positive way.

I know some of that seemed to go way off topic, but I thought it not only necessary to show that Lizzy was not a spoiled brat who throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, but also to show that she is, quite in fact, the opposite.

If you aren’t willing to change your perception of Lizzy then there is not much I can do about that. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. I just wanted to show why I don’t believe that is true about her at all and why I quite enjoy her character for being the opposite.

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Favorite magi characters !

Hey anon :)

I love all Magi character with a few exceptions.
But I have my Top 3 the others ones I can’t order into a order (I hope this sentence makes sense~)

3rd Place: Kouha Ren

Originally posted by kunizuuka

To be honest, in the first seconds I thought: “Why this girl has the voice of a boy?” 

I really like his psycho side when he was fighting but when he hit one of the woman I was a bit shocked (before I knew that they like it :’D). But I first start to like him this much when I saw which people follow him, that they aren’t some noble kids from rich familys. He helped so many people and they follow him because he is a kind person. That is the reason I like him. I love this kind side to help them who were avoid from everyone. 

2nd Place: Muu Alexius

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He looks so cute ~ That was the first I thought :’D And I love it when he kneels down like a knight. Somehow I really like this knight appearance. Like Kouha he is a kind man but he wants to bring a smile to everybody. He is different from Kouha in this point. I also like it when he dosen’t show any mercy, when he fight for this things, which are important to him. 
I think when Muu were a friend of mine he would be a friendly, nice, gentle and caring friend. I love him for this and his never ending smile, it’s really sweet. (Without some exceptions. :’D )

1st Place: Sinbad

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(Isn’t he cute there :’D ? Watched this gif maybe 1-2 minutes with a friend xD)

When Sinbad appeared in episode 7 I never thought he would have such a big role in the whole Anime/Manga. Maybe it was the fault of the lef that I couldn’t take him serious at this time. But I like him at the first second I saw him, I like characters who act childish or idiotic, characters like this are most time funny or just act again dumb and you just can laugh. I like this characters but they never are my favorites. 

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(One of my favorite scene with him xD)

I really love his appearance, this may be superficial but  there aren’t much Anime characters where I can say I love every part of their body. (It sounds weird, dosen’t it? I’m sure it does~)

Originally posted by tsukiiakari

He is a self-confident and strong person. I also love the part of Sinbad which maybe a lot of people hate. His manipulative side is really interesting. This was one of the reasons I begin to love him. I have a weakness for kind persons and he is also a kind man but this is boring, if he just is kind. Since he was a child he had a dream and all he does is to reach this goal. I dosen’t like it how he use Kougyoku but I will be honest. I thought a long time about this and I think this was a good decision. When he didn’t control Kougyoku and she had stopped Kouha, they would have fight against Sinbad’s allys and maybe both of them would have died. It wasn’t nice that he did this but it was good. And there are a lot of people who doesen’t like him, because he would do everything to reach his goal someday. Like he said, he would use any dirty method but Kouen would have this too, if he could. Sinbad just had a better plan and use the people when he could. He is a clever man and I love this side of him too. He has a childish side but he can also be a serious adult and a clever king. With his childhood I can understand why he does all this.

But no matter how much I love Sinbad, I don’t like the new Sinbad, after he knew the voice in his head were David.

You don’t ask for the explanation but after I write the part about Kouha, I thought I would be a waste, if I just delect this and go on ~ I hope you understand everything because my english isn’t really good but I tried my best :D!

Ahhh so many feels! I cried so much during the video, just for that 1 minute where I got to see everyone again ^_^  I cleaned an image of HDWM! Tsuna to celebrate and two others :D Hope we get a better quality video :)

So yeah, I was so happy to see Tsuna ! Gosh, he is just so wonderful *kyaaa* I love his eyes in HDWM. I started to cry and I had to take a small break to regain my composure…it didn’t last long because I kept sobbing at the second viewing for Gokudera. I just love those two! (ah, i can’t believe we get to see him smoking!  Honestly, it was a major part of who he was and his fighting style damn it, the anime needs a remake with him smoking cuz i still remember that scene in the manga where he jammed so many cigarettes in his mouth :)) It was a bit disappointing in the anime because IIRC there was no explanation on how Gokudera ignited them….)

You tried Gokudera :) We are proud of you! (Well, if it’s not Juudaime, he won’t put on his biggest smile~ ahh I really hoped for that scene to be animated. I really wanted to see that enthusiasm he displays whenever he is with Tsuna. It was nice to see Hayato at the part-time job that was mentioned before in his profile.

Last but not least, this adorable scene :)

The girls are so cute here and somehow they look younger?  Chrome and Yuni are my favorites and I just loved seeing my adorable princesses (^▽^). Yuni-chan is so smol~

I just hope they will consider re-making the anime with all the good stuff from the manga. I want to see Enma animated and the whole Shimon arc, and just…the whole story!

Naruhina does nothing but diminishes Hinata's character. Long ass post

First of all, everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge proponent of Sasuhina. A crackship. This is partly due to the reasons listed below and due to the fact that kishimoto has no grasp on writing love so he can’t fudge up a crackship like he did to the canon ones. I also support Narusaku from the sidelines due to many reasons but this post is about Hinata.

I found that I am one of the very few Hinata lovers who doesn’t like Naruhina as a relationship. I know, I know, blasphemy right? “Don’t you want Hinata to be happy if she’s your favorite character?” Honest to god, I do. I love her with all my heart. I remember she was the kunoichi that I actually liked. Sakura was a bitter 12 year old sasuke fangirl, but even then she grew to be a wonderful woman like the others. 

Hinata is a wonderful character. Beautiful, thoughtful, kind, warm, strong, shy and a hell of a kunoichi. She grew stronger and stronger with hard work and became a really admirable woman. She was everything I wanted to become when I was younger. But that changes whenever she is mentioned with Naruto. We never really get to see Hinata without mentioning or bringing up Naruto. Her whole character becomes naruto-centered in Part II unlike part I. In part I, we see her relationship with her father, her cousin, and everything that her character is about. We see her struggles, especially with Neji in Part I. Her development during Part I was absolutely phenomenal. But there are some wrongdoings on her part BECAUSE of her obsession with Naruto that people seem to ignore. They see Naruto as someone positive in Hinata’s life. Giving her strength, but in actuality Naruto has crippled her character. 

When we see the rookies in the written examination portion of Chunin exams, everyone is struggling with the exam. Hinata on the other hand does not. She offers Naruto answers to the exam. That’s great except for that fact that she jeopardized her own team’s success. If caught, they will NEVER have the opportunity to retake the Chunin exams ever again. That put Naruto’s team in jeopardy too. Because she wanted to impress Naruto and help him, she put him in danger instead. 

Sakura on the hand, wants to raise her hand and give up. But why? For Naruto’s sake. She doesn’t want Naruto to give up his dream, so she is willing to give up and try again next year for HIS sake. Instead of jeopardizing other people for the sake of love, Sakura wants to give up because she knows how badly Naruto wants to become Hokage. 

So one relationship helps a person grow(Sakura), while the other breaks the person’s(Hinata) development apart.

As a huge Hinata fan, I was rendered speechless by her sheer admiration of a person she hardly knows to the point where she doesn’t think about her teammates.

This theme also resonates throughout the fighting portion of the Chunin exams. Hinata cheers for Naruto instead of her own teammate, Kiba. She understands it is wrong, but she does it anyway. Why would you cheer for someone you hardly knew instead of a person you’re suppose to cheer for? Have Naruto and Hinata interacted before the chunin exams to the point where it causes her to cheer for him? I understand wanting to support the person you supposedly love, but there is a point where it becomes obsessive. 

Cheering someone other than your teammate is not considered good development. 

While people see Hinata’s love for Naruto as something positive, I certainly don’t because we never see her negative development outisde of her several interactions with Naruto. And don’t tell me it’s because she is a side character so of course it’s revolved around Naruto. 

There have many side characters that have developed without the need to revolve Naruto every single time. 

Besides Naruto affecting Hinata, Hinata didn’t have an affect on Naruto throughout the 700 chapters of serialization. Sakura, Sasuke, Iruka, and many others have impacted his legacy and journey way more than Hinata has ever did. 

Sakura has shown more support to Naruto and encouraged him since the very beginning while Hinata was on the sidelines. That is one reason why Narusaku’s relationship makes more sense. It is not just friendship but they build each other up while their other relationships tear them down. This is a huge part of why i’m a proponent of Naruto and Sakura’s relationship. Just read the manga for their story, because this post isn’t about Sakura.The only reason why people disapprove of this is because they love Hinata more than Sakura. They love Hinata, so they automatically throw her to the main protagonist’s side instead of thinking. That is why I resorted to a crack ship for my favorite character, Hinata. If you follow their journey, it’s obvious which couple has more positive development versus negative. 

In part II, we hardly see Hinata as a character except for when Naruto is brought up. Without Naruto, what does that diminish her character to? Her whole character revolves around Naruto. Without him, she is basically just nothing in Part II. 

In the infinite Tsukuyomi, we can see everyone’s thoughts and dreams. Hinata is pictured dreaming about who? Right, Naruto. Granted, the other girls also dreamt about love. That is another reason why I think Kishimoto cannot write proper female characters. To females, there are more than just love. Dead feminists everywhere are probably kicking around in their graves. Kishmoto writing females like that is misogynistic and wrong. He could’ve had Hinata dream about becoming stronger, becoming the Hyuga clan’s leader, dreaming about Neji being alive, dreaming about having a loving family with Hiashi and Hanabi. Anything but love for Jesus christ. This applies to the other girls too. 

Naruhina not only diminishes her character, but brings nothing but negative development to Hinata. Neji, her team, Kurenai had a bigger impact on Hinata’s character than Naruto ever will. 

Kishimoto has ruined my favorite charatcer by revolving her around one person, stunting her growth in Part II. Her character had so much potential to be something more than just romance fodder. It’s the same thing with Sakura really(and partially why I support Narusaku since they help each other grow), but I digress. 

Kishimoto has no idea of what love is and it is evident in his work. He romanticizes unhealthy relationships and imposes a misogynistic view in his writing. 

These are my personal thoughts on Hinata and Naruhina, and you don’t have to agree with them if you think otherwise.