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if any of you guys had to rec one, and only one, fic, what would it be?


My choice for Kaisoo would have to be The Lines and Spaces between us. I am IN LOVE with this fic. It is in my top 10 maybe even top 5! My favorite genre of fics to read is homophobia! I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE IN THE WORLD So I have a huge soft spot for fics where they aren’t initially gay or fics where it takes time for them to fall for each other. Those are my favorite to read because you can actually see them falling for each other or like change just for that person. Those moments are really special and its great being able to read and /experience/ it with the character themselves. And that’s exactly what The Lines and Spaces is all about! I’ve read this fic like 3 times already and oh god I just get soo many feels its great. So I would 100% rec this fic I HOPE MY DYING WORDS WILL BE TELLING PEOPLE TO READ IT

I don’t have a non-kaisoo one cause I have so many sobs T_T

- Admin V


Oh my gosh alright this was actually really difficult ;;; After much internal struggle I think I have chosen.

Athanasia is my choice for Kaisoo. I FREAKING LOVE THIS FIC WITH MY ENTIRE BEING. It’s absolutely beautiful. The writing is incredible and the characterization is so perfect. I am in love with plot and the way everything comes together oh my god. I find it so unique and I honestly don’t think it cold have been written any better. I have nothing but extreme admiration for the author. I just I can’t even express myself properly. I love how this fic leaves your heart in this delicious state of pain and happiness all at once. It’s just incredible. It’s so well thought out and stunning. The way chance and infinities are described and how the entire plot revolves around them holy shit it’s amazing. And the ending makes you feel so hollow but then the author gives you a little glimmer of hope. You have to read this fic. 

There Will Come Soft Rains is what I would pick for non-kaisoo. JFC THIS FIC ITS A PART OF MY SOUL. It’s Hunhan and it’s honestly a work of art. The writing is so descriptive and intriguing oh my god. It is the absolute best apocalyptic!au I’ve ever read, and it might be one of my favorite fics ever. The characterization and the descriptions of how the world is crumbling down are so vivid you can completely imagine everything that’s happening. And the plot twist at the end I was freaking incoherent. I was so shocked and impressed. I will never be able to properly express my feelings for this fic, it’s just too freaking amazing. Everything about it is perfection. You absolutely must read this. 

- Admin T <3


Hi Admin G here and:

Kaisoo: I’ll Never Let You Go. Literally my favorite fic ever, because I just love Jongin’s characterization. He’s so innocent and precious and his life kinda sucks. Kyungsoo’s also really precious too. It’s just holy moly heartwrenching in it’s innocence and realisticness and oh god oh yodsf

Non kaisoo: To End a War (The Last Command) It’s a hunhan fic and it’s historical and mulan ish au and holy maaan super romantic and super sad and awesome just hofdjks.

Non exo: Dark Angels It’s Jongkey and just like I cried a fuckin lot wow really tragic and angsty mm m m mm  yes also angel!au 

oh fuck fuck I can’t do this can I do a top 2 kaisoo pls pls i just

Kaisoo: Seven of Swords (literally the first kaisoo fic i’ve ever read it’s fucking amazing it’s written by my friend just wwowjkfw)


Admin G is a CHEATER but we will let this slide.


Annyeong Admin A imnida. Okay here goes

Kaisoo: HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY FUCK FUCKFUKFXUKG it’s my favorite kaisoo fic ever eve r ve rv e ver i love it so much it’s amazing so many feelings so much angst but the good kind that keeps you reading and i just /sniff i really love this fic.

Non-Kaisoo: OKAY I LITERALLY HAVE RECOMMENDED THIS FIC TO EVERYONE I KNOW SO THIS IS MY REAL ANSWER LIKE I’VE MADE MY SISTER READ IT AND MY BEST FRIEND READ IT AND MY FRIEND WHO DOESN’T EVEN LIKE KPOP OR FANFICTION READ IT and this fic is Take it From the Top by my favorite author on earth maayacola. I cannot even explain how amazing this fic is it’s fucking amazing it’s so goddamn fuNNY and it’s chanhun but DON’T LET THE PAIRING SCARE YOU YOU’LL LOVE IT ANYWAY ISTG sigh in conclusion this is my favorite fic ever. I have previously said that it was How to Pet: A User’s Guide but then I reread Take it From the Top and I realized I was a freakin liar READ IT PLS okay bye


This is really hard OTL. I would recommend a classic but ugh OTL YOU DON’T DO THIS TO ME ;__;

Kaisoo : Anyway I think mine would be Abstract Affection by my snowbae. Why this hmm probably because for a fic it’s not really that angsty nor is it too fluffy. It’s just the right amount of both and it was a happy ending. The characterization/ character development was done well and the flow of the story was smooth. The feelings were raw and somehow it’s a fic where people can relate I guess? At least for me. It’s not overly done and I think if a new reader of fanfics it wouldn’t be too overbearing, like they wouldn’t get a phobia for angst lol, this of course depends on the person.

Non-Kaisoo: As for non-kaisoo rawr. We talk about Then Came You a lot so I’m not going to put that. I would recommend Fragile Eternity it’s hunhan. And idk why I chose this because I loved this fic but not up in my favorites?? OR IS IT. IDK ANYMORE WHO AM I, WHERE DID I COME FROM, WHAT DID I HAVE FOR DINNER. Anyway the fic was very well written and wow I’m gonna reread this now. 

OT12: I’M GONNA CHEAT OKAY. ZODIAC you do not understand the amount of love I have for this and Summer Children. 

-Admin C