my favorite part is that shes thought about this a lot

Homestuck Characters as Let's Players Because I've Jumped the Shark
  • John: Has been at it for years and has a lot of subscribers because of it, everyone posts gifs of him reacting to different games talking about how pure and sweet he is, when he is none of those things
  • Rose: Does reviews and extensive walkthroughs. Very to the point, but will also set time aside to completely wreck a shitty game design or a nonsense plot with snarky commentary.
  • Dave: Nobody really knows why he has five million subs. He doesn't even use face cam or a decent mic, he just records 10 minutes of pure self indulgent monologue over any random video game. What's this guys secret?
  • Jade: "hey guys! welcome my weekly animal jam stream! counterstrike is pushed back a week because i got banned from my favorite server because they thought i was hacking...but that's okay! how are you doing today everyone?"
  • Jane: Gets a lot of hate from people who think she's completely sold out to her main source of sponsorship, when really she just supports the product
  • Jake: One of those European Youtubers that uses a crap ton of slang from his country of origin and has a near incoherent accent. Fails to grasp stealth based games. He also does a lot of live action videos of him taking different YouTube challenges of dubious levels of safety
  • Roxy: "Yeah, this is your average RPGMaker MV based game, the sprites are the basic pack you get in the game and they forgot to sync up the walk cycles on the NPCs so they aren't running into eachother all the time...OH MY GOD A CAT IM GONNA GO PET IT!"
  • Dirk: Professional editor, doesn't have his own channel but he does occasionally show up in videos with Jake and Roxy, to the point where fans know who he is. Doesn't really want to have his own channel because he feels that would involve pandering to the intelligence of the average Youtube user. Has far too many self image issues to put himself out there as anything more than just the dude behind the scenes making everything click.


Screenshots from SHADOWY FIGURES | Night In The Woods Part 6! :D

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OH MY GOD SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! :D I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen this video yet but all I’m gonna say is that I’m REALLY looking forward to the next video on this series. ^_^

I seriously love this game and this series guys. There’s so much of this game that I relate to in my own life and I honestly wish that I could buy it but unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I actually have money to buy it on steam. 
My favorite character is Mae because she’s probably the one that I relate to the most in this game. I mean I don’t think I’m exactly like Mae, I’m definitely not as destructive as she is but a lot of the thoughts she has about her life I seriously relate to and there’s those funny moments in this game where I’ll have the exact same though process she does it’s weird. Like I said in one of my other posts about these videos I feel like Mae has a fear to try for some reason and I liked that Seán mentioned that he thinks that she has depression and I agree with that and maybe that’s one of the reasons why she has that fear of trying that I have been speculating. There are moments with Mae in this game that hit me extremely hard emotion because of how much I relate to it in my own life and honestly it makes me happy that this game exists and exploring how a lot of young adults feel while they’re transitioning between being a teenager and adult and how some people grow up and mature faster then others. 
In this video these were the lines I related to the most from Mae and that hit me the hardest emotionally. 

^ These seriously have been my constant thoughts about my life these last few years after I graduated high school in 2013. Except my parents weren’t as supportive and caring as Mae’s are when she starts venting to them. But that’s why I love this game so much because I relate to it and it’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because the world captures the feeling of small town extremely well and it’s making think more about my life too and I think that’s why this game has been really sticking to me and impacting me as much as it has. Like I said before I’m happy that this game exists. 

I love watching Seán play this game too as I keep saying this is my favorite game he’s uploading at the moment because I have so much fun watching him play it and I have fun experiencing this game for the first time with him too. I love the feel of this series because it just feels like you’re sitting down and just going on a small adventure in life and making memories with a friend and they’re the kind of memories that make you think but also make you smile at the exact same time. Plus experiencing this game with him has made me love this game more because Seán will point out things that I wouldn’t notice and say these thoughts that seriously make think. This is the kind of series that brings out a lot of his insightful side and I love seeing that side of him because I seriously love hearing the thoughts he has during these kind of games because I genuinely think he has great, interesting and smart thoughts over things in games like this. I think he’s a lot more insightful then he realizes and I love the way Seán looks at the world and he always helps me look at something in these games in a brand new perspective that I probably wouldn’t think of and it makes me appreciate whatever game he’s playing and video games in general so much more. That’s why series like this are memorable experiences for me. :) 
I love the voices he gives all the characters too and I loved the improv he was kind of doing with Mae’s voice in this video. :) But since I’m talking about his voices I’ll admit I don’t really like the voice he gives Bea. Not because I don’t think she’d be like Raven from teen titans she definitely would be but the problem for me is that because the voice he gives her is so monotone he doesn’t make her sound like she’s expressing emotions and I get that’s maybe the idea. But personally for me I don’t think that fits her because looking at the way Bea’s lines are written in the game I think she’s a lot more emotional and angry at the world and at her circumstances because she has a lot of moments where she gets annoyed at people super easily and has shouting angry outbursts. He kind of does the same thing with Angus’ voice too but I feel like it fits him and his character and with his voice for Bea I don’t think it fits her. But that’s just personal preference from me, if any of you like the voice that he does for Bea then that’s fine. :) I loved that he took the time to try to hang out with Angus more in this video too because we finally got to know him a little more and holy shit do I want to give him a giant hug after hearing about his childhood! Plus even with just that one line he said about Gregg finding him in the pantry showed me how much he means to him. Gregg is probably the one who understands Angus the most out of everyone and brings out his positive side more and he gets him to do stuff that he can’t or wouldn’t do on his own and I honestly I think everyone needs someone like that in their lives. Not even romantic relationship wise but in general from any kind of relationship romantic, friendship or family. We all need people in our lives that listen to us, inspire us and help us become better people as we go through life. We all need a Gregg in our lives. ^_^ 

But now I feel like I’m rambling and talking too much, sorry about that! This video and this part of the game just gave me a lot of thoughts and I was trying to get them together as best as I could in this post. I love this game and this series and I can’t wait for the next video that Seán uploads of it! :D

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This may be a weird question, who are the most atractive characters from botw for you?

Anonymous said to grass-skirt:
What are your thoughts on Foo Fighters from Jojo and your thoughts on Anne?

Anonymous said to grass-skirt:
what do you think about the bayonetta games? have you ever played them or would you like to?

Ask #1: Definitely Link and Urbosa. BotW Link is probably the hottest Link we’ve ever had. And the Gerudo are all 10/10 in this game, but Urbosa is absolutely the best of the all. Sidon and Mipha also get honorable mentions

Ask #2: It’s been too long since I read JJBA to say anything specific, but FF was one of my favorites from Part 6 and I liked her a whole lot. And I assume by “Anne” you’re referring to Vamirio from Helck? She’s my favorite character in the manga. I like her because she’s mature and responsible while also still being funny, and she’s an empathetic person who has the admiration and respect of virtually everyone around her. 

Ask #3: I haven’t played the Bayonetta games, but I would like to eventually. Unfortunately, there are a TON of games that I would like to play more, so I don’t know if I’ll ever actually get around to playing them. Also, unfortunately, I cannot stand her beehive hair in the first game 

 hi i answered some character qs. theres more under the cut (+ more pics)

indigobleau said: Bro bro what’s Ian’s favorite article of clothing??? Also has he ever seen a beautiful stranger out in public and thought about them for a week making imaginary scenarios of them falling in love???

his astro boy shirt!! i draw him in a lot more clothes than he actually owns, but that ones canon. he also enjoys his patterned socks.

& not really, except maybe for that lady at the 24hr bfast diner he goes to at 3am a lot. the first time she called him dollface he was like holy shit (shes one of those people who calls everyone by a pet name). he doesnt have fantasies about falling in love but he finds her very comforting. he also sort of wants to put his face in her soft warm bosom but thats a little creepy ian

egg-face said: have ian and donovan dated at any point??

no. they live & work together tho. so sometimes donovan is like IM GOING TO PF CHANGS & ians like I WILL ACCOMPANY YOU idk if that counts as a date

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okay I had this dumb headcanon today at work when I shoulda been workin’ oops I told my girlfriend about it and she thought it waS CUTE SO IDK HERE YA GO fRIENDS

in our modern AU, Connor is under the custody of Edward, who lives alone in his apartment. He raises Connor from a toddler, after Ziio passes on and Haytham straight up walks out on them. So yeah. Little itty bitty Connor, living with his granddaddy who loves him very much <3

So little Connor is like four or five and he starts learning about things in the world and he’s becoming a little person, having favorite things, interests, things he wants to be a part of… and one of the things he discovers are WESTERNS. 

Connor really likes horses a lot. He has lots of little stuffed horses that he plays with, and when he sees cowboys on tv in films, riding horses around, he gets really excited.

Connor really likes cowboys and Western style things???

Edward’s like. He tries to be involved in Connor’s interests at this young age, though he’s not really into this whole Western genre of stuff. But he loves his grandson, and gets him toys to indulge in his little cowboy adventures, and plays with him as best he can (though he wishes Connor wanted to play pirates instead, ‘cause Edward thinks pirates are super cool)

SO IDK just imagine like five year old Connor with a big silly cowboy hat and he has like four stuffed horses tied to a box he’s sitting in, which is supposed to be his carriage, and he’s like. Yelling, ‘cause he’s a kid, about catching some bad guys. ‘Cause he’s the sheriff. And he’s gotta protect the town BU

and Edward just watching from another room laaAAAUGHING TO HIMSELF ‘cause this kid is too cute


So I finally made a child unit. Yay~! *sends flower showers on her daughter’s way*

Her name is Mina (mee-nah)~ It means something like ‘precious life’ in Korean. I wanted to name her in Korean since Kai named Hua in her own language too!
(Also Mina is the localized name for Sailor Venus…my favorite sailor scout. Thought it’s fitting!)

Mina is a cheerful troubadour. She’s not that good with tricks yet so she might accidentally fly doves everywhere or throw flowers at you or set fire on your tent……but…she means well.

She knows about what happened to her tribe (though not all, Liefe wouldn’t tell her in full detail) and that her mom’s been through a lot. A part of the reasons she wants to be a magical girl is to protect Liefe and their loved ones.

As written above, she dyes her hair pink with magic. The tip of her hair is always gonna be black like Liefe’s! She wants to celebrate her roots just like her mom does in her own way~

Aaaa I’m already getting attached to my daughterling…even more so than to my own Fatesona…

I doodled some other child units in her info sheet…though very tiny ;v;
Childsonas borrowed: Hua @krazehkai​ Vincent @belowtheraedar​ Allen @tacticianwinter ! (I couldn’t tag Winter ;_;) Hope it was okay!!

Please watch over my daughterling with kind eyes~*(´ω`)*;;

EDIT: Boon: Magic / Bane: Skill? I’m not sure yet but I feel like I should include some sort of stats info here.

👑 I’ve read a lot about Anne of Austria over the past several months and thought I’d list some of my favorite bits

  • Her favorite color was blue
  • Although she was the firstborn, her parents called her infanta instead of princess. Until Philip IV was born though, she was styled as heiress and called “Most Illustrious Infanta”
  • She supposedly questioned her ladies and servants about where her brother, Philip IV, had been before he was born and warned her servants not to associate with those of her brother
  • Anne was godmother to all of her siblings
  • She enjoyed hunting and, according to the French ambassador, was capable of bringing down deer and boar with a crossbow
  • The French ambassador also heard Anne exclaim that if her younger sister Maria was chosen to marry Louis XIII, she would enter a convent and never marry
  • One of her last actions in Spain was to commission a portrait of her mother as Saint Margarita
  • Philip III had a hard time parting from Anne and it was reported that he was delaying the journey to France
  • Her first night in France, Anne missed Spanish bread and the snow they used to cool drinks in Spain
  • She ordered a Spanish vegetable stew, olla, every day until it became clear the French didn’t like this reminder of Spain, so she had it brought to the rooms of her chamberwoman so she could have it in private
  • French museum specialists credit Anne with making the tooled leather hangings she brought from Spain fashionable and the two solid silver tables she had also brought were the forerunners of the silver furniture used in Versailles
  • The day after her formal arrival in Bordeaux, Louis XIII gave her a feather from his hat in exchange for one of her ribbons
  • Philip III constantly wrote to her; asking for more portraits of her, impatiently asking for reports of her health when she was sick, how often Louis slept with her (which she wouldn’t reply to), and sending her pocket money and other little gifts
  • Her aunt the infanta Clara Isabella Eugenia sent her a parrot
  • Anne’s standard response to people asking when she would give France an heir was to blush, smile, and say that it must await the will of God
  • When Anne had a bad fever in 1620, Louis, for the only time in his life, suspended court protocol and ceremonial to stay by her side and cried when he thought her to be in danger of not recovering
  • When Louis won a series of races in the equestrian exhibition in the Place Royale and came to the tribune to collect the prize of a diamond ring from Anne, he saw that her eyes were filled with tears of emotion and he was so touched that he leaped up the steps, took her in his arms and kissed her
  • Her favorite jewelry was a choker of pearls and tear-drop pearl earrings
  • When she went to Lyon in 1622, she was presented with a solid gold lion which held a shield that depicted her sleeping while a hand emerging from a crowned cloud placed a medal showing a dolphin on her arm
  • Richelieu learned that after a failed assassination attempt, Anne and Marie de Rohan spent an entire dinner party laughing about it
  • Richelieu kept a list of “grievances of the reigning queen against the cardinal”
  • Anne loved going to the theatre (so you know she was really mad at Louis when she declined his invitations to go on a couple of occasions)
  • In 1636, Madame du Fargis wrote to Anne “But for God’s sake, to put an end to the disputes, make a son”
  • Louis prohibited Anne from visiting convents in 1637 and even though it was then modified to only mean the convent Val-de-Grâce, Anne had decided that if she was not allowed to go to Val-de-Grâce, she wouldn’t go to any other convent either
  • When she was pregnant with Louis XIV, she became depressed toward the end because she feared she would die in childbirth
  • At the ceremony that marked the end of her period of lying-in, the court broke into sympathetic weeping at the sight of her holding the dauphin. She had tears in her eyes, and observers noted that she held him without assistance the entire time–three quarters of an hour
  • When Louis sent word for her to leave their sons and join him in Provence, she feared it would be the start of a permanent separation and told him she was ill and unable to travel I can’t go *cough cough* I’m sick
  • Louis XIV often handed her the chemise at her ceremonial rising, which was traditionally the prerogative of a high-born lady, and sealed the deed with a kiss
  • She was famous for her love of cleanliness and her passion for perfumes. So when Louis XIII was dying, people were amazed at how she stayed at his bedside. Even Louis was embarrassed by the smell and repeatedly asked her not to come too close, but she gave no sign of anything amiss and stayed with him until he lost speech and hearing
  • When she saw Louis dying, Anne felt as though her heart was being torn from her body

What’s like to work at Matilda?

Rileigh: It’s very fun. Matilda doesn’t do any ballet, but there’s a ton of sharp, difficult dances that she does. The kids in the ensemble are incredible dancers, and I get to dance with them in a few numbers. During those dances, I am in the back and the kids get to be stars, and I really like that. It’s fun to be able to do all these different movements and dances with them.

What’s your favorite part about performing?

Rileigh: My favorite part is hearing the audience laugh. At one of the shows last week, I loved the audience because they laughed a lot. I sing this one song, and it makes people laugh a bit, but this time they really thought it was funny and they laughed throughout the whole show. It was really fun.

Lana: She likes making people happy.

Rileigh: And cry.

Lana: She also says that when she performs as Matilda, she wants every child in that audience to know what Matilda is trying to teach them—to do the right thing, to treat people fairly, and to stand up to bullies. A lot of kids had experience with bullies at her school, and she thinks that Matilda is a real role model. She wants to make sure that kids get that message when they see the show.

What’s your number one advice?

Rileigh: If you’re auditioning for your dream role and you don’t get it, just keep auditioning. Never give up. I auditioned for Matilda many times for different characters and the ensemble. I worked really, really hard. I did lots of training, and I finally got the role.

Lana: Training is important. Don’t learn songs off of YouTube. Learn with a coach. That’s a really good piece of advice that we got early on.

Rileigh: From working hard, I got the role, and I’ve never been happier. I got to meet my people here. Theatre kids.

Faith’s Good Looks

Yesterday I was thinking about how in a lot of fanfics Faith get’s written as someone who doesn’t really care about her appearance.

She doesn’t really understand why Buffy bothers with dressing nicely or worrying about makeup while on patrol, she whines about Buffy taking forever to get ready before going anywhere, she doesn’t bother doing much more than brushing her hair, and she almost exclusively wears tank-tops and jeans in a number of Post-Chosen fics.  

Honestly, that’s totally fine with me in general, it doesn’t take me out of the story, and that’s just the author’s interpretation of her character. Some of my favorite fics have these things in them, so I’m not be any means complaining about those additions. They just stuck out to me, and made me start thinking Faith related thoughts.

Mainly being that I kind of consider her to be almost the opposite when it comes to those things. Faith puts up walls, and a big part of the way that she does it is setting up a very specific persona. She tries to come off as this Bad Girl who’s made of stone, and doesn’t need or even really want anyone else in her life.

Faith wears a mask, and I think something that helps her keep that mask together, getting herself in character, is making sure that she has a certain look. Especially being that while Faith is fairly insecure in a lot of areas, particularly where Buffy is involved, Faith knows that she’s good looking. That’s probably one of the few things about herself that she never seems to question, that she always seems to be aware of. I personally think that that has at least some insidious roots, but that’s a rant for another day. 

If you go back and watch a lot of the scenes in season 3, you’ll probably notice that almost every time you see her she’s got on some pretty heavy make up, at least a few accessories, and often some pretty eye catching outfits. Her hair while at the beginning of the season you might be able to say just looks that, wild, wavy, though I’m pretty doubtful that anyone’s hair just looks like that, we’ll say that the show wanted you to think that, we know that when she turned to the Bad Guy, she started straightening it.

And there’s that whole leather pants thing, there’s no way that you start wearing leather pants without specifically going for a certain look. In season four of BtVS, one of the first things that she does after waking up from her coma is put on some black and denim, do her hair, and put on make up. When she switches bodies with Buffy, again on of the first things that she wants to do is look in the mirror, check out her new body, and dress it up.

In season 4 of AtS we see her in prison, and she’s looking pretty good, which yes maybe the show just wanted her to be all pretty because she’s good now and beauty equals goodness in media, but it’s still canon that Faith was a very well groomed prisoner. In season 7 of BtVS, Robin Wood leaves her very offended, though in an at least partially joking way, by telling her that he’s prettier. 

Anyway, I’m just saying that I think that if we’re talking about Faith flaws, I’m thinking that one of hers is very possibly vanity. When I think of domestic Fuffy, I don’t see Faith playing video games and checking the clock every two seconds while waiting for Buffy to be done getting ready, and whining the entire time. I see her in the bathroom with Buffy and the two of them shoving each other and arguing about who’s hogging the mirror. 

my favorite thing about the new ghostbusters (besides the female friendship and the very gay undertones) was the fact that alot of people thought Leslie Jones’ character would be a disrespectful stereotype but she was actually super smart and provided lots of historical facts on new york city that were useful to the team. and she was an integral part of the team and was given the same validity and respect as the women with degrees in physics. it was great!

My favorite part of Onion Friend

I’ve said before that I think that Amethyst is the prettiest gem.  And the fact that she was used as a model in this episode made me really happy.

Before my mom knew Amethyst’s name, she used to refer to her as “the fat chick.”  And it seems like a lot of teams have a “fat chick,” and most always, they wind up being the butt of every joke.  They’re the ones who stand by and act hilarious and sassy while the main character worries about her image.  Because the fat chick isn’t allowed to even think about her image, because the fat chick is never given the hollywood makeover to remove her ponytail and glasses to become hot, because the fat chick can’t ever be hot.

But in this episode, Vidalia found Amethyst beautiful.  Like me, she thought that she was the prettiest and most inspirational. 

Amethyst, the team fat chick, was someone’s muse.  Not despite her being fat, not because she was fat, but just because Vidalia liked her inside and out.

And… this means a lot to me.

I am so very :( that fandom’s collective “ugh” towards Ant-Man, no matter how understandable, is inevitably going to come at the cost of everyone collectively ignoring Hope van Dyne right along with it, because Hope is my new favorite part of the MCU. Closely followed by Janet and the fact that Janet and Peggy totally worked together, but seriously, HOPE. HOOOOOOPE.

Personality-wise, I don’t think we have any good guys, female or male, like her in the MCU yet? There’s a lot of damaged people, yes, but none that are so openly, knowingly, and unapologetically livid, so frank about the dark and terrifying sharp edges to their personality. Hope is based on a comics villainess, and there is a darkness even in her movie version with which she can literally blot out all the light if she chooses to. Her “Galadriel” moment was by far the most powerful scene of the entire movie to me. I swear there were ecstatic shivers running down my spine by the end.

She doesn’t choose to plunge herself into that darkness - for all her anger and damage and uncompromising, caustic demeanor, she’s funny and decent and doesn’t hesitate to put her personal feelings aside for a higher cause - but the movie does not shy away from showing that she could. That smile she gets at the end, when she says “about damn time”? There’s no humility in that. None. Nada. Zero. That’s not a hero accepting their responsibility, or coming to terms with their power, or going out into the world to make good on the lessons they’ve learned: it’s Steve Rogers trying to enlist five times but with the kiddy gloves off, it’s Thor and Loki demanding the throne they were promised because they actually are fit for it, it’s Bruce Banner sitting down to get gamma-blasted knowing full well what the consequences will be for him and could be for everyone else, because he grew up among the last Big Guy’s wreckage, it’s Tony… nevermind, I’ve lost track of this metaphor.

Point being: it’s her demanding her due for decades and finally getting it. And now she’s gonna find her mother and be the Biggest Damn Hero the world has ever seen - while in the next universe over, all will love her and despair.

And I love it so. damn. much.

An Ode to Parks and Rec

I am still incredibly sad that Parks and Rec is over. It had a great run, really, but I had no idea how thirsty I was for a show like that until I started watching it. It meant a lot to me to see a show where the women adored each other, where they were kind and supportive to one another. It didn’t matter that April was odd or that Leslie was overbearing at times– each of them celebrated these things. This show was completely and totally about the power of friendship. Ann and Leslie’s relationship was the cornerstone for much of the show, and it didn’t devolve into the backstabbing and meanness that so many of those relationships do in television. One of my favorite parts of the show was watching Donna and April become friends; they were so radically different people, but it worked because they loved one another’s quirks– not despite of, but because of. No one ever told Donna that she was shallow or that April needed to cheer the hell up or that Leslie needed to calm down. They each had their own goals and desires and they cheered each other on. 

Not only that, but the show also gave us a group of men that didn’t fall into the usual ‘good looking dude with a six pack’ category. They gave us Ron, who was strong and quiet, but also valued Leslie’s friendship as much as the gold he had buried around Pawnee; Tom, who never gave up and shared a kinship with Donna (seriously Treat Yo Self has become my new self-care motto); Andy, who was the day to April’s night and was silly and loved life; Ben, who was nerdy and celebrated for it and always supported Leslie every step of the way; and Jerry–Larry–Garry who often was the butt of a joke, but he also had one of the loveliest and richest lives of anyone on the show and loved every single person in that office with his big ol’ cheerful heart. Even Chris, who could have easily have just been the good looking, cool guy, was enthusiastic, cheerful, and struggled with depression and anxiety. 

This is what I want out of comedy. I want more shows like Parks and Rec that celebrate people for who they are instead of putting people down. I want more shows that are about happiness, friendship, and love and less about backstabbing, anger, and tragedy. I want more shows where the women are their own characters and are loved for being exactly who they are. I want more shows that I can sit down and smile throughout the entire thing, even when I am crying. 

Thinky Dragon Thoughts

So, this is the first of what I assume will be many MANY posts about Maleficent. She was my favorite Disney villain growing up, and she is probably still my favorite (Regina is my favorite character, but her Evil Queen persona is not my favorite part about her).  I love her in all her forms, animated or otherwise, but I particularly adore the way Kristin Bauer van Straten (henceforth to be known as KBvS due to her having a long ass name) is playing her. She has given her a depth and dimension that makes me forget how little screen time she’s had. But due to that little amount of screen time, we have no background and virtually no information on her past beyond what we saw in the Enchanted Forest flashbacks. Which is kind of fun, because it leaves room for different interpretations of the character. And because she is featuring largely in a few of my current plot bunnies, I’ve decided to write out some of my own theories regarding the character. Of course, they are just theories and I will discard them if we are given something in canon that directly contradicts them. I am not one to hold onto theories just because I like them if a show’s writers are telling me something different.

So, here are two theories to start:

Maleficent is old

I’ve seen this one floating around in other places so I don’t think I’m alone in this theory. She might not be as old as Rumpelstiltskin, but she’s clearly older than Regina and I would guess by a quite a little bit. Regina says in “Enter the Dragon” that she found a book on Maleficent’s exploits in with her mother’s things, which suggests that Mal was already a pretty powerful and infamous sorceress when Cora was young. My personal theory is that she is quite a bit older, around Rumple’s age.  Their interactions were that of equals, more so than anyone else we’ve seen Rumple work with.  That could be explained by their advanced ages, and possibly also say something about Mal’s power as well.

The other reason I see her as being older is simply the way that KBvS  plays her.  Maleficent has an air of wisdom and world-weariness that to me indicates she’s lived a lot. For those of you who watched Sanctuary, it reads very similar to Helen Magnus (who was, depending on when you were watching, anywhere between 160 to 300ish). It’s this aura of power and the having carried the weight of the world for a long time.

Along with that, her age would cause her to hold herself away from most people, only allowing herself to care about a select few because it’s the only way she can continue to go on once those people die.  This kind of attitude would explain how Maleficent reacts to the Briar Rose situation. Only people we love can hurt us as much as she clearly hurt Mal, and for Mal it would be that much more devastating because there are so few people that she lets in. If Briar Rose betrayed her in some way that would explain both Maleficent cursing her and the devastation Mal felt when Stefan’s waking her meant, sending her into her spiral of drug abuse and depression.

So, to summarize, I think canon provides support for her being at least older than Cora - which, if Regina is in her sixties then Cora would probably have been in her eighties, so I am comfortable saying that Maleficent is at least around 100 years old.  But I think the subtext indicates she is even older, and my personal head canon puts her around Rumple’s age at least.

Maleficent is a dragon

We have seen a lot of shape shifting on this show. The four (arguably) most powerful magic practitioners we have seen – Rumpelstiltskin, Regina, Cora, and Zelena – have all shown this. All four have pretended to be other people; Cora in particular seemed to be fond of taking other people’s forms in order to trick them. They’ve also shown people being transformed into inanimate objects (Lumiere, Gaston) as well as animals (guards into beetles).  And we’ve seen Regina transform into a rodent outside Rumple’s cell, so we know that magic practitioners can change into animals. But in all these examples, at least in the case of living things, it is a temporary tool that they use to get something before changing back to themselves.

I don’t think this is the case with Maleficent. I think she is a dragon. It could be that as a sorceress she could change herself into any creature and just chose a dragon because she liked it, but the fact that she conceived Lily in dragon form and laid an egg would indicate otherwise. Particularly since Lily was human inside the egg but can also change into a dragon, and Lily did so without conscious thought or any kind of practice in shifting forms, and without any indication that she has any other kind of magic.

This could also explain the Chernabog situation in the past. Looking at it from the perspective we have now, it would seem obvious that Cruella had the most potential for darkness of the three.  She was clearly a sociopath who took great delight in killing people. Now, you can argue that the reason it didn’t pick her was because Isaac had used his power to stop her from killing, and that’s a valid interpretation. However, the potential was still there. Cruella was trying to find the author so that she could have him undo what he wrote and allow her to kill again. And the Chernabog clearly went after the potential for darkness. This is evidenced by him going after Emma and not Regina. Regina was the darker of the two in that moment, but Emma’s potential was greater.

But if you are looking at Maleficent from the perspective that she’s a dragon, it makes more sense. Particularly if you add in the age factor. As a dragon, she’s not going to see the world as the average human would. She’s not going to necessarily have the “humanity” of the others for the simple reason that she is not human. So she’s going to make decisions that a human wouldn’t make. Look at how she reacts to the guards in 4x13; she kills them because they’re in her way. There is no malice there – they are simply obstacles she needs to remove so she removes them.  So as a non-human, she is going to be potentially more dangerous than a human because of that willingness to do things a human wouldn’t.  Also, you can’t live that long and remain sane (or at least have some semblance of sanity) without developing a detachment towards people.  She is going to outlive pretty much everyone; she will have coping strategies to deal with that, and one of those would be to look upon the average person and not feel attachment to them because their lives are so fleeting in comparison to hers. I’m going to again pull out the Sanctuary/Helen Magnus comparison because Magnus shows much of the same traits and is also something other than a normal human. Magnus has that same detachment, and a ruthlessness that comes from living so long and seeing a bigger picture than someone with a regular lifespan can see. She is going to be able to make decisions that seem monstrous to some, but necessary to her in the grand scheme of things. That kind of mindset could definitely have caused the Chernabog to see her as having the greatest potential for darkness, particularly since as a dragon she has the ability to cause massive amounts of destruction.

So basically I believe that Maleficent does not choose to be a dragon; she is a dragon. The dragon is as much who she is as the human, much the same way as Red and the wolf. Which makes her unpredictable; she is going to make decisions and take actions we might not expect because they are not “human” ones.  And that makes her even more interesting.

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