my favorite part is definitely the car lol

Chanbaek in the V app

Chanbaek v app 12/6

Aha! Finally I stayed up long enough to actually watch Exo live! But seriously can my time please match up with Korea’s because I don’t want to do that again, but it was worth it because of the Chanbaek I say. I was so tired I almost cried because I was so happy. I’ll show you why.

When I just found out they were just sitting next to each other in the car I almost died, because it reminded me of…

Exo showtime ep 5 (sitting next to each other)

And in Exo xoxo sitting close to each other as well. There is lot more times like the fan taken ones that are adorable but it’s harder to see them so I’ll just put these little examples.

The stares again…

How Chanyeol looks at him, I can’t <3

Stolen glances. I find it funny how one would look at the other then look away then the other would look back when the other isn’t looking. Like seriously just make eye contact. Don’t worry tho, they do make eye contact.

*sigh* so cute, at least Chanyeol held his gaze this time.

Then Baek. 

They always make each other laugh. (Suho looks so lonely lol. Well that’s his fault for choosing the Chanbaek car)

I love how they always agree with each other and answer each others questions (when they can).

Chanyeol’s so excited when someone (or Baekhyun *ahem*) got the write answer. 

I love how Baekhyun is always able to make Chanyeol laugh so hysterically. *sigh* my favorite parts of chanbaek.

Plus singing tender love is legit a Chanbaek thing, and in the car too. 

Mmhmm definitely Baekhyun. Just so you know the video of them singing tender love is somewhere on Chanyeol’s Instagram, posting them singing together (like months ago but still gives me feels) is so adorable.  

Exo v app 11/27

Look at how happy they looked.

A somewhat of an adorable backhug (you can do better Park Chanyeol!)

Look at how Chanyeol was looking at Chen’s shoulder touching Baek’s its probably my delusional mind seeing this tho. Chan’s probably glad his hand was there. 

*nom* *nom* Chan wants a bite of Baek, lol look at how surprised Baek looked XD.

I remember looking at Instagram and some people were sad that Baek didn’t post a happy birthday to Chan, but when we all saw this update or whatever they call it they were probably most satisfied. I definitely was :).

Very clever Byun Baekhyun, very clever. Trying to say ‘I love you’ in the least suspicious way…very clever.

   Anyway that’s it for now ya’ll can watch these chanbaek filled videos on the v app if you already haven’t died like me from the cuteness go watch it now (not trying to threaten).  Still is it just me or is Chanbaek getting stronger like every time I ‘see’ them? It’s probably just me XD.

   Stay tuned for the next blog/rant/thing!