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SPN FanFic Drabble

~My story…~

Reader, Dean, Sam

800 Words Exactly

Warnings: Angsty but sweet (?)

A/N: Sometimes you open a doc and start typing… here ya go.

It wasn’t exactly a choice. If it was, it wasn’t one I ever had to think about. When the chips were down, when the sky was falling and the only thing between the boys and defeat was me, then so be it. I would step in front of a bullet for them. I would push them aside and take their place in the path of the speeding train. Because that’s how it had to be. They were the real heroes. Not me, not really.

Sure I’d saved a few people along the way, but names and faces fade fast in the jumble that is our life, and at some point the trail of bodies behind me outweighed the folks who walked away unscathed. It wasn’t my fault, I did my best, I knew that, but in the end, I just wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t anything special, I wasn’t chosen for anything. I trudged along beside my boys, doing what I could to help them win the war.

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Wearing: Pretty in Pink

<<outfit details: jacket/shoes: Zara. sweater/necklace: H&M. pants: N/Tice clothing.>>


back to a printed pants, paired with my current favorite shade, pale pink; its been too long! xoxo.