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Name: Zoe
Age: 16
Country: United States

Hey! I like music, reading and anything forensic science related. Im pretty introverted and come off as very shy, but I swear I’m kind of interesting.
As far as music goes I play cello and ukulele, I love all instruments. I especially enjoy percussion. For listening to music I like pretty much everything (minus country, I know, I know what a shock) some of my favorites include twenty one pilots
The front bottoms
Real friends
The 1975
Jon bellion
It is mostly a mix of a lot of different artists, I am open to listening to new things all the time!
I read all the timeee. My favorites are things like Harry Potter, the mortal instruments, to kill a mockingbird, lord of the flies, all the bright places and the host. I have read much more then this but it is a pretty good start.
As far as forensic science goes, serial killers just intrigue me. I like learning about them and what they did. While I do not condone it, it certainly is a very interesting topic. I want to major in forensic science in college actually!! I know a lot of random creepy facts, so that’s a plus of talking to me!!
I have Snapchat, instagram, kik and of course tumblr!!

Preferences: I would like people 15+ but other then that, as long as you are a not racist or transphobic or anything of the like everything should be all good!!

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1. Name: Sarah (fun fact: my last is the same as Kenny from South Park, which is one of the reasons I love him so much)

2. Nicknames: Lil’ Bit (I’m short) and Boo (not in the way couples use it tho. I just scare people a lot)

3. Height: 5'2" (I will be this height probably for the rest of my life 😭)

4. Orientation: straight, cis female

5. Nationality: -cue guitar solo- ‘MURICAN


7. Favorite season: Autumn definitely

8. Favorite flower: I looove tiger lilies, sunflowers, and irises.

9. Favorite scent: Vanilla (or just the smell of any food really)

10. Favorite color: Red (but I’ve got a lot of Turquoise clothes and items)

11. Favorite animal: Wolf (I know soooo original), deers, and maine coon cats. But in all actual honesty MY GREAT DANE, SAMPSON!!!

12. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate /only/ on snowy or freezing days. Coffee most mornings. (And sweet tea because I live in the South what do you expect?)

13. Average Sleep Hours: uhhh…5 or 6 hours most nights.

14. Dog or Cat Person: Both!! I love my Sampson, but my cat is also my favorite. I guess I’m more of a dog person?? Idk

15. Favorite Fictional Character: THERE IS TOO MANY!!!!! But! At this current moment Kenny McCormick from South Park, Magnus Burnsides from The Adventure Zone, aaand absolutely Tony Stark from the Avengers.

16. Number of Blankets You Sleep with: 1 but it is a really thick and fluffy blanket. Every now and then I will bring a throw blanket to bed but very rarely.

17. Dream Trip: GERMANY!!!! Or somewhere in Europe! Ireland would be pretty cool to visit too!

18. Blog Created: I think 2017 Summer? But I first started Tumblr back in 2013 with another blog. (But those were dark days we don’t talk about anymore)

19. Number of Followers: I think I’ve gotten 100+. I’ve been reblogging more and SO MANY OF YOU ARE SHOWING UP WHY??

20. Random Fact: Hmmmm…I haven’t missed a day of school for 3 years now. A more embarrassing fact is I only learned how to tie my shoes back in 9th grade. 😂

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