my favorite oasis

“(…) I thought, what the hell is this? How could a band that had so little action going on onstage incite so much interest and excitement? But that’s what caught my imagination, so I decided to concentrate on this suppressed energy and on Liam in particular. The way he[Liam] held his hands behind his back, the way he moved his head, the way he stared at the audience was fascinating. And they seemed as mesmerised by him as I was. (…) I felt uneasy about going too close to Liam. In fact I shot him with a telephoto lens!” (Jill Furmanovsky) 


Wave Hill Garden, Bronx

Here’s my oasis, my favorite garden in NYC. Love, Love, Love this place a lot!!! Found this garden last summer by chance. I feel alive, I feel happy, I feel totally relax when I get there. Overlooking the Hudson river, this is a true gem in New York.

It’s almost autumn…all the summer flowers are ending. Instead, fall flowers are waiting for their time to bloom. Cape Leadwort, the star shaped blue flowers on the first three photos are one of my favorite. They bloom so beautifully in the conservatory. You know, I would place my bed underneath the flowers and make the space as my bed room if I could!!! They passed their peak already. awww, I’m gonna miss this view so much!

I’m planning to visit there on Tuesday & Wednesday while the weather stays warm. Looking forward to seeing the beauty again. Maybe…I’ll be able to shot some good photos, too ;)))) I just wanna thank to all the wonderful gardeners for making this place so magical…You guys are awesome!

ok, I’m gonna head to Fort Tryon park today! Wanna see Japanese anemone there… ;))))))) Gotta fight with mosquitoes!!! …ugh…

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

Much love & flowery smile,