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 ML sweatpants crew part 2??

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I also just wanna say a quick thank you for all the support and lovely comments! I usually don’t post with this art style so it really meant a lot to me ;,)

Part 1 (Adrien and Marinette)

This is quite embarrassing but after two weeks of blood, sweat and lots of tears (lololol) i finally finished my chat noir clay figure!!! This is my first time modeling so i guess it’s quite nice for a first timer??? I don’t like it 100% but i shouldn’t be too harsh on myself soxkskd i wanted to share it with you so here it is!!!


You guys want weird things, but I aim to please. Maybe their relationship would be like this if Mama Agreste didn’t fly to coop. Like Gabe would have weird requests and Nat would totally call him out for being an unreasonable weirdo.


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Bonus: Lila, Feligette, RollingStone, Tombine, Mirore

Does anyone else miss the cat-like quirks Chat Noir had early on in the show?

I can’t pinpoint exactly what about him reminded me of a cat, but still - #GiveChatMoreCat-LikeMannerisms2k17

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Some sketches of my favourite characters from Miraculous Ladybug :)


Phantom of the Opera

||  Why Have You Brought Me Here/Raoul I’ve Been There

Adrien and Chat Blanc are different people here.
Because having Hawkmoth as Phantom seems… kinda weird and I somehow pictured Chat Blanc having the same intensity of feelings, admiration, love and/or possessiveness over Marinette. In short he fits the picture for me.

Though, I also don’t know how to explain that Adrein and Chat Blanc are different. 

I also wanted to draw him and try some brushes/techniques. 
This was so beautiful in my mind but I don’t know what happened. ;n;

I don’t know if this crossover had been done already also…

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cooper is just KIND. he's the definition of kind, but also, he's the character it's easy to picture in a smoke-filled darkened PI office with streetlamp light coming in through the venetian blinds. but he's also just a gentle excitable dude he's my favorite (not-quite) noir character

Exactly. All the “coolness” and badassery, none of the dreary misogyny. He’s not a bad person, he’s just… very eccentric…

His refusal to let Audrey seduce him was a good character choice, but the plot suffered for it because they were written to have chemistry together and Annie was hastily added to provide him with a love interest. I think Season 2 would have been less of a disaster if Audrey had been given a more prominent role… she was pretty much shelved after Coop’s rejection, and that’s a shame. He offered to be her friend, and that’s what should have happened. She could have fulfilled her intended role in the story with Coop as a mentor figure instead of a lover, and the plot would have dissolved less.

Lucid’s Halloween // #01
Adrien (Chat Noir) & LolliPOP