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Indie Dev contemplation time!

Back when I was still very active in Deviantart, my rise to fame came from a style that Nitarou dubbed as “huri-huri”. Basically, girls wearing very detailed frilly dresses, generally looking elegant and beautiful. For a period of time, that’s all I drew, and I became known for it.

Then came along people who told me my art has became stale because I kept drawing the same thing, which I agreed. So, I ventured trying different styles. Personally, I felt I have grown as an artist… so I should’ve become more popular since I have become better, right?

Well, I didn’t. In fact, I’m yet another forgotten relic of the past, while everyone moved on to something new. One of the common comments I heard was, “Oh, I liked your older style better.”

So, why am I telling you this?

I came to realize that by making so many different genres in my games, I have effectively split my fanbase. I have almost never heard anyone who enjoyed all my games equally. Everyone has their own favorites, and can’t seem to ever agree which they liked most. And the suspiciously familiar comments popped up every now and then, “Oh, I liked your older games better.”

For now, let’s disregard whether I have regressed or it’s because I changed genres all the time, and people don’t like that…

Have you ever had your favorite game dev, artists, or musicians, etc, decided to change style, and you ended up not liking them anymore? On the opposite spectrum, have you ever had your favorite game dev, artists, or musicians made the same things over and over again, and you ended up bored by their lack of innovation?

Probably you have. At least, I have, with a lot of them. I tend to have more respect for people who are capable of changing their styles, which is why I decided not to be stuck in one particular style or genre.

But, am I doing more harm than good? Isn’t there a reason why people stick to the same things all the time? Why Hollywood kept using the same guidelines for their movies? Well, it’s probably because they know it works.

So, in the end, I’m yet stuck in this whole, should I just keep making what people want from me the most (aka, dark, mystery games), and forget about experimenting, because I betray everyone’s expectation by wanting to try something different? Just as back then, had I kept drawing “huri-huri” style, who knows what my future have been.

xavier howard. 33. actor.

what a fucking gem. he’s stupid charming and can work the room better than any politician. he was on a show as a child and has pretty much worked ever since. he used to take the industry seriously for like 5 minutes but he’s just been fucking around ever since. boy can act but he’s only ever been nominated for an oscar, never won (cue leo tears). he enjoys embarrassing his other siblings on social media because he has no shame. his favorite past time is spreading rumors about harrison in interviews (like yeah i was just at the hospital with my brother, getting some medication for his ass rash). idk he’s a swell guy so love on him.

leigh dorsey. 27. musician.

she is one half of the #trashtwins with her brother wilson. their mother’s name is america and their father is the most extra human on this planet. she is queen of the indie party scene. for someone who’s all over social media she does a fabulous job at keeping her personal life under wraps. she’s been with percy 5ever but no one knows except her family/friends (tho there are a few conspiracy tumblrs out there). they’re going to invite their friends over for a party and then be like lol surprise it’s our wedding. her sound is lana del rey meets grimes. idk just be her friend she is sunshine.

anonymous asked:

You want some questions? I'm your huckleberry! What's the worst date you've ever been on? What's the worst house/hotel/place you've ever stayed/slept? When's the last time you were at the beach? In the mountains? In the forest? In the desert? Ever been skiing? Rock climbing? On a cruise? To a nudist colony/nude beach? Have you ever had to take someone to the hospital? What's the worst book you've ever read? Favorite and least favorite band/musician? Can you cook at all? Do you own a rice cooker?

Whoa alright ill try and answer what i can lol

Worst date ever was prob when i didn’t know it was a date and the guy took me to see the happening. We both worked at the theater and saw it for free and i still felt like i wanted my money back.

Worst hotel ever was like this awful motel lewis and i stayed at for this small convention, there were bugs and the wall was thin and i think someone was making a drug deal outside, lol.

Last time i was at the beach was probably when i was a kid and we took a vacation to california. Mountains uhhh dunno. Forest was a trip to canada w phelan. Desert was this christmas when i went home to az.

Never been skiing/rock climbing/on a cruise/to a nude beach, i am both a recluse and not good at physical activities haaa

I had to take a friend to a hospital once after some surgery complications, they were fine after

Worst book i ever read, i dunno, i usually stop if i don’t like a book…i guess that quantum leap incest novel???

No fave/least fave musician, i follow too much music

I suck at cooking and do not, in fact, own a rice cooker. I can bake some though, im decent at that!