my favorite muppet

okay but muppet labs creating a love potion

  • they weren’t even trying it just happened
  • or they “weren’t even trying” and “it just happened”
  • everyone keeps getting dosed and falling in love with everyone else
  • thankfully it wears off, but mostly at inopportune times
  • beaker keeps waiting for it to wear off of a very affectionate bunsen only to be informed that it can’t do much to someone who’s already in love

  • alternately, everyone ends up falling in love with beaker and he’s being chased around by scads of terrifying muppets, but bunsen is just as bizarre and cheerful and calm as always. beaker is honestly kind of bummed that the only person he wants to fall for him is the person who seems to be immune. truthfully, bunsen’s just used to finding beaker completely endearing.

  • bonus: gonzo falling in love with increasingly bizarre inanimate objects
  • he has not been dosed

I made this. It fuses two of my favorite things: Muppets and RPDR. It’s a terrible Photoshop job but it accurately depicts how I feel. I am beyond excited for All Stars 2 tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone!


I think what I like most about Muppets Christmas Carol, is Gonzo as Charles Dickens. Gonzo has always been one of my favorite muppets, and I really think this role was perfect for him. And it’s fun to see him and Rizzo throughout the movie constantly breaking the fourth wall and bringing some humor in between the seriousness in the story. 

Hawkeye please…

I love that he’s a muppets fan.

Honestly marvel should put these two together more in the a+X series going on.

teenagedirtband  asked:

Yes hello I'm calling to inquire about merman ashton.

yes thank you for your call it’s much appreciated!! merman ashton getting washed ashore and getting sand all in his wild hair, merman ashton  getting found by the boys and getting convinced to try above-tide life for a while, merman ashton sulking in the tub for hours and frowning at his spelled-human toes but loving every bit of human food that looks even a little like a noodle, mERMAN ASHTON HAVING CRAZY BUILT ARMS BC HE HAS FINS ON THE OUTSIDE OF HIS FOREARMS, MERMAN ASHTON SUNNING HIMSELF LAZILY ON AN OUTCROPPING ON ROCKS WITH A TAN, A DIMPLED TOOTHY SMILE AND NOTHING ELSE


One of my favorite songs from The Muppet Show’s season one.