my favorite mug :')


So! My gf’s aunt got me this AMAZING Hisoka mug for Christmas!!! I was totally not expecting it, but apparently my gf advised her to get it for me. (She and I both love rabiscos’s blog and her Hisoka comics so I was shocked and beyond happy to receive this!) It looks absolutely beautiful, Hisoka, text and all! It turned out great! Im making tea to put in it right at this very moment….

My Favorite Mug


Some days just inexplicably turn to shit.

A fist flies towards his face and he tries very hard to protect his gorgeous visage from the attack. His arm goes up just a few seconds too late, and he can feel the knuckles hit his cheek. Each individual corner of the fist tenderizing the facial flesh and undoubtedly leaving some blemishes.

A few more blows grace the body and face of Haechul, and he collapses to the ground.

“Didn’t I tell you to just give us the money? It would have been far more painless this way.” The leader of the muggers insists that they wouldn’t have tried to jump him if he had given the money he earned that day, but Haechul doesn’t quite believe that.

As he lay there against the wall of an alleyway in the Southern District of Sunseong he remembers that these guys tried this last week. He had just managed to disappear a bit quicker that time. The taunting probably didn’t help his case, as the crew of muggers got the drop on him immediately.

“Do you muggers need a new coffee cup? Is that why- Is that why you’d take a simple funnyman’s money?”

His immediate defense mechanism of making jokes doesn’t serve him well in this case, as his assailants’ feet rise above him. Haechul finds himself being curbstomped.

“Maybe when we’re done with you we should just put you in the dumpster where you belong, you piece of trash.” The man continues stomping furiously and Haechul does his absolute best to shield himself.

Why can’t this shit day just be over.

He sees something move quickly out of the corner of his eyes before things start fading.