my favorite mug :')

  • me: emotion instability???? don't kno her!!! i'm in total control of my body 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 moodswings??? never heard of the term 😤😤😤 i'm always happy and i can control my emotions 100% 😜😜😜
  • also me: *has a 30 minutes long crying session because someone used my favorite mug so now i can't use it to drink coffee*

Hawkeye (2012) #11

My Tarot Self-Care Kit And Tarot Spread

Being someone who struggles with their chronic pain and mental illnesses on a daily basis, I often find myself updating my self-care routines quite frequently. What may work for me for one week, may need to evolve, change or be completely reworked for another.  Today has been a wonderful day of renovating my self-care regimen. I wanted to share with you all my Tarot self-care kit and how I utilize it in my life. Over the course of a few years, one of my therapists helped me to compartmentalize my self-care process into six areas of focus in my life; mental, emotional, physical, practical, spiritual and social. Sometimes I only have the energy to work on one area or half of an area and other times I am able to do up to three at one time. The important thing for me is to not stress myself and take an even bigger toll on my health by trying to accomplish more than I can.

In my Tarot Self-Care Kit, I have a few things that I know will help me during the trying times in my life.

  • The Happy Tarot: This Tarot deck is one that I always go to during any type of self-care regimen. The images make me smile and it is such a cute deck to work with whenever I am feeling anxious or upset. This deck was gifted to me by my parents during a really rough time in my life so it holds extra special value to me.
  • The Amethyst Oracle: This oracle deck has quickly become a staple in my kit. It’s straightforward answers and intuitive nature really helps me tune into what I need to focus on. The artwork is beautiful and has become one of the decks I use whenever I need a balanced reading.
  • Journal: My journal is an important part of my self-care kit. I utilize it to write down my energy levels, my interpretation to my self-care Tarot spread, as a tracker for my water intake, a gratitude journal and any prayers to God.
  • Smile File: I have a section in the back of my journal for something called a Smile File. I was first introduced to this idea from one of my first therapists many years ago. A smile file is a place where you keep nice messages others have sent you, compliments from others and things you have accomplished in your life. The premise of it is to make you smile and remind you of the good in your life. I use my smile file to remind me that my life is worth living and that people love and appreciate me.
  • Palo Santo: I utilize palo santo before and after my self-care regimen. My aunt who lives in South America brings me some when she comes to visit. Each little stick reminds me of the love she has for me. I burn a little bit of it as it helps to clear the air from any previous negative emotions and energy from past depression or anxiety episodes I have had. I burn some after I have finished my self-care regimen to promote a positive flow of energy.
  • Manifestation Candle: I like to set positive intentions during my self-care regimen. I usually pray over the candle asking for clarity of mind and to help with my chronic pain. I then like to do a Tarot trick where I find the sun card and use it to help me with the best plan of action concerning my self-care regimen. The card to the left of the sun is one way I can care for myself with the help of my wellness team and the right is a way I can care for myself on my own. I leave the three cards in front of my manifestation candle to amplify its energies. I often use positive affirmations such as I love, accept and appreciate myself,  I choose to let go of negative self-talk, I am a priority in my own life.
  • Violet Salt And Lavender Buds: I use both violet salt and lavender buds to help bring comfort and peace to me whenever I am triggered by past traumas. I make my own room spray with those two ingredients to calm me down. It also makes a perfect pillow spray before I go to sleep. I also use the violet salt and lavender buds if I feel that my decks need a cleansing after using them. I don’t do this often as I don’t really feel the need to cleanse my decks but when I do, I pray over the salt to remove any negativity and then pray over the lavender to calm the energies down of the deck. I then keep the deck in question in a small bowl with the mixture for 24 hours.
  • Tea and Mug: I try to stay hydrated as best as I can but I am not perfect. I like to treat myself to my favorite tea in one of my favorite mugs and sip contently as I work on myself.
  • Crystals: In my toolkit, I like to keep three crystals: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and a Rose Quartz Seer Stone. Those three stones help to generate positive vibrations of love, healing, and acceptance.
  • Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder: I utilize this to help remove any negativity that is around me and to help clear the air in my bedroom. The soft glow from this lamp is also soothing for me to watch and relaxes me whenever I am having an anxiety episode.
  • Tarot Spread: I created this Tarot Spread to help me with my self-care regimen. It is one I have used and tweaked throughout the years and still helps me on days like today.  

  1. When can I make time for myself?
  2. What do I need today?
  3. What area of my life is feeling most deprived?
  4. What first step can I take to care for myself?

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Self-Care Tarot Spread by @tarotprose
Spread Disclaimer: This is my own personal self-care regimen and Tarot spread. I am not a medical professional, nor claim to be, nor do I suggest this spread to be used in replace of medical treatment. This is just what helps me and I wanted to share it with others. As with all of my posts and content, this post in no way, shape, or form is intended to tell you how you must go about this topic. The intention of this post is to share my experiences. This isn’t the only way, the absolute right way or the way that you “should” approach this topic. I encourage you to use what you find useful and tweak or dismiss what you do not find useful. I am sure there are various other people in the world who choose to do things differently regarding this topic and that is perfectly okay. I can only speak from personal experience and what has worked for me for countless years. I encourage you to do your own research, to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation.
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Hogwarts Houses early in the morning

Gryffindor: The sky is already so clear, I cannot wait to begin the day! A new day full of chances!

Ravenclaw: What have I just dreamed last night? Hm. Shall I turn around and get more sleep?

Hufflepuff: All I want and need is just sitting in my bed with my favorite mug full of hot coffee

Slytherin: wHat THE aCTUAL FUCK are the bIRDs so excited about at 5:00am?!?!?!?

Ong Seongwoo as your boyfriend

Wanna One Boyfriend ღ 2/11

This boy oozes confidence so he wastes no time getting to know you
“Hello beautiful, I’m Seongwoo.” (c r i n g e)

But when you guys are out on your first date, he becomes a nervous ball of fluff
“S-so…. the weather is nice.”

But after dating for a while, he is oozing confidence again
“Your handsome prince has arrived”

“Where? I don’t see Minhyun?”
Please put him in his place

You don’t want to feed his ego so you don’t compliment him often but when you do he is just like

Dance lessons from Ong can go two ways.
Either this

or this

Never does the dishes bc
“Seongwoo, why is my favorite mug in pieces? and why dID YOU JUST LEAVE IT IN THE SINK????”

Definition of ‘get you a man

who can do both’

face timing each other when he is on tour

His reaction whenever you try to pop like him
“You’re just so cute!”

Having to share Ong with Daniel

Sometimes conversations with Ong are like
“Sometimes I think Jaehwan is better dancer than you.”
“Heh, stop messing around (Y/N).”

“I’m being serious”
“The betrayal T^T”

Teaching you his famous slate dance

Scaring him bc his reaction is gold

Is an oblivious child sometimes and doesn’t understand why you’re upset with him
“Did… did I do something wrong?”

Will consult with his bros about relationship advice
“She said something about always breaking her favorite mugs. I don’t understand?? They’re cups?? We can always go buy a new one.”

Having the privilege to deal with this

When you diss/tease his members
“That’s my baby!”

When you diss/tease him
“Lalalala I can’t hear you.”

Gets jealous easily
“Omg Jihoon looked so cute today!”
“It was nice knowing you bud.”

Sometimes you catch him talking to himself
“Gosh Seongwoo, you’re so good looking. No wonder (Y/N) loves you so much”

Always showing his love for you

Always saying ‘thank you’ Ong style

Dating Ong, there will never be a dull moment and it will be filled with laughter and friendly banter. With that being said, you also need to make sure to keep him in his place bc this boy’s ego sometimes can be much. Although he can be overly confident sometimes, he never forgets to let you know how appreciated and loved you are. Please do the same for this pup. Ong would be the liveliest and most loving boyfriend. Make sure that he is fed, happy and loved. :) 

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uhhhhhh where to start??? number one??? thank you niall SO MUCH??? for knowing that that mood-month of all the music we’ve heard from you so far has been OCTOBER?! and thank you???? for knowing that i will NEED to listen to these tunes wrapped in my favorite blanket? with a mug of my favorite tea? and my favorite candle lit?! and maybe it’s raining a lil but i’m cosy inside with YOUR VOICE AND MUSIC NIALL??? THANK YOU?!?!

i love early mornings in my home. the slow stretches and the sleepy, one-eye-open walk to the coffee maker in the kitchen. grabbing my favorite mug with the sailboat on it (the one that belonged to my papa jack) and filling it to the very top before making my way back to my bed. my pup is just waking up and stretches out before curling right back up next to me once i climb back into bed. i grab my bible + prayer journal to pray for those i love and ask what the Lord would like me to do that day, and take time to delight in the fact that i am given the opportunity to love + serve those around me in His name. after prayer, i head back to the coffee maker, refill my mug, and play fetch (his very favorite thing) with my pup out in the front yard. once he’s tired out, we head back inside and i get ready for the day. after i’m done, i refill my coffee mug, grab my pup’s leash, and we head out the door for a walk through the neighborhood before i leave for work. as much as i love spontaneity and doing things differently, sometimes a simple routine filled with things you love can really just fill your heart right up.

Three in the AM’s

Overview: Not all of us are morning people.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 984

Warnings: morning grumpiness and murderous thoughts + one swear word

A/N: This was written for @ravengirl94‘s 1.5K Challenge. Congrats on all of your lovely followers, my dear. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch & @hannahindie for reading my late night ramblings and laughing alongside me ;) My prompt was: Did you just…hiss at me?

Coffee. Mug. Hands. Now.

My brain sent foggy, yet firm directions to my feet as I practically slid out of my bed like a slinky with one too many kinks. If I’d had the energy, I would have groaned. But the four words my brain had given me was the only thing I could focus on, and they played like a steady drumbeat with each slow shuffle of my fuzzy socked feet down the long hall to the kitchen.

My deadweight of a hand flipped the light switch on instinct as I plodded in.

Mistake! MISTAKE! Abort! Mayday!

I practically threw the upper half of my body against the wall until some part of me connected with the small switch and my eyes were saved from being burned out by the blinding fluorescent beams of death. In the blessed dark once more, I navigated by memory to the cupboard and groggily fumbled with the bag of coffee and my favorite mug, setting them both on the counter and pausing for a few long seconds trying to remember what to do next.

Coffee filter. Water. Scoop. Brew. Pour.

I gently patted my forehead in thanks and set my mind to autopilot to complete the mundane tasks. A few minutes later I was settled down at the kitchen table with my hot mug of coffee while I internally cursed both of the Winchester brothers.

Oh, let’s leave for the hunt by sunrise. Oh, let’s actually leave a couple of hours before sunrise. Oh, because we need to avoid the cops thanks to Dean’s last “incident.” Oh, don’t be late, Y/N. Oh, could you make us coffee since it’s your turn, Y/N?

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