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I was tagged by @maizawatrashcan :3c 11 things about myself

  1. I’m gonna be doing a singing/dancing/cosplay performance for Maki’s Darling!! next month
  2. My girlfriend and I’s anniversary is Valentine’s Day–
  3. I nap too much
  4. I’m zwischen fach! I kind of have a lot of height in my voice–I can get up to like an E6 on a good day with a lot of warming up, but my passaggio lies where a mezzo’s does. 
  5. I would fight Richard Wagner in a back alley, but music wise I tend to fall in the Rossini camp–Beautiful moments, bad quarters of an hour.
  6. My favorite composer is Franz Schubert–he’s a good dude and I love him. 
  7. I like taking walks around the city, not anywhere in particular, just wasting time. 
  8. My roommate is SUPER LOUD but she’s not doing weed 24/7 so I can’t complain much. 
  9. I really, really wanna do a Cutie Panther cosplay cover. Really. I need my Eli-chi and Nico Knees
  10. I feel bad because I am so bad at keeping in touch with friends from home–there are at least 4 that I am not talking to on the regular and. They’re good kids, the lot of em. I miss ‘em. 
  11. I have 99 problems and they’re all depression and need for stickers. 
Rewatching Naruto: Thoughts on Squad 7 (Mostly Sakura)

I was in the camp of people who didn’t like Sakura, I’ll be honest.

In fact, I still kind of am.

But it’s because I think she had a lot of wasted potential, and here’s why:

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anonymous asked:

tbh i second that you're scary and feel like a burden for being a follower bc of the asks lmao. it's kind of sad because you're one of my favorite blogs and i don't have the heart to unfollow because i don't want to be rude because you're so cool but? i just feel bad sometimes for sending stupid asks and wasting your time (like now)

As said, if I’m botheted it’s typically fairly obvious :) I honestly don’t mind asks in general, I just mind when people ask me things it’d be easier for them to google themselves. Otherwise it wastes both of our time. If you feel you need to unfollow, feel free.