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“She likes to sing,” the father continues on the subject of Frances Bean. “She’s practicing her vocals. And she seems to be fascinated with the acoustic guitar, which kind of disturbs me. One of my favorite things to say to her is, ‘Leave that stupid rock'n roll music alone; you’re going to be a classical musician, rock'n roll is dead.’ I’m sure I’ll let her do whatever she wants. But Courtney and I both hope she isn’t too interested in rock music. I just couldn’t imagine what rock music will be like for a kid 20 years from now.” - Kurt

hu song asks

my town - where do you live?

hear me now - have you ever felt lost?

apologize - do you find saying ‘sorry’ hard?

bullet - ever commited suicide or thought about it?

lights out - who is your worst enemy?

glory - have you ever done something that made you feel selfish?

levitate - if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

lump your head - are you good at fighting?

i dont wanna die - would you die for someone else?

s.c.a.v.a - who do you love the most in the world?

rain - what kind of weather is your favorite?

dead bite - do you believe in paranormal things?

lion - do you feel like you’re not like/what people think you are?

kill everyone - have you ever wanted to genuinely kill someone?

believe - do you feel bad about yourself often?

up in smoke - have you ever been high or would you like to?

medicine - do you take meds for something?

one more bottle - have you ever been drunk or would you like to?

how we roll - describe your life in 5 words.

gravity - what are some of your best memories?

disease - what do you think is something that should be changed?

party by myself - do you rather spend time alone or with other people?

live forever - would you like to have an eternal life?

dark places - ever felt like you didnt/dont get enough credit for something?

save me - are you ashamed of asking for help?

ill be there - ever lost someone close to you?

let go - is there something you’d like to forget or stop but cant?

everywhere i go - what do you think people know you by?

no other place - what is your favorite place to be in?

young - what are common misconceptions people have about you?

black dahlia - what is the worst thing that has happened to you?

bottle and a gun - are you good at reading people?

city - have you ever done crime?

paradise lost - have you ever felt used?

the natives - is there something that changed over the years that you miss?

knife called lust - what is something you want more than anything?

“The One You’ve Been Waiting For:”  A Summary.

The title:  

Is grossly misleading.  I wasn’t waiting for any of this.  

Did Sam get a dog?  Did all my favorite characters unexpectedly return from the dead?  Did every one of Cas’s shitty relatives line up to present him with a thoughtful apology and a guinea pig?  Did Dean finally admit to himself that most heterosexual men don’t call their platonic bro-pals things like “sunshine” and “huggy bear?”  

No?  Well, call me when that changes.  Until then, I’m going to bed.


Is the human personification of a cupcake and I am really, really glad she isn’t dead.  


Is too kind and empathetic for this world.  Uses his own trauma to help similarly troubled souls, knows when Dean needs pie, was destined to be a professional counselor, and it is a travesty that he is not one. 

Aaron “Gay Thing” Bass:  

Was not present nearly enough.  End of discussion.


When they said they were going for a “Richard Simmons-type” interpretation, I honestly thought they were joking.  Evidently, they were not.

Dean “I Killed Hitler” Winchester:  

Killed Hitler.  Is also struggling with feelings of rejection and abandonment which he avoids confronting under the guise of mature rationalization, but seems to have gained brief reproach via killing Hitler.  Because killing Hitler is generally a good self esteem booster.  Did I mention he killed Hitler? Oh, and he also deserves pie.  Because he killed Hitler.   

You’re the One (Kylo Ren x reader)

Word Count: 5246

Summary: After being stranded on a planet, Kylo Ren meets you. You let him stay in your house with you until he can find a way off the planet in the hopes he wouldn’t come back and kill everyone. You eventually fall in love with him, and he feels the same way. 

Author’s note: I wrote this about a year ago, and I just reread it recently. I honestly forgot about this one-shot, and I was inspired to finish it. I didn’t remember anything that I wrote so it was like reading someone else’s work lol how come my recent writing style has degraded in beauty

This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, so I hope you like it as much as I do. Oh, and Han Solo isn’t dead, this is kind of an alternate universe. (Don’t worry about your requests not being written, I’m in the middle of writing them, some will be longer than others).

Warnings: None

Ben Solo’s dark brown eyes were filled with complete tender affection as he raised his hand to lightly caress your cheek. A small smile formed on your face as you milked the moment as it lasted. The both of you were peacefully resting underneath the starlight that illuminated the gorgeous meadow that surrounded you.

The stars shone bright but just so softly that you didn’t injure your eyes when you gazed upon their magnificence. The field was filled with little beautiful flowers.Their light pastel petals were withdrawn into small ovals, because of the lack of sunlight. The underside of the flowers were a tint lighter than the sun-kissed side, and they slightly glowed in the dark atmosphere.

The usually lit up village houses were now dead; silent and nothing but still shadows. The locals were having lovely dreams of what was to come, what had occurred in the past, or what could have happened. In their subconscious lives, they missed the calm warm breeze that ruffled the leaves of nearby trees. The peaceable stop in time.

You raised your hand to graze over the warm hand on your cheek. Your eyes were saturated with raw emotion for the man sitting adjacent to you. Kylo Ren was your one true soulmate. He wasn’t exactly sinless, but neither were you. You both could deal with his baggage, his fears, and his weaknesses together since the weight of the things he’s done were all too heavy for one person to carry around. You were the one who looked past it all; the one who gave him another chance. There hadn’t been a day that you regretted your decision.

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Character: XV Prompto :)

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite 

Lol, the ‘alive’ option here is really kind of weird, now that I think about it. I mean, relevant in this case- because I don’t believe certain things went down the way some folks believe at the end of the game- but also…O.o. 


While I tend to relate a lot to Noctis, and have this horrible, masochistic attachment to him as a character (probably my favourite character of all time in any game), Prompto just… stole my goddamn heart. I love his ridiculousness, his over-the-top enthusiasm, how he is always just this force of positivity, somehow even when he’s internally a complete fucking mess, and even when he’s complaining about being lost in some decrepit sewer or something. He’s just so good, with the kindest heart, and he can’t help but care so damn much about the people in his life. And I love him for it. 

I mean… also look at his face. It’s kind of a perfect face? This is some Bill Nye fact right here. 

But yes, thanks, Anon! Sorry for the slight essay that resulted. 

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  • nicknames: sab
  • star sign: aries
  • height: 5′2
  • last thing I googled: “is betty white dead” (i was just checking in on my queen)
  • favorite music artist: as of right now, glass animals
  • song stuck in my head: pork soda // glass animals
  • last movie i watched: the jungle book
  • last tv show i watched: supernatural
  • when did i create my blog: february 2, 2017 i believe
  • what kind of posts: my notes, bujo spreads, stuff like that
  • do I have any other blogs: @sabrinzahid my personal blog where i post selfies and some of my photography shiz
  • why did i choose my url: it’s super simple and basic ha whoops
  • gender: fem
  • hogwarts house: gryffindor
  • pokémon team: instinct 4 lyfe
  • favorite color: depends on my mood but; peach, green, yellow
  • average hours of sleep: like 3 lmao what is sleep
  • lucky number: 7
  • favorite characters: castiel from supernatural
  • how many blankets do i sleep with: one
  • dream job: detective / criminal investigator or hopefully agent with the fbi
  • following: x

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nickname: my friends at school call me step, @hellomellowyellowjello and @nuzhat call me nini , @pandabearlikes calls me buubuu
height: 5'1
time right now: 4:54 pm
last thing I googled: asianfanfics
favorite music artists: exo, bts, sia, akmu, the weeknd
song stuck in your head: slide by calvin harris ft frank ocean & migos (this song is so good..)
last movie watched: Get Out 
last tv show watched: walking dead
what are you wearing right now: t shirt and basketball shorts
when did you create your blog: i’ve had my main acc since 2012, i made this sideblog in 2014
what kind of stuff do you post: kpop
do you have any other blogs: my main one @awkward-asshole
do you get asks regularly: i wish
gender: Female
Hogwarts house: gryffindor (surprisingly)
Pokémon team: i dont play it 
Favorite color: black
Avg. hours of sleep: 6-7 hours
Favorite characters: i have too many to even think of rn lmao
How many blankets do you sleep with: 2
dream job: photographer or carpenter 
following: 741
star sign: aquarius 
lucky number: not sure if I have one 

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Apparently I have this recurring problem where my favorite Hamlets are always the Hamlets from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, not the Hamlets from Hamlet. Not that I don’t have a lot of affection for Hamlet’s Hamlet! But R&GAD allows Hamlet a certain laxity of movement, a freedom from having to have PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPTH, that I find really fun to watch onstage. Like, for R&GAD I enjoy picturing Hamlet strutting around in hipster glasses and really tight pants, inscrutable and a little absurd, but the terrible thing is that this preposterous asshole in skinny jeans is the death that overtakes the play. Opacity is a kind of power.

Has the word “Hamlet” reached semantic satiation point yet? Let’s watch Iain Glen as my favorite Hamlet of all time, except, as usual, I just end up getting distracted by Tim Roth. Ugh Tim Roth. Really THE WHOLE CLIP IS DISTRACTING. GARY OLDMAN! HOW CAN I WATCH A THING AND BE DISTRACTED BY ITSELF, AND YET I AM

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NICKNAMES: sara (thats just my name, i don’t have nicknames lol)
TIME RN: 11:10 am
LAST THING I GOOGLED: ‘lemon tuesday font’
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST(S): lorde, fall out boy, the 1975
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: the great gatsby
WHAT AM I WEARING RIGHT NOW: a white shirt with lil glasses printed all over it, a black cardigan and black pants
WHEN I CREATED THIS BLOG: november 2016.
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST: threads and gifsets tbh
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS: my other rp blogs are @capoldschool & @nctweatherby (lord i need to log onto those bad boys) my personal is @weezlyismyking and my art blog is @sara–kate
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: because this blog started with newt and scorpius, who are rays of sunshine.
GENDER: female
HOGWARTS HOUSE: hufflepuff
POKEMON TEAM: instinct
FAVORITE COLORS: purples, blues, greens.
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: look at my muses. but also remus lupin, percy weasley, rick grimes, steve rogers, bucky barnes, sam wilson, fiona gallagher, katniss everdeen.
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: one comforter & like three throw blankies.

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NICKNAMES: lyra or bun

TIME RN: 12:12 pm

LAST THING I GOOGLED: disposing of a body (BEFORE YOU ASSUME, i’m a law student focusing on criminal law // homicide so it was for homework)


SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: ‘ dead girl walking ‘ - heathers the musical


LAST TV SHOW I WATCHED: law && order svu



THE KIND OF STUFF I POST: roleplays // memes // aesthetics

DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS: yes; a cinder blog @vestapyre

DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY: nah no one bothers to send me asks lmao

WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL: i wanted a url relating to ICARUS && @vprlip was kind enough to suggest this one for me

GENDER: bigender i’m fine with she/her pronouns && prefer that but don’t exclusively call me a girl // woman cause i’m not i’m both a woman + man


POKEMON TEAM: team mystic; buneary // milotic // ninetails // teddyursa // mimikyu // rockruff

FAVORITE COLORS: red // gold + pale blue // white // gold + shades of blue

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 1-3 but when my chronic illness hits like the whole freaking day


FAVORITE CHARACTERS: MERCURY BLACK // CINDER FALL // apollo justice // lon’qu // matt engarde // camilla // so much m o r e

BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: 2! a comforter && duvet

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Nickname: my mom calls me dini but I don’t really like that one 

Gender: female

Starsign:  Sagittarius

Height: 1,65 m

Time right now: 11:09

Last thing I googled: drop dead

Favorite Bands: the one and only - the GazettE <3

Favorite Solo Artists: Taylor Davis

Song Stuck in Your Head: nothing >.<

Last movie I watched: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Last Tv show I watched: Please like me 

When did you create your blog: maybe 2015 but I’m not sure

What kind of stuff do you post: mainly GazettE and fandom-stuff

When did your blog reached its peak: does this blog even has something like this? idk

Do you have any other blogs: no

Do you get asks regularly: no …

Why you chose your URL: idk … it just came to my mind

Following: idk

Posts: what?!

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: idk

Favorite colors: purple and bordeaux

Average hours of sleep: anytime too less

Favorite characters: Sherlock, Ten, Newt Scamander …

What are you wearing right now: Joggers and Sweater

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Dream job: tbh something like a author 

Dream trip: Japan thb the whole world <3

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Telltale Games

Are like officialy my favorite kind of games. Yes there is lack of shooting and things like that, but WHOAAAH the story. Guys I am crying like 105% of the time while playing one of those. Gonna start to play the Game of Thrones one :) 

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LAST THING I GOOGLED. funimation. …i wanted to continue my rewatch of love live sunshine ok
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST.  twenty one pilots tbh. they’ve stolent my heart
. mmm excluding ll!s, i believe it was the walking dead
.  cozy sweats, arkham knight tee, and a norway hoodie from epcot
WHEN I CREATED THIS BLOG.  errrrrr… my first post is from dec. 15th but i made it like, a week before that
THE KIND OF STUFF I POST.  s p a c e  d a d. ok but rp blog basics – threads, memes, posts relating to shiro…. emotion ranges vary
DO I HAVE OTHER BLOGS.  yeah, but this is the one i focus on most and i kinda… abandon the others a little…
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY. if i’ve reblogged a meme, yeah
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL.  okay so i would love to have used the url i got for my group exclusive shiro but i had to choose something different obvs. i don’t like being one of those people who puts the character’s name in the url or like, any of the words or themes that are overused, so i sat for a few minutes and thought about shiro and… idk silentconfliction came to mind after a bit because… this man is incredibly conflicted about himself, but it doesn’t often show and he strives to keep it to himself. he’s silently conflicted. b a m.
HOGWARTS HOUSE.  ravenclaw
POKEMON TEAM. mystic!!! 
FAVORITE COLORS. yellow, grey, green, purple, black 
FAVORITE CHARACTERS. this is a cruel question. i could go on at lengths about fave characters, but okay: shiro, obvs. agent washington from rvb. eli ayase from love live. cortana from halo. elsa from frozen. will graham from hannibal. i’m gonna stop myself now ok thank.
BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH.  1-2. i’d sleep with more if i could tbh i loVE blankets, but i’ve been getting way too warm in my sleep the last few months for some reason idek.

i guess my life has made me a bit of an odd duck? like i can talk, cheerfully, about nearly dying and spending weeks in the hospital – again – and mean the cheerful part?

seriously, i was in septic shock, complete with the failure of some of my favorite organs, just a month ago. seems like a thing that should be traumatic but it’s just… not? annoying, to be sure, but hardly a big deal.

financially it’s a giant mess but even that. i just don’t have the money and i’m not about to feel bad about not paying it.

anyone who thinks i should feel bad is arguing i should be dead for being poor and that’s kind of an evil position to take, isn’t it? i should care what evil people think of me?

pynchinsky headcanons

pretty much entirely by edmundcorcoranofficial in a chat with darkelegance and myself. bc this corner of fandom needs everything it can get

  • k and ronan refuse to sleep in the same  bed as adam bc they’re worried about bringing back something that might hurt him 
  • [although i also still stand by my original supposition that it’s also because he is a restless sleeper and kicks them lol]
  • kavinsky lovingly slaughters ronan’s dream monsters and then kisses him, all bloody and savage 
  • adam walks in their room, messy haired and sleepy eyed and looks at the mess of a dead body and then at his boyfriends and just does an exasperated eyeroll like “who’s gonna clean that, not me" 
  • ronan and kavinsky dream up all kinds of things for adam [because they aren’t bought with money so they aren’t gifts]
  • and they start competing who can make up the most ridiculous, wildly unnecessary luxurious item 
  • [ronan and kavinsky spoiling adam is officially my new favorite thing]
  • and adam has to put a stop to it when kavinsky starts making plans to dream him a new building [classic kavinsky]
  • Adam has the fanciest car in town now but is terrified of driving it bc k forgot to dream in seatbelts  [he doesnt use any]
  • but whenever he’s really mad at them he just drives around in the hondayota bc of course he still has it

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NICKNAME : I don’t have any but please don’t call me Jules. My name is Julie, u can even call me dude or bruh but don’t try to call me Jules.
STAR SIGN : Taurus
HEIGHT : 157 cm
TIME RIGHT NOW :  11:40 am
LAST THING I GOOGLED : ‘translation for : traitement de faveur : preferential treatment’ what did you expect I am no native english speaker xD
FAVE MUSIC ARTIST Don’t have favorites, my music style is eclectic 
SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD : Currently this one. It’s cheesy but?? idc
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED :  i think it was the latest sw movie?
LAST TV SHOW WATCHED :  The Walking Dead
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW : absolutely nothing.
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO I POST : Roleplay stuff mostly
DO I HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS : @sabakunoo. @wilystar. @aquasphyxia.
DO I GET ASKS REGULARLY : I am really lucky and yes I do :) Thank you everyone I really appreciate them all.
WHY DID I CHOOSE MY URL : Jurakyuru Mihoku . Because I am that creative. xD
GENDER : female
HOGWARTS HOUSE: Probs Slytherin tbh
Venusaur/ Charizard/ Alakazam/ Jigglypuff/ Chansey/ Snorlax
FAVORITE CHARACTER(S): Sir Crocodile, Doflamingo, Blackbeard, Moria, Arlong, Laffitte/ Negan TWD


TAGGING: Anyone that wants to steal this 

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Nickname: Scorpi/Scorp/Mr. Scorpi
Star sign: Scorpio, duh!
Height: 5′10"/ 177.8 cm 
Time right now: 1:26pm
Last thing I googled: Parking in Downtown LA, google said good luck.
Favorite musician: Green Day!
Song currently in my head: Stolen Dance- Milky Chance  
Last movie I watched: The Room, thanks Wavy…
Last TV show I watched: The Walking Dead
What I’m wearing right now: Dark grey dress shirt, slacks, and dress shoes, had to be business casual today.
When I made this blog: Around 6 months ago 
What kind of stuff I post: Undertale and dank ass memes, my side blog features my Neon Genesis Evangelion aesthetic.
Do I get asks regularly: LMFAO
Why I chose my URL: because my zodiac sign is Scorpio and I sure do like foxes! 
Hogwarts House: Slytherin 
Pokémon Team: Ghost, Dark, Fire, Poison, and Dragon types
Fave characters: The Dreemurrs except Chara and Bae and Mae from NiTW atm
Dream job: Working on movie sets in Hollywood!
Number of blankets I sleep with: Two
Following: Deez

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@sesukes should know that we all adore her because she is so kind to those around her and we appreciate everything she has done! We wish good things would happen to her❤️

*DEAD*  O H  M Y  G O D!!! Anon-san you’re really so sweet >//A\< I’m really idk what i have done to have ppl like you in my life!! So happy to have you in my life guys <33 

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1. Yes, Armand, YES, you should have guessed about the relic, and I’m sure you would have too, if you hadn’t inexplicably taken up religion (of all things) the ONE week the pope sent your old mate The Worst Jesuit in the World to poison you dead with poison via the sacred kneebone of St Tibulus.

2.Armand’s What– WHAT is he doing? Do YOU guys know what he’s doing? Is THAT what praying looks like? face when Athos says You can have everything you want is a thing of beauty.

3. I also kind of love the embroidery on his nightshirt.

4. But I don’t love the line about the Dark Ages, at least not without an equally unnatural line about how you now live in much more enlightened times to balance it out. Although with all the cuts (that I’ve taken out) to the brightly burning pyre with Ninon in the middle that may not have seemed tasteful.

5. Armand, you DO remember that the glimpse of your own mortality didn’t become a permanent vision only because Athos – to whom you’re addressing these remarks – literally just shot dead The Worst Jesuit in the World on your behalf? And the body is still lying right there? So I’m afraid the hurry others to their doom ship has pretty much already sailed. (Although obviously The Worst Jesuit in the World had it coming and Ninon not so much.)

6. Finally, Armand, I’m not saying you’re in any way completely deluded about your self-perception in terms of cruelty vs. practicality; I’m just saying from an outside perspective you do maybe sometimes SEEM to enjoy your practical work a little TOO much.  Oh how nice! Thank you! A chalice of wine would be lovely. Do I like the vintage? Let me take a big swig. Why, yes, it’s delic– It’s del– It’s– It’s– ….