my favorite i love him so much

I actually drew this yesterday but never really got around to post it. From @markiplier‘s recent comment on my drawing, it got me thinking about the other Tim’s in his characters ! Also an excuse to draw Google cause I love him so much lol.

I imagine Tim to be like the paperclip in Word, annoying and shows up at unnecessary times ? Like you get stabbed and he’s like, “Seems like you’re bleeding out, how about I play your favorite playlist? :>” He doesn’t help Google in any way, just makes your suffering worse.


hey y’all!! i’m sage, i’m nineteen, i use he/him pronouns, and i’m in pst (aka spoilerville)


FACECLAIM: my favourite fc’s to play are reece king, santiago segura, ryan potter, and bob morley and my favs to play against are tyler posey, kj apa, tyler young, and alberto rosende
MUSE: that would definitely be lennox,, he’s an ass but i love him so much???
CHARACTER: THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION??? ugh i guess probably either john murphy or jess mariano (got a thing for the initals jm apparently)
LITERATURE/FILM: my favourite book is waking the witch by kelley armstrong and my favourite movie is kill your darlings!!


ok um,,,, 

1. i’m lactose intolerant
2. i can juggle
3. i’m unable to do a cartwheel


coffee or tea?
pancakes or waffles?
kittens or puppies?
netflix or hulu?
libraries or museums?


right now i’m looking hardcore at lucidum but i’m not 100% sure yet. as for how i found it i was on someones blog and they had reblogged a promo and i was like “hm that looks cool” and the rest is history


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”


Key: If I am anxious about something personal, I keep it to myself until I see Minho and the words just fly out of my mouth before I even notice. He doesn’t tell me what to do but instead he just hugs me and tells me that he’ll be there if I ever need him. Because of his words, I will always feel a little better after I talk to him. 


if we just walk together like this
wherever we go, it’ll be heaven

to the boy whose passion exceeds limits, whose kindness brings joy to others, and whose heart is always in the right place.

kai, it’s your 23rd birthday today, but even if the years make you older and wiser, in my eyes you’re still the bright, kind kid whose one and only love is dancing; the kid who lives and breathes for the stage. thank you for being one of the warmest, sweetest people i know. for loving your fans so greatly, and for caring for all the other exo members. thank you for having a big, bear heart! one that loves a little too much. thank you for your loud, silly laughs and your strong and supportive words. for your pretty selfies, your lovely singing voice and your mind-blowing dancing. for all the hours and all the artistry you put into your work. thank you for all the years of laughs and tears you’ve shared with us; and most of all, thank you for the ones that are yet to come.

to the sweetest dancing king i know! happy birthday kim jongin!

honestly my favorite reaction to phichit announcing yuuri’s and viktor’s ‘marriage’ is otabek’s. he just looks so serious and genuine?? the others (excluding chris ofc) just have these faces of disbelief, but not otabek. no, his face looks like he’s so focused on celebrating them like “must congratulate them on the marriage”, “can’t believe i missed the wedding”, “hope they use protection on the honeymoon” and frankly i love that. i love otabek.

A few of my favorite things about FFXV so far

- how excited Noctis gets about fishing
- how Noctis casually brushes his hair back as he’s running
- the fact that Prompto takes pictures in the MIDDLE OF BATTLES
- Prompto singing the Victory Fanfare
- The fact that Prompto is basically in love with Lunafreya
- Prompto
- the amount that the bros tease Noct about his wedding
- Ignis’s smart ass
- Gladio’s ass
- Noctis falling on his face during battle

I’m only at Galdin Quay so these are just my favorites so far.

If you haven’t yet read the newest interview summary with Mappa’s producer Otsuka (who also worked on Yuri on Ice) then I highly highly recommend reading it (it’s so good). Allow me to highlight a few of my favorite points from it:

  • Yuuri keeps surprising Viktor both as a skater and in private, and Viktor is drawn to him as a person and influenced by him
  • Yuuri’s and Viktor’s relationship is drawn around love, and bonds with others. Yuuri and Yurio’s relationship is about doing one’s best
  • For Viktor and Yuuri, their coach-skater relationship is just the outer layer of their connection 
  • They met when Yuuri was miserable and Viktor felt that he was losing sight of something in his life; when they both needed change
  • They completed each other and found a new path to follow ahead of them
  • Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationship has transcended love and gone even beyond that. They push each other in the best direction possible

All of this confirms what I’ve been thinking for a while now, but couldn’t quite express. The line “their coach-skater relationship is just the outer layer of their connection“ is exactly what I needed though. Because yes, they are coach and skater but that is just one aspect of their relations.

Some people will only see that “outer layer” of their relationship, and will refuse to see the love that lies deeper, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s there. They love each other as skaters, as competitors, as coach and student and as humans - as two people who are in love.

Their love is not just simple romantic love - it is more than that. Their love is bigger than that. Their love is complex and multi-layered and it is in no way inferior to clear-cut romantic love.

And I just… appreciate that so much.


My favorite part about this kiss is how intense Dylan/Stiles’ face is. He’s kissing her like she’s his lifeline, the air he breathes. He’s so consumed in this moment, in this kiss, in Lydia. You can feel how much he loves her and how much this moment means to him. This is everything Stiles has spent the past 10 years building up to, and the intensity with which he kisses Lydia is like none I’ve ever seen. Lydia holds onto to Stiles, kissing him back just as forcefully, and we get this incredible moment that seems to stop time. I just can’t get over how much you can tell that this is quite possibly the most important day of Stiles’ life just by the expression he makes when kissing Lydia. It’s gentle and intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can feel the gentleness he possesses for Lydia, but it’s also this intense fire that burns hot enough to consume them both. It’s so amazing that these two completely opposite things can exist simultaneously in just one expression. Dylan never ceases to amaze me with how much he understands Stiles as a character and his unconditional love for Lydia.

[SPOILERS] FT Chapter 510

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N A L U .

Oh my goodness I’m insanely happy because we FINALLY got some Nalu fluff going on. Gruvia got loads of attention and it’s FINALLY OUR TURN HELL YEAH.

Look at Lucy getting all riled up for her husbando.



Her eyes say it all. They are so real man. This is defo my favorite scene in this chapter, because look at her looking at him. There’s so much love, affection, gratefulness and faith in her man and I’m enjoying this oh so very much.





THIS IS SOOOOO CANON. (no one can convince me otherwise.)

Can’t wait for them to get their happy ending!!!!!!! :D

I’m a very happy nalu fan rn <33333

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top 5 noya and tanaka brotp moments plsss

I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP! They’re brotp goals, prepare for trouble and make it double, everything they do together is my favorite thing they do but let’s see:

1. Tanaka crying over Nishinoya’s bruises. This is always the first scene that comes to my mind when I think about them, mostly because I relate to Tanaka on a spiritual level. Nishinoya actually makes Tanaka cry over how badass and selfless that he is. Plus notice that here Tanaka calls him Noya-san, despite being not only from the same year, but being his best friend too. He respects him…so much. I cry too every time

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2. Every time Tanaka lifts Nishinoya up. I adore the fact that they’re so physical and affectionate with each other. Out of all the boys, they’re the two that hug, touch and lean on the most. Plus this thing where Noya let’s Tanaka do all kind of things with his body gives me life. And the lifting thing is for sure my favorite one. 

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3. When they almost killed Tsukishima after his insane block. They have a thing for harassing him in general, but here they were just the most proud. Noya and Tanaka were the first of the team to go cheer on him after he did what’s probably the most iconic block of the Haikyuu history. And this shows that they do are the greatest dork that the world has ever seen, but they are the most supportive teammates ever too, always there and ready to acknowledge every single good thing and picking them up when they’re down. They just…show their affection in their own way, sometimes hitting, sometimes eating people alive too

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4. Their special cheering dance. Precious both in anime and in real life 

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5. Being extra: a compilation

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Ask me my top 5 things!

Hey there, YOI fandom!

Are you interested in figure skating?

Would you like to find more amazing IRL figure skaters but don’t even know where to begin? Well, I might be able to help!

I am by no means an expert in figure skating, and I’ve personally only been a causal fan of figure skating since I saw Yuzuru Hanyu in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. But Yuri on Ice relit my interest in the sport and made me want to do some research on the current competitors in the Grand Prix series and I wanted to share some of my findings with you.

I’ll be linking a few videos that I think you might enjoy below and if you also have any personal favorites, feel free to reblog and share them with the rest of us so that we can all enjoy a variety of different skaters!

(Also this post won’t feature Yuzuru Hanyu because as much as I love him, I think everyone in this fandom already saw a video or two of him.)

Let’s start with Deniss Vasiļjevs (Latvia). Sounds familiar at all? It’s this boy

At 17 years of age, he is just making his Grand Prix debut at this year’s Rostelecom Cup and NHK Trophy. I am linking his Free Skate from 2016′s Rostelecom below, since it really is a thing of beauty. (His jumps and spins are top notch.)

And while we’re talking about Deniss, let’s talk about his coach!

Stéphane Lambiel (Switzerland) is a two-time Grand Prix Champion (and many more things, but let’s agree that you’ll check out his Wiki page if you want to know more), who retired in 2010 and moved onto a career as a choreographer and a coach, and is currently coaching Deniss.

But let me tell you the guy was awesome as a skater. Take this video for example. (Skating in a suit? Yes please.)

He’s a beautiful, beautiful man. (who posts selfies with Deniss on his Twitter all the time)

But alright, maybe let’s take a look at a woman for a change, shall we?

I think by now we all know Evgenia Medvedeva (Russia), the main representative of the YOI fandom in the figure skating world, don’t we? Friendly reminder that that cute fangirl is also a Grand Prix, European and World Champion and she achieved that in her debut year in the Senior division.

But let’s take a look at her in action. There’s a chance you’ve seen her Sailor Moon program, so let’s look at her recent performance at Skate Canada instead.

She’s beauty and she’s grace. Need I say more?

Now, YOI also encouraged me to look for skaters in my own country. Unfortunately my own country is Poland and we are notorious for… not having any figure skaters… BUT. I did find one! He is not necessarily perfect but he’s a reminder to look up the skaters in your own country because you might be surprised with what you might find.

Ryszard Gurtler is 17 and currently a competitor in the Junior Grand Prix, scoring some victories in smaller European competitions (he is also from my hometown and is actually a friend of a friend so what the hell, I might actually meet up with him!). I personally love his recent program from Ostrava, but you will most likely see the differences between this and the Senior ones you’ve seen above.

Alright, this post is getting long so I think I’ll end it here. Perhaps you’ve heard of all the skaters mentioned here but hopefully you got to see their beautiful programs and perhaps got motivated to do some of your own research, and that much will make me happier than anything!

Like I mentioned at the beginning, feel free to attach your favorite performances in the reblogs so that we can all experience a variety of different figure skaters from all around the world and perhaps discover our new favorites or people we want to support! ^^

Hope you enjoyed!

jack in the future just wants to talk about bitty to literally anyone who will listen???

“hey, want to see some pictures of my husband, eric? he’s so cute. i love him so much”

@ new falcs trainer: oh, sure, dude!

@ receptionist at the doctor’s office: oh all right then

@ waiters at restaurants: do you mean the man currently sitting across from you

@ shitty: brah i know him???

@ bitty: honey