my favorite historical fantasy au fanfiction

8/2/17 recs

Haven’t been able to find ones I like that much lately…

1. Sara, Enchanted by ratherunnecessary || Rated G, 10.5k

As heir to the Twin Throne of Bizidel, Princess Sara has had her life set out for her from birth: marry well, make as little trouble as possible, and (eventually) rule the country alongside her brother. And she’s prepared to do so—until a mysterious masked stranger makes her consider whether the future she’s been prepared for is the future she actually wants.

  • I’m a sucker for saramila. Anyhow, this is cute, with some interesting set-up and humorous dynamics. it’s fun to read, I think, and not bad to read at all, especially if you’re dying for saramila content like me

2. The Storyteller’s Apprentice by CullinanKatsudon || Rated M, 26.4k (WIP)

Alternate universe retelling of Yuri on Ice rolled back roughly 100 years, set in a steampunk world. Keeping as close to the original anime storyline as possible inside the new setting, with one major alteration: instead of competing on ice, Yuuri, Victor, and the rest of the Grand Prix finalists are competing as storytellers. They have short and long programs, the same as the skating world; they have costumes and coaches, and they use the steampunk element aether to power their illusions as they weave their tales.

There he was, the man himself. Victor Nikiforov, five-time Grand Prix Storytelling Champion, World Cup Storytelling Master, living legend.

 As he spied Yuri, the living legend stood, rising naked out of the water and smiled as he held out a hand. “Hello Yuri. I’ve come to be your new storytelling coach. I’m going to take you back to the Grand Prix Final. And this time you’re going to win.”

  • Interesting setting au with pretty nice execution. The author has managed to translate figure skating into storytelling (I’m not sure how exactly, but they did it) and it’s an au that follows the canon storyline but in just a completely different setting, so you might feel like you already know what’s going to happen, but the author adds some pleasant little twists to keep this very much in plot-au territory, not just setting-au. 

3.  Love in Exile by MartyMuses || Rated E, 89.5k

Once a well know ballet dancer in St. Petersburg, Victor Nikiforov finds himself exiled to Sakhalin Island as a political convict in 1881. As a man sentenced to katorga he will never return to European Russia or his life on the stage. Known as the “Edge of the World,” his life on Sakhalin could not be further from the life he once knew. Strange circumstances lead his path to cross that of a young Japanese man, one of the very few still living on the island. Katsuki Yuuri leads a life of exile of a different kind, one that is largely self-imposed. Drawn to each other, despite their differences, something slowly begins to grow between them. When a narrowly avoided tragedy leaves them stranded together for a long, cold Sakhalin winter, they are challenged to face what their relationship really means, and what future it could possibly have.

  • I’ve recced this before, but now that it’s complete, it’s back on again. This is one of my favorite historical aus ever, and while the first person was initially a turn-off (I hate first person) I enjoyed it throughout the story because the author managed to make it work. The research put into it makes the story really enjoyable because of the realism of the setting and the mood of the island, and the the plot itself is highly enjoyable as Victor and Yuuri’s relationship progresses under the harsh conditions of Sakhalin. 
  • honestly, this fic is definitely one of my all-time favorites of yoi, and I’m very happy with it’s conclusion. 10/10 bookmarked and saved to read again in the future