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Wishful Thinking

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Wishful Thinking
Rated: Mature

Something that you absolutely loved about Yongguk’s family was how close they were. Despite all of the children living on their own, a few times a year they’d all find their way back to their parent’s house in Incheon for the day and spend the night there. No matter how busy they all were, they could all spare a whole day for togetherness and that was admirable.

You were lucky enough to be invited, and honestly, you were a bit overwhelmed as Yongguk took you on a tour of his childhood home. He took your hand, leading you into his bedroom. “And here’s where we’ll be sleeping.”

Looking around the room you smiled. It was simple, yet it held a certain youth to it. You can tell it was the room he grew up in. Even if he tried to fix it up over the years. You smirked seeing the poster of his favorite actress Tang Wei’s movie. “You still keep this up?”

He cleared his throat, before wrapping his arms around you. “It’s..Um.. my favorite movie.” he flashed you that gummy smile and you pecked his cheek.

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014. Yoongi + “Can I see your gummy smile?” (Fluff)

“Why do people even do this thing?” His face blurred, he was fixing his hair and the action got delayed because of the signal. “Because we miss each other, you jackass. Don’t you miss me?” You giggled, you succeeded making Yoongi agree to have a video call with you. You told him that you could only do it now. He refused at first, saying he was at an event and people would look at him. But for reasons that he wouldn’t tell, he agreed anyway.

“I do, but we can talk on the phone what’s the different?” And the muttered something about people around him were looking at him with weird stares.

“They’re probably jealous that you get to see your girlfriend from like thousand miles away.” You toss around on your bed, pouting. “But if you don’t want to do this, that’s fine I guess..,“ 

"I never say that,” he said almost instantly, and you smiled. It has been four months and you missed him so much. “I miss you. Can I see your gummy smile?”

“My what?” He drew his face closer to the screen, brows furrowed. “Your gummy smile,” you repeated. “You know, my favorite thing ever.”

“Not now!” He glanced around. “People are staring already and you want me to grin in front of a phone?”

“Excuse me? In front of me, your girlfriend.” You defended yourself. “Come on, Yoongi, we haven’t seen each other for like, what, 4 months? Please?" 

He sighed and you knew he was admitting defeat, you watched him stealing glances of the people around him before smiling widely. Ah, there you saw it, you were healed. 

"I hate you,” he said, and you laughed. “I love you too. Thank you. Can’t wait to see you.”

BTS Reaction to -

You getting smiley and blushy when they kiss you


Please do bts reacting to you getting smiley and blushy when they kiss you please thank you


He would tease you ever so slightly for your reaction. However he would find the shy reaction so cute, always taking the chance to kiss you more. 

“Jagi do you really love my kisses that much?!”


The fact that you got all smiley and blushy would make him all smiley and blushy. He’d think it’s so cute tbh, he would have the biggest smile.

*Many smiles and giggles. No words just giggles*


Once he saw your cute little smile, he would start leaving kisses all over your face. In reality he wanted you to keep being so cute and blushy.

“Jagiya, I should kiss you more often.”


The cutie would probably get blushy along with you. He’d hide himself in your neck sheepishly. 

“Why are you so cute jagi, my heart can’t take it.”


He would probably try to keep himself collected on the outside, but on the inside he’d be flustered too. He’d give you a tight hug. 

“It’s only a kiss babe lol.”


He’d think you were so cute. He would definitely kiss you more to see your cute reaction. 

“Kisses are my favorite thing now jagi!”


This boyie would instantly flash his gummy smile. He’d feel so happy that he had that affect on you. 

“I love seeing you smile baby.”

-Admins A & JC

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1 and 14

1: I’d want to run a fansite for Yongguk and I’d name it “His Smile” because that gummy, carefree Yongguk smile is my favorite and I want him to always have a reason to smile.

14. I’m tempted to say caterer because I love feeding people, but since I’d probably just drop the food and run, I’ll go with photographer. I’d get to spend hours with them and make them look their best. :3

-Admin Tam

Famous BYG Gummy Smiles for noirstar13

My  favorite KKT girl, Magui: Happy Birthday! I made this hoping you would smile so hard that your jaws would hurt hahaha. Thank you for all the smiles you have given me through our dumb conversations. I miss those so much, and those are what I wish for you too: happiness. Because you deserve it so much. Your #Dee and #I hate you tag are my happy places because of secret reasons that only you would understand lmao. Thank you for “sharing”, Magui. Lol. *wink wink* I love you so much! ♥


High Touch Concert experience:

So the night before I was praying that Yongguk would at least notice me or take my phone and take a selfie with it but God really out done himself and was basically like “Hmm Key has been really goin through some tough times so let me hook her up” and he blessed me with the experience of meeting BAP themselves. I was really chill tbh like, sure I was shaking a little but that’s all good because I spoke to them and they spoke back and they reacted to me so well I just….. Okay I can’t remember the order in which I met them. All I know is Zelo was first and Yongguk was last.
Yongguk: I looked him straight in the eyes and told him “You’re my favorite” He chuckled and showed that gummy smile I love so much and said “Thank you, you too” and I’m thinkin how am I your favorite? Unless he remembers he pointed and winked at me at the last concert. But hell I’ll take it.

Daehyun: I told him “You sing very well” and he smiled and said “Haha Thank you”

Himchan: I forgot what I was going to tell him so I panicked and giggled and told him “ I love you” he chuckled and said “I love you too”

Youngjae: I told him “You’re beautiful” and he chuckled and noded.

Zelo: This dude is so fuckin tall like gotdamn, what on earth does he eat???? I told him “You’re good at twerking” he chuckled and said “Thank you”

Jongup: He was so damn cute I was gettin ready to jump over that damn table and give him a hug but I would have gotten in so much trouble if I did that so I didn’t XD I told him “You’re really good at dancing” and he lite up so much when I said that he smiled real big and said “Ah thank you”

I got to give them all high fives and my hand lingered on Yongguk’s the longest because, I adore the guy so much. He is my number one. Basically he gives me life and his smile just brightens my day and his voice calms me down and for his attention and voice to be directed at me just made me beyond grateful and happy. B.A.P really means the world to me. Their music really brings me out of the darkest places and really just touches my heart.

Sir yes sir