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The Signs As Disney Songs

Aries: He’s A Tramp // Lady And The Tramp

Taurus: Bare Necessities // The Jungle Book

Gemini: The Gospel Truth // Hercules

Cancer: When You Wish Upon A Star // Pinocchio

Leo: Be Our Guest // Beauty & The Beast

Virgo: Whistle While You Work // Snow White

Libra: You’ve Got a Friend In Me // Toy Story

Scorpio: I’ll Make A Man Out Of You // Mulan

Sagittarius: You’ll Be In My Heart // Tarzan

Capricorn: Once Upon A Dream // Sleeping Beauty

Aquarius: A Whole New World // Aladdin

Pisces: Under The Sea // The Little Mermaid

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

A/N: This kinda took on a life of it’s own from the one-shot it started as! Hope you like it! Beta’d by the ever amazing @just-another-busy-fangirl. I used the song ‘Never Felt Love’ by Little Big Town. 

Warnings: None that I can think of…

Word Count: 3541 with lyrics

It has been more than three years since I met the love of my life, but I didn’t know it until a year ago when Rob Benedict asked me out on that first date and the rest is our history. Truth be told, I was smitten with him three years ago when I first met him at during a photo op, but I was married and he was recently divorced, which I also didn’t know until a year ago.

The past year has been a roller coaster. You’ve been on a roller coaster, right? Or at least have seen one? The ups, the downs, the twists, the turns, the loop-the-loops. That is what love feels like. It has highs and lows. It has twists that you don’t see coming and loops that turn your insides to mush. My relationship with Rob was no different than that roller coaster that makes you squeal with delight, cry in fright, or fear you may throw up.

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Snap!-- John Laurens

Request!: Hi! Can I get 100 and 95 (in that order) with Laurens bc the reader got him a turtle for their anniversary or something? THANKS

Paring: John Laurens X Reader
{Guest Starring: Brother! Lafeyette}

Prompts: 95. “I don’t know why I’m crying.”,
100. “I got you a present.”

TW: None just FLUFF! FLUFF! FLUFF! So much fluff I love this!!

A/N- This is my first imagine so I’m kinda freaking out! Wish me luck!!

F/F- Favorite flavor of cake.
M/N- Middle name

Word Count: 2070


“Babe! I’m home!” You said while looking around for any sign out John. When you heard music blasting and no answer back, you quickly coaxed in the three friends you and John both shared. They all shuffled through the door with their hands full. After they all got in, you closed the door behind you with your foot, your own hands full with a box.

You heard footsteps walking towards you and all four of you panicked. Your brother, Lafayette, quickly opened the door to the coat closet, shooing Alex and Herc inside, taking the box from your hands and going in himself. You shut the door quickly.

John whipped his head towards the sound of your voice, his face gaining a wide smile. “Y/N, How long have you been standing there!”

“Long enough…” You looked at his appearance and smiled. “Merde, Laurens, you clean up good.” You laughed and leaned against the door frame. You heard a gag from inside the closet, and your cheeks flushed.

“Ready for our anniversary date tonight?” John asked you as his hair settled on the shoulders of his suit.

“Can’t wait for it.” You smiled.

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A couple weeks back my therapist gently suggested I find ways to be a friend to my brother. She also suggested I give myself stuff to look forward to on the weekend. These suggestions dovetailed into my brother and me going to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

Afterwards, he convinced me to give BoJack Horseman a try, and I’ve been kinda-almost-binge-watching it (like, 1-3 episodes a day, each day) while he’s been re-watching in prep for the season 4 release, at about the same rate.

So right now my brother and I communicate mostly in BoJack Horseman quotes, and fanboying/fangirling over the guest stars on BoJack and the awesomeness of Samuel L. Jackson.

Doesn’t fit my usual media consumption pattern… but it’s been fun! ^_^
I Would Name the Stars for You (I Would Take You There)

“Harry Styles is a poem waiting to happen, Louis thinks, eyes tracing peach flesh and the undercurrent of blue veins. He wants to write him all down, to capture the image of green eyes and red lips and skinny wrists… dark ink spilled across the page.”

Or a vaguely Notting Hill-like AU (or that made for TV Disney movie Starstruck if you’ve seen it… no? Just me?) starring popstar!Harry and bookkeeper/soulful poet!Louis; and including guest appearances by Fate, a wise elderly aristocrat, and lots and lots of pining.

By impetuous/nialljays

Chaptered, Completed

Notes: I’M SO MAD I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. I’m so into when one of them is famous and the other isn’t and this was fucking adorable and had Richard Siken my favorite poet in it and was altogether really well done and lovely and engaging and all that? So yes I loved it and you should read it - A

Ariel Winter Wants Us All to Know That She’s 18

Ariel Winter wore this sparkly bodysuit to her Moroccan-themed 18th birthday bash. (Photo: Instagram)

Ariel Winter is no longer a little girl.

The Modern Family actress turned 18 on Jan. 28 and celebrated with a huge party — 300 guests! — that was Moroccan-themed with belly dancers and guys dressed like Aladdin. She shared a photo of her party outfit Thursday on Instagram. Considering the theme, she was festively attired in the form-fitting and sparkly Charbel Zoe bodysuit, which hugged her curves and accentuated her legs.

Ariel with her on-again boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette (left), and another friend at the bash. (Photo: Instagram)

Winter, who showed off front and back views on Instagram, talked a little bit about her party to E! News at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday. “We had a lot of cool things” at the party, she said. “My cake was awesome!” As far as the massive guest list, she quipped, “That’s insane right?!”

A back view of her Charbel Zoe bodysuit. The brand is a favorite of Jennifer Lopez. (Photo: Instagram)

The TV star has been making the transition to 18 — at least as far as her fashion sense — for several months now. Feeling a new sense of confidence after her breast reduction surgery in June, she’s been rocking some bolder looks — a couple that may make her counterpart, the straight-laced smarty-pants Alex Dunphy, blush. Let’s look at a few…

New Year’s Eve

(Photo: Instagram)

She’s back together with her boyfriend, Laurent Claude Gaudette, now (he was at her birthday party), but she enjoyed a girls’ night out for NYE and rocked this off-the-shoulder, belly-baring ensemble.

Birthday Date

(Photo: Instagram)

Winter and Gaudette enjoyed their own night out together to celebrate her birthday (and their reconciliation?). A catsuit, with a tie-up front, was mandatory for that evening of fun — and smooches.

Jingle Ball

(Photo: Getty Images)

For a night of music in December, she channeled her inner rock star.

SAG Awards

(Photo: Getty Images)

She looked all grown up — and totally glam — on the red carpet at the SAG Awards. She didn’t cover up her breast reduction surgery scars and proudly spoke out about her decision. “They are part of me and I’m not ashamed of them at all,” she said.

Hey, we can’t expect her to dress like a fairy princess forever. It’s nice to see her come into her own.

Enter and Sign In, Please (a Performance ficlet)

Sorry if you caught that link post - I decided to just go ahead and post directly to Tumblr.

Also on AO3.


[transcript of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” aired Thursday, February 14th, 2013]

Jimmy:  My first guest is one of our favorite people but we haven’t been able to get him on the show for a few years, and uh…gee, I wonder why.  He’s an Oscar winning actor and star of the upcoming film “An Ordinary Disappearance,” please welcome our friend, John Watson!

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VS Arashi - 3/12/2015 with guests Team Movie April’s Fool Day starring actress Toda Erika.

Question: When Arashi members goes drinking, do they bump into other entertainers at their favorite bars/restaurants?

Sho-san: the only entertainer I met when I go out with my private friends is Aiba Masaki.  Somehow the staff at the establishments that we both frequent mistakenly think we were meeting up.

Aiba-chan: the last time I went to my favorite place, I was led to a private room that I presume to be empty. As soon as I saw who was inside (Sho-san & friends), I quietly close the door & leave.  ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶??

Nino: Well, of course the staff would get confused when 2/5th of Arashi shows up at the same place.

Matsujun:  One time I was having dinner and I opened the wrong door to a private room. Inside I saw Ohno Satoshi drinking. (⋆⁰ ̥̮⁽⁰)

Riida: I was really happy that time. I thought “Wow, I’m drinking at a Matsujun Class kind of place”   (=^-ω-^=)

One Plus guest, Transgender person Ivan asks Nino: Have you bump into any entertainers when you go out?

Nino: No, I don’t go out at all.  ( ̄ω ̄)

hello-its-sarah  asked:

Dear wonderful people over at Geek & Sundry, So me and my friends were talking about TableTop & some of the people who have been on TableTop recently. Our conversation raised the question: What's the decision process for deciding who's going to be on TableTop and when? How much say does Wil have in who comes on? I'm sure that there are other fans who wonder the same thing I do, so I hope you answer my question. Love you all and keep being awesome! Sincerely, a huge TableTop fan

From Associate Producer Boyan Radakovich:

Hey Huge Fan, great question! Guests for TableTop are invited in from the geek celebrity community: fan favorite actors, YouTube stars, comedians, and generally interesting and creative people. Because most of these people live in LA and we’re all in the same circle, often they are friends with Wil or friends of his friends. This makes it easier to work with them in our extremely tight production window but it also makes the chemistry shine on camera.  Once guests have been invited and selected for the show, they are put into the incredible logic puzzle that is our TableTop production schedule. We film two episodes a day for five days straight, so filming happens in a very narrow window. Some guests can only do Wednesdays, others have a hard out at 4pm, some are experienced gamers and others are more casual. Matching guests to games and their availability is incredibly difficult and often it changes even when arranged. I normally enter a sleepless caffeine-fueled mental state called the Spinning Leaf and make offerings to my father’s old gods and finally settle on a locked schedule. But sometimes we have to call upon backups who are nice enough to step in when life happens to these plans. Production requires a lot of flexibility and also focus, but we couldn’t do it without our great guests.  Before we film, I spend some time with all the guests together in my green room and prep them on basics of the game, talk about the show, and mostly chat them up to warm up the actors and bring out their natural charm. But the secret is Wil himself. Wil is an amazing host and is so welcoming, really explains the game well while filming, and is so genuine with our guests. Cool guests, an amazing host, and wonderful chemistry of friends playing together make TableTop such a hit with fans.  I hope that helps answer your question. If you have a guest suggestion, especially if they’re in the LA-area, please let us know who is on your wish list!  Thanks. Play more games!
Just Random Thoughts About The 100...

Hello there! How are you all dear followers? You all know that I’m taking a break from tumblr but yesterday I was talking to a few friends on twitter about the show and I guess I can share what we talked about over here. 

We were discussing about the show and about how the writing is rushed and sometimes confusing. 

And I agree. And that’s is what I hate most about the show. (Please ignore the fact that I’m not putting the scenes in chronological order…)

Let’s see:

Octavia goes from 0 to bad-ass in like, two weeks; (not that I don’t like see her in bad-ass mode, but doesn’t feel real…)

Finn “falls in love” with Clarke in something like 10 days, they have sex, Raven appears, discovered what happened, goes to bed with Bellamy in less than one week… 

Wells is killed, and the only scene we have to see Clarke mourning him is when she’s on her knees in his grave, after that, everything appears to be fine, and, yeah, let’s forget that my best friend died…

Le.xa “falls in love” with Clarke at first sight (this was confirmed by JR on twitter…), says “love is weakness”, BUT says to Clarke that she cares about her and that didn’t left her to die, kiss her out of nowhere, not letting her grieve Finn’s dead, where she (Le.xa) is a big part of… After all that, after all the shit “Oh I care about you, I didn’t left you to die but I left my people to die and saved you instead”, she broke a fucking alliance and left Clarke and her people to die in Mount Weather… Makes sense right? Yeah, for me it doesn’t make any sense, but, whatever… The writers don’t care about making sense…

Finn dies, and the next thing they do it’s putting Raven hooking up with Wick, because, yeah, mourning the death of your loved ones, THE ONLY FAMILY SHE HAD, it’s not really important to them. 

I bet that I’m missing a lot of things, but let’s continue. 

To be honest with you, I’m happy that the show don’t have more than 13 episodes, otherwise, they would fuck up with it even more. 

The only thing in this show that isn’t rushed it’s the relationship development between Bellamy and Clarke and they fuck with them all the time. 

They fucked with the most well constructed storyline on the show just because they are stupid.

With all the things that I’ve been reading about season 3, I really don’t have any hope that the show will have a season 4… CW don’t care about The 100 enough to promote the show, they moved season 3 released and they cut off the episodes to 13 again. 

JR&Co. don’t know how to deal with the fans and keeping saying shit about the reasons why we watch. Judging your fans because of the reason we watch the show it’s not a really good strategy to makes us want to continue watching. Or sending us read the books or fanfiction for that matter. 

You should be grateful for having fans who watch your show, even if we watch because of ships. I’m not afraid to say that only continue to watch the show because of Bellarke. 

I hated the pilot but I loved Clarke since the beginning and characters like Bellamy are always my favorites. So, it’s not a surprise that I stayed only for them and because I saw potential in them since the beginning. 

And let’s not forget that CW is known for having romance in every show, so, don’t be surprise when I say that I saw potential romance in them since the beginning.

But, JR&Co. want so badly to prove that they are better than any other producer/writer from the channel that they fuck up with the writing every time.  

For them “slow burn is boring”, they suck at writing romance (the exception being Bellarke - even when they say that it’s not romantic - ) and they don’t know how to deal with the media, especially with the fans. 

The writing is poor, rushed and confusing. They want to say/show so much at the same time that they lose focus in good writing and keep adding things without any sense. 

Why they don’t give better storylines/development to the characters that are in the show since the beginning without adding more and more non-sense characters to write more and more rushed plots? (Characters like Miller, Monty, Harper, Raven, Jackson, Monroe and more…)

And now, can someone explain to me, HOW, in ONLY 13 EPISODES, they are going to be able to write a good/not rushed storyline to explain:

Murphy in the lighthouse from the finale;
Jaha and how A.L.I.E. can use him; 
More Grounders;
How the Grounders commander is choose;
Clarke losing her mind;
Clarke returning to the Camp; 
Bellamy resenting Clarke; 
Having more Monty scenes;
Showing Raven having issues with her leg (fucking assholes, give Raven a break!);
Showing Polis;
Having Clarke and L together again;
Having CL scenes, or whatever;
Someone important dying;
Plots to all the new characters;
Showing the Ice Nation;
Showing Luna;
(All this from the few spoilers that we already have…)


Someone have a good explanation? If you do, please share it with me. I would be forever grateful for that.

How they are going to do all this without sidelining the MAIN CHARACTERS, it’s something that I don’t understand. 

I’m going to be totally honest, if they continue to sidelining Bellamy like they did in season 2, I will stop watching the show. 

It’s not news to anyone that Bellamy is my favorite character. I hated the way they treated him last season. 

I hated how they started to sidelining Bellamy to give more importance to, for example, L… It’s ridiculous, awful and stupid. 

Seeing them giving more importance to a guest star than to the main characters from the show it’s disgusting. And they are doing that since season 2.

They way they treated Bellamy as someone less important to leadership than Clarke it’s ridiculous. 


He’s much more than that and everyone should understand that. 

Let’s remember that we can have all the woman power of the world in the show, without degrading the male characters. 

Let’s remember being feminist doesn’t mean that women are better than men, it means men and women ARE EQUALS. NO ONE IS BETTER. WE ARE EQUALS.

If they continue to write the show this way, if they continue to treat guest stars better than regular/main characters, if they continue to treat a part of the fandom like shit, they are going to ruin this show. They already start doing that in my opinion. 

JR&Co. are ruining a tvshow that would have everything to be a huge success. And they are doing this because they have ego problems and don’t know how to stop being assholes. 

(Sorry about the random thoughts but I needed to share this with you all. My anon ask in turn off, because I don’t have time or patience to deal with haters, but if you wanna talk to me, send me a message and I will answer in private if you want.)

The villains are so much more interesting. “The uninvited guest” shot by the ever incredible and wonderful and my dear friend @jeremysaffer… This shot will be available for sale very very soon. Also a big wonderful thank you to my loves at @hottopic for providing items from their #MaleficentCouture line, girls, you must own these pieces! The headband and vest, all from HT! The long sleeve dress provided by my favorite witches at @killstar

Glee 2013 Year-End Questions!

Anyone around this New Year’s Eve to play a super-positive Glee question game?

Ask me my:

1) Favorite episode of 2013

2) Favorite song of 2013

3) Favorite fic of 2013

4) Favorite canon pairing of 2013

5) Favorite character of 2013

6) My biggest 2014 hopes for Glee

7) Most pleasant surprise of 2013

8) Favorite moment of 2013

9) Favorite friendship of 2013

10) Favorite outfit of 2013

11) Favorite hair of 2013

12) Favorite storyline of 2013

13) Funniest moment of 2013

14) Happiest moment of 2013

15) Favorite guest star of 2013

16) Favorite group number of 2013

17) Favorite solo of 2013

18) Favorite duet of 2013

19) Favorite fandom person of 2013

20) Favorite non-canon pairing of 2013

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), my son DJ was a Star Wars geek. He was barely three the first time he saw A New Hope on tv and was immediately enthralled with the characters, the action and the sounds. He imitated R2D2 and - in what should have been a harbinger of things to come - idolized Darth Vader.

There was a Star Wars rejuvenation at this time, as Lucas, in the first of many steps he would take to wring dollar bills out of a decades old franchise, was re-releasing the trilogy in movie theaters. Maybe if I had know at the the time that there was a Jar-Jar in our future I would have curbed my son’s enthusiasm, but I instead reveled in it. My son, a Star Wars geek. It was a very proud moment for me when I realized how much he loved the movies. Ranked right up there with the time he beat Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when he was three years old.

For his fourth birthday (and my daughter’s 7th) we threw a Star Wars themed party. The plethora of merchandise available that year made it easy to give the kids the geekiest party their friends had ever attended. Taco Bell Star Wars themed meals for everyone, a guest visit from Darth Vader who did the limbo with my mother and a giant pile of Star Wars toys as birthday loot.

DJ’s favorite present by far was a humongous replica of the Millennium Falcon, complete with flashing lights and sound effects. He played with this thing for hours at a time, taking figures from all his other sets - knights and pirates and various Disney characters - and put them in the Millennium Falcon. He would then have Han Solo boss them around. “Go wash the dishes, Pocohantas!” When I gave him a small lecture on equality he put Ariel in charge of the ewoks and had her throw them off the Millennium Falcon. Mid hyper-space. That’s my boy.

Meet Chris

Stuff I Like: blunt sarcasm, deep-dish pizza, watching movies that make me feel emotions, singing karaoke with my fraternity brothers, and trying to save the world from super villains.

Why I’m Here: TWLOHA was there at a time that I really needed it, and it helped me as well as several friends through difficult times in our lives. I want to return the favor and help TWLOHA reach as many people in need as possible.

I would most likely stuff the office fridge with: Buffalo Wild Wings, Sour Patch candy, hummus and pita bread, leftover pizza, Chipotle, and Faygo Rockin Rye Pop.

If my music is on, I’m most likely listening to: All Time Low, Rise Against, Blink 182, Green Day, Paramore, and Senses Fail. 

Outside of the office, I’m most likely: Learning how to cook, watching a movie, having discussions about life with friends, laying on the beach in this Florida winter, watching Netflix, and trying to take over the world.

If you could guest star on any TV show, what would it be and why? I think “Criminal Minds” would be an awesome show to guest star on. It’s one of my favorite shows, and I have seen way too many episodes since I graduated. I think it would be interesting to play a character that is both dangerous and smart. Maybe a darker version of Dr. Reed…

What takes you out of your comfort zone? Trying new things can bring me out of my comfort zone. Although I am actively trying to expand my horizons, I like things to be familiar to me. I tend to eat the same kind of foods and rarely venture towards the unknown. I tend to stick with the same people and do activities that I know that I enjoy. I think moving 18 hours to Florida was a pretty big step outside my comfort zone. 

Meet Connor

Why I’m here: TWLOHA is a cause very near to my heart. I have personally struggled with my mental health over the course of my life, and through the years, I have lost friends and loved ones to suicide. It’s time to start the conversation and end the stigma, and I am here to do everything I can to help accomplish TWLOHA’s mission.

Stuff I Like: Coffee. Music. Art. Engineering. Architecture. Science. Texas. Colorado. ‘Murica. Oklahoma State University. Rock climbing. Hanging with Friends. Adventures. Road trips. Concerts. Reading. 

I would most likely stuff the office fridge with: Cold brew coffee. I really like coffee, you guys.

If my music is on, I’m listening to: All different kinds of stuff. If I’m focusing on office work, it’s usually gonna be instrumental post-rock like Explosions in the Sky or Lights and Motion. If I’m working in the garage, you’re gonna hear classic rock. If I’m focusing on the music just for the sake of the music, it can be anything from rap or hip-hop to classical music. Also love those high school tunes – pop/punk and alternative.

Outside of the office, I’m most likely: Rock climbing or at a coffee shop.

If you had a free plane ticket, where would you go? I would probably head back to Dallas for a bit to visit my family, then borrow their car for the short(ish) drive up to Stillwater to see all my friends still in college.

If you could guest star on any TV show, what would it be and why? Either Dr. Who or one of the Marvel shows. Why? I’m a nerd, and it’s one of my favorite qualities about myself.

If you had one superpower, what would it be and why? I would have the ability to fly. I have always wanted to be able to fly. It would be nice if I could fly really fast too, but I’m not too picky.