my favorite girl ever


12 days of stydia: day 4 • favorite lydia scene
  ↳  5x20; lydia saves mason
“did you find something? a solution?” “yeah, it was you. it was you, lydia.”

P!atD in Seattle (3/21/17). This was right after Girls/Girls/Boys. The whole show was amazing but this small speech by Brendon about had me in tears. I’m sure this has been posted in a thousand places already and probably in much higher quality than my video, but I still wanted to share it. <3

P.S. He was very sick during the show and you could hear it in his voice whenever he talked but, damn, he killed it! :) Sounded amazing and gave us a great show!

Lillie’s design is without a doubt my favorite poke girl design ever!!! She looks so cute and pretty!!! Can’t wait to play the Pokemon Sun and Moon Games, as well as watch the anime!!
First time a major plot character is part of the main anime cast, and for that I’m thankful.
I’m curious how alolashipping will take place in terms of ash and lillie :)


Some extra notes on this comparison between The Spirit Morph Saga and His Dark Materials Series: the roles of Pantalaimon and Will seem to be sort of mixed together in Archimicarus, which is why I used references from both, yet Will also shares something with Lisa, because she seems to have lost an eye or got a patch at some point, whereas Will lost two fingers and spent a good portion of the 2nd book with a bandaged hand. Also, the 3rd book on TSMS mentions the Underworld, while in the 3rd book in HDM the Land of the Dead is crucial. I personally always found funny the part where Steven asks Connie what a familiar is, because I tried to introduce a friend to these books when I was 13 and her first question to me was “should I know what a dæmon is?”.