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jumping on the bandwagon of end of the year follow forevers! i met sooooo many great people on this site this year and i’m so grateful for every single one of them! i’ve been on this website for 5 years and have been in 4 different fandoms but this one has definitely been the best and the people are even better. i love you all and i hope you all have a great new years. ✨💕✨ (i made this banner in like 5 minutes forgive me)

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requested by xpoofiegirl21x:

Dating Pietro Maximoff:

  • Sokovian nicknames 24/7
  • Him kissing you as he runs by at least 10 times a day
  • Lots of PDA (he’s very protective of you)
  • Wanda and you becoming close
  • And Pietro getting angry at Wanda for sharing his embarrassing stories
  • So she sends them to you telepathically
  • “No kissing during training, Maximoff!” 
  • “Stop making out on my table, you two!”
  • Morning cuddles while the sunlight filters in
  • Him bringing you food he made in 0.002 seconds for you
  • So you barely have to leave each other’s company
  • Whenever he comes back from a mission you just hold him, before it turns into an intense makeout session, followed by-
  • “If you two have sex in my lab, I’ll murder you, Maximoff.”
  • Sitting behind him and making little braids in his hair
  • Surprising him with little kisses when he’s not looking
  • “What, you didn’t see that coming, Piet?”
  • If you ever feel sad he carries you to your favorite place - the beach, park, your hometown - even if it physically drains him
  • He would to anything to keep you safe and happy
  • And vice versa

A/N: I avoided the topic of, ahem, death, because I’m selfish and I’m still not over it. 

Helloo!! The phone in the graphic is based on my own phone LOL omg while making this I actually got so attached to it this is actually one of the cutest things I’ve ever done Based on the graphic you guys can probably tell this is my (first) follow forever on this blog!! I made this blog a little less than five months ago and since then I’ve met so many amazing people and here’s to the many more amazing people in the Seventeen fandom I have yet to meet cc:

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Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.


Some extra notes on this comparison between The Spirit Morph Saga and His Dark Materials Series: the roles of Pantalaimon and Will seem to be sort of mixed together in Archimicarus, which is why I used references from both, yet Will also shares something with Lisa, because she seems to have lost an eye or got a patch at some point, whereas Will lost two fingers and spent a good portion of the 2nd book with a bandaged hand. Also, the 3rd book on TSMS mentions the Underworld, while in the 3rd book in HDM the Land of the Dead is crucial. I personally always found funny the part where Steven asks Connie what a familiar is, because I tried to introduce a friend to these books when I was 13 and her first question to me was “should I know what a dæmon is?”.


Happy 47th Birthday Graham Coxon!! – March 12th, 1969
I can’t really express how much I love Graham Coxon accurately, it would probably sound creepy if I tried, but he is such an inspiring creative person and his music has helped me so much in the past year, I am just so grateful for the existence of Graham Coxon and I hope he is having a wonderful birthday and has a fantastic year! :D


Marcus Kane in every episode | 1x05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming 

“One decision does not define a man. Jake Griffin is gone. You’re here. Our survival depends on having a leader who can inspire people to self-sacrifice. You’re that man. Not me.”

So since I reached 4k followers around a week ago I decided to make a new follow forever and it’s finally done! lol It’s been a while since I made one and I followed a lot of new blogs since then too~ I don’t wanna be too cheesy and stuff but honestly wow… Who would have thought I’d ever make it this far?? (because I didn’t, that’s for sure) I’m a really boring person so this is mind-blowing to me :o

But! I’m so glad I made a tumblr and found the inuyasha fandom! Everyone here is so friendly, it’s great (◡‿◡✿)  So I made this follow forever to thank all my followers but also my favorite blogs because you all are awesome! And I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anyone this time because this is the longest list I’ve made so far!!! So here it is… 

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I have officially reached 3,000 followers and that is absolutely insane to me! I wanted to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you for believing in me and following this blog! It is such a huge source of my happiness (and so are you)!! Thank you for reblogging my gifs, asking me questions, supporting me, and being such amazing people that I love very much! I’ve made a few great friends through this blog and I have followed so many fantastic blogs, so I thought I’d give them a shout! If you aren’t featured on this don’t take it to heart, I probably love your blog but just missed it! Thanks again!! Here are my favorite blogs ever: [Bolded are extra special]

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We’re all thinking it. Of course we’re all too decent to say it.

Rest In Peace Glenn Frey. You were my 12th or 13th favorite Eagle right behind Harold Carmichael, and way behind Joe Walsh & Sam the Eagle from the Muppets. You did have the distinction of penning one of the more incredible songs I’ve ever heard. Not only did you have the balls to record it, you sang it with a straight face and even made it into a music video: “Sexy Girl.” Any record exec not completed fried by cocaine would have had a good laugh, 

"Fucking hilarious Glen. Now play the real lead single!" 

This song is like a shampoo jingle some washed up ad man might come up with on the way to a pitch meeting, only to drive himself off a cliff, when he realizes what a complete failure and lie his entire life has been. But you! You not only sang the phrase "Sexy Girl” 34 times in less than three minutes, you actually heightened the sense of useless soul crushing absurdity by adding an earth shattering intensifier. The object of your protagonist’s desire so transcends all comprehension and description that she is transformed from mere “sexy girl” into a (dramatic pause) “VERY sexy girl.” Fucking wow, man! 

Jarring in it’s simple comedic genius, it’s like a parody of a parody, but without a punch line. A harrowing existential nightmare, swimming in the reflection of a burned out California dream. A fantasy where women are reduced not to just sex objects, but one dimensional harmless melodies hummed by 12 yr old boys. 

Well played Mr. Frey. You were a man who got more from your talent than… probably anyone who’s ever existed. You were not only great. You were VERY VERY great. And now you are gone and the world weeps.


“Find something that makes you happy and don’t let anyone take it away from you” - Luke Hemmings