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Since Mark’s Taking A Break...

This is the perfect time to re-watch some of my favorite game series! There are a lot of new people in the community and maybe some of you have never seen some of these before so here are my recommendations! All my favs! Sorry…there are many lol

Scary Games

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Alien: Isolation



DOOM (im noticing a pattern here)

Fran Bow

Until Dawn


The Evil Within


Outlast (personal fav)

Mad Father

The Last of Us

The Witch’s House

Eleusis (a classic!)

Amnesia: A Late Night Drink (tiny box tim origins!)

Funny Games

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

World’s Quietest Let’s Plays


Yandere Simulator

Funny Games with Wade

Five Nights at F**kboy’s


Markiplier Fan Games (*wink wonk*)

Prop Hunt

Markiplier Animated!

Don’t Starve

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Happy Wheels Highlights

Markiplier Reaction Compilations

Story Games

To the Moon




Challenges/Live Action Stuff

Try Not To Laugh

Markiplier Makes

A Day With Chica

short n stupid

Challenge Videos

Reading Your Comments

Impossible Let’s Plays

Live Action

Sorry about the long post but here they all are! I hope some people can maybe find some new series to watch or find some old favorites to watch again!

Happy Watching All~

Imagine that you show up in your favorite character’s universe, only for them to be missing. You ask the other characters about it, but they have never even heard of your favorite character. You soon realize that you’re supposed to play their role in the story/series…

Just Another Day at the Ranch

I must say, Slime Rancher is one of my favorite series so far. I get motion sickness from video games, so I can’t play them for long periods of time. That’s why it’s nice to watch others have fun with it. And if I start to feel sick, I can take a break, and the game moves on like nothing happened.

Plus it’s always nice to watch Jack enjoy video games :D

Speed Paint
Dishonored 2 - Full Soundtrack OST
01. Dishonored 2 Main Theme [00:00] 02. Aristocrats of Karnaca (Ambient) [02:36] 03. Aristocrats of Karnaca (Suspense) [03:46] 04. The Dreadful Wale [06:30] ...

Rest in Peace Daniel Licht.
His award winning Dishonored soundtracks never bore me. I listen to them often at work and at home when I’m reading. Beautiful, haunting movie-quality music. Strings, bells, and light touches on the hammered dulcimer. This is my favorite game series so please take the time to listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. <3 :’(

EDIT: I’M SO EMBARRASSED. I wrote “David” instead of “Daniel.” Fixed!


Then they spent 17 hours straight watching pokemon

Yknow, the thing about Mass Effect, for all its flaws and problematic moments and issues that bioware really needs to work on, they got one thing down. Emotion. I’ve never played a game so packed with emotion as Mass Effect is. Yeah we all bitch about the ending of Mass Effect 3, we all point out the sexist moments, we all discuss where Bioware needs to grow. But I think a majority of us will remember the shocking moment of seeing the Collector base for the first time. We find friends in this rag-tag band our Shepard brings together. We’ll all hold our breath as Joker hobbles through a Normandy under attack. We agonize over who we left behind on Virmire. We cried when characters we came to know left us, and we cheered when a cure for all Krogan fell upon Tuchanka. We were sad, happy, angry, desperate, hopeful, and passionate right alongside these characters we came to know so well. And don’t tell me a huge-ass grin didn’t appear on your face when that damn Thresher Maw took out that Reaper. You can point out as many flaws as you want with the games, we all talk about it; but in the end, Mass Effect isn’t just a game. It’s a feeling, an emotion, an energy that I have personally never felt in any other video game ever. It is passion, plain and simple. And I just find that to be so damn important, when something can make you feel as if a part of your own soul is right there along for the ride. 

Idk that’s just so beautiful to me and it’s why Mass Effect will always be my favorite series of games regardless of the flaws it possesses. 

i sketched out and trashed like… 100 drawings today but its okay cause lilith pulled me out of that rut… new darkstalkers when?


its all for nothing, huh?

FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS 01 | 50 - “You stay out of it! I am a PRINCESS, and she has thrown mud at my dignity!—PEACH speaking to Mario and Luigi about Mimi (Super Paper Mario).


We all love new lists for our bullet journal, right? Well, I do. And since I got a new bujo this week (post coming soon!), I’ve decided to bring some list ideas for you, primarily focused on us, the geek part of the Tumblr! Soon, one focused on the studies will be released! My favorites are in italic! Shall we play a game?

  • Comics / books / movies / series recommendations
  • Comics tracker
    • Can be every issue or the years
  • Books tracker
    • Can be every chapter or every book in a collection/serie
  • Series tracker
    • Can be every episode or every
  • Favorites adaptations
    • I.e. Draco Malfoy’s Julian Albert
  • Character / teams dreamcast
    • I.e. Daniel Craig as Barney Barton in a Hawkeye solo movie
  • If I could change an arc…
    • A.k.a. “What if..”
  • Favorite quotes
    • Can be per character or per book/comic
  • Dream teams
    • I.e.: Dream Team Titans team
  • AU (Alternative universe) ideas
    • I.e.: Royalty AU
  • Favorite writers / directors
    • You can also include your favorite work of them!
  • Character / ship playlist / theme song
    • I.e. History Has It’s Eyes On You - Hamilton for Captain America

That’s all for now! If you have more suggestions, you can always send me an ask or a message! You can check all of my posts here (x)! Thank you so much for reading! 


“He couldn’t say he meant thanks for all of it…Hopefully Andrew would figure it out eventually.”