my favorite fossil pokemon!


New Painting: Living Fossils!

After drawing a couple different Fossil pokemon for PokeHalloween, I was inspired to draw all of them. There are way more fossils than I thought! My favorite is probably Tirtouga.

Inktober/PokeHalloween2017 Day 9: Fossil

Also known as “marawis tried doing side views”
Today’s word is Fossil, and the first thing that came to mind were Roark and his Cranidos. The Sinnoh gym leaders are some of the most memorable for me, I really like them all.

And just for the record since we are on the Fossil theme, my favorite fossil pokémon is Tyrantrum.

Inktober Day 7: Favorite Pokemon #25, Tyrantrum!

In general, as a paleontology fan, I tend to like the fossil pokemon, and Tyrantrum is easily my favorite of them. In addition to having the unique rock/dragon typing, Tyrantrum has access to two useful abilities in Strong Jaw (which powers up its biting attacks) and Rock Head (which negates recoil damage, allowing it to spam the absurdly powerful Head Smash with little consequence. Plus, it’s a T Rex with a crown and a beard! What’s not to like?