my favorite flower!!!

“He heaved a flat of wild geraniums into the canal over the protests of the flower seller and grabbed the clothes Matthias had stashed there earlier that morning. He swept the red cloak around Inej’s shoulders in a rain of petals and blossoms as she continued to strap on her knives. She looked almost as startled as the flower seller.” “What?” he asked as he tossed her a Mister Crimson mask that matched his own.
“Those were my mother’s favorite flower.”
“Good to know Van Eck didn’t cure you of sentiment.“ ~ Leigh Bardugo.

I haven’t finished Crooked Kingdom yet and there’s still so many scenes i want to draw!!!

I wanted to see how much I progressed with my art so I made a quick doodle of these adorable cinnamon rolls based off my old art. Which was this:

Holy smokes. That looks terrifying XDDD This was like January of this year. Holy carps. What is this XDD

This was the art I made for thanking @therealjacksepticeye to introducing me to Undertale. Seeing lots of really talented people made me want to go back to drawing stuff again. At the time, I didn’t know what to do. Now I am an animation student, enjoying learning new stuff everyday. It’s real fun.

Thanks for believing in us and encouraging us to stay determined, Jack :)