my favorite fictional character of all time

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name: Qudsia

nicknames:  a few random ones

zodiac sign:  aries

orientation: liam payne in a wetsuit

nationality: canadian

favorite fruit: MANGOES MANGOES MANGOES and watermelon

favorite season: fall

favorite book: so many it’s impossible to list them all but ummm ‘a thousand splendid suns’ is in my top 5 all time faves, never fails to make me cry

favorite flower: im a cliche its roses 

favorite scent:  new books, subtle floral scents, the ocean, sharpies (thats weird)

favorite color: blue and pink

favorite animal: PANDAS and kittens

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee its a bad addiction but i also like tea (just basic like chai no fancy teas)

average sleep hours: it depends but mostly 6-ish hours

cat or dog person: cats?

favorite fictional character: too fucking many

number of blankets you sleep with: 1

dream trip: all of europe, turkey, kashmir, india, the parts of canada ive never seen like on a road trip

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number of followers: none. im trash. 

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- Protected and loved Feyre even when it meant she had to hate him
- Feminist (i.e. making his Second and Third in Command ladies!)
- Recovering victim of sexual/physical/mental abuse
- Gave Feyre a wage even when she didn’t ask for one
- Taught her to write/made her eat/kept her moving when she was manically depressed
- Waited until it was absolutely inevitable to take her to the Night Court long term, because despite her declining health, she always chose to return to the Spring Court
- Endures prejudice of an entire nation for the sake of his people
- Gave up his body and his powers for the sake of his people
- Made sure that Under the Mountain, he gave Feyre a means of forgetting what would occur in his nights with her (the wine), but still show her where she’d been touched (the body paint)
- Let her choose freely to accept the Mating bond
- In fact, went so far as to hide it and allow her to continue on sleeping with the shithead that murdered his family
- Allows her to have certain parts of her mind be private, despite having complete access to them
- He’s extremely stylish
- And also very handsome and can get real nasty
- Literally does everything he can for everyone he loves and takes zero credit for any of it
- Is a strong male who can be portrayed as broken and in tears
- Rhysand is just the fucking greatest and gives me lots of feelings and holy shit

idk about you guys but my favorite bit of fan fiction is when the narrating character describes another character for the first time

like, i know exactly what killian jones looks like. i don’t need anyone to describe those blue eyes to me, or those elfin ears, or (heaven forbid) the way the hollow of his throat gleams when he’s sweaty. i scroll through gifsets of this guy all day every day. i know.

but when emma or another character describes him for me i’m just like “OMG. YES. THAT’S MY BOY. IT’S HIM. TELL ME MORE” every. single. goddamned. time. especially when it’s a meet-cute and they’re total strangers. it’s like….. i get to experience meeting him all over again, just through their eyes

and it’s so magical that every time is different. each author conjures a new and beautiful image of their characters, sometimes plucking out details that i never noticed before, or choosing a form of imagery or metaphor that fills me with breathless awe

bless fanfic writers, honestly

I don’t usually talk about this, but I need to get this out.
I still don’t understand why there’s so much hatred for this character on this site (before I joined tumblr, I actually didn’t know that there are people out there who genuinely hate him even after the last book came out and spend time writing hate posts about this fictional character all the time?)…but he’s still my favorite anyway and nothing I read on this site can change my mind.

Can’t believe Dave Strider canonically had what is probably the most compelling personal plot arc involving bisexuality I have ever seen in media, forever cementing him as one of my all time favorite fictional characters, right alongside his canon boyfriend, who is btw yet another fantastic bisexual character

So nice I didn’t have to sit through either of their sexualities being fetishized or played off as shorthand for any number of negative tropes that are linked by media to bisexuality every single day and instead just got to see a pair of nice kids who deserved better than they got figure themselves out over a quiet period of relative safety and end up comfortable and happy with themselves barring some heavily relatable nerves re: coming out/going public w their relationship

Glad everyone respects how important this narrative was for queer ppl of all types and ages to see out of an endgame canon pairing in a piece of popular media :^)

triforce06  asked:

Do you have any good recommendations for old comics? I would love to get into them but honestly I have no idea where to start.

The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Fantastic Four was the towering achievement of the 1960s and my favorite comic of all time. Their current shabby treatment by their parent company is inexcusable; Marvel was built by Fantastic Four. FF is my favorite comic ever because it is “hot” and “cold” at the same time, a balancing act that is hard to do in science fiction. It has far out scifi adventures like shrinking to explore a world inside an atom or fighting Galactus the World Devourer, or a villain as melodramatic as Doctor Doom…but we believe in it because of how grounded it is in a real world, with wisecracking, warm characters we like. Every FF story ends in some far out way, but we believe it because of how it starts with something everyday, like the Thing buying hot dogs in Central Park while walking with his girlfriend. It’s like Stan discovered the formula for Coca-Cola; it’s very, very, very hard to tell a bad Fantastic Four story. Sure, FF is great, but it gets ultra-great starting around issue 43, and has an unbroken string of the greatest stories ever for 40 issues: the Coming of Galactus, the introduction of the Black Panther, the introduction of the Inhumans, Doctor Doom stealing the Silver Surfer’s powers (what a shocker that was).

Joe Kubert’s Enemy Ace comic is maybe the best war book ever written, about an honorable German flying ace in World War I. Hans von Hammer had noble and chivalrous instincts: he saluted enemies even after he killed them, and refused to shootan unarmed foe. He once befriended a wolf in the Black Forest, because the both of them were killers, and that wolf was his only real friend. He was the ultimate example of how war shapes even decent men into killers.

Russ Manning’s Magnus Robot Fighter is a crackerjack action-scifi comic that has aged better, not worse since the 1960s, because it’s all about the terror of a society that is overmechanized and under surveillance, where you hate machines but also need them and can’t get rid of them. The fully detailed, realized science fiction world of North Am is what makes it so interesting. Magnus is the Defiant Man in a screwy world; I wonder why John Carpenter never took an interest in making Magnus Robot Fighter as a movie, it would so fit his sensibilities.

If you ask guys who were around for it what they like about Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar, you get the same answer if you asked a wired little kid why they like sugar and caffeine. It was one of the first and best of the “creator owned, adult scifi comics” to come around in the early 1980s, with Vance Dreadstar leading rebels against an Empire. There’s also some bizarre Moorcock inspired mysticism at work. Best of all, Dreadstar is now widely available and reprinted; you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Speaking of adult oriented scifi comics, check out Alan Zelenetz’s Alien Legion. It’s about a futuristic French Foreign Legion made up of convicts, drifters, cutthroats, and criminals from across the known planets. The Legionnaires are expendable and are often sent on suicide missions, political objectives are often at odds with military ones, and a lot of them talk about desertion at times.

Star Brand by Jim Shooter is maybe the only comic that ever did anything interesting with the dead end idea, what would a superhero look like in the real world? It’s a comedy about how we never live up to our potential. When the hero comes back to earth from space, he finds he gets incredibly lost and can’t find his hometown. When he tries to stop a hostage crisis, he realizes that even with powers, he wonders what he could really do that wouldn’t make things worse or escalate the situation. It’s the people that make it worth it: our hero has conflicted feelings about two women, one a single mom, and the other is a girl that loves him, but so much that it doesn’t feel healthy.

Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer is a great retro comic, but the selling point is something that never entirely made it into the film adaptation: it’s all about the sex appeal of good looking girls. I once asked an art teacher of mine what it would take to make a living as an artist, and he told me, “draw good looking girls. If you can, you will never be out of work.” Well, Dave Stevens could, and he’d still be doing it today if not for his tragic passing.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to cry a lot (”sad is happy for deep people”), check out Strikeforce: Morituri, an early 80s comic with a fascinating premise. In order to fight off an alien invasion, a means of giving people superpeople is created, but it has a horrible cost: it gives you only a year to live. It’s all about mortality, nobility, and sacrifice and is really melancholic. Essentially, every single character has a terminal illness. 

i have an emotional meltdown on tumblr over rurouni kenshin every few months and this is one of those night, so, here:

if you’ve never read rurouni kenshin (and i mean read, not watched the anime, which misses some of the poignant and emotionally charged moments in the series on top of its rather bizarre filler), you should. the story is good, but what makes it is the titular character himself, who is an incredibly important character to me.

kenshin is a fairly old character for shounen manga at 28. there’s an internal struggle between the choices he made at 13-18 years old that shaped his life and the things that he did as a result, and the fact that when he made these decisions he was a boy. the main struggle throughout the series is with himself: guilt, obvious ptsd and depression from his past, dissociation, self-hate, loss, grief, confusion, atonement, redemption. it’s about finding a new way to keep picking yourself up, starting again, and learning to live. and it’s about love!! love for friends and the people around you and hope and love for yourself.

kenshin refuses to let injustice slide, he gets angry and fights but he is also kind and loving and good. in the depths of his absolute deepest despair when he finds himself at his most worthless he stands up for a young girl asking for his help. kenshin himura is probably my favorite fictional character of all time. please give him the love he deserves

The Feminine Constraint

You know what I find interesting? Unlike most female characters who “break the mold” by being super masculine (wearing pants, rejecting anything remotely girly, being one of the guys), Lizzy treats her femininity as a strength. She treats love as a strength. Love can make you stronger, it gives you something to fight for—so why is a girl who embraces love, kindness, and loyalty seen as a weakling?

Lizzy’s stronger than Ciel, a better fighter than Ciel, and has a moral compass a million times stronger than he does. (Not hating on Ciel—I respect his high intellect, Machiavellian capabilities, and rational savoir faire. Just pointing out he’s also a HUMAN character with flaws.) Elizabeth is honest, sincere, and loves Ciel without expecting to be loved in return. That, I believe, is what makes Lizzy so strong—that she’s able to keep smiling, to remain so sincere and sweet even while knowing Ciel has changed, that he’s become darker and more malevolent. That he’s hiding things from her, dismissing her and ignoring her—she is still able to remain sincere in her love and strong in her devotion. (The most impressive part? That she’s not trying to change Ciel back. That she’s learning to love him for who he is now even though the temptation to try and bring back the boy she once loved must be excruciating.)

That, I believe, is what makes Lizzy unique amongst the “strong” female protagonists we see in fiction—she’s not butch. She doesn’t hate the color pink or despise traditionally pretty things. She is one of the few females (and yes, there are others) who’s able to embrace her femininity and become stronger because of it.

Note: I am NOT an antifeminist because I say this. I believe ALL people, men and women, should be empowered—to be able to chase after their dreams and fight for what they believe in. (Which is why I love Lizzy.) That’s not to say that I don’t love the more rough and tumble female characters. One of my favorite, favorite female characters of all time is Brienne of Tarth and if you don’t know who she is, please Google her up because that woman is the definition of empowerment. (She’s also one half of my OTP. Yes, yes, yes—I’m a Jaime/Brienne shipper. What can I say.)

Discussion, as always, is welcomed though I ask that you please refrain from using derogatory language, unsubstantiated arguments, and flippant dismissals of Lizzy’s character because she “gets in the way” of your ship. Thank you.

Sam was the first fictional character that I could strongly relate to. Frodo reminded me of one of my close friends and I really relate to the pain of Sam. There’s something truly painful about watching a friend suffer and being able to do nothing about it. For my great admiration towards Sam and my strong feelings of being able to relate, Sam will always be my all time favorite fictional character.

March of the Champs

I made another art! This time of my top 10 all-time favorite characters from fiction. If y’all need a list, here ya go (In order from greatest to least):

1: Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
He’s a bad-ass gunman with a bounty on his head, but he’s a warrior for love and peace… That and he loves doughnuts. A man after my own heart.

2: Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
Usually, I don’t care for the sage advice kinda characters, but this guy was just a bad-ass dork while doing all that. I think that comes from the fact that he feels like the big brother we all wish we could have, otherwise Simon wouldn’t have called him “Bro” all the time.

3: Ruby Rose (RWBY)
Short, simple, and sweet answer: If it’s wrong to be in love with a fictional character, then I don’t wanna be right.

4: Marco Diaz (Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Short, simple, and sweet answer: This guy is my f***in’ spirit animal, anytime he’s on screen, I see a half-Latino smol bean version of myself.

5: Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)
One, she’s strong AF. Two, she don’t need no man (In fact, last time I checked, I think she was a lesbian, and I’ma keep that head cannon goin’). Three, She’s just an all around bad-ass with good character growth.

6: Natsuki Subaru (Re:ZERO)
Something about this character reminds me of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, a guy who will take any angle when faced with a roadblock, and constantly try and find a way to fix his current situation until he reaches “victory”… I’ll show myself out.

7: Deadpool (Marvel)
Short, simple, and sweet answer: It’s mother-f***ing Deadpool god-dammit.

8: Nostalgia Critic (Youtube/Channel Awesome)
He counts! He’s this funny-as-all-hell cynic of a movie critic who actually is rather thought provoking these days. Every video, he either gets me thinking about things, or laughing my ass off… or both.

9: Stanley Pines (Gravity Falls)
Easily the most complex character to me in all of GF, and the funniest as well. He’s just this con-artist great-uncle looking to try and bring his brother back, and make a few bucks

10: Asuka Langley Soryu (Evangelion)
Usually, I f***ing hate tsunderes, but this one really works for me. I think it’s just because of how broken she is… I don’t wanna say it’s therapeutic for me, but s therapeutic for me to see a tsundere suffer. That and she’s a strong-as-hell female he pilots a giant robot… BAD-ASS.

I might make another one soon, as I wanted to do more, but that’s for another time.

Okay, can we talk about how amazing this scene is for a second??

So, this is an image of Giorno and Mista during the White Album fight and holy crap I think I might cry. This is absolutely beautiful; The combination of the golden background as well as the sun rising with Giorno carrying Mista is literally eye candy. This scene really shows how much Giorno cares about him; He’s not just holding Mista for the sake of it– He’s holding Mista as if he wants to protect him. It shows how much these two have come together; Mista’s literally evaded death about three times and Giorno’s always been there to back him up. Their friendship is practically oozing out of these panels. (Kind of like the blood from Mista’s multiple bullet wounds)

And we’re not even on the dialogue yet. In case Giorno’s text is too small to read, he says this:

“Mista… Your determination blazes brighter than the rising sun, illuminating our path with its brilliance… We’ll face the light and walk our path onward… Together!

Holy moly… I’m almost in tears; This is fantastic. Giorno’s admiration for Mista is literally pure. Giorno, being the type of person to keep to himself with compliments, praising Mista like this and telling him how they’re going to continue their journey together is so heartwarming. The fact that he uses the sun’s symbolism makes this like, five times better. Comparing Mista’s determination to the blazing sun was perfect because of how accurate it is– Mista continues to stand up and fight multiple times even when he’s on the verge of death. These two, I just– I can’t–

Their friendship is literally the light of my life. Their interaction throughout Vento Aureo was a blessing and I’m so grateful. Am I overanalyzing fictional characters? Definitely. Am I using this panel as an excuse to ship them? Probably. Either way, this has to have been my favorite scene from Vento Aureo just because of how amazing the pictures and dialogue work together. All together, the White Album arc was beautiful. 


30 Days of Call the Midwife 

Day Three: Favorite Female Character 

“But Shelagh Turner remains, above all things, herself – clever, sharp, funny, a tiny bit bossy, endlessly caring. An indispensable, loving partner to Dr Turner – and completely her own woman.”

- Stephen McGann, Doctor Turner’s Casebook (p.267-268)

Shelagh is my favorite fictional character not only on Call the Midwife, but of all time. Her journey throughout the show is so beautifully written and played out by Laura Main. She left the only life she had known for ten years to be with Patrick, knowing the consequences that she would face, which shows how brave she is. She has such a caring heart, a desire to make the world a better place and has a wonderful singing voice. She loves unconditionally and is a very thoughtful person. She is a working mother in the 60′s, which was not a common thing and balances her duties as a nurse, along with her duties as a wife and mother beautifully. Another thing I love about her is seeing her confidence grow through the many challenges she has faced. But what I love most about Shelagh is that no matter how many changes she goes through, her faith in God always stays at the center of her life and she honors Him in everything that she does. 


Sun Wukong is one of my favorite fictional characters OF ALL TIME OH MY GOOOOD THIS LOOKS SO GOOD I NEED TO SEE IT!!!!!!

It’s called “Monkey King: Hero Is Back” and it was just released in theaters in China on July 10th!!!


ok so lemme explain a bit

im 100% ok with self shipping- many of my favorite artists do it and encourage it, i read x readers all the time, hell i write them. I would say there’s no shame in my game but there is.

there’s a lot of shame

i don’t know why but i feel so weird and petty actually sitting down to draw self ship stuff. but i also hate myself so. im probably reading into this way to much, but as I see it, there isn’t anything wrong with self shipping. its totally fine for people to find comfort in fictional characters. and you know what, hell i’ve spent most of my life hating myself, im allowed to find comfort in my favorite characters loving me

feel free to ignore this, but i needed to write this down so when i ever i feel insecure about, i remind myself of this. and maybe this helped some artists or writers in the same situation. treat yo self

“I see you, even when you hide from the rest of the world. I hear you, even when you’re silent.”
Gallowglass is my favorite character in this series…..did you know that it’s going to be a TV series???

a post on demisexuality

because i’m sick of explaining my sexuality and people not understanding it

  • demisexual - only being able to feel sexual attraction towards a person if an emotional bond was formed OR if you feel romantic attraction
  • demisexuals can have, and enjoy, sex. however, not all demisexuals desire sex
  • many demisexuals that desire sex focus more on how it feels, rather than their attraction towards the person
  • demisexuals are often attracted to fictional characters
  • demisexuals are also often attracted to people who cosplay their favorite characters
  • many demisexuals can only have a crush on one real person at a time. like, they can be attracted to many fictional characters, but only have 1 person they know in real life that they like
  • demisexuals never really look at somebody they’re just seeing for the first time twice. it isn’t until an emotional bond is formed that they start noticing physically attractive things about that person.
  • demisexuals are not “picky”
  • demisexuals are not just “waiting until marriage/waiting to meet the right person.”
  • basically, somebody’s whose demisexual can’t just look at a stranger that people think is attractive and feel the same way
  • yes, demisexuality is a real thing