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Hey I asked for fic recs early and you said to be more specific. So Darry or Wolfstar recs. any kind that has either

of course i’m gonna go with remus/sirius bc well im remussirius trash extraordinaire also i don’t trust my taste in drarry bc i havent read drarry fics in years lbr. im sorry this took so long. i kept saving this in my drafts to add more and more each time i open it bc im trash and it took all the self control to just stop and publish it so here ya go 50 remus/sirius fics 

bold - fandom classics
italicized - since these come from these different sites with different ratings, i’ll just italicize all the ones rated mature, explicit, or nc-17 

  1. people have told me i’m the worst remus/sirius shipper bc i haven’t read this classic so imma just leave it here on the off chance you haven’t either idk the word count or how to rate this whoops
  2. lots of fumbling and sirius thinking remus is perfect and kissing scars and staying in bed and i am exhausted with these two im gonna cry (2.4k+ words)
  3. sirius is teddy’s preschool teacher and remus becomes a whole lot more motivated to bring his kid to school (it’s an au where teddy and harry are the same age)  (13.5k+)
  4. boarding school in the 70s au (tw: vivid mentions of rape) (36k+)
  5. first war and lie low at lupin’s era wherein they never said i love you (6.5k+)
  6. all rec lists need a coffee shop au (5k+)
  7. ballet au gosh i am soooo (8.2k+) 
  8. artist/model au. one of my favorites it ruined me i am ruined (55.5k+)
  9. very angsty holiday au (12k+)
  10. truth or dare game that spun out of control (hogwarts era) and the sequel (alternates between first war and book era) idk the word count bc they have to be downloaded now bc they were taken down and the second has lotsa remadora but it’s good remadora and honestly these are must reads
  11. au where remus and sirius took harry and went into hiding after james and lily got killed. just fuck me up. (2.3k+)
  12. muggle au and sirius is engaged and he meets remus and there’s lotsa angst and me crying tbh (10.5k+)
  13. hogwarts era and sirius and remus are angst machines who keep fighting/bickering as as alternative to admitting they wanna fall in love and fuck and grow old together tbh (4.6k+)
  14. photographer sirius and jazz musician remus it’s so beautiful (13k+)
  15. my favorite uni au tbh (105k+)
  16. post azkaban era i am so wrecked (10.4k+)
  17. i live for depressing, first war, suspecting-the-other-is-a-traitor fics (4k+)
  18. the usual ‘it was just supposed to be sex’ kind of thing that starts firewhiskey. of course. (the word count isn’t stated but it’s very long. like 24 chapters)
  19. remus being a smug know it all bc he’s an expert on sirius (1.2k+)
  20. get together fic after james and lily’s wedding (10.9k+)
  21. remus and sirius through Mr. Lupin’s eyes (2k+)
  22. sirius whining in his diary about remus ffs what a nerd (1.4k+)
  23. remus attempting to visit sirius in azkaban i died (2k+)
  24. they meet at a nightclub and do the sex and that’s the end of that (it’s totally not) (also auror sirius and tutor remus) (31.2k+)
  25. sirius and remus throughout the years (602)
  26. hogwarts era smut but also lots of cuddling and warmth and trying not to fall in love gOD THIS IS THE DEATH OF ME (1.3k+)
  27. rockstar/journalist au i love journalist remus so much  (36.2k+)
  28. another rockstar/journalist au bECAUSE HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE JOURNALIST REMUS? (98.4k+)
  29. mistletoe fic it’s so adorable im a mess (3.4k+)
  30. sirius teaching remus how to dance aka kill me (1.6k+)
  31. this is about remussirius and jily. the first and last kisses of both couples. this fucked me up tbh but the jily ones are sadder (2.6k+)
  32. muggle au they meet on the train (6k+)
  33. in which they are platonic. i swear. 100% bros watching porn. (5.4k+)
  34. office au (11.6k+)
  35. uni au with footballer sirius and photographer remus (2.9k+)
  36. ok i haven’t read this in three years and 14 year old me might have had horrible taste but from what i remember, this is the first fic that ruined me ever. half porn and half super heavy stuff that will leave you sobbing and aching. occasional fluff i guess. hogwarts era (122k)
  37. all i remember about this is that it’s amazing and james pov i love it
  38. i’ll say it again: i live for depressing, first war, suspecting-the-other-is-a-traitor fics BUT this one is my favorite and i’ve read it so many times (4k+)
  39. the marauders sharing a flat. it’s amazing, really 
  40. first war remus and sirius who have been broken up for a year (22.3k+)
  41. neighbor au (6.2k+)
  42. nerds freaking out about having to share a bed (3k)
  43. first war angst and smut (6.2k+)
  44. awkward sexual tension hogwarts era (13.k+)
  45. ootp era. bathtub sex and them being all disgustingly in love i’m a wreck (2.6k+)
  46. hogwarts era and literally nothing but sirius pining so hard and lotsa porn what’s not to love
  47. IT’S SO FLUFFY im gonna cry bye (5k+)
  48. sirius is a party planner for a bachelorette party and catches the eye of the stripper okAY THIS SOUNDS LIKE IT’S ALL PORN BUT IT’S HEAVY STUFF AND THE TEDDY LUPIN FEELINGS i hate everything (34.9k+)
  49. another angsty first war fic (10k+)
  50. my absolute favorite fic of all time. nothing can compare (92.8k+ so far. it’s a WIP)

Okay so we know that McCree was 17 by the time Deadlock was disbanded and that he was a very prominent member by then, but we don’t actually know how or why he was there. There are so many possibilities it’s mind-numbing and I bet $5 I could make each one sad.

1. McCree was pushed into the Deadlocks by his family

  • there’s always a chance that he was kinda born into it?? His parent(s) might not have been full fledged members, but they were affiliated enough for McCree to “understand” what and who they were. When he’s old enough, he might have developed that shitty “I’m an adult now” attitude kids get, you know the one, and tries to run with the gang to show it. Maybe his parent(s) condoned it. Maybe they tried to prevent it and he did it behind their back(s).

2. McCree was a runaway the Deadlocks picked up initially to be a drug mule

  • Ran away from abusive parent(s)/household
  • Ran away as a form of rebellion/acting out for attention. (I’m kinda partial to this one to be honest. Imagine that after he grows up a little more, he goes back to his childhood home after the fall of overwatch seeking some sort of refuge, but when he gets there, it’s an entirely new family living in his house that he can hardly recognize.)

3. McCree joins the gang in desperation

  • maybe his family was in a tough place, and this was what he thought he could do to support them. when you’re a young, impressionable lad, gang life must seem pretty lit.
  • he’s lost everything; maybe he had shit parents and he ended up in a foster home, or maybe Santa Fe got hit in an omnic attack. Either or, he’s abandoned and the Deadlocks was the only place he felt like he could turn to

this is all i got for rn add more if you got any deadlock era is one of my favorites tbh


So I finally finished this, I’ve been picking at it for so fucking long, I finally have it up, I will try to get kook’s part up soon bc I did miss writing AUs I’ve just been so fucking busy as most of you already know so now, it is finally time for the second half of the Daegu princes, one half of Vmin, the love of my life who looked so cute cuddling Jin and Jimin the other day like he was so sleepy and he was in his pajamas and my heart is just resting in the palm of his hand tbh I’m so in love, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae Tae

  • Red hair bc Ariel!Tae
  • How can I not add in a reference to the Little Mermaid when Vmin exists like I just gotta, I had Jimin be Eric twice so I gotta throw in my lil nod to Vmin here bc they’re my favorite I love healthy friendships I love supportive friendships I love mutual care and respect
  • Also red hair!Tae is just so fucking nice, it’s one of my personal favorites
  • Like honestly fuck me up that was such a good look
  • The red hair plus the tan skin plus the pretty smile mmhmm mHM GOOD SHIT
  • Tbh one of my favorite Tae looks of that era (I have to have them categorized by eras bc I’m trash) is when his tan was in full effect bc tan!Tae plz don’t whitewash him he’s so beautiful with his natural skin color but he was tan and he had this big baggy black sweater and sunglasses and he looked so sleepy and cuddly and I’m still upset over it bc how is he real why is he not my boyfriend rn
  • Okay so I’m mainly gonna use fanarts/edits here bc that shit was too perfect to pass up, I found a couple and I’m gonna use that as his outfit examples
  • Here, here, here, here, here and here bc fuck me up
  • Like tell me that doesn’t hurt just a lil bit like don’t you flinch just a tiny bit seeing how good he looks bc lord knows I do
  • So Tae is an intelligent person but he’s got that natural cuteness and that soft cuddly side and he fucking giggles and just take my heart now
  • People tend to underestimate him and not take him seriously (when they really should) but he uses that to his advantage
  • I mean look at Tae, look at his sweet lil smile, those beautiful eyes and think about his personality and how sweet he is and then tell me your first thought is “pirate”
  • People normally don’t realize it until he’s already won and gotten whatever he had gone in for
  • He plays it up a lot, whenever he knows he’s about to cause some trouble and piss a whole lot of people off, he makes sure to act extra cute and cuddly and play a bit dumb so no one would think twice about him
  • He’s in charge of a few things, he handles most of the recruiting, he handles some of the fight training, he pretty much does a lil bit of everything but his biggest role is to get in and out of places without getting caught by using that charming lil smile of his
  • Also plz plz plz, just picture Tae with a sword at his hip, the fiery red hair and a lil lollipop in his mouth, sitting on the railing of the ship when it’s docked, looking around for any possible recruits or anything that he wanted to take back onto the ship with him
  • It takes him 0.5 seconds to find crew members outside of BTS bc he’s just so lovable and charismatic like I have zero clue what it is about him that just invites people in?? he’s got such a welcoming vibe where you just wanna sit next to him and talk to him and name a person who’s gotten to know him and hasn’t fallen head over heels
  • Need I remind y’all it took Jihan 2 fucking seconds with Tae to be wrapped around his fingers if that doesn’t sum him up what does, all of the Hwarang cast pretty much joined the protect Taehyung squad, he’s got Minjae giving him heart eyes, he’s of course got the boys who just fucking adore him, he’s a hard person to not love
  • So it’s really really easy for him to convince people to join his crew and stick with him and be loyal to him 
  • Ends up finding a parrot along the way and they somehow become best friend and it’s the same parrot that Yoongi is forever arguing with and Tae just sits back and laughs the entire time
  • Has fallen off the ship once or twice
  • Sets off the canon on accident but says it was the parrot
  • Gets so hyped up during every fight like he’s got so much energy as is so when you add in adrenaline, it’s just chaos
  • He’s a quick fighter rather than worrying about force and he smiles the entire time bc he’s having fun and honestly why can I see him and Jimin totally laughing it up together while running away from this huge crowd of pissed off people ready to throw them into the water the first chance they get
  • Lil hint of Jack Sparrow in him with a side of Will Turner and just a pinch of Elizabeth
  • You two are childhood best friends
  • You’ve known him for as long as you could remember and he’d always been there for you and you for him and you both wanted to do it so when he tells you he found a ship, you two don’t really think twice
  • The romance had already started before you two were on a ship together 24/7 so when you then put into the same room sharing the same bed and the same living quarters, the relationship gets even stronger
  • Bc when you’re in that situation, trust is vital
  • You gotta know that Tae’s gonna have your back if anything happens, if another crew attacks or if anything happens that could get you hurt, and he has to know that you have his so the fact that you two have already known and loved each other for so long makes it all so much easier
  • You made a promise as kids to travel the world together and every time the ship docks, Tae takes you out and explores the town with you and you’ll separate at one point to buy each other a tiny gift every time and surprise each other with it when you get back to the boat, it can be just a random trinket, it can be clothing of some sort, it can be anything that reminds you of him and him of you and it’s one of your favorite traditions with each other
  • Ight ight so just picture this with me
  • You buy him this cute lil watch you know he’s gonna love and you’re so excited but he’s so nervous bc he also bought you some jewelry but it’s very different
  • He buys you an engagement ring during that same stop bc you’d been there a couple months ago and he’d seen it and known immediately it was the o n e
  • So he buys it the next time you’re there and he’s getting so so !!! bc he’s already got this plan on how he wants to propose and you have no idea bc you’ve talked about married with him but you weren’t expecting him to just pop the question without dropping a couple hints bc this is Tae he can’t lie to you
  • But then he takes you out to the beach which isn’t anything new, the beach has always been a date spot for the two of you so you think he’s just being romantic and cute and there are rose petals and candles all set up and your heart is melting
  • You start getting suspicious when he keeps checking his pockets, like he’s making sure something is still in there and sure enough, he pulls out the most beautiful ring
  • “You know I’ve technically already said yes, didn’t we ‘get married’ when we were five and you made me that ring out of the cherry stem??”
  • “Then let’s get married again, this time with an actual ring and actual legality”
  • “I like the sound of that”