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I've been rewatching Clueless and obsessing over it more than any normal person would when it occurred to me: Doesn't Josh remind you a little of Jess Mariano? I don't know GG nearly as well as you do, so I wanted to consult an expert. And as someone who loves Austen as much as I do, do you agree that Clueless is a truly classic, fluffy but clever modern Emma adaptation?!

Clueless is one of my favorite romcoms on this earth!!!!! I adore it to pieces, quote it often, watch it whenever it’s on TV despite having owned it on DVD forever, and find excuses to use Clueless reaction gifs in my posts whenever I can.

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It truly is a wonderfully innovative modern adaptation, but I love that while there are quite a few parallels to our beloved Emma, the film and its characters still manage to maintain a 90′s California “as if” uniqueness that’s all their own. It makes everything feel familiar and brand-spanking new all at once. Plus, while Cher is undeniably spoiled and a little out of touch with real life problems, struggles, and people, she’s just as endearing and lovable as Emma Woodhouse in Austen’s novel. And Josh is just as lecturey and, at times, as scolding as Mr. Knightley, but in a I’m-a-college-guy-who’s-broadened-his-mind kind of way?


I mean…

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“Well, you look like Forrest Gump.”

^^THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS I CAN’T TAKE IT. *just leave me here to squeal and diiiiie*^^

And, you know, I never would’ve thought to make a connection between Josh and Jess but it makes a lot of sense to me, too? haha. First off, they both have that artsy, intellectual, don’t-care-if-I-go-against-convention thing about them and it’s obvious they’re both well-read not to mention intrigued by the world around them. More than that, they have a similar look. And I don’t mean the dark hair and expressive eyes (though I suppose that’s another similarity), but in the laidback casual way they dress and the way they navigate life–to the tune of their own beating drum. They’re both humorous in that wry, pointed, provoking manner when they speak as well…

I can’t believe I didn’t notice the similarities before this!?!? (And I know there are probably loads more.) You have such a keen mind! Btw, I think it’s safe to say this ask caused me to obsess just as much as you, if not more haha.

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