my favorite driver

one of my favorite moments in baby driver is when they play baby’s ‘was he slow’ mixtape and everyone goes from being ready to murder baby to being really, really embarrassed for him. bats looks like he can’t even comprehend what he’s hearing. buddy looks personally betrayed that he thought baby was cool when he was actually just a lame nerd this whole time. kevin spacey can barely look at him, and when he does, his expression screams  ‘i can’t believe i ever called you my crime-son. i did not raise you to be this way.’

meanwhile darling’s just over in the corner like ‘THIS IS MY JAAAAAAM’

Now that I seem to have your attention

Can we talk about how well rounded of a movie Baby Driver is? I mean…there’s romance and action sure but there are all these little things underneath it like how even though Baby is “the silent type” he doesn’t stay mute to the point of ridiculousness, Buddy’s character is less stagnant than I had expected it to be and I found myself having several opinions of him throughout the movie but I never thought of him as the bad guy because well ….Baby fucked up…..and and and there was no feeling sorry for him because of it! No excuses made by anyone, he did some asshole things and maybe his hand was situationally forced or what have you but he had consequences. Also don’t even get me started on “Darlin”, she was a prominent female character that was fem as all hell but THAT DIDN’T DIMINISH HER STRENGTH OR MAKE ANYONE RESPECT HER LESS. Except bats but that was kinda the point. MY POINT is that she didn’t have to have a masculine aspect to her for it to make sense that she was a badass…she just was one. Purple boa and lavander manicure and all. And speaking of women Debora wasn’t exactly portrayed as overly helpless either, when push came to shove she HANDLED it . AND ALSO my personal favorite….. They didn’t ride off into the sunset to lead a life of running away. Baby loved her enough to realize that he had to repent for all the chaos before he could be happy with her and make her a safe life somewhere. And that my smol babies…. Is why Baby Driver is my new favorite movie.

When one of your special interests is so weird that you’re pretty sure you’re the only one to have it and to get excited about it :

[gif of a young white girl with a ponytail. She’s saying with a proud smile : “Nobody around here really appreciates my taste in weird stuff.”]


The cast of The Force Awakens (Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Lupita Nyong’o, Oscar Isaac, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Gwendoline Christie, Adam Driver, BB-8, and Mark Hamill) photographed by Marco Grob for Time Magazine