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CS and the Beanstalk / Captain Charming and the Beanstalk

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The beanstalk was my favorite (and lets face it one of the few that I actually liked) moment on the episode, and even though it ended up being pointless because the bean was never used, the purpose of this Captain Charming adventure was to show us Hook’s own closure, which was what the episode tried to be about. Because Emma was far far away handling her own closure with Henry, it was up to Charming to be there for him. As much as I hated the episode having 0.01% of CS, I did love the CS adventure, and was glad that the writers chose to acknowledge that very important milestone for Hook and CS from season 2. 

I especially loved the part about the “trust” and the “boost”. It was so beautiful to see how the suspicion and the doubt that were there with Emma on “Tallahassee” ended up with not only her but her father trusting him completely.


10 (anti) parallels of My most favorite episode / My least favorite episode

Dedicated to my dear BFF @devilishly-handsome-pirate thanks for another great request Querida!

So up until the mid season finale aired, my least favorite episode was “Manhattan”, but after that fiasco we’ve seen in that episode, I had to push it for second place. Now after doing this parallel, I’m glad that I did, because this parallel between the most epic, well built, well presented adventure, and the ridicules episode we’ve seen a few weeks ago had to be made.

During my preparation of the gifs, I came once more to the conclusion that what bothered me the most in that episode was that every single one was acting so out of character besides Regina. 

Emma who was the most unlikely version of princess Emma who grew with her parents, King David and Queen Snow that raise their daughter to give up and surrender,  David in the real reality that yelled at Hook and blamed him for not knowing where Emma might have gone, Hook who seat around waiting for Regina to bring Emma back, all calmed down and relaxed. No one (again, except Regina) was acting like themselves.

On the other hand, the season 3 finale brought out from each character his best version of himself/herself. Especially for Emma and Hook of course. For Emma there was a before and after this adventure. She grew so much and learned about herself and her emotions. Hook was being the hero once more and now in the most epic way to that day.

There’s even nothing to compare between the writing of these two episodes. In the season 3 finale there was so much thought given to every single detail. I don’t think there was one plot hole in it. While in the last episode there were so many things that didn’t add up, and felt like disrespect for the viewers and the fans.

All that is left for me to say is that I wish someday the show will be able to repeat the amazement of the season 3 finale. Nothing will give me more pleasure than to have another episode to call my most favorite and push this one to second place.

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