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OKay!!! So like I'm that one anon that asked about the fake marriage/dating au!! And do you have a good recommendation of one for a person reading them for the first time?!?! I'm am low key really excited about reading one!!! <3

Sure thing! I came across a few of them when I first started reading ML fics and have unfortunately long since forgotten their names, but I went ahead and searched up a few for you <:

The Two Of Us by AnabielVriskaMars 
Summary: Marinette doesn’t have enough funds for college and learns that more financial aid is offered to married couples. Wanting to help her out, Adrien comes up with a plan for them to marry so he can help his friend.
Status: In progress
Comments: Definitely a favorite of mine! So much fluffy cuteness I die. The first time I read it I binged it all night and was smiling so big my cheeks hurt.

Fooling the world (and maybe ourselves) by fullmetalpotterhead
Summary: When four years of fake dating start to catch up to Marinette and Adrien, it seems the only course of action is to take it to the next level.
A fake marriage.
How else are they supposed to get their parents off their backs?
Status: Complete
Comments: I confess I haven’t actually read this fic yet, but it is on my “marked for later” list!

Careful What You Wish For by shima_wishes
Summary: Marinette always wished for Adrien to ask her to be his girlfriend. But when he asks her to pretend to date him for a weekend, she isn’t so sure anymore. She figures, though, that even if her love is unrequited, she can use this opportunity to savour some quality time together with him and finally get over her never-ending, deep-seated crush.Or maybe she’s wrong, and this will go in an entirely different direction.
Status: In progress; unfortunately seemingly abandoned(?)
Comments: Fell in love with this as soon as I read it. It’s one of those fics that make me want to just keep reading, and although it only has two chapters and hasn’t updated in over a year, I still love it a lot ;o; It’s short but it’s something I could definitely see being one of my favorites if it progressed!

Anything for a Friend by rocknrollalien
Summary: Adrien would love it if fangirls left him alone for once in his life, but he knows that this will likely be a problem for as long as he’s single. Nino comes up with a potentially genius plan: just pretend to date a kindhearted classmate, and the problem will go away!Aka Adrien is oblivious and Marinette is too nice for her own good
Status: Complete
Comments: Haven’t finished this fic yet, but I do love where it’s going! (I have a vague feeling I’ve read it before, but I don’t know for sure. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it was one of my fist ML fics and I love it to pieces :D) 

Huawei’s new P10 is the P9 with a little bit of iPhone and 2017 thrown in
The Huawei P9 was one of my favorite phones of 2016, combining rock-solid build quality with a minimalist design and a very attractive price. It was, in many ways, the definition of the flagship phone for those who couldn’t afford or simply didn’t care for all the bells and whistles of a full-on premium device like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S. For its reprise in 2017, Huawei returns with the P10, a phone that’s very much faithful to the P9, though this time it has an extra couple of tricks borrowed from Apple’s iPhone playbook plus an updated spec sheet to make it ready for another tough year of mobile competition. Read more

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A - AGE: ???

B - BIGGEST FEAR: Hmm.. It would either be failure or having my loved ones ignore me


D - DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Chocolate milk (Yoosung would be scared xD)

E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: YouTube and then checking messages

F - FAVORITE SONG: T-T I can’t chose just one song… Right now.. It might be Let’s Kill Tonight by Panic! At The Disco.

G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL: I don’t know… I think I’ve had an experience with a ghost, but I still can’t believe it

H - HOMETOWN: San Juan, Texas

I - IN LOVE WITH: No one real xD

J - JEALOUS OF: Ahahaha…. It’s embarrassing to say. but there’s a few things/people I’m jealous of

K - KILLED SOMEONE: Noooooo totally haven’t killed anybody ^^’

L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Last night. It was for a stupid reason

M - MIDDLE NAME: Monique ////// It doesn’t fit me. I think..

N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: 1, a little brother

O - ONE WISH: I would love to travel the world’ but I’d also like to meet all my internet friends


Q- QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED: What if this haopen instead?

R - REASON TO SMILE: Friends, family, music, fandoms, Tumblr

S - SONG LAST SANG: Ride- Twenty One Pilots

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: I honestly don’t remember


V - VACATION DESTINATION: I would love to go to Japan, especially Kyoto

W - WORST HABIT: Either nail biting or day dreaming too much

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: For my mouth

Y - YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: I don’t think I have a favorite food, but I do like most sweets

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces ^^

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Hello! I love all of your cosplays, but my favorite so far is the Reigen mask. I was wondering what materials you used to make the mask and how much time it took? Thanks!

Materials: Black Foam Board, Rope, Glue (Gorilla, Wood, or Hot Glue works fine), Glue Stick, 11x17 print out

Tools: X-acto Knife, Scissors, Pencil

Time it takes: Couple hours; most time is spent on working on the vector and waiting for the glue to dry

Ok so after seeing Moana on the big screen last night I wanna talk about a couple things I really loved when it came to legit detail-oriented stuff.

• My favorite part when it came to detail was when we got a close-up of Maui’s tattoos, and you could see the slight texture of skin every time. That blew me away, the fact that they made sure to actually make it look like tattoos on skin.
• Also, the cracks and hairs on Tamatoa’s claws when he’s holding Moana. Every time the camera shifted to her in his claws, you could see all the scratches and cracks and little hairs on them.
• I loved the way they did Grandma Tala and her spirit. I love the fact that when she came back as a ray, she has patterns on her just like her tattoo.
• When Maui had the shark head, I noticed the tattoo on his belly also had a shark head. I thought that was a really funny and clever thing.
• They had nipples! And belly buttons! Yeah, the nipples in most cases were under tattoos (ow), but they were still there. The same with the belly buttons, like on the Chief, which made it a little harder to tell if it was actually there or just part of the tattoo. But that was a pretty big thing, IMO
• And last, for Te Ka/Te Fiti. The cracks in Te Ka’s hardened lava, and the way they had the lava flow, was absolutely amazing. And then that transition when she changed was so beautiful and natural. The way the flowers spread across her. Even how she pressed her hand into the hardened lava of the island and it looked like it does when you stick your hand in dirt.

All in all it was such a beautiful movie and I loved it so very much. Definitely expect to see some drawings from me soon.

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Hello :) I just thought about this: didn't Harry gave 5th harmony some great band advice last year? I can't remember what exactly but I think it was something super important regarding the current mess we are in and the smear campaign against the boys - individually but also very much as a band?

Yesssssss, that’s one of my favorites. They’ve spoken a couple times now about that meeting with Harry and the advice he gave them:

Dinah: “As a group, all five of you should be on the same page and the closest things to each other because around all five of you there are going to be people that are going to come and try to snatch you, people are going to try and break you guys apart. So as long as you five are your best friends, that’s the most important.

Normani: “I remember while being on the [X Factor and One Direction] coming to visit… Harry told us to always put one another first and protect each other.

Normani: “I think the day that we met them we were all backstage – we were all kind of scattered. I think we first spoke to Harry and he was basically just encouraging us to always stick together because we’re stronger together, you know?

I think it says a lot about his values and how they’ve approached things behind the scenes. No matter what’s going on, I think they all have each other’s backs in this.

I am all here for Blitz and Hearth kissing for the first time in a time of distress (much like Percabeth’s first kiss) but I think this might be my favorite scenario right now:

Magnus and Hearth have to go one way, Samirah and Blitz have to go another. Magnus is having a heart-to-heart with Sam and they say goodbye. Blitz and Hearth are being their usual selves and talking/arguing. Before Blitz leaves though, he takes a long, meaningful look at Hearth and kisses him.

 It lasts for a few seconds and Hearth kisses him back while Magnus watches them, a bit embarrassed by displays of affection but he’s not going to say anything in this situation. 

They break apart and Blitz leaves with Sam. Magnus goes over to Hearth, snaps him out of an apparent daze and signs, I didn’t know you two were together.

Hands shaking a little, Hearth signs back, Neither did I.

This is my upcoming project in 2017 and this doujin/comic series is STRICTLY SFW so expect only romantic comedy and all that jazz. Although I might throw in fan service in there sometimes.

Now about the comic, as you can see this series is heavily inspired from Gooberman’s Dating a Team Magma Grunt and it’s been one of my favorite fan comic series that I’ve read of all time (sadly it got postponed for a couple of years)  and the story of “My Girlfriend’s a Hex Maniac” is a romantic comedy series that focuses on Calem’s relationship with the nameless Hex Maniac and her eccentricities.

The series will be released around early 2017 and each chapters are 12-20 pages long. Hope you enjoy the series when it’s released : D

note: If you like this project and everything that I do, please support me on Patreon because it would help me out a lot. Thank you for giving time to read this every body and have a nice day~


My three favorite couples, Korrasami, Amerikate and Bubbline.

I has been pretty uncomfortable with my art the last days, struggling with the comic pages, and that sucks. So, i decided give me a break, and back to my “happy zone”, and drawing my favorite things, to get back my confidence.

I must say, the excercise works pretty good.

If you like girl love, you can give a chance to “The order of Belfry” @belfryknights my webcomic proyect.

Thanks for all the support and hi to all the new followers!!

Ever since discovering it a couple of years ago, Hotline Miami has mercilessly beaten its way to the spot of my 2nd favorite game of all time, only beaten by Super Metroid. 

Thanks Dennaton Games for making the most addictingly brutal game I’ve ever played. 

Miyano Mamoru - Identity English & Romaji lyrics

Watch the official MV here on King Records YouTube Channel to show your support. ♡
Feel free to let me know if you see any errors. Lyrics originally in English are in italics. ^^


(I am me, I am me
A song for just the two of us
I am me, I am me
A song for just the
I am me, I am me
A song for just the two of us
I am me, I am me
I was born this way for you)

A love song unknown to even poets
Yet unforgotten, even after hundreds of years have passed
It makes my heart tremble (touch of heart)
A reincarnating love sickness
This world exhausts my body
And I mourn for my fleeting love
Secret, and hidden away (broken heart)
Cruelly fated to weeping

You’re my first love
You’re the one in my life

I devote to you my scattering and ephemeral love

No matter what I must part with
Even if this wish never reaches you
I can’t stop, I won’t turn back anymore
I never got over you
This body, this heart
Will continue to love you with all it has left
If that is the proof that I’m still living

Love you now and forever
I found my identity
Love you now and forever
I found my identity

If I can believe that even this rendezvous
Where we come together, is done for you
I can forget even the pain of it, love is pain
So for now, cease your crying

Oh, springtime thunder in the distance
Awaken a tempest
And obliterate our sealed fate

If I hold you like I’m praying
Would I be able to erase
That person still living in your heart?
I never got over you
Your smile, your warmth
I love them even though I can’t feel them
If that is the proof that I’m still living

Love you now and forever
I’ll go on living for you
Love you now and forever
I’ll go on living for you

My vow to no longer cross paths with you, and my eternal love,
I can at least pour them into this poem, and send it to you

No matter what I must part with
Even if this wish never reaches you
I can’t stop, I won’t turn back anymore
I never got over you
This body, this heart
Will continue to love you with all it has left
If that is the proof that I’m still living

Love you now and forever
I found my identity
Love you now and forever
I found my identity


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Hi there! I was wondering if you had anything for childhood best friends who grow up and realize they're in love? I've been looking everywhere but nothing has really tickled my fancy! Thanks so much!

Themed Prompts: Childhood Best Friends Realize They are in Love

1. They haven’t seen each other for an extended period of time and seeing each other again, sparks fly.

2. They go through old pictures, all nostalgic, and realization comes.

3. One of them starts seeing someone else. Cue jealousy.

4. Everyone assumes they are a couple already. 

5. One of them is trying to find a relationship for the other and in the process realizes they are perfect for each other.

6. Fake dating! (This is my all-time favorite trope.)

7. They decide to get married because convenience.

8. Someone asks one of them to list the good things about the other.

9. They are separated for some time and just exchange letters/calls and it’s like getting to know each other all over again.

10. They are playing lovers in a play/movie.

11. They move in together and that changes their dynamic.

12. Truth or Dare. Spin the Bottle. 7 Minutes in Heaven… You know what I’m getting at.

13. They are forced to take care of an animal or a child together.

14. Magical means reveal what they mean to each other.

15. Kissing practice.

“Baby, I’m on the phone”.

Drabble game. Prompt #16 Im Jaebum: Smut

Requested by my babe @annjaee

He was finally coming home. It had been a long and lonely couple of weeks without him while he toured and you were so anxious to feel him hold you close.

You had spent all day making the apartment ready for his return. It was clean, there were candles lit all around, you even wore his favorite matching set of lingerie. You planned on a long night of passion starting as soon as he walked through the door, to make up for lost time.

You heard him fiddling with the keys before turning the knob and pushing the door open. Your heart pounded with pure excitement.

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It’s a few pages later and he’s drawing Tony from memory when a waitress walks by to refill his coffee and peeks over his shoulder. - All Roads

They have a vintage poster of Captain America on the wall, very like the one that Tony had had as a child. - Unweaving by Night

steve and tony, at different points in time at the same cafe - still thinking about each other. ;) holy moly this took forever for me to get started but THIS WAS INSPIRED BY A COUPLE OF MY FAVORITE POST-CW FICS written by the absolutely incredibly lastdream on ao3!! All Roads & Unweaving by Night (links embedded above) are Steve’s and Tony’s perspectives respectively post-CW and they are both so painfully beautiful (+ sad!!!) fics that I highly recommend you read!

Richonne: The Perfect Fairytale

So I was watching my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, when I realized “Tale As Old As Time” is about Richonne!

Let me break it down (minus the “beauty and the beast” part ‘cause we all know Michonne is beauty and Rick is beast):

“Tale as old as time

True as it can be

Barely even friends

Then somebody bends


Alright so this one’s all Rick. I mean this scene right here is him bending just enough for us to see how much he wants her for himself. There was no Carl to pin it on, no hallucinations to blame, no “something else”, it was all him. And, yeah, unexpected because Rick never had, and never has, said something like this to anyone else, only Michonne.

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“Just a little change

Small to say the least

Both a little scared

Neither one prepared…”

At this point, everybody knew Rick and Michonne had each other’s backs except themselves. These admissions to each other were a small yet significant step. They spoke what had been unspoken for the longest time. It was them admitting the each other that they were each other’s vulnerability. It was them pushing past their fear and opening up to each other. Nobody could be prepared for something so beautiful.

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“Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before

Ever just as sure

As the sun will rise”

Sigh. Yeah, this just describes Richonne to a T. They stayed true to themselves AND accepted the other fully and unconditionally before, during, and after taking a huge step in their relationship. I mean, how many couples can say that? My god, these two just came together so perfectly. Just totally and utterly…perfect.

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“Tale as old as time

Tune as old as song

Bittersweet and strange

Finding you can change

Learning you were wrong”

Bittersweet indeed. This is the first half of Season 7 for Richonne in a nutshell. They say you find out a lot about another person in a time of crisis. Richonne found their weakness, admitted they were wrong, and decided to change together. It takes an unbelievably strong couple to do that and Richonne is that couple.

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“Certain as the sun

Rising in the east

Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme…

They may have been broken, they may have a long way to go, but they’ll make it through. As long as they have each other, anything is possible. 

Rick and Michonne, the stuff fairy tales are made of.

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