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Hi hi! D'you think you could write angst/fluff for a ship of your choice?

I can do some angst! With my favorite angst couple IwaOiSuga

“Koushi you’re pushing yourself.” Iwaizumi said sadly, watching Suga pull on workout clothes.

“I’m not.” Suga angrily pushed his shirt over his pregnant stomach. This was their do-over child, their second chance, and he was taking his pregnancy too seriously, exercising, eating the right amount of calories, making sure things were perfect so they could have a healthy child.

“You’re going to hurt yourself.” Oikawa said softly. Little did all three know Hikaru was standing outside the door. He had witnessed everything, the fighting between his parents, the crying that Suga would do over the course of the day. He started acting out over the recent months in order to get them to stop fighting and turn their attention on him.

“I’m not. Just move, I know how much to exercise, I’m not stupid.”

“Koushi you collapsed last time you came home and you had to go to the hospital!” Oikawa shouted.

Hikaru squeezed his eyes shut and covered his ears, sliding down the wall.

“We’re not going to let you go out for a run. You could collapse in the middle of it and we won’t be there to help you.” Iwaizumi said.

“I don’t care. I need to exercise, I need to be healthy.”

“You are! You’re perfectly healthy please,-”

“Daddy.” Hikaru finally appeared behind Oikawa in the doorway, tears shining in green eyes. “Please don’t fight, I can’t take it anymore!”

“See what you’re doing.” Oikawa spat, picking Hikaru up even though he was almost eight years old. Hikaru started crying into his hands and Suga’s face softened.

“Hikaru…” He came over and touched his son’s cheek.

“Please don’t go daddy.” Hikaru sniffed and Suga’s bottom lip wobbled slightly.

“I’m sorry baby.” He nuzzled Hikaru’s cheek and kissed his temple, promising not to go running. Iwaizumi crossed his arms over his chest and sighed,

WCTH Rewatch - 1x01

The opening is so reminiscent of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (which I LOVE).

Elizabeth is so incredibly unprepared for what faces her in Coal Valley.  She has zero skills and is in way over her head.

“I’m the new constable of Coal Valley.”  Hot.

Jack and Elizabeth officially meeting is so cute.  Until Jack discovers the truth behind his assignment.  Uh oh!  I love some good tension though and their little spat is so fun.  Couples who bicker are my favorite kind of couples.

Jack chopping wood and Elizabeth fanning herself… the best.

The fact that Jack’s mother was a teacher is one of my favorite things too (although I feel like my idea of who she’d end up being was not who she turned out to be).  He recognizes teaching as an honorable profession and has respect for her even if they’re butting heads.

The whole ‘Forgive me, Pa’ plank thing is sad.  Everyone in town desperately wants it to belong to them so they have something to hold on to.

I miss the diary entries/letters.  It was a nice insight into what Elizabeth is thinking.  I love that she writes to tell Julie about the handsome and annoying Mountie.  Too cute!

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I'm so in on this hair appreciation club! We can make a game. 5 points for each time his hair looks fluffy AF, 10 points for each time it's perfectly styled.... for each time Tessa's hands get wrapped in it? ALL THE POINTS!!. okay but really I'm being silly. Thanks for being one of my favorite blogs these past couple of days.

Yes more club members!!! and I will play this game with you!!Help you keep track of these points!! 😎 have a feeling Tessa will get “all points” tomorrow lol. Thank you so much, really means a lot ❤️


Boy Meets World - Shawn and Angela 

Sergeant Moore (Angela’s father): “Fill me in on this Shawn Hunter will you, Mr. Feeny?”

Mr. Feeny: “Well I have seen Shawn overcome every obstacle life has thrown at him and grow up to be one of the finest young men that I know. Shawn is a deeply sensitive and caring individual. And I’ve never seen him as happy as when he’s in the company of your daughter. And I always thought that Angela felt the same way.”

“And the thing is, I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?”
“I’m starting too..”
-all at once, everything is different, now that I see you 

FINALLY DONE! Took the span of a week. Colored pencils for rapunzel and Flynn, spectrum noir markers for the base of their hair, watercolor background with acrylic paint for the lanterns. 11"x14" on mixed media paper.