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I’m a girl that LOVES angst and fights between couples but usually hates how writers choose to depict such scenes on screen. Up until now my only favorite on screen couple fight lines were these: “Were are you going?” “Home, away. I don’t know, I’m having trouble to even looking at you right now.” because it immediately strikes a cord you know? But then tonight’s episode of Riverdale came and Bughead’s fight was everything I could ask for. “To think I was gonna pass moving to Toledo with my family for you.” The line alone, along with Jughead’s hushed “for you” pierces right through the heart; the despair with which he says it, the disappointment in his voice that he had invested his future into somebody that he never thought was going to let him down is trully so deliciously painful to watch. The ground gets pulled from under his feet once again, hope brings him misery once again and this is so obvious in his statement, in his tone of voice, his facial expression, his posture. And then Betty’s teary and surprised “oh” comes, trembling out of her lips, and you can sense the moment she realizes that he’d always put her first and made decisions considering the both of them, a realization that stings at the moment because he seems regretful that he did so considering that her trust to him was easily bended. There’s an intensity in the fight, the same intensity that colors their feelings towards each other, and it went perfectly with the mentallity that is Betty and Jughead. 


A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)


They say that we should love our self first before other people learn to love us. but it’s not as easy as it seems. sometimes, we need someone to accept us and love us first. then, we would learn to see ourselves through that person’s eyes and learn to love our self…


The “me” couple are not really partners. They may love each other; they may be happy enough. But they don’t operate as effectively in love or work as the “we” couple. The “we” couples are unquestionably a team. You see it in their body language and especially in their speech. And when they have successes or problems they view it as something happening to both of them. 

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a nice image

jack as an old man, sitting in a rocking chair in his den, embroidering a little hockey stick & puck on a hat he made for his grandson. bitty comes in to bring him lemonade and the he sits beside jack in a big comfy arm chair and watches reruns on the travel channel. he points out all the places theyve been to like rome and paris and london and jack just listens to the stories of his life with the man he loves and reminisces.