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Animals Ch 3

Dean and the Reader start trying to get pregnant and get way more than they bargained for.

Dean and Reader, Sam and Jess, John and Mary, Cas Novak

warnings: A/B/O mechanics, knotting, smut, Dean being cute af, huge surprise - 

Chapter One Chapter Two

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Animals Maroon 5

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              It had been six months since that night and both of us decided to not force anything. We just enjoyed each other with no protection. Whatever would happen would happen, this heat was brutal. It had been only three days into it and both Dean and I were beyond exhaustion. It was close to dinner so Dean decided to go make dinner while I decided on a hot shower. My muscles ached from all the activity between us but it gave us a chance to grow closer and know each other better.

              I turned on the radio station and then stepped into the hot spray letting it loosen up my muscles. I grabbed my body wash and massaged it into my skin when ‘Animals’ by Maroon 5 came on. I heard the door open and close, I could feel another round coming on automatically. I felt arms wrap around me and pull me to him, kissing up my neck column.

              “Damn it y/n, you got me hard again” I put my hands on the shower wall pushing myself against his hips. He knew I was ready so he thrust in and started pounding into me. Just feeling his body move with precision and power against me made the end come that quick, but for some reason I felt like this was it. It was going to happen; my body went into bliss as I felt him come locking us together. “I think it happened Dean, I’m positive” He kissed the side of my head and waited until he could pull up and then cleaned us off again.

              I got dressed and went into the kitchen seeing Dean still damp from the shower, just in a pair of jeans, nothing else. Just looking at him could make me cum, I wondered how lucky I got with him as my Alpha. “Something smells good” “I did make your favorite, bacon cheese burgers with sweet potato fries” I kissed him gently and went into the living room with my food.

              I bit into the burger and hummed, Dean was an amazing cook. “Babe these are awesome” He sat next to me eating his own burger and happy at his skills as a cook. I looked outside to see the snow still falling, maybe it would turn into a blizzard and we could just cuddle and just relax. Once I finished, I laid on my back with my head in Dean’s lap. He ran his fingers through my hair, relaxing until my next cramp would start.

              After this last heat, I felt different, like something had changed. I could only hope that I was right about that feeling. Jess brought Marie over for the day, the boys had a few things they had to attend with John, Mary was coming over later. I never had a family like this, they were so loving and gentle. I couldn’t have been any happier with my pack. I found a recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate, so I wanted to try it.

              I was hoping it would help my queasy stomach, chocolate always helped when I wasn’t feeling well. I heard the front door open, and saw Jess with a bundled-up Marie in her arms. “Hi baby girl! Wanna come see your favorite auntie?” Her chubby fingers reached out for me, and of course happily took her into my arms, kissing her all over her face making her giggle. “So how is plan pup going?” “I have a really good feeling”

              For most of the day, we sat and talked about everything going on with the packs and the new laws going up because of what happened with me and Dean. Once Mary had joined us with a full cooker of beef stew and biscuits, which were absolutely delicious, she too had asked about plan pup. “Your Dean’s mom, this feels weird to talk about” “I wasn’t going to say anything but when I walked in I noticed something different, like a glow” Jess quickly agreed, saying the same thing.

              “We did buy tests just in case, I guess I’m going to find out huh?” “When was your last heat?” I thought back and my eyes widened. “It’s been about six weeks, I didn’t notice it though” “It’s ok honey, it’s been very hectic the last few weeks.” I had made up my mind right then that I would take the test with them here, I really needed the support. I chugged a bottle of vitamin water and took two tests, hoping it was what I had hoped. I set the timer on my phone and went back out to see that Dean, Sam and John sitting in the living room.

              They were happily eating, not knowing what was going on. I wrapped my arms around his neck, breathing in his scent and relaxing. I kissed him on the cheek, and mumbled a ‘hey babe’ into his neck. I wasn’t sure how long I stayed that way, but my timer went off and I had a good feeling about this. I walked into the bathroom to see two pink signs greeting me. “Dean! I need your opinion on something” I could feel the tears gathering in my eyes, I was so happy right now.

              “Everything ok babe?” I grabbed the tests and held them up “What do you think daddy?” “Wait really? Your…” I nodded finally letting the tears fall. He picked me up and spun me in a circle, I could see the tears in his eyes as well. He got on his knees, lifting my shirt up and putting his forehead against my stomach. “I think we have some news to share” He got back up again, kissing me with every happiness and contentment he could give. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out to where everyone was.

              I saw Mary look first and I just nodded sharing our secret without any words. “Really? You’re sure?” John just watched the scene and looked a little lost at what was going on. “John” he looked at me and I winked “How would feel about being a grandpa again?” “Wait. Seriously?” Everyone else finally figured out was happening, we got hugs and tears. For the rest of the night we celebrated and cherished the new life in my womb.

              We made an appointment the next day to make sure everyone was healthy. Cas had offered to be my doctor, he knew my health the most so of course I accepted. They squirted the cold gel on my stomach and started moving the ultra sound until there it was, the heartbeat. It was strong and healthy, more importantly it was just there. “There is your baby, healthy and strong” He printed out the pictures and made the dvd with the heartbeat. “Thanks Cas” “My pleasure”

              Once we made it home, I started feeling a little queasy so I changed into my pajamas and snuggled into bed. Dean made me a cup of tea and joined me, for most of the night we just snuggled and watched old westerns on the television. We were just content in knowing that we were going to be a family, I was so blessed to have him in my life.

              Throughout the pregnancy, he was there for every moment and every appointment. We were a little shocked when we found out that we were having twins, we were having two boys. I couldn’t be any happier than I was right now. When we told everyone about what we had found out, they all congratulated us and even threw me a baby shower later in the pregnancy. I was concerned that I wouldn’t have a healthy pregnancy with my age, but things were amazing.

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              The twins decided to come on a warm late summer night, Dean had bought me a blow-up kiddy pool to keep cool and for Marie to have fun too. I went to get out of the pool and had a band of pain come around and informed Dean it was show time. Once he straightened his head out, we left for the hospital. I sent some texts to everyone saying it was time, and got promises to be there.

              It was a hard labor but when my boys arrived all my cares went right out the window. Once they were cleaned and brought back, we talked about names. I could see the differences in them, one had sandy blonde hair and y/e/c, the other had green eyes and y/c/h. We decided on Noah Jacob and Michael James. When everyone had a chance to see them and us, the door was shut and the lights shut off. It was just the four of us, I was holding Noah and Dean had Michael.

              “Thank you” “Shouldn’t I be thanking you? You did find me?” He just chuckled and shook his head. I was so blessed to have the men in my life that I did, I was so happy with my family, my pack. I was released the next day, and was shocked when we came out to see a mini-van with streamers on it and congrats painted. I was so overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness of this gift, we put the twins in their car seats and headed home.

              We put them in the nursery and went to the living room, we snuggled and just relished in the peace and quiet. “I love you Dean” “Not as much as I love you” I fell asleep snuggled up next to my Alpha, the man I loved with everything I had.

Time Skip

              The twins were amazing, over the next year Dean and I watched our boys grow. It was their first birthday today so of course there was a huge party being thrown for them. The boys had a meeting with Crowley so Jess had come over with Marie, it was a very warm day so we had the kiddie pool full of cold water and a few toys to have fun with.

              We sat there laughing at the kids splashing and laughing, I decided to join them so I got into the pool splashing and tickling the boys along with Marie. We were having so much fun that we didn’t know the boys had come home. I heard Mikey yelling ‘dadadada’ so I looked up and there he was leaning down to pick him up, tickling him as he started giggling at his daddy.

              He leaned down and kissed me happily, then started getting splashed by Noah. “You feeling left out baby boy?” He bent down to pick him up so I splashed him after that we just went wild, Sam came out and laughed at the scene in front of him. We brought the kids back in to get a nap before the huge party coming later. I plunked down on the couch rubbing my stomach as our little girl started kicking.

              “I love watching you with the twins, but I can’t wait until this little girl comes” He was rubbing my stomach just smiling at thought that we had made another little one. I looked over at him, and just smiled kissing him gently. “I’m going to say it again, thank you! You’ve made me happier than I thought I could be. I wouldn’t have you, our boys and now a little girl on the way” “I’m so happy Sam talked me into going for a beer that day. I never thought I would find my soulmate, but now I’m so happy. Thank you for dealing with me” I kissed him again before muttering ‘ditto baby’

Epilogue Coming soon!

Kim Seokjin Appreciation Post

First of all, you ARMY’s need to show more appreciation to our beloved Jin. This is the main reason why I made this; my friends didn’t appreciate him. It hurt me when I overheard them saying that BTS would be perfectly fine if not better without him, and it’s heart breaking. Imagine how Jin feels when he reads all the hate or notices how no one ever appreciates him. 

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Second, how can you not love him?

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Look at this guy, he’s adorable.

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Look at his faceu, so beautiful (did I mention this is my favorite version of Jin?)

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Just look at him! How can you not like this awkward person??

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He absolutely loves food, I think we can all relate?

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He is a meme just like everyone else.

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What about his awesome dance moves?

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His clumsiness is cute.

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And yes, he can be quite sexy.

BTS would not be the same without eomma Jin; he cooks for them, he takes care of him, he treats them like his family as do the others. Same goes for any other band, be it kpop or not, the members were there for a reason. There is a reason why a member was placed in a group. 

If you haven’t fallen in love with him or even appreciate him just a tad now, your seriously missing out. 

Please appreciate him, just like any other members of any other group.