my favorite companions


very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far


In Guild Wars 2 there is a Sylvari NPC character, named Canach that is part of your party who initially was an antagonist in an earlier part of the game. You fight him and he gets imprisoned. Circumstances change where he is forced to
join your party and now he is out for redemption.
He’s still snarky and funny but his character has evolved.
I would love it if there was a future companion like that in DA4. We sort of had that with Zevran in Origins but it would be nice if they did that again in a future game.

Mod Note: Hey Confessor I am a Guild Wars 2 player too. I definitely agree about Canach. He is my favorite companion in the group currently.  -SMC

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Bruh I just came across your blog and it's fabulous. What's your opinion on all the more main characters in each race of the present day in BotW (so Sidon, Yunobo, Riju, and Teba)? I absolutely love all of them.

I love them all! Like, wow, so much. (also thank you!!)

But here we go, I’ll do in order of when I met them:

Sidon: He is so positive?? And pure?? Like, what? He grew on me super fast, and I always go back to Zora’s Domain to visit him. I need me some emotional support like that in my life. Also the segment when we ride him is honestly my favorite companion moment in the game, it was so much fun. 100% super in love with Link.

Yunobo: I loved him from the start. He is such a sweetheart, the actual embodiment of a cinnamon roll. He is such a nervous bean and needs to be protected at all costs. Link and him are best friends, fight me.

Teba: Tbh I was actually surprised they would include a married companion. After Sidon and Yunobo I though everyone was a single pringle. It was actually super cute, and I love his family, they’re adorable. He is adorable. 

Riju: Get this girl a medal, goddamn. To be able to successfully rule over a people is impressive enough, to do it when you're 13 is a goddamn gift. I love her so much, like wow. Her people adore her, and she is incredibly intelligent and knows when to make tough calls, at her age is just amazing. Can’t drive a sand seal for shit though.


I love how replayable the games are, especially Origins! In Origins, I never learned much about Leliana and didn’t bring her with me, only for her to be both my favorite companion and love interest the second time around! In my first playthrough of II, I never even met Isabela. In my second, she ran away and never came back, and I kind of disliked her. When in my 3rd game, I romanced her in trying to keep her to stay, she became my favorite

Thank you Pokemon Sun and Moon for such an amazing character!! Lillie is, without a doubt, my favorite companion in the Pokemon Series!!!

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Piper Wright reacting to Magnolia flirting with her s/o (I frickin love you)

I frickin’ love you too bby~

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She’s not jealous, what are you saying? She’s soo not jealous.
That’s a lie because Piper is totally jealous when she overhears Magnolia start a ‘friendly conversation’ with you. Her flirting is obvious but somehow goes over your head as you compliment the singer, mentioning how much you enjoyed her performance and when she asks if you wanted a private performance Piper chimes in immediately, wrapping her arms around your waist and asking if you wanted a drink. She tries not to be obvious when she sends a small glare towards Magnolia.


While I overall love the game, I was very disappointed by the contextual dialogue when you have Cassandra in your party. She is my favorite companion, yet, when I bring her, she is basically giving a tutorial for people for whom this is their first Dragon Age game, or never read the codexes at least. Tutorials should be optional in a way that doesn’t involve leaving my waifu at home!