my favorite companions

Confession: I’ve been thinking of which is my favorite companion in dai i have my answer. I first thought it was cassandra but then i started to like dorian. But blackwall is my favourite. I don’t know why but i think it’s because of his story and the way he just is. Before the revelation, he hides everything and he suffers so much in secret. After the revelaton he showes a deep regret on his actions and a deep self-hatred. And when you see the banters he haves with the rest of the companions, you can see all that regret. They say the most cruel stuff to him. Even if everything they say is true it’s still cruel. And he doesn’t try to defend himself or argue with them. He accepts everything they say, he carryies all that pain with him and only asks is for forgiveness, even if they don’t give it to him, he still accepts it and carries with that self-hatred. Sometimes i wish i could enter the game just to give him a hug in an attempt to help him recover a bit.


very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far


Here’s the jeffmads song part 2, from James’ perspective!

I used the same chords but constructed a less funny and probably sadder song!

But wow, I didn’t think it would end up at almost 5 minutes…

That aside, this is “With Me”! Enjoy!

Garrus is my absolute favorite companion in the Mass Effect series.  I am totally convinced that Garrus and Shepard are soulmates, whether platonic or otherwise.  He’s the one who never doubts Shepard even for a minute, is by their side from the very beginning, and trusts them 100% no matter what.  (Plus, WHAT IS WITH THAT SEXY VOICE?? AUGH!!)

If only Turians didn’t look like dinosaur-bird people he’d basically be the perfect guy.  Welp… it’s what’s on the inside that counts!(>▽<)

Also, this is my first time drawing Garrus.  Drawing his face and armor scares me because dinosaur-bird alien, so a silhouette is the closest I’ve come so far.  XD


Twelve Days of Twelve - Day 3

Team TARDIS - Clara is my favorite companion for Twelve.  Her chemistry and bond with him was a joy to watch in Seasons 8 & 9.  He goes through hell, literally, mourning her death for 4.5 Billion Years because he loves her so much and he does anything to get her back.  He wrote a love song and called it “Clara” even though he couldn’t remember much about the woman that inspired it.  We know he recognizes her name, now, and that he remembers her face since he saw her in his memories.  Can’t wait to see them reunited!!!

Thank you Pokemon Sun and Moon for such an amazing character!! Lillie is, without a doubt, my favorite companion in the Pokemon Series!!!

Cora Harper

Let me yell for a second about my favorite biotic cinnamon roll, ok.

It would have been easy, *so easy*, to make her into the petty bitchy rival, or the ice queen who’s just there because she has to be. But she isn’t. Yeah, she’s hurt about Alec’s death–of course she is, he was her mentor as well as her leader–and torn up that he picked Ryder as Pathfinder over her. Honestly, who wouldn’t be? But never, not *once* does she take it out on Ryder. Not once. In fact, in her own way, she steps right up to support them when they need her, though they barely know each other. And not because she has to, or because it’s her duty as the Pathfinder’s second. Because that’s genuinely the kind of person she is. Beneath the asari commando is a genuinely kind, warm person who wants to help people, even though she was rejected and treated as dangerous because of her biotic ability. 

And I’ll personally punch any motherfucker who says otherwise.

Moana: Treasure Trove, Part 3

Here it is: the grand finale.


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