my favorite commercial ever

what the fuck was this got7 est cola commercial i mean

literally where tf are they and why they end up at some Stonehenge looking shit

i’m jb tbh

you would think that for being in the desert they would have a tan but no they got them as white as their hair smdh 

yugyeom in the back like “yah youngjae what else that mouth do”

mark looking like that kid who watches anime and so some douche kids pick on him and wanna fight so mark squares up only to deadass pull out some sick anime fighting moves and people kinda scared bc they think he’s crazy

here we have mark regretting every life choice he has made to lead him to this point. he is looking up to the heavens like @ god why did i sign that contract all those years ago. jinyoung about to nut over some est cola literally i think he is seducing the bottle and me lowkey and yugyeom dead eyed,, he just wants to dance

got7 on their way to fucc ur bitch

his body reaching for the bottle but his eyes are reaching out for help

THEY LITERALLY LEFT JACKSON BEHIND IN THE DESERT AND HE LIKE “yall did the most™ for no reason watch this”

jackson drinking anything but water and no fat no carb no sugar no salt no artifical flavor bland ass plant based milk we are hashtag blessed

this commercial saved me i will never stop laughing thanks got7


(do not repost) uploading this super old comic based on my all-time favorite commercial ever in case you guys need something to cheer you up! also still digging the idea that iwa-chan and ushi becomes good buddies…..


thought i’d bring this back for the people who haven’t seen it yet. one of my favorite commercials ever.

i want them to do another one of these with the uswnt, that would be perfect



This commercial is one of my favorites, ever.

But it is November fucking 13th and there is no good fucking reason why it should already be on fucking television.

I could tell you all about Tyler Seguin. I could tell you about his goal scoring prowess. And his blistering speed. I could tell you he’s poised to become one of the most exciting players to watch in the National Hockey League. I could tell you all these things. But it’d be best if he just shows you

Dallas Stars commercial

I think this has become my favorite commercial ever