my favorite colour


“What would I do without you?” I crouch down and squeeze her in a hug, as I do seeing our whole life together: her tiny infant toes and scalp that smelled like baby powder; the first time she tottered over to me; the first time she rode a bike and fell and scraped her knee, and when I saw all that blood on her, I almost died from fright, and I carried her all the way home. And I see beyond it, strangely, glimpses of her in the other direction: Izzy grown tall and gorgeous with one hand resting on a steering wheel, laughing; Izzy wearing a long green dress and picking her way in heels toward a waiting limousine on her way to prom; Izzy loaded down with books as the snow swirls around her, ducking into a dorm, her hair a golden flame against the white.

Give me your love by making me coffee when I’m tired, by painting my room’s walls in my favorite colours, by driving me to lonely spots and asking me about the stars. Give me your love by bringing in tissues when I cry, by making food for me at night, by doing my laundry when my head hurts, by writing poetry for me. Give me your love in small doses and give me your love in an honest fashion. I don’t want you to bring me a fancy car, I don’t want you to buy me a huge house. I just want your love in a subtle, fulfilling manner.
ΩPlease don't dawdle, Alice! We're very late, indeed!

Got my first mechanical keyboard~ my brother (who is a game programming/photography/film/mechanical keyboard nerd) is going to leave after summer to study film abroad. As a goodbye gift he figured out what my favorite key were, what colours I liked and managed to put this together for me. I absolutely love it. From the vaporwave colours to the green switches to the light-up keys with faces. I’ve got the best brother I could wish for.