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I am a huge Dumbledore fan, I have loved him ever since the start of the series and I love him even more at the end. And I get furious when people blame him for things that aren’t his fault and hate him for things that he didn’t do. I especially hate bashing of any kind especially when they try to make Dumbledore be evil. He has his flaws but I’ll defend him to the death most of the time, out of all the HP characters he’s my baby.

However, the one thing I keep thinking about is the whole Willow/Werewolf prank. As much as I love Dumbledore, I can’t get over this. Every time I think about it I feel bad for Snape and find myself going “Albus…WTF?!” I can defend Dumbledore from a lot of accusations using canon, but I CANNOT defend this. Albus, what the hell? Snape isn’t my favorite but he’s still a kid who almost died! Merlin’s beard, man, what were you thinking?! Now I love Sirius to pieces, but his little ass needed to get expelled or locked up for that crap. JK Rowling, I keep thinking about this scene and I need you to come up with an explanation for this, something so I can get it out of my head. Unfortunately, this confession may attract Dumbledore bashers (I pray not), I will always love him. But gods dammit if this scene doesn’t make me want to throttle him. What was his reason? I really need a canon reason why this happened, and a good one. The whole “he favored Gryffindor” deal that haters use isn’t good enough for me. Nobody favors a house to that extent, it’d be bad business.

Things I learned while watching the SDR2 stage show:

I shall preface this with the fact that I was an actor working in private theater companies all throughout high school and into college. I studied theater to a point before stepping away to pursue my main goals. I’m not saying this to insinuate I am better than you at understanding acting, far from it. I just am stating this simply because I look at a lot of theater productions from a very different and strange point of view.

Here we go:

  • The actor who played Komaeda was REALLY good.
  • The way they wrote Komaeda in the stage show was REALLY good.
  • I love that they wrote the characters to do other things instead of just listen to whomever is speaking. There are side conversations and mini plots that are never picked up on, but you know they occur because all characters don’t focus on one person the whole time like in the game.
  • Koizumi. I still love her. She’s my favorite SDR2 character and forever will be. 
  • Saionji, moving on up. She was adorable.
  • Tsumiki, ALSO moving up. Didn’t like her all that much in the game, but I’m growing to really like her. 
  • Pekoyama was played by a woman who NAILED her mannerisms, but she sounded like she had Jess’ nose infection.
  • Compared to theater in America I found the overall experience to be quite pleasing. The use of sound effects was much more common here and I feel like it was an absolute NIGHTMARE for the crew to handle all the lighting while following along with the stage direction. 
  • That being said, the hair effect was weird for Kamukura. They did a good job with the wigs. Woulda preferred a wig.
  • The guy who played Hanamura was not a great actor. Jess accurately described him as having a mush mouth. That being said, I don’t think he needed to be a good actor. He couldn’t take a fall all that well…and I think that has more to do with his body type than anything. He was a larger guy and speaking from experience…its hard for bigger people to take a fall. He seemed more awkward than the rest, but it added a type of charm to his character. I felt bad for him in the stage show….I’ve hated him everyone else, haha.
  • I felt bad that a lot of characters got swept under the rug because of the time constraint. Nidai had the most content cut from his character and while I liked his actor (he had a cool voice), his character ultimately suffered for it. You knew very little about him.
  • Gundam was great. They cast him near perfectly. 
  • Nanami was great, Hinata was great, a lot of characters really nailed their stuff. 

I used to constantly head to the theater when I was in the States and this was my first time heading back to see any sort of production. I was very impressed. I’m sure there is more that I’ll most likely think about after I post this, and I may talk more about it in the future, but I think I’ll end it here for now. Its a long enough post, haha.   

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I've been following you since homestuck (like many others I'm sure haha) and have yet to not be entirely jazzed every time you post another song for a new fandom I'm in, but never have I been as excited for one as I am about that TaZ song oh boy, thank you so much for creating so many amazing things!! What are some of your favorite characters?

Thanks so much! Glad to have u along for the ride on my fandom hopping lol. :)

If you mean for taz, Taako is my big time fav obviously, followed by angus and lucretia, but i honestly love all the characters TvT

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Coco adel might be my favorite character and I'm mad because she only has like ten minutes of screentime in total. I mean I get it, the show isn't called CVFY but still. The sass is real with her.

It’s the risk you take when you make a side character your favorite. When Once Upon a Time first came out I got real attached to Cinderella’s character and then she just…vanished. Since then I make sure to stick to main characters as favorites. Lucked out with RWBY cause I love all 4.

1140 Headcanon Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

I just want to say thank you so much for being faithful followers! Even though I have been distant lately, due to a nasty breakup and me moving getting settled into my new place you all have been showing me love and kindness. Now its my turn to give the kindness back, I want to do a giveaway for you guys as I am finishing requests I have received which I also want to thank you all so much with your patients on them!
I am finally settled into my new place and happy as can be, thank you all for helping through the hard times here lately

You must have to follow me and order to win all you really have to do is share this in order to win!
Pick your favorite voltage character of your choice, and live into your own story with your name and his name. If you want it to be fluff,smut, breakup&makeup which ever you like, you pick and choose.

You all really do mean so much to me, and I am happy to say I am officially back!!

Around this time, I decided to start watching Detective Conan. At first I was just going to watch 3 episodes at the end of the day. I ended up watching 20 in that night. It took a little over a month for me to binge watch all of Conan (Anime, Manga, Specials, Movies, etc)

So now it’s been a year since I fell into the void, so to commemorate, I drew this. Sadly I ran outta room to include a lot of my favorite characters like Takagi, Sato, and Megure of the JPD and Sera, Sonoko and Makoto to name few.

By now, I’m sure it’s no secret to you guys that Edd is my all time favorite cartoon character….

That being said, I find it humorous and kind of ironic that I’m constantly mouthing “shut the fuck up Double D” whenever he speaks. 😂


He’s just such a pretentious little shit lmfaoooo

Fic Authors Self Rec

I was tagged by @misssophiachase to list my 5 favorite fic that I’ve written.

Beneath the Skin: Probably my favorite fic I’ve ever written, and definitely my most in-character Klaus.

My Best Friend: This one is a Miraculous Ladybug fic, and I really enjoyed writing it.  I like to believe it was a sllghtly different take on the “big reveal”

New Romantics: All Frienzoline all the time. Definitely one of my  favorite ‘verses to revisit.

Day 6: Reconcile/Makeup Sex: Probably my favorite Nessian fic that I’ve written.  It’s a bit more serious than my typical Nessian.

Something wretched about this (so precious about this): Written for KC Valentine for Angie, and I definitely plan to return to this ‘verse.

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Questions about Klaroline that you don't have to answer :) Do Caroline and Klaus remind you of any characters from classic novels or movies? Are there any songs that remind you of Klaroline? What are your three favorite Klaroline scenes? What could you see Klaus doing for a living if he were a "normal", employed mortal? What do you see Klaroline as loving to do in their spare time? What are your btotps for both Klaus and Caroline?

Thank you v much for these KC-related questions :)

Sorry for my boring answers in advance haha.

Do Caroline and Klaus remind you of any characters from classic novels or movies? 

Literally anyone and everything I read/watch reminds me of them in a way LOL.

Are there any songs that remind you of Klaroline? 

Every Ed Sheeran + Sleeping At Last song ever! (my mind isnt working rn so i cant think of specific songs ugh!) 

What are your three favorite Klaroline scenes? 

THAT’S A HARD ONE Y’ALL BUT: GIVE ME LOVE 3.14! YOU’RE SAFE 3.21! YOUR LAST 4.23! + + + 8.16 YOURS KLAUS!! (i cheated but WHO CARES)

What could you see Klaus doing for a living if he were a “normal” employed mortal? 

Klaus the artist! Klaus the man of many talents even if he was human!

What do you see Klaroline as loving to do in their spare time?

Travel! Louging around doing absolutely nothing but drinking each other in for e t e r n i t y

What are your brotps for both Klaus and Caroline? 

Klaus: marcel and kol! // Caroline: bonnie, enzo, and rebekah!

Anime characters my mum likes (in no particular order)

Inyuasha (All time favorite)

Jonathan Joestars’ dad

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Like sometimes if not all the time people are usually kin with their favorite characters. It has a lot to do with choice. I was able to give up being angelkin I think tons of other people can.

i know. if i was kin i’d definitely be it to my faves. you can’t reincarnate as a fictional character so like there’s nothinf to not choose there.

+ chances are if you wanna kin with a character of colour there’s a white character with a similar personality or you can just use them as a comfort character


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”

International Women’s Day: Adventure Time

One of my favorite qualities about this show

 is the diverse range of strong female characters

all with completely different personalities,

 all with depth, good and bad sides, 

and two male protagonists who always treat them right. 

Good job Adventure Time creators.

My favorite thing about SKAM is seeing Americans get all confused when characters use English randomly in their sentences, and be like “Is this what it’s like NOT living in an English speaking country?”, like hell yeah, we use like three different languages at the same time, it’s a fucking wild ride.