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Thank you Keegan for seven years of Toby Cavanaugh. His character development was truly incredible. From playing the outsider who didn’t fit to going from a carpenter to a cop while playing the villain somewhere in between, everything you’ve brought to the character of Tobias Cavanaugh has been amazing. We will miss him on our screens but we will always cherish the memories of him you have given us.

To all the Star Wars fic writers reading this

I saw something declaring it Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day, and although who knows whether that is actually today as you’re reading this, I submit that it should be every day.

To all the writers who write perfectly canon-compliant things, I appreciate you. You make the GFFA I fell in love with richer and more complete.

To all the writers who feel betrayed by the sequel trilogy and either stay in the OT/PT or try to fix the ST in various ways, I appreciate you. You find wonderful ways to enhance what I love about Star Wars and preserve the good in all these stories.

To all the writers who come up with mundane or fantastical AUs, I appreciate you. I never thought I would recognize my favorite characters in a coffee shop or the Wild West or time traveling, yet there they are.

To all the writers who write the scenes we’ve seen in the movies a thousand times, I appreciate you. You make me notice new things about my favorite moments.

To all the writers who write smut, oh do I appreciate you. You make me have many delicious and impure thoughts and how dare you.

To all the writers who consistently get on rec lists and have a large following, I appreciate you. There’s a reason people recommend your work, and those of you with whom I interact could not be more gracious about it.

To all the writers who despair that they are writing and nobody sees or likes their work, who wonder if anyone is out there, I appreciate you. You have more readers than you think. Keep writing. Your audience is out there, even if they haven’t found you yet. We need you.

To all the writers who have been kind enough to comment on my work, holy hell do I appreciate you. It’s amazing to hear from someone who wrestles with these plots and characters on the regular that something I did worked for them.

To all the writers I see supporting other writers, recognizing their faithful commenters, challenging each other to write more and consistently improve – I appreciate you so much. You make my writing and reading life so much better.

My Hero Academia (bnha): My New Obsession

This series is amazing, okay? I’m obsessed, but I’m also torn on who to ship because all of the characters are so likable. (Seriously! Sooo many likable characters with unique quirks and from what I’ve seen so far, a fair amount of screen time to produce quality development for each character, not only with their relationship with the protagonist, but also with their development and growth in general. I love it). Of course, the series doesn’t rely on ships because it’s that good, but I can’t help but have a few favorites.

With that said… here’s my dilemma:

Because I’m a fan of rival ships, I can’t help but ship BakuDeku. They have history; they care in their own ways for one another, and Katsuki (Bakugo) clearly struggles with his feelings of friendship for Deku. Hell, the fact that Bakugo gave Midoriya the nickname of “Deku” in the first place has my heart soaring. (SNS dobe/teme anyone? 😉). The nickname started out with malice and hate, but later became something Midoriya embraced, and I love it. (OH! And did I mention that Deku still calls Bakugo “kacchan?” How. Precious!!)

However, at the same time, Todoroki has such a great back story and his relationship with Deku (Izuku Midoriya) is beautiful, and I can’t help but be reminded of the way Naruto pulled Gaara out of his chaotic, murderous rampage. (I live for parallels). Todoroki struggled to accept half of himself; the half that reminded him of his cruel father, and Deku was so selfless in their battle to try to help him accept every part of himself. So precious.

BUT THEN! I can’t help but love Bakugo’s relationship with Kirishima. They are both so fiery and hilarious. Their scenes crack. me. up, and I love how they balance each other out.

Now, of course I realize that these ships probably won’t become canon, especially since it seems as though the series is hinting at Deku and Uraraka (which is fine because they are precious as well) but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these ships, their development, their growth, and their friendship in the process, right? Plus, my ship never has to become canon for me to enjoy it.

Fellow fans, what are your favorite ships right now?

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eto yoshimura

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY ★★★★★ Goddess 

Eto is the epitome of perfection. Second to Saiko, she’s not only my favorite female character, but character over all. I love everything about her from her witty personality, to her massive influence on the story, and finally, her beautiful appearance. She can be a cute smol one (that can kill you), but a hot one at the same time like omg… especially those nude panels (that i may or may not have a folder of..)

Ardyn Izunia is a rot. He’s all black inside, empty. You see it when you get too close; he’s flat behind his sunken eyes. His glint and curling smile are born of something monstrous that wears his skin.

(There was a man there, once, but the dark ate him away a long time ago, twisted him and scraped him clean, and now all that remains is the husk, and the ruin, and the sickness inside.)

Send me a character & I’ll answer the following about them! : Attolia Irene from the Queen’s Thief

general opinion:

I’m tongue tied and paralyzed even trying to begin to do justice to this profile of Irene because she is my most favorite fictional character of all time. I hang off of every sliver, every bit, slight mention, and mere allusion to anything that has anything to do with her,  in canon and head canon.  I am here on earth to unlock my own ‘Queen of Attolia’ and so in her the character’s growth and unveiling, I feel as if I am living a part of me that has yet to come on the physical timeline and has always been encoded in my DNA.

For lack of better words,  I feel Irene like Costis does, in the fanfiction story, “Dance Me to Your Beauty” by Oshun

( )

…he missed no slight tightening of her lips in irritation or quaver of uncertainty. He noticed her every soft inhalation or straightening of her shoulders whenever a courtly function ran on too long. The times he had detected faint lavender circles under her eyes, he obsessively wondered what prevented her from resting well…

I love her brokenness.  Her vulnerability so tightly, elegantly hidden by power and strength.  Two seemingly contrasting ideas are so equally real in Irene.  I love the tears that she won’t shed. I love Eugenides for kissing her so softly that they are coaxed to fall.  I love her every hesitation. I love the time and patience it takes across multiple novels for her to finally thaw and unveil herself as the good, kind, sweet, thoughtful, sensitive, moral, merciful person that she is. I love how Eugenides draws such tenderness out of her after a lifetime of being almost broken by the demands placed on her to fight for her life and her people. I love how Eugenides and Irene are so clearly the same soul after the most traumatizing, polarizing events imaginable unfolded between them, stuff only two halves of one soul could overcome together through each other’s love.  I love how great their fear is of each other and yet their love for each other is even greater and how they always ultimately choose that love over the fear.

Irene is the very symbol to me of how nobody, none of us, is truly how we appear on the outside. She is my daily encouragement to Look and See beyond the masks, the petty annoyances.  Irene is my shining hope for the world around me where everyone hides behind a mask and guards their softness and sweetness and vulnerable nature carefully as they try to navigate a world still tempered with predatory harshness.

fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life

hotness level: 

Well this is a given.  She’s the Queen of Attolia, the perfectly gorgeous, to the point where she seems ethereal amidst mere average humans.  

I find it more compelling to explore Irene’s personal relationship with her beauty, which she refers to dismissively, flippantly as “just a mask” when Phresine prods her about how time’s a ticking and she’s still single (in QoA). Irene sees her beauty as a convenient tool, a necessary weapon and means to power, power not born from selfish ambition or greed like it is for many men, but an innate instinct to fight for her own physical and moral survival and that of her country.  

I find myself acutely aware of how although she owns it fully and maximizes its use, Irene does not revel in her own beauty, that it is a tripled edged sword to her. I don’t find Irene to be at all vain about her superior aesthetics in the way that Kamet is vain about his talents. In fact, it’s clear to me that she feels shame for how her beauty is the only thing that can people can see in her to the point where it reinforces an image of herself that she knows not to be her truth and yet she cannot escape it. The mask that grows heavier to bear, with each passing day that it leaves her feeling old and exhausted. The infamous exchange from TT, where she flushes deeply when Eugenides tells her “You are more beautiful, but [the Queen of Eddis] is more kind.” just screams of shame.  Which just makes me love her more and want to hug her… which she would probably not let me do because she is “slow to trust” and so I hope that Eugenides hugs her and holds her close and helps her feel safe, on all of our behalf.

Irene would be the first one to tell us that being beautiful does not bring her any closer to happiness, in the way that all the wealth in the world could neither buy it.  However subtle, I feel this to be one of MWT’s most potent intended messages to counter the soul crushing weight of all the patriarchal, hegemonic, one dimensional fairy tales foisted upon us since days of old that try to tell us that the value of the feminine lies in appearance alone.

get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house:
Irene has so many layers, is so multidimensional that I’m sure she embodies all of the houses at once, especially as she awakens to her own divinity.  However, if you want me to answer this question based on more initial impression, she’s melancholic, ruthless and goth-y, so Slytherin.  Just as I say that, I’m not fully comfortable saying it because all the nefarious bad guys are slytherins and I want Irene to be surrounded by people who will help her feel sheltered and nurtured after a lifetime of having to pretend that she doesn’t long for and need both of those qualities in the people around her.  I don’t think she was able to recognize it in herself until she got a chance to be those things for Eugenides after she crippled him because she was afraid of what he would and could do to her while she slept surrounded by an inflated palace guard immune to nothing… but him.

gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality:
Her jealousy and envy of the Queen of Eddis.  Although it didn’t amount to any pleasant exchanges for the two queens or to good international relations, I’m intentionally putting it under “Best Quality” because it shows that Irene longed for the balance between masculine and feminine the Helen was fortunate to have her entire life. It shows that Irene longed for Truth.  I love that despite her lady-like and feminine outward appearance, Irene would also have loved to learn how to use a sword, fight her own battles, ride a pony as a child, swim, hunt and basically “run wild in the mountains” as Helen did. A lot of girls and women I know are perfectly satisfied being “girly,” don’t even think to question the binary masculine/feminine construct, see nothing wrong with the limitations of their gender-body assignment, and never think about how they are unconsciously imprisoned by them. 

worst quality: Nothing. Irene is perfect in my eyes. I feel her sadness, her ever-increasing joy, the beginnings of real laughter, her rage, her strength, her endurance, her patience, her fear, her boldness, her shyness, her wisdom, her child-like responses that she suppresses, how when she says she feels old, it’s because she feels tired and sad. I don’t find her scary. I find her to be scared. It’s interesting to note, I teach English to students in Korea and they’re always confusing “scary” with “scared” and in Irene’s case, the two are actually interchangeably one and the same. 

ship them with:  Eugenides, of course.  He is her perfect match, her twin flame, her twin soul, her divine counterpart, her split soul, her other half.  He is the god to her goddess. He Saw her when nobody else did.  He saved her as she saved him.  I also love the idea of Costis being equally in love with both of them and both of them welcoming him into their bed and their intimate lives. Again, my main influence is “Dance Me to Your Beauty” by Oshun (fanfic link above).  Just as much as I love the idea that Eugenides and Irene saw Costis’s future with Kamet and set them up together in a unified divine pairing of comparable high vibration. 

brotp them with: I love Irene and Helen’s begrudged, cautious woman-to-woman, peer to peer friendship. I love when Irene caves to Helen in QoA:  and tells her she likes her even when she didn’t think she would.  I love that Helen is willing to give Irene another chance. I really feel like Irene didn’t truly mean to be awful when she “poured vitriol” into Helen’s ear at Helen’s coronation; perhaps there was a little ego in it but Irene was honestly sharing herself and yet I also understand how Helen, having never known Irene’s neglect and abuse, perceived it as more negative than intended.  Irene pretty much gives the same advice to Sophos years later and he actually takes the advice with reasonable success.

I love that Irene routinely accepts Helen’s advice on how to “handle” her husband.  I love the moment when Irene comes to Helen’s aid one of the few times it’s actually Helen who’s in need of support, when the fact that she’s in love with Sophos hits her like a pile of bricks too late. I adore that Helen so fully accepts Irene’s support, by holding tightly to her. In how Irene took Helen’s hand in that moment, I feel like Irene was also apologizing for how she’d treated Helen for all those years previous.  

I also brotp Irene and Sophos.  I love how it’s clear that as she’s still learning how to have functional, trusting friendships, how she looks to Eugenides for guidance and she’s clearly in awe of Gen’s close friendship with Sophos, shown through the softness of her voice whenever she asks Gen about him… I love how even in CoK, she’s still thawing and really, in her own rigid, chilly way she’s generously pouring her heart out to Sophos by offering him everything she knows about ruling a country to him on their walks. And Sophos, needing the reassuring warmth that he receives from Helen to be confident in himself, doesn’t fully understand how Irene is reaching out to him and remains scared of her. I sense that after the miscarriage undoubtedly shatters Irene into the billion pieces that are necessary for her to fully begin again, healed and anew, that Irene and Sophos will have their own close friendship that won’t be so stressful to Sophos. 

I brotp (ship?) Irene with Costis!  I love the idea of Irene and Eugenides being willing to share their bed with Costis occasionally, and Costis alone because of his “confounded, asinine, patron sense of honor”…. because there’s something powerful about trust being so strong within a primary relationship that both partners can open themselves to loving and allowing their significant other to love a third person without jealousy.  Being that Eugenides and Irene are otherwise both “very jealous people,” that they would trust Costis, and trust each other with Costis…. the thought, the fantasy of all of them together leaves me breathless.  And not to leave Costis as always second in line, the third wheel, through their masterminding, Kamet enters Costis’s life for the best and the pairings reach a satiating equilibrium.

I brotp Irene and Kamet, because in a different way than Eugenides and Irene are exactly alike, Kamet and Irene too are exactly alike. They seem to have an already established, comfortable connection with each other. They are astoundingly, heart achingly similar in their histories of abuse, enslavement and profound mistrust.

needs to stay away from: I dunno.  Nahusaresh?  That seems to be handled.  I appreciate that Irene knows how to flirt in the regular, benign, basic-bitch kind of way (she learned it from Chloe) and then totally bends Nahusaresh over with it in deception, cunning on the level of her husband, yet in a manner all her own.  In contrast, the way she actually flirts with Eugenides is completely fatalistic.

misc. thoughts: I love that it’s clearly stated that Irene wasn’t necessarily considered immediately beautiful or graceful as a child or adolescent.  I love that her earth-shattering, goddess-evoking beauty was something that she grew into and her regal grace was something that she practiced. I love that she was a quiet, shy, awkward girl in stunning contrast to the woman she had to become. Although she grows out of the awkwardness, I get so vividly that the real Irene is STILL quiet and shy even when Attolia is commanding, enduring, regal and not to be fucked with.  

I love that in a similar way that MWT organizes our six protagonists in perfect contrast with each other, three light skinned (Irene, Sophos, Costis) three dark skinned (Eugenides, Helen, Kamet), three masculine and male bodied (Eugenides, Costis, Sophos), and three feminine and/or female bodied (Irene, Helen, and Kamet– clearly a feminine energy in a male body… e.g. Godekker referring to him as “pretty.”) she also subtly has a yin-yang balance going on in each character’s athleticism/physical abilities.  I see this as being the three who seemed to be at ease and capable inhabiting their bodies from the beginning vs. the lesser athletes who had to grow into their athletic abilities later on:

On one side, Eugenides, Obviously. I mean, the one-handed handstands, the master duelist, leaping across rooftops, for fucks sake!  Enough said. The more subtle of the three, but I feel still deserves this category: Helen, a trained soldier since childhood, in stance and skill, “not quite as dangerous as a male soldier twice her size,” but alarmingly close. AND OH MY GOD COSTIS.  I will never, ever forget how that scene in TAT where he stealthily breaks the necks of the slavers and then catlike, sets to work undoing their chains, kills multiple soldiers with one stone (as Gen can), muscles rippling at every turn, stealing from mountain lions, reading how strong, strapping, competent a soldier and survivalist Costis is was nothing short of ecstatic.  These three all probably know how to swim (even Gen with one hand).

On the other side, the lesser athletes, the ones that had a learning curve learning how to be comfortable and capable in their bodies:  Sophos who was mediocre or downright wimpy at most things physical for a good part of childhood, luckily puberty was generous to him and enslavement was strengthening.  Sophos turned out admirably, or at least passably strong, capable and competent, shooting a pistol, shoveling dirt, building walls.  Oooh my mouth was watering when MWT described how his shoulders had broadened from the hours of fieldwork.  Helen might possibly be better at fighting a battle than him (or maybe he was just being humble when he was talking about how he was waving his sword around trying not to cut the ears off his own horse, lol)… And I don’t even need to say anything about Kamet, who keels over like a flower at even the most remote of physical demand, who has to be towed along in shallow water, Kamet needs no explaining here.  And then Irene…. the disadvantage of being genetically inclined to being built like a supermodel is the initial growth spurts are jarring… she occasionally gets “ungainly with hesitation.”  Categorizing Irene on this side is probably more because as an Attolian female, her culture kept her chained to a loom and denied her the chances to explore her physical potential until much later in life where she learned to ride and hunt on horseback and use knives and shoot pistols. Like Sophos, I imagine Irene ended up perfectly competent, but the learning curve was longer for these three (and even Kamet gets whipped into shape on his journey across the empire).  However, someone needs to teach Irene and Kamet how to swim…

I know this is insanely long but I just could not stop!  and I thought about cutting it into pieces… I might still to make it more manageable, yet there’s something satisfying about letting it all flow forth until it doesn’t and seeing the thought process as complete.

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Please know that if I tagged you in this… it’s because I know you to be passionate about the Queen’s Thief in some way and I hope to invite in the kind of dialogue about this extraordinary saga that so fills my soul.  (whether be it by reblog posts, or rapid fire one on one messaging) Please consider any of the above to be prompts or I would gladly converse with you about anything else … this is the kind of stuff I live for and I can hardly believe that there is a like-minded tumblr / sounis livejournal community that also lives for it.

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Woooooooo!! I love liveblogs and yours is definitely no exception! It's really great! It's interesting to see how your feelings on Pearl go back and forth. I'm interested to see how that will play out in the future. She is my favorite, but she tends to be pretty polarizing as a character:

I feel like she’s honestly the most “human” of the three. There’s nobody in the real world who’s going to be perfect all the time. Everyone, at some point or another, is going to bother you, be problematic, or just plain annoy the shit out of you. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love that person any less. I honestly really like Pearl, I feel like she has a lot of depth and I’m really interested in getting to know her better and learning more about her.

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honestly my whole thing about all of this is that mystic messenger was made with a lot of characters so everyone can find their favorite. like personally my favorite is seven but I understand why he's not a favorite for others, because not everyone will like the same things I do. I see stuff like this all the time in other fandoms and I wish it wasn't as prevalent as it is :/

Exactly! I understand that Seven isn’t everyone’s favorite character, that’s why there are others. That’s the reason why Cheritz is holding the poll, because not everyone likes the same character and people have their own favorites! I’ve also seen some fandoms fall apart because some people like to degrade and be rude to other’s just for having a different opinion then their own and that’s seriously so awful. Seriously what you said is absolutely right, hopefully this fandom doesn’t end up hating on each other and realize that other people’s opinions aren’t meant to be bashed on!


Here’s a scanned and compiled masterpost of all the pieces I did for the ABC Sketch Challenge! (inspired by @doubleleaf, who kicks severe levels of ass.)

I’m sorry the originals weren’t this nice, I didn’t have the time til now to scan everything!

This was a lot of fun; researching characters and deciding which of my favorite characters I wanted to draw. and I hope you guys had fun seeing it all, and I hope to do something this fun again someday!

Tag Game

Thank you to @lovethytennant​ for the game & the tag (and apologies to others who have tagged me for things lately - I’m not intentionally neglecting you, I’m just terribly short on spare time at the moment - I honestly do love & appreciate you all!) 

Your first DT memory - when you first laid eyes on the tall skinny scottish bloke: It had to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but when I later saw him as the Tenth Doctor I didn’t realize that was the same guy at first. Concerning Harry Potter, I remember not really thinking too much about him as he snarled and sneered his way through the role – until that one part where the guy says, “Barty Crouch…” <followed by a long, dramatic pause> “…Junior” When Barty looks up at that point in the movie, and for once he’s got a relatively normal facial expression, I remember it hitting me that that guy was pretty darn cute whenever he’s not snarling and looking evil.

Favorite DT Character: Gotta be the Tenth Doctor (although Alec Hardy is up there, as are Campbell Bain and Hamlet)

What was the last DT related thing you watched: The Proclaimers special

Favorite physical feature: His big doe eyes (but his general facial structure as a whole really appeals to me, as does his hair and his hands and his lanky frame)

Favorite DT quote? Put it here: I really appreciate how intelligent (and charming) he seems to be overall.  I love his calming speech at the end of The Last Leg, as well as his quotes about being nice/not being as nice as he wants to be.

Have you been blessed and seen him in person:  On stage and at the stage door a few times now, yes – and it was glorious each and every time

… or saw him in a play: Much Ado About Nothing, Richard II, and Don Juan in Soho (I’ve been blessed)

Are you a Tenth Doctor fan: Absolutely

… how about Kilgrave: Well, I’m not a fan of Kilgrave himself, but I am a fan of the fantastic job David did at portraying him, yes.  

Alec Hardy or Emmett Carver: Definitely Hardy

Favorite DT series: Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Jessica Jones, Takin’ Over the Asylum, Single Father, How to Train Your Dragon (audiobooks), Blackpool, Double Income No Kids Yet (audio series), does Casanova go here or in the movie section…

Favorite DT movie: Fright Night, Einstein and Eddington (Decoy Bride is very cute and I enjoy it but it’s not really my kind of movie, normally)

I’m terrible at tagging - please do this if you’d like.  I’d love to read everyone’s responses

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Have you gotten Jonouchi for the ask meme yet? :3

I have now!!! Yay!!! I reason to talk about my boy!

How I feel about this character: He is my son. I will fight for him, protect him, and praise him like crazy lol. No seriously, he is my favorite character of all time. From any fandom I have been in or is currently in. I think he is amazing. He’s funny, he’s strong, he’s protective, he’s someone who I would love to have as a best friend. I could go on and on about him, seriously I mean I HAVE in the past on why I love him (to silly amounts that I had to stop myself because there could’ve been more). So, let’s move on, shall we?

All the people I ship romantically with this character:  Everyone. Well, I mean it is damn near everyone. Off the top of my head of characters I have read fanfiction before with them and Jou are: Kaiba (of course), Yugi (again of course), Mai, Ryou, Honda, Marik, Valon (I’ve also read ones with Anzu, Atem, and Otogi too. I just don’t usually ship those three with him). Also, I forgot who it was, but someone I followed brought up what about Bakura (Dark Bakura or even TKB) and their ideas about them were really good and made me want to ship that too. And then I’ve noticed a rise in Jou with Rex ever since the duel links thing, and that’s kind of cute too. I am very Joucentric, so a lot of my stuff revolves around him. 

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Honda Hiroto!!!! All the way!!! I love these two together! They have been my Brotp from the beginning. Their bromance is just so beautiful. I also love him with Atem also! I just usually think of Honda first when it comes to Jou. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My unpopular opinion about this character: I heard that Jounouchi has an eight pack. I heard that he is shredded! lol I honestly never know how to answer this question. Like what would be an unpopular opinion of Jou? Lemme Think……well I guess this kinda verges into HC territory but I don’t see Jounouchi being ready for a relationship until he’s in his later 20s? Like its quite obvious in canon that he doesn’t show any type of interest in that sort of thing (Honda had Miho that he really liked, Yugi had Anzu, Anzu had Atem?, etc.). Jounouchi mostly just acted like a pervert but never really showed that he actually cared about anything like that. Sooooooo does this count? Probably not. At least I tried.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: THAT HE FINISHED HIS DUEL AND BEAT MARIK AND WON THE WINGED DRAGON OF RA!!!!! AAAGHH!!! I’m sorry, but this is like the one thing that will drive me crazy forever. Jounouchi WON that duel! He won! That card should’ve been his! Like, they could’ve still had him die momentarily, after he finished the call or something, but that card should’ve been his. Like, I believe it was scrawlers? That had a good idea to get it to still go with Atem facing Marik in the finals (dead men can’t duel) but, they should’ve showed Jounouchi actually finishing that call. 

my OTP: Now that my heart has made up its mind, it is Wishshipping! For awhile there is was tied with Violetshipping. That one had been my OTP since day one (16 years), when I was 10 and had no idea what the hell shipping was but I knew I loved it. I was actually shocked Wishshipping won! I just fell head over heels in love with Wish. Like, its so perfect, to me anyway! I will ship it as platonic too and totally get why people ship it platonically! But, there is just something so good about it. The person you should spend the rest of your life with should be your best friend! A person who would fight for you, that you would fight for, someone you can trust with your whole heart. Someone you can laugh with, cry with, and someone that when you see them its like everything is brighter and clearer because you are so happy to see them! I just really REALLY love this ship.

my cross over ship: I don’t actually have one! I usually never think about crossovers for ships too much! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a headcanon fact: The wording on this one kinda cracks me up because a headcanon and a fact aren’t usually the same thing lol. But one of my headcanons for Jounouchi is that he can sing. Its not something he does a whole lot, but he used to sing to Shizuka when they were little kids. And sometimes when him and Yugi are alone he’ll sing a little or he’ll sing while cleaning and he thinks he’s alone.

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i think one of the reasons why female shepard going through all of ME affects me more than male shepard is bc while men are expected to carry the weight of the world Stoically, women are expected to handle Everything- to handhold and take the blame onto ourselves and, when put in positions of power, act just as stoically. jane's story KILLS me because it's a completely plausible story- she suffers and she suffers and is told she's crazy and when everything's gone to hell she still has to fix it

i’m attached to femshep primarily BECAUSE i feel like her story is just a tad bit more powerful when you portray shepard as a woman. 

like i’ve seen men talk about mass effect and how disrespected the council made them feel. the council brushed shepard off, called them crazy, and then came crawling back when shit went awry. “why didn’t they just believe them in the first place?” they say, “the evidence was there, and they blew shepard off.” 

meanwhile EVERY single woman i’ve talked to about mass effect related to shepard. she was slandered, spit on, and told she was delusional. almost every woman has been called crazy for seeing a problem that ‘wasn’t there’, whether it was a family issue, a societal issue, or even a business issue. and then, in the end, shepard had to clean up the mess anyway. 

and while maleshep’s story rings a little bit cliche– man saves the galaxy through sheer force of will– it feels…. stronger, more original, more powerful as femshep. this woman was backhanded and gaslit so many times, and she still rose up and did the impossible anyway. 

bioware has a fuckton of problems, and i know there were issues with how they treated femsheps character, but overall? 

the mass effect trilogy, when headed by femshep, is honestly one of the most feminist stories i’ve ever seen. 


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

Okay, there’s something about Voltron that I’ve been pondering for awhile and I strongly feel the need to point this out because I have yet to see anyone else do it.

Haggar is voiced by Cree Summer (one of my favorite voice actresses of all time, but I digress) and in the Belly of the Weblum episode we hear Cree Summer’s voice again, as the mascot Weblum for Coran’s video.

The reason this happened can only logically be one of two reasons.

1. They just got Cree Summer to voice a second character which is a common thing to do, and heck the lady can do a lot of different voices.


2. Haggar knew Coran when they were both younger, and somehow she got pulled into putting on the weblum costume to do his instructional video, and frankly I’m hoping that is the case because that is freaking hilarious.  She probably thinks this video got destroyed, so just imagine her rage upon learning that not only does it still exist but the paladins, her enemy, have seen this.

This is my new headcanon and no way can take this away from me.


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”

It’s time for another Hiveswap development team interview!

Hey there, Hiveswap and Homestuck fans! Ash here once again, and as promised, it’s time for another interview with the talented folks on Hiveswap’s development team! And don’t worry – if you missed the first interview, with our environment art director Rah, you can find it right here!

Who’s in the hot seat today? Why, it’s Adrienne, our lead animator! She can tell you far more about her work on the project than I ever could, so without further ado, I’m going to hand things off to her – after reminding you all to take good, long looks at the wonderful examples of her work peppered throughout this interview. Take it away, Adrienne!

Introduce yourself to the fans! What is your specific role on the Hiveswap team?

Hiya! My name’s Adrienne and I’m the lead animator for Hiveswap. I work together with Angela, the animation director, on roughs, cleanup, background and cutscene animation – anything that moves!

When and how did you get your start on the Hiveswap project?

I was hired full-time in January 2016, but I started doing some sprite conceptualization in late 2015 in tandem with [S]:Collide work (I animated sprites for the main big bads and did thumbnails for some of the sequences).

Tell us a little bit about your career background! How did you get your start in animation? Do you have any advice for others looking to enter this field?

Homestuck is basically my career background, ahaha.

I drew a lot of fan art for Homestuck after I finished catching up in late 2012. I got some attention from my work and I was asked to do comic pages for Paradox Space. Then I did work for the Homestuck calendar. Then I just became more involved in the comic after that by doing thumbnails, sprite animation, comic pages, snapchats… and now I’m working on the game… it’s been a wild ride from fan to full-time fan.

But as for how I got started in animation, a lot of it was influenced by anime and then DeviantArt while I was growing up. I grew up with Naruto and loved Norio Matsumoto’s work in it (he did the key animation for the best episodes!). And on DeviantArt, I liked following OCTs (Original Character Tournaments) and was particularly inspired by Unknown-Person’s work.

My general advice would be to value learning and exploration, and have less expectations of what life should hand you – it makes a lot of circumstances feel like a pleasant surprise and a good opportunity to learn something new. That’s how I felt when I stumbled into this field anyway, haha.

We’re making a video game, so of course the question must be asked: what’s your favorite game of all time, and what games are you playing currently (if any)?

Agh, what a difficult question. My most-played genre is colorful multiplayer shooters like Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, and Splatoon.

I finished Nier: Automata recently and now I’m working through Persona 5. But when I’m not working through that game, I play Breath of the Wild (most of my time is spent riding my horse around Hyrule – it’s very calming).

Are there any games that you currently use or have used as inspiration for your own animation work here on Hiveswap, or just in general?

I generally use Homestuck flash animations as an inspiration for Hiveswap sprite animations.

When I’m working on cutscenes, I look to Professor Layton stuff. I love how they integrated cutscenes with gameplay in that series.

As an animator, you must have some favorite cartoons and/or anime – tell us about them!

My recent favorite is Mob Psycho 100. The raw and rough quality of the animation for that one is my jam and the main cast is really inspiring. Avatar: The Last Airbender is still my top favorite for its epic storytelling and world-building. Naruto always has a special place in my heart since it’s one of the earliest things that inspired me to study animation.

Other big influential works for me were Princess Mononoke and How to Train Your Dragon.

What’s your workstation like? Do you like to listen to any particular kinds of music while you work? If so, tell us about it!

Here’s a picture of my workstation! If you squint at the bottom screen closely, you can see me taking the picture. But anyway… yeah. I am a little embarrassed for people to know how saturated my workstation is with inspirational quotes (there are papers of handwritten motivation on the walls behind me), but that’s just how I deal when the anxiety gets a little rough.

When I want to focus (usually for rough animation and concept art), I pull up an electronic or classical playlist on YouTube (and recently Spotify) or have no music playing at all. But for everything else (cleanup, in-betweens, etc.), I dig into different genres once in awhile but Imagine Dragons and Americana/folk stuff are my go-to. Acoustics sound really nice in these speakers.

Favorite Homestuck character?

Egh, this is impossible… I’m gonna say it’s between Rose, Jade, Roxy, Kanaya, Terezi, and Vriska… um…

Favorite Homestuck ship?

Rose/Kanaya has never once failed me! c: (I think John/Terezi is really funny too.)

Favorite Homestuck flash?

Urgh… I don’t know, there’s so many that I love. In terms of like… cool and creative setup, [S] Cascade probably? [S] GAME OVER is cool too, because everyone died and the stakes just got so much higher. Oh! I just remembered [S] Make her pay as well!

This question is impossible.

(In the above animation timeline, the first frame is held for 4/24 of a second, the second frame for 2/24 of a second, the third for 2/24, and so on.)

Do you have a personal message you’d like to relay to all the Homestuck and Hiveswap fans out there?

Thank you for all your support, and for your patience in making it through the Giga/Mega/Omegapauses intact!

Where can people find more of your work? Link us to your own little corner(s) of the Internet!

If you want to see more of my stuff, my Tumblr is the place to be!

Thank you, Adrienne! Well, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this second Hiveswap development team interview – and don’t worry, there are still plenty more to come!

Now that we’ve gotten things rolling, from here on out we’ll be bringing you a new interview every Wednesday, so be sure to check back every week for a new behind-the-scenes look at the development of Hiveswap and the talented people behind it!

See you next time!