my favorite character of all time gosh

The Annie Awards are happening tonight, and almost all of my favorite cartoons - including my absolute favorite - have been nominated for big awards! In order to celebrate, I drew all of my favorite Disney XD characters hanging out together during the red carpet pre-show! ^-^

Oh my gosh, was it fun to design outfits for everyone! I gave Mabel very special accessories - since she loves to make her own outfits, and the Annies is a celebration of animated films and the like, she got creative and made herself a film-strip hairbow and film-reel earrings! I gave Dipper an alien-head lapel pin as well; I couldn’t resist…xD

Also, this is my first time drawing Wander and Sylvia, and it’s one of the few times I’ve ever drawn Star and Marco (I haven’t gotten around to uploading the rest of my SVTFOE fanart yet…lol), so I certainly hope I did them justice. ^^;

To Alex Hirsch and the ever-lovely Gravi-Team Falls - thank you so much, yet again, for creating a show as beautiful, thought-provoking, suspenseful, and heartwarming as Gravity Falls. It’s sad to see that this is the last year you’ll be eligible for the Annies, since the show’s been over for nearly a year, but you guys crafted the greatest and most satisfying series finale I have ever seen, and you MORE than deserve the nominations you earned this year, ESPECIALLY the ‘best writing’ nomination. Here’s to hoping you get at least one more Annie tonight! I’ll be rooting for you, and I’m sure plenty of other Fallers will be, too!

To Craig McCracken and the wonderful Wander Over Yonder crew - congratulations on all your nominations! It’s SO GREAT to see you up for Best Animated Series/Special for Children for the second year in a row! I’m so sorry that WOY was cancelled before you had the chance to finish telling your story; you guys deserve so much better. But what you did have time to give to the world was simply wonderful, and at least ASIFA recognizes your hard work! Wishing you all the best of luck tonight!

To Daron Nefcy and the amazing crew of Star vs. the Forces of Evil - my goodness, but you guys have been KILLING it! SVTFOE has turned out to be five times more intense and fun to watch than I originally thought it was after seeing the pilot two years ago! I can’t WAIT until the 'Star Bomb’ begins on Monday!

I’ll be posting this on Twitter as well, so hopefully, Alex, Craig, and Daron will see this! I hope everyone enjoys this! Now let’s (virtually, in most cases…xD) go to the Annies! :D

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List five facts about your most favorite sim and send them to 10 people whose sims you adore ❤

Oooh, thank you! I love these even though I sometimes take forever to answer them, lol. Gosh though I feel like I’ve been spamming my favorite lately, so I’m going to go with someone who hasn’t got a lot of character development time yet and choose…..

Takashi Sato.

1.) Takashi speaks fluent Japanese and in fact has spent all of his summers in Japan since before he can remember. 

2.) He’s a member of the university swim team.

3.) You wouldn’t know it by the way he plays it off, but he’s a pretty anxious guy and smokes cigarettes to curb this anxiety. It’s gotten him into some serious shit with his swimming coach, to the point where there’s been discussion of kicking him off the team because it’s begun to have a negative impact on his times. Unfortunately, this only has him feeling more on edge, which means an increase in smoking too =/

4.) Takashi has serious commitment issues, but he does occasionally form fleeting attachments to people and will want them to stick around. He developed a bit of an attachment to Gemma actually, so her rejection has put a bitter taste in his mouth.

5.) Some could argue he’s a bit of an asshole, honestly. Cool, somewhat callous, and rather selective about who he elects to spend his time with. Thus, he gets offended when someone he chooses rejects him. Arrogant and spoiled, he doesn’t take it lightly. Takashi is used to getting his way.

BONUS FACT: Takashi is a pre-med student and studying to be a general practitioner. He has a “work hard, play hard” mentally. He’s very fastidious and focused during the week, but during weekends makes a point of enjoying his life to the fullest. It’s not a bad balance, but he holds onto stress with too tight a grip. It’s never quite far from his mind.

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That whumpy thing when other characters have to carry them.

Ohhhh my gosh YES. That’s one of my all time favorite tropes. I’m also in favor of:

  • people catching the whumpee when they sway or pass out
  • people having to help the whumpee sit up or stand, especially if they really shouldn’t be moving but they’re in danger
  • whumpees doing their best to walk but their strength giving out
Why Ochako Is Actually the Best WSJ Heroine Out There

Alright alright alright alright alright alright

I was going to make a post for Ochako sometime in the future but I recently saw some twats on the internet made a poll for worst WSJ heroine and I saw Ochako on there as the worst and I’m so sorry but as an individual who has SO MUCH LOVE for this character, I can’t sit still and allow people to call her the worst WSJ heroine. I just can’t. Hate her all you want, this world isn’t filled with love and positivity and rainbows all the time but to call her the WORST? No way man. No way.

I mean to start she is such a loving and caring and honest character who is positive and tries the best in everything she does. Sure she needs help once in a while but you know who ELSE needed help? Bakugou when the evil alien thingy was swallowing him up. Izuku needed help both mentally and physically when it came to his new quirk. Hell even a pro hero needed help from Iida to go warn the others. Does that make them automatically weak and not able to take care of themselves?? Absolutely not.

Ochako isn’t a damsel in distress so why are people making her out to be that way??

I mean did you not see how WELL she handled herself at the entrance exam?

Did you not see how WELL she handled the USJ incident?

Did you not see how EXCEPTIONALLY WELL she fought against Bakugou during the Sports Festival?

Or what about the end of the term test?

Or what about when she was fighting with Himiko?

Yea, last time I checked, she can handle and take care of herself pretty ok.

And adding on top of that, she isn’t some character that is only there to either suck the dick of the MC or even there to show her tits off to every single male character in the series.

To start off, I mean have you seen hero costume?? Or even her school uniform?

She is literally covered from head to toe and doesn’t have the tits the size of Erza or even Meiko. She’s incredibly modest and her character legit doesn’t revolve sex appeal or any of that stuff that most Shounens contain. The most “fanservice” we got from her is when she appeared with her hero costume

But as you can see, it’s not even real fanservice. It’s just Deku finding a GIRL HIS AGE ATTRACTIVE WHO IS WEARING A REALLY CUTE HERO COSTUME AND LOOKS CUTE IN IT (because apparently a male character can’t find a character attractive unless her tits are hanging out and he falls head first in them smdh).

And let’s forget she’s not just there so Deku can have a girl on the side who he can fuck after the series is over like no. As much Izuocha is a prevalent ship in the series and the one that’s most likely going to be canon unless Deku discovers he is gay and goes after Todoroki’s ass, she’s not there to cater to the MC’s needs or be the individual who puts her life at risk EVERY TIME for the MC and doesn’t have any other goal than to ride his ass at the end. Like no.

This is a girl who is going through all of this hero training so she can help provide for her family. She’s not doing this so she can roll around in a pool of money. She wants to be able to help her family and be there for them. I mean look at this:

She even tried to help her mom and dad when she was a LITTLE kid but her parents told her to pursue her dream WHICH she is doing so she can help them out.

I mean oh my gosh I know I have so much more to say on this and I will probably write a better version of this since this is mostly me just ranting uncontrollably because someone messed with one of my all-time favorite character but I’m just BAFFLED that someone could say she’s the worst WSJ heroine out there. Like??? Not to call out their characters but have you SEEN some of the other heroines in other shounens cuz?? They’re not always as well written as Ochako is, js.

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do you have any prompts about your OTP taking care of each other? Like being sick and such.

  • “Holy heck, babe, just lie back down. You’re coughing up a lung and can barely stand up. Just let me get you some juice and take care of you.” AU
  • Character A has just gotten back from getting their arm/wrist/leg/etc. in a cast and uses this as a playful way to have Character B take care of Character A.
  • It’s date night, and Character A has come down with a bug and has to text Character B that they’re canceling…except Character B shows up at Character A’s house with ice cream, hot tea, and Character A’s favorite movie to help them feel better.
  • “I work with kids all the time, so I’m pretty much immune to whatever gross colds that they try to give me, but my significant other has no tolerance whatsoever.” AU
  • For a cute date, Character A has planned a romantic walk through a nature park, followed by a homemade picnic for Character A and Character B to enjoy together. This would be perfect, if Character B wasn’t crazy allergic to the pollen/cedar/dogwood/etc. that’s in the air.
  • “Babe, I know I’m feverish and half out of my mind from cough medicine but oh my gosh….ooooh my gosh. I love your face….so much…” AU
  • Character A is incredibly stressed from work. so Character B arranges a relaxing night of taking care of Character A, complete with back rubs and relaxing aromatherapy candles.

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I find it interesting that you put Elena Alvarez as your top 1 favorite gay character but you didn't even put her on your "top 6 characters" list at all. How does that come? :)

Because I’m bad at making lists and I have so many shows I watch i have a hard time keeping track of what I’m watching and who I like.
Oh gosh I’m super embarrassed that I forgot about my sun child 🙃🙃

#1 wanted WOY merchandise

The trending 27th topic for this month is WOY merchandise.

As a huge fun of plushes and toys, one of my life-time wish is to add the official merchandises of my favorite cartoon of all time into my collection.↓

So My No.1 most wanted WOY merchandise is definitly a Wander plush!

I still remember there’s once a merch plan for Wander which has never come true. For me, one of the first impression after watching the first several episodes is “Oh gosh these character designs are perfect to make into plushes”. Sadly there’s none.

Imagine that there’s such a Wander plush, the hat can be separated from his head. You can put him into his hat or play dress-up games with him, or knit a little green sweater with stars for him. How great would that be? So I drew it out↓

It’s my most wanted WOY related thing other than a greenlight for season 3.


Pete, Pony, and Claire. My fav main characters in Harvest Moon i guess.

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I agree with BPD anon, I love your neurodivergent character headcanons, and CC is one of my all time favorite fics, and I like how you can focus on such small nuances of a character and be able to expand them into great stories, ALSO your characterization for everyone is always spot-on (especially Allen's) which is so refreshing (and also makes your angst fics even angstier thanks for the pain I thrive off it) Tldr; everything u make is great

*happy clapping*

Thank you!! Headcanons are some of my favorite things in the world, honestly - they add so much depth. And I love these characters to death, gosh

(CC, by turns, gives me life and murders my soul. Eheheh.)

You’re welcome for the pain *grin*

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mysti! you're one of my favorite authors ever and i wanted to thank you for all of your works. i always feel so happy and warm when i read your stories and i adore the way you include a bunch of other YYH characters in your botan/hiei fics. im not the greatest at explaining how i feel, but there is something very special about your stories. thank you for taking the time to read this. :]

Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I’m really happy that my stories can bring you some modicum of joy; reading this makes all those hours of writing and toiling away totally worth it.

I’m very touched that you even bothered to leave such a sweet message. It means a lot to me, anon!

Thank you again! 💛 You totally made my day!

  • Name/Alias: mae
  • Favorite quote (Grisha or not!): “No matter how much you think you love somebody, you’ll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close.” (chuck palahniuk)
  • Have you read the Grisha Trilogy? If so, who was your favorite character?: i’ve read it yes! but it was so long ago, gosh.
  • Given the choice, would you rather be a Grisha or an ordinary human?: grisha, of course. something different, y’know?
  • Two truths and a lie: i did community service on an island off of greece, i lost my glasses when i was at pompeii, the first time i ever drank was some shitty gin on a school field trip to france
  • What are you most looking forward to about RAR?: everything??? it’s honestly all so beautiful and a group in the grisha universe would honestly be so lit omg
  • What types of characters do you like to play? angry boys are my absolute favorite!! i just love the darker side of people?? and violence, i love that too.

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Your writing is simply fantastic. The care you put into each line and your investment in the characters we all love is so clear and makes reading your stories so much more than a form of entertainment. I have reread each of them at four times by now, and my appreciation for them is greater each time. Thank you so much for all your extremely hard work! Unkindness and Creatures are two of my absolute favorite tfc fics.

Oh my gosh you are too sweet, anon. Thank you so much!! This message made my day <3

me, watching the last episode of season 2: oh noo, shiro’s gone, how will the paladin’s ever cope without space dad, oh my gosh this is horrible!1! how will they survive-

friend, barely looking over: ever since season 1 it’s all you’ve talked about you fuck

me, sweating: no it’s not-

friend, swinging to face me angrily: you tag everything that has absolutely nothing to do with black paladin lance, with black paladin lance, even though you are well aware that it won’t happen, plus the fact that it’s not even true that lance didn’t get enough screen time, he does and he’s like, the fan favorite character, so even if it’s true that he doesn’t get enough screen time and spotlight, he actually gets plenty of love and appreciation from the entire fandom already blah blah blah

me, finally starting to see what they mean:

GOSH! Rewatching CATFA is like a breath of fresh air after all this time. You get to see the difference between who Steve was before Bucky fell and who he made himself after. The ease of body language. the fluidity of his movements, the softness of his face - all of them change. No wonder IM1 and CATFA are my all time favorites. The beginning of both characters was well done. G O S H. I feel like ranting all over again!

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Tagged by : @baevid-sylvian (thank you!!!! <3 )

Relationship Status: I’m taken by a really sweet girl named Taylor!! <3

Lipstick or Chapstick: Gosh both tbh, I wear chapstick more often tho since I don’t go out often enough to wear lipstick all the time. But I do love lipstick!

Last Movie I Watched: Taylor and I had a movie night together and we watched Sweeney Todd and Coraline recently!! 

Last Song You Listened To: Call It What You Want by Foster the People

Top 3 Shows/Dramas/Anime: Bojack Horseman, Project Runway, and Cutthroat Kitchen

Top 3 Characters: How dare you try to limit my favorite characters to a measly list of simply three…….. Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 3, Bojack Horseman, Preston Garvey from Fallout 4

Top 3 Ships: me/all my selfships, me/food, me/a red velvet scented candle

I tag: Y O U and @skye-yote, @the-king-drake, @better-than-nothin-kay, @okemaya, @techno-chinchilla and @actual-howljenkins

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Who are your favorite MCL characters?

My all time favorite mcl characters (the ones that I absolutely adore with all my heart) would be Nathaniel, Kentin, Castiel, Jade, Rosayla, Violette, and Amber. Though Kim is really high up there as well, she’s just never in the game that it’s hard to like her to the point of being a favorite.

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Tex for the character thing

Okay!! (also sorry this took so long, it was harder than I thought?). PS: For anyone who hasn’t watched past s5, hella spoilers ahead. 

How I feel about this character: One of my favorites. She kicks ass, she doesn’t take shit. Martial artist, proficient in like every weapon, ever. I wish she was still alive (don’t we all…).  The scene where Epsilon/Church finally lets go gets me every time though x0.

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Well, it’s canonical, but Chex. Sort of? I’ve read amazing Chex fics! I don’t know that I hardcore ship her with anyone, though, to be honest.

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Gosh, this is a hard one… In a perfect world where Project Freelancer didn’t pit everyone against each other, she and Carolina would be friggn’ unstoppable. Their personalities still would clash, though, I think. Low-key I like the idea of her and Kai being hella tight.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t like how Church claims she’s always going to fail when she’s actually a very strong, successful character. I also think the failures Church refers to are based on the Directors own failures and inability to let go, not the fact that the woman she’s based off of died. I wish she’d had a story line that wasn’t mostly based off of her being The Director’s Dead Wife TM. I hope I’m making sense (PS this is, as the question says, probably unpopular so pls don’t hate me lol)….

My OTP: Like I said… I’m not really sure if I have one? 

My cross over ship: Hmm… I feel like I’m pulling this out of nowhere, but if I had one, it would be hella tight if she and Furiosa were a thing. Badass.

Headcanon: I think 9 times out of 10 Tex would opt to hang out with Sheila and Caboose (and later, Kai) rather than Church or Tucker. Dream team.