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I haven't seen Justice League yet but I have a feeling Barry will be my favorite character. Could I possibly have a fluffy imagine with Barry and Christmas?

Ok, sure ;)

||Lightning Christmas||

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Being part of the Justice League was a big time job for Barry. But you, being at home most of the time, even if you had two part time jobs, still had time off for Christmas. You were planning to surprise your boyfriend, Barry by decorating his place with a Christmas tree, with the help of Diana, into the corner.

Hung up Christmas lights all over the place, secretly hung a mistletoe over the door entry, you’ve also had the time to bake cookies and gingerbread men, you recorded a TON of Christmas movies and ordered a pizza, the one that’s open even on a holiday. 

You called Bruce to see if he can come home for the day off. Bruce gave him the week off until something comes up. You shut off all the lights until he turned them on. His face was a face of surprised until you came out of your hiding place from behind the couch.

“Surprise?” You shrugged to him and he laughed. “(Y/N), babe. What is all this?” He asked you with a smile on his face. Especially because you were wearing a nerdy ugly sweater with a Stormtrooper on it. You gave him an ugly sweater that’s like yours.

He quickly ran over to you to lift you up in his arms and over to the couch. “Oh, hey. You got…Pizza.” He said. “Oh yeah.” You said, when you turned to him you noticed that he was wearing the ugly sweater you gave him with the Stormtrooper.

“What’re we watching?” He asked. “Oh, I recorded a bunch of Christmas movies so we can watch…whatever you want. Cause you’re been working really hard since you became part of the Justice League…”

“Doesn’t matter. I like…being with you and there’s…no line for brunch.” He said and you laughed. “I can make…hot cocoa and…” But before you can finish that sentence, he already zoomed away and got hot cocoa from that coffee shop that never closes on holidays too.

He then picked you up from the couch and ran over to the door. “What’re we…?” “Shhh. I saw you hang up the mistletoe.” “Oh okay…” Barry wrapped his arms around you, dipped you before kissing you on the lips under the mistletoe.

HAPPY 2 MONTHS OF THIS BLOG GUYS !!!! serious i am such a muse hopper, it;s a surprise i’ve made it to 2 months on jane and actually still want to keep going so badly !! i love jane so much she has been one of my all time favorite characters to play, and i am so happy all of you like my portrayal of her !! ( side note : this is also the first time on any blog in my history that i’ve had over 500 followers and really it blows my mind thank you so much for that i feel so grateful ). i know it’s late and all, but i just wanted to thank all of you and give some quick shout outs to the people who have made this blog even possible to stay around because i considered leaving jane a few times and without certain people i wouldn’t have stayed. i love all so much and i am so happy to be a part of this community. i am so happy to have met you all and have a chance to talk to you all. thank you so so much, and i hope you continue to stick around with jane and i in the future.   - syd x


@savelosers & @noasthma & @somethingtroubled & @werentalone - ASH : boy o boy have i admired you for awhile. you are so fun and kind and your IT multi was a blog i followed back on my mal blog and i just loved your writing so much. you are so great to talk to about plot ideas and dangerously hurtful scenarios. you are also just so upbeat and fun you bring like a whole sun onto my dash whenever i see you. thank you for being here since day one, you mean the world to me x

@s-stutters - EIMI : ngl for like the entire first two weeks i knew you i thought your name was spelled eime bc of the group chat and i wanted to die when i found out that wasn’t the case. ANYWAY you are easily one of my best friends. you’re not even on tumblr much anymore and i still talk to you most everyday and i cannot wait for you to come visit me in all my college loneliness !! you’ve been here to see me laugh and cry talk me through tough decisions, and i wouldn’t be where i am today without you. thank you so much for being here and i look forward to you coming to visit me ( we can go shopping im sO PUMPED ) x

@furaised & @beignetcrowned & @moanaialiki - MONIE : haha fun fact that we are now going on 5 months of knowing each other. like, almost half a year. you have been my number one supporter throughout our entire time together and i am so grateful to have you. seriously, you’re always here when i need you and you like all of my headcanons and dumb posts, and you’re also my new dad so like, we have that too. i don’t know how many times i can say i adore you but i really really adore you. i love you so much and im so lucky to have you around. i hope to get to have you around more x.

@nevergcveup & @floatedtoo - HEATHER : ahhhhhh my beautiful friend !! you are so amazing and i am so jazzed to get to know you better. i remember you sent that really sweet ask complimenting me about my portrayal of jane and i was just so happy to receive anything like that from anyone. and here we are now - i get to actually see you in a few days !! i cannot wait to watch gilmore girls and eat taco hell and cookies with you. i do hope you know that my visits are going to be like a regular thing too. i can’t believe you’re only an hour and a half away !!! it still boggles my mind that someone i love so much is so close to me and maybe i would have never known it. but like we’ve said before - you’re stuck with me now and there’s no getting out of it. x

@theirprcmise & @experitwins & @webwiings  - BEE : you amazing and beautiful person. first of all, thank you so much for the christmas gifts !! the poster is going to go up on my wall in my bedroom at home when i finally out up my poster wall ( i have a tono of posters and tacts i gotta find first they’re buried somewhere around here ), and jane is nestled happily on my keychain. i can take her with me everywhere now - she kinda has to being on the chain. but really thank you so much. you are one of the sweetest people i know, and i am very happy to call you my friend. i don’t know what i did to deserve a friend like you, but it must have been something really good. i love you lots x. 


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u can’t just tell people “i think about death all the time” especially when u are Actually and Conspicuously Depressed but like. i really do and it’s not Like That and it’s not in an even vaguely morbid way i’m just so goddamn Interested in death in every way!!!! as a scientific thing and in the way cultures react to it and in terms of death in literature and myth and religion and symbolically and the way we make characters like Death from Discworld or Kravitz and about ghost stories and what ghosts mean & it’s not!! sad at all!! we surround ourselves with it & we make it mean something, often beautiful things, hopeful things, kind things!! so like. that’s how it is. god I love death

We need to talk about how terrible Steela’s portrayal was, all the way to when we saw her, to her death.

Now, I need to begin with saying that she is one of my favorite characters, and her overall portrayal was really good. She was a very courgeaous and determined leader who loved her people, and was dedicated to her cause. At the same time, she died to soon.

Steela was a strong female character, and a black woman at that, and on top of that, a black woman who was in a relationship with a white male character.

She herself wasn’t problematic, however her writing was. Her writing in addition to how certain fans treated her.

First and foremost, is that she was (by the writers and eventually the fandom) pitched up against Ahsoka. The white writers decided to go the sexist route and pitch Ahsoka and Steela against each other in regards to their relationship with Lux.

Ahsoka and Steela became…in my opinion aquantainces at best, and didn’t have the relationship they could have had. The writers could have focused all that tension into crafting a strong relationship between two similar women, but they didn’t.

And because they also made her very strong and courageous and black at the same time , she fell into an extremely harmful trope and people hated her because of that. Because she loved Lux, because she didn’t trust Ahsoka and because she got in the way of a ship.

Let me state that there was nothing wrong with Steela being strong, courageous and in a relationship; especially given that she and Lux were in a canon interracial relationship. Being written that way wasn’t wrong. What was wrong however was that these white writers forced a black woman into harmful tropes by pitting her up against Ahsoka , and making her bold at the same time . And many fans ate this up as a way to critique her and her attitude toward Ahsoka.

The next thing I want to focus on is Steela’s death. Steela didn’t need to die. Her death was absolutely pointless. The only purpose her death served was to impact the narrative of two men and one of them happened to be a white man. That’s both sexist and racist.

Sexist because the death of a female character to further a man’s narrative is wrong and unneeded. Especially when it’s a woman of color.

Racist because she is a woman of color and Lux is a white man. Any situation where a person of color is used to further a white person’s narrative is racist. It happens all the time in star wars and in other forms of media

(a good and recent example is Atomic Blonde. A black woman died to further a white woman’s narrative and it is even worse to know that Lux married an Imperial later on. and idk if his wife was poc but she was all that Steela , a black woman stood against)

Steela was a rebel leader and devoted to her cause. She could have had a purpose in Rebels, and her purpose wouldn’t have been to make Saw’s life sad / be his reasoning for being radical.

Steela was an important character but at the end of the day, the writers used her to incite tension between Ahsoka and to impact the lives of two men. Because of her personality and rightful distrust of Ahsoka and the others, she was seen as angry and possessive by a sector of fans. she fell into the ‘angry black woman’ trope. Because of Lux and Saw , she had to die.

She was a victim of racist and sexist writing , and racist treatment by fans who disliked her for her personality and because she got in the way of a ship.

Steela really deserved better. Hope you enjoyed! if not , please be respectful in your response.

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Send me a character and I’ll answer these!!

1: sexuality headcanon Lesbian 
2: otp WHITE ROSE 
3: brotp Strawberry Sunrise for SURE 
4: notp R//osegarden and L/ancaster both make appearances here 
5: first headcanon that pops into my head Ruby never sleeps. When she was a child, she had trouble sleeping because she had hopes and dreams more than nightmares, but now her guilt and terrors plague her every night. 
6: favorite line from this character 
“You told me once that bad things just happen. You were angry when you said it, and I didn’t want to listen. But you were right. Bad things do happen, all the time, every day. Which is why I’m out here, to do whatever I can, wherever I can, and hopefully do some good.” 

7: one way in which I relate to this character Alright listen guys. There ain’t just ONE thing because I am literally just real life Ruby Rose. Like things I say, how I act, how I DRESS is so like Ruby it’s a little TERRIFYING 
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character Ruby Rose I love you dearly but oh my word watching your hand-to-hand HURTS. I can’t wait to see you succeed with it, however. 

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1. Why is your favorite character your favorite?
My favourite character is Derek Hale. There isn’t enough time for me to analyse how much I like him or why, but it is because he is the purest mistreated and abused soul in all of Beacon Hills. Teen Wolf didn’t deserve him.

2. Sweet or salty?

3. Halloween or Cristmas?

4. Where would you like to travel to?

5. Cats or Dogs?
Can’t it be both? I love all animals alike.

6. Red hair or green eyes?
Probably green eyes.

7. Books or video games?
This is a hard one. I will go for books, because you can always re-read them even if you just finished them, whereas if you play the same game it gets less exciting.

8. Do you believe in the after life?
Not really?

9. What song brings you the best memories?
Something from Eurovision for sure.

10. Outer space or ocean?
Why do you do this to me? Idk, I will go for ocean because I haven’t been in outer space yet, and I won’t be able to go for a while, so that I can enjoy my sweet water in ignorance till then.

11. What are your 3 best qualities?
I am unsure. I am creative, ambitious and out-going? Those were the traits I used to use in Sims when I made myself.

My questions:

1. What is your MBTI type?
2. What do you lack but wish to have?
3. Would you rather spend a day with your favourite character or your favourite celebrity?
4. Would you prefer to have your dream job but with little pay or work somewhere you don’t like but with a much larger pay?
5. If you had the chance to time travel in the past, where and when would you go?
6. Which is your favourite movie?
7. Which is your favourite TV show?
8. What superpower would you like to have?
9. Which is your favourite au?
10. Which food would you choose to eat for the rest of your life?
11. How many blankets are too many blankets?

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Thinking you can’t do it yourself is one thing, but having someone else tell you that you can’t is irritating. —09.27; Happy Birthday Tsukishima Kei

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i think one of the reasons why female shepard going through all of ME affects me more than male shepard is bc while men are expected to carry the weight of the world Stoically, women are expected to handle Everything- to handhold and take the blame onto ourselves and, when put in positions of power, act just as stoically. jane's story KILLS me because it's a completely plausible story- she suffers and she suffers and is told she's crazy and when everything's gone to hell she still has to fix it

i’m attached to femshep primarily BECAUSE i feel like her story is just a tad bit more powerful when you portray shepard as a woman. 

like i’ve seen men talk about mass effect and how disrespected the council made them feel. the council brushed shepard off, called them crazy, and then came crawling back when shit went awry. “why didn’t they just believe them in the first place?” they say, “the evidence was there, and they blew shepard off.” 

meanwhile EVERY single woman i’ve talked to about mass effect related to shepard. she was slandered, spit on, and told she was delusional. almost every woman has been called crazy for seeing a problem that ‘wasn’t there’, whether it was a family issue, a societal issue, or even a business issue. and then, in the end, shepard had to clean up the mess anyway. 

and while maleshep’s story rings a little bit cliche– man saves the galaxy through sheer force of will– it feels…. stronger, more original, more powerful as femshep. this woman was backhanded and gaslit so many times, and she still rose up and did the impossible anyway. 

bioware has a fuckton of problems, and i know there were issues with how they treated femsheps character, but overall? 

the mass effect trilogy, when headed by femshep, is honestly one of the most feminist stories i’ve ever seen. 


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)

I remember when I was younger I’d watch shows like Hannah Montana, iCarly, Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, etc and I’d lowkey wonder why I never saw anybody on TV that looked like me. The only Indian character I knew was Baljeet from Phineas & Ferb, and he was a stereotypical nerdy Asian. I wondered why my skin was so much darker than the pale characters in most of the TV shows that I watched.

Then I got older and started watching The Office and saw the character Kelly Kapoor. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t gotten really excited when I noticed an Indian character on an American show. I would live for the few minutes of screen time that Kelly Kapoor would get in every other episode. Seeing an Indian on TV made me so happy.

Then came the hilarious Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, one of my favorite characters of all time. And yet, another Indian character that made me feel represented. I’d get so excited whenever he had screen time.

Now it’s 2017 and we got Quantico, Master Of None, iZombie, The Good Place, and other shows that have South Asian characters. I feel so much better than I did when I was younger. I actually get to see myself on TV. Representation freaking matters. I hope that if I have kids, they won’t have to wonder why they don’t look like the people they see on TV.

We still have a long way to go. We need more black characters, latinx characters, Asian characters, gay characters, trans characters, etc so no one feels left out. The only people that say “representation doesn’t matter” are those that have always been represented.

This is why we need more shows with characters that are minorities. Everybody deserves to be represented. All races, religions, and sexualities should have a place in television.


Thank you Keegan for seven years of Toby Cavanaugh. His character development was truly incredible. From playing the outsider who didn’t fit to going from a carpenter to a cop while playing the villain somewhere in between, everything you’ve brought to the character of Tobias Cavanaugh has been amazing. We will miss him on our screens but we will always cherish the memories of him you have given us.


Get to know me: 5 Male Characters ( 4/5 ) → Zuko

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back!”

most of us know how important representation is, but i feel like we don’t always realize how vital it is for white cishet people to see representation as well. like my white cishet 65 year old mom’s favorite show is brooklyn nine nine, and when she first began watching it she was so perplexed by ray holt. she had never really seen black gay characters in television before, and the very few times she has they were stereotypes, so she was just so interested by him bc “gay people can be like this?”

like obviously it would be great if she already knew lgbt+ people aren’t the tired stereotypes that society tries to portray us as, and it would be great if she was more educated that Yes black gay men exist and are common. but she didn’t know that, because she’s never really seen it. but just watching brooklyn nine nine has educated her so much!! she’s seeing a black gay man run a police squad, she’s seeing a large black man be one of the most gentle people ever, she’s seeing women of color empowering each other and totally kicking ass, she’s seeing a jewish man repeatedly talking about issues such as transphobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, racism, and she’s also seeing all these characters understand when it ISNT their place to talk about certain issues

so my mom sees stuff like this and thinks “oh i was so wrong about these groups” and then she recommends these types of shows to her other ignorant friends, and she also corrects people when they say bigoted things that enforce the toxic stereotypes she is now educated on. all from some proper representation on a half-hour tv show!! like representation doesn’t just help minorities, it helps the privileged people who have ingrained bigotry in them to see what minorities are really like and what they can be and it’s so important!! and then these privilaged people can move forward and use their privilege to try and help minorities. representation of minorities helps the privileged too, and helps society to evolve!! so can bigots stop saying that it only benefits minorities. even if it did only help minorities that wouldn’t be a bad thing, but that isn’t the case so?? stop??


Parents Day finally aired on TV in time for Halloween!!! Pretty much my favorite episode, I loved working on this one sooo much. @stevieborbolla and @dannyducker went above and beyond to introduce Enid’s family! @brandonwuart designed the other half of the family, @kalidraws did all the character/prop color, and John Pham art directed this beautiful episode! Hope everyone enjoyed it! 

The Dos and Don’ts of Beginning a Novel:  An Illustrated Guide

I’ve had a lot of asks lately for how to begin a book (or how not to), so here’s a post on my general rules of thumb for story openers and first chapters!  

Please note, these are incredibly broad generalizations;  if you think an opener is right for you, and your beta readers like it, there’s a good chance it’s A-OK.  When it comes to writing, one size does not fit all.  (Also note that this is for serious writers who are interested in improving their craft and/or professional publication, so kindly refrain from the obligatory handful of comments saying “umm, screw this, write however you want!!”)

So without further ado, let’s jump into it!


1.  Open with a dream. 

“Just when Mary Sue was sure she’d disappear down the gullet of the monstrous, winged pig, she woke up bathed in sweat in her own bedroom.”

What?  So that entire winged pig confrontation took place in a dream and amounts to nothing?  I feel so cheated! 

Okay, not too many people open their novels with monstrous swine, but you get the idea:  false openings of any kind tend to make the reader feel as though you’ve wasted their time, and don’t usually jump into more meaty action of the story quickly enough.  It makes your opening feel lethargic and can leave your audience yawning.

Speaking of… 

2.  Open with a character waking up.  

This feels familiar to most of us, but unless your character is waking up to a zombie attack or an alien invasion, it’s generally a pretty easy recipe to get your story to drag.

No one picks a book to hear how your character brushes their teeth in the morning or what they’d like to have for dinner.  As a general rule of thumb, we read to explore things we wouldn’t otherwise get to experience.  And cussing out the alarm clock is not one of them.  

Granted, there are exceptions if your writing is exceptionally engaging, but in most cases it just sets a slow pace that will bore you and your reader to death and probably cause you to lose interest in your book within the first ten pages.  

3.  Bombard with exposition.  

Literary characters aren’t DeviantArt OCs.  And the best way to convey a character is not, in my experience, to devote the first ten pages to describing their physical appearance, personality, and backstory.  Develop your characters, and make sure their fully fleshed out – my tips on how to do so here – but you don’t need to dump all that on the reader before they have any reason to care about them.  Let the reader get to know the character gradually, learn about them, and fall in love with them as they would a person:  a little bit at a time.   

This is iffy when world building is involved, but even then it works best when the delivery feels organic and in tune with the book’s overall tone.  Think the opening of the Hobbit or Good Omens.

4.  Take yourself too seriously.

Your opener (and your novel in general) doesn’t need to be intellectually pretentious, nor is intellectual pretense the hallmark of good literature.  Good literature is, generally speaking, engaging, well-written, and enjoyable.  That’s it.  

So don’t concern yourself with creating a poetic masterpiece of an opening line/first chapter.  Just make one that’s – you guessed it – engaging, well-written, and enjoyable. 

5.  Be unintentionally hilarious.

Utilizing humor in your opening line is awesome, but check yourself to make sure your readers aren’t laughing for all the wrong reasons (this is another reason why betas are important.)  

These examples of the worst opening lines in published literature will show you what I mean – and possibly serve as a pleasant confidence booster as well: 

“As the dark and mysterious stranger approached, Angela bit her lip anxiously, hoping with every nerve, cell, and fiber of her being that this would be the one man who would understand – who would take her away from all this – and who would not just squeeze her boob and make a loud honking noise, as all the others had.”

– Ali Kawashima

“She sipped her latte gracefully, unaware of the milk foam droplets building on her mustache, which was not the peachy-fine baby fuzz that Nordic girls might have, but a really dense, dark, hirsute lip-lining row of fur common to southern Mediterranean ladies nearing menopause, and winked at the obviously charmed Spaniard at the next table.”

– Jeanne Villa

“As I gardened, gazing towards the autumnal sky, I longed to run my finger through the trail of mucus left by a single speckled slug – innocuously thrusting past my rhododendrons – and in feeling that warm slime, be swept back to planet Alderon, back into the tentacles of the alien who loved me.”

– Mary E. Patrick

“Before they met, his heart was a frozen block of ice, scarred by the skate blades of broken relationships, then she came along and like a beautiful Zamboni flooded his heart with warmth, scraped away the ugly slushy bits, and dumped them in the empty parking lot of his soul.”

– Howie McClennon

If these can get published, so can you.


1.  You know that one really interesting scene you’re itching to write?  Start with that.

Momentum is an important thing in storytelling.  If you set a fast, infectious beat, you and your reader will be itching to dance along with it.  

Similarly, slow, drowsy openers tend to lead to slow, drowsy stories that will put you both to sleep.

I see a lot of posts joking about “that awkward moment when you sit down to write but don’t know how to get to that one scene you actually wanted to write about.”  Write that scene!  If it’s at all possible, start off with it.  If not, there are still ways you can build your story around the scenes you actually want to write.

Keep in mind:  if you’re bored, your reader will almost certainly be bored as well.  So write what you want to write.  Write what makes you excited.  Don’t hold off until later, when it “really gets good.”  Odds are, the reader will not wait around that long, and you’re way more likely to become disillusioned with your story and quit.  If a scene is dragging, cut it out.  Burn bridges, find a way around.  Live, dammit. 

2.  Engage the reader.

There are several ways to go about this.  You can use wit and levity, you can present a question, and you can immerse the reader into the world you’ve created.  Just remember to do so with subtlety, and don’t try too hard;  believe me, it shows.  

Here are some of my personal favorite examples of engaging opening lines: 

“In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." 

– Douglas Adams, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

"It was the day my grandmother exploded.”

– Iain Banks, Crow Road.

“A white Pomeranian named Fluffy flew out of the a fifth-floor window in Panna, which was a grand-new building with the painter’s scaffolding still around it. Fluffy screamed.”

– Vikram Chandra, Sacred Games.

See what I’m saying?  They pull you in and do not let go.

3.  Introduce us to a main character (but do it right.)

“Shadow had done three years in prison. He was big enough and looked don’t-fuck-with-me enough that his biggest problem was killing time. So he kept himself in shape, and taught himself coin tricks, and thought a lot about how much he loved his wife.”

– Neil Gaiman, American Gods.

This is one of my favorite literary openings of all time, because right off the bat we know almost everything we need to know about Shadow’s character (i.e. that he’s rugged, pragmatic, and loving.)   

Also note that it doesn’t tell us everything about Shadow:  it presents questions that make us want to read more.  How did Shadow get into prison?  When will he get out?  Will he reunite with his wife?  There’s also more details about Shadow slowly sprinkled in throughout the book, about his past, personality, and physical appearance.  This makes him feel more real and rounded as a character, and doesn’t pull the reader out of the story.

Obviously, I’m not saying you should rip off American Gods.  You don’t even need to include a hooker eating a guy with her cooch if you don’t want to.  

But this, and other successful openers, will give you just enough information about the main character to get the story started;  rarely any good comes from infodumping, and allowing your reader to get to know your character gradually will make them feel more real.   

4.  Learn from the greats.

My list of my favorite opening lines (and why I love them) is right here.

5.  Keep moving.  

The toughest part of being a writer is that it’s a rare and glorious occasion when you’re actually satisfied with something you write.  And to add another layer of complication, what you like best probably won’t be what your readers will like best. 

If you refuse to keep moving until you have the perfect first chapter, you will never write anything beyond your first chapter.  

Set a plan, and stick to it:  having a daily/weekly word or page goal can be extremely helpful, especially when you’re starting out.  Plotting is a lifesaver (some of my favorite posts on how to do so here, here, and here.)

Keep writing, keep moving, and rewrite later.  If you stay in one place for too long, you’ll never keep going. 

Best of luck, and happy writing.  <3