my favorite cat picture

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I can't believe you've read Varjak Paw! It's my favorite book, and to this day when I see pictures of cats mid-leap I always think of "moving circles".

I think the books had such intricate, dark and surreal atmosphere, and the characters were interesting and relatable. They had aspects of mysticism and ancientness in them, as well as some surprisingly morbid and violent bits. Beautiful use of words. And exquisite illustrations. 


my favorite fics [1/?]

The Galaxy’s Edge by the-cheshire-pussy-cat; 113k, read on ao3

Summary: In which Louis is a bounty hunter with a messed up past. Harry is a prince who just wants to prove himself. Niall and Zayn have too many things to figure out together. And Liam just wants to take care of his family.
Things never quite go as they are planned during a simple rescue job.

Working title: Gays in Space

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Favorite character meme

There’s no point of discuss here: I love the oblivious cat son.

Amazing character design, cinnamon roll and sinnamon roll, full potential of family angst… I just love him ok.