my favorite but least favorite

Hate? Naw, that’s way too strong a word. As you said, she’s a “cute cartoon horse,” it’d take too much energy and effort to hate a fictional character.

I just don’t like her because she’s shit.

In all seriousness–as serious as one can be when referring to colorful flying horses–Dash reminds me of myself. She’s egotistical, cocky, and super competitive, all traits that I possess but try my hardest to suppress for the sake of people I care about. But she’s also loyal, courageous, and determined, traits I wish were stronger within me. Basically, I give her a hard time because she’s me. Just with speed, instead of whatever stuff I’m supposedly good at. So I have less tolerance for her bullshit, and don’t cut her any slack.

Plus, she regularly gets away with some pretty messed up stuff (from assault all the way to industrial sabotage). So I take it upon myself to get in a jab now and then. It’s only fair. Also, I am petty. :3

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seasaltmemories  asked:


  • favorite thing about them: my boi so brave ;-;
  • least favorite thing about them: ngl… that… can hear the voices thing was kinda.. out of nowhere… yea…
  • favorite line: “This is how the lancers fight!” and then cue my heart crying… as well as him always screaming for reiji :/
  • brOTP: him and reiji, him and yuya… himand everYONE SHOULD BE FRIENDS WITH MY BOY
  • OTP: reira and happiness
  • nOTP: reira and sadness
  • random headcanon: reira is a really big fan of white chocolate
  • unpopular opinion: reira is a good character and totally necessary and if him revealing his long hair just made you burst out into laughter, then gtfo of my face
  • song i associate with them: “Dead Hearts” by Stars
  • favorite picture of them: 

anonymous asked:

Yuya(we all knew this was coming)


  • favorite thing about them: everything. i love my boi to death
  • least favorite thing about them: i cannot for the life of me come up with a single thing
  • favorite line: goddamnit i love everything he says tbh but just pretty simply “LADIES & GENTLEMEN”
  • brOTP: w Gongenzaka
  • nOTP: can’t really think of one at the moment tho i’m sure i do have one…
  • random headcanon: i have a bunch but one i recently thought up was that his birthday is probably on feb 29th aka leap day lol becuz reasons
  • unpopular opinion: he is imo the most badass of the protagonists even if he doesnt give off that vibe.
  • song i associate with them: Believer by Imagine Dragons
  • favorite picture of them: god i don’t have just one in particular so here’s a random egao from my collection of yooyer egaos :3c

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ephraim for the character asks please!

  • favorite thing about them: everything. he’s my angel
  • least favorite thing about them: that i thought he wasnt wearing pants for my whole life.
  • favorite line: “Disgusting”
  • brOTP: Ephraim and Eirika/ Ephraim and Myrrh 
  • OTP: Ephraim and Innes
  • nOTP: none
  • random headcanon: He hates wearing pants
  • unpopular opinion: remove the pants intsys stop being cowards 
  • song i associate with them: none
  • favorite picture of them: pantless ephraim

Where’s the fun in playing fair?

you know what i love. i love platonic marichat. not even to drag romantic marichat just platonic marichat by itself is so good.

  • video games. chat’s claws make it hard to handle the controller. they wager cookies and marinette lets him win sometimes.
  • sometimes chat has bad days and sneaks out to see marinette at night because she always gives the best pep talks and lets him have sugary food too
  • the fashion??? he’s so interested in her designs and models half-finished clothes for her. they stay up way too late working on hats.
  • crushes. chat noir won’t shut the fuck up about ladybug until marinette starts talking about her crush on a boy in her class. he makes not a peep.
  • he has to see those photos of himself in her room too like cmon
  • “hey do you wanna play a video game”
    “yeah let me turn on the computer”
    “oh my god is that me”
  • jsut let me
  • have

fangirl challenge [1/15 male celebrities: Joe Keery 

“I did like, theater camp, when I was a little kid and made videos with my sisters and was interested in music, but didn’t ever want to sing. I thought it was cool to play music, for sure, or - I saw School of Rock! I saw that movie and I was like ‘Oh my God! That seems like the coolest thing ever!’ … We were like this is the real shit. We gotta start doing this.”