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Magical Girl Raising Project!

  • Favorite character: Top Speed 
  • Second favorite character: Sister Nana
  • Least favorite character: This is kinda hard, but I’m gonna choose Magicaloid 99, she was the least interesting out of everyone and she did nothing for me.
  • The character I’m most like: Kinda hard… I can see a little of myself in Sister Nana, in La Pucelle and even in Tama, but I don’t think my personality matches someone there closely.
  • Favorite pairing: Sister Nana and Winterprison!
  • Least favorite pairing: Winterprison and Cranberry (I KNOW SOMEONE WHO SHIPS THEM AND I JUST CAN’T)
  • Favorite moment: Very hard to choose only one moment, since there are lots of special ones… But probably the scene in the ending in which Snow White and Ripple “fight” each other.
  • Rating out of 10: I will give it a 10, simply because I ADORE this series and it impacted me in such a strong way. It’s been a while since I felt that way about an anime series. 

Thanks, Jack! I always love talking about MahoIku!


you know what i love. i love platonic marichat. not even to drag romantic marichat just platonic marichat by itself is so good.

  • video games. chat’s claws make it hard to handle the controller. they wager cookies and marinette lets him win sometimes.
  • sometimes chat has bad days and sneaks out to see marinette at night because she always gives the best pep talks and lets him have sugary food too
  • the fashion??? he’s so interested in her designs and models half-finished clothes for her. they stay up way too late working on hats.
  • crushes. chat noir won’t shut the fuck up about ladybug until marinette starts talking about her crush on a boy in her class. he makes not a peep.
  • he has to see those photos of himself in her room too like cmon
  • “hey do you wanna play a video game”
    “yeah let me turn on the computer”
    “oh my god is that me”
  • jsut let me
  • have

fangirl challenge [1/15 male celebrities: Joe Keery 

“I did like, theater camp, when I was a little kid and made videos with my sisters and was interested in music, but didn’t ever want to sing. I thought it was cool to play music, for sure, or - I saw School of Rock! I saw that movie and I was like ‘Oh my God! That seems like the coolest thing ever!’ … We were like this is the real shit. We gotta start doing this.” 

  • Still Star-Crossed: Black female lead character
  • Still Star-Crossed: Enemies to friends to lovers
  • Still Star-Crossed: Arranged marriage
  • Still Star-Crossed: Handsome prince
  • Still Star-Crossed: Period drama
  • Still Star-Crossed: Shonda Rhimes
  • Me: Uh oh. Guess I found a new show to obsess over.

PERALTIAGO APPRECIATION WEEK | Day 2: Favorite Funny Moments
That’s one of my least favorite roles that women fill on TV shows — the killjoy who tells the goofy fun guy to knock it off. We consciously tried to avoid that dynamic — we had them like each other, treat each other like peers, seek advice from each other, and (maybe most importantly) we made them both screw up a lot, albeit in different ways. Melissa and Andy make it easy, though, by playing their scenes not like “fun-time Charlie and his mean schoolmarm watchdog” but like two real humans who tease each other. - Michael Schur on Amy’s relationship with Jake

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rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys