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Can you recommend some of you favorite Rucas fics? I love all of your stuff and want to read stories that you've enjoyed

Hi! Thank you soo much! I’m glad that you enjoy them :) 

I have many fics that I want to recommend you but right now the ones that come to mind are listed below. The ‘(x)’ links are to the other works of these writers since I just mentioned the ones that really have my heart. 

i am a fangirl of @iwantyoutochooseme‘s work. My favorite of hers are Boy Next Door, British Invasion and Downpour (she actually has sooo many more that are always a pleasure to read) (x)

@sand1128‘s Fall of Friar series makes me cry and feel good at the same time. Her oneshot, ‘Hands’, also made me feel so many things. (side note: her rucas 365 series is amazing) 

@yuniesan‘s Season 4 series made me go, “I really wish the show had touched on this,” and “I would do anything for a season 4″ so many times (x)

@friarlucasgravity on the open road (aka gotor) has made me laugh and cry. On point characterization for all characters and it made me reflect on my own life while I was reading it (x)

@maryeemeeh‘s Basketball oneshot was really touching and heartwarming (I’ve read it like five times) (x)

@imaginarybird‘s Perception of a Thing is an AU of GM Yearbook in which Lucas speaks up and it was everything I wished had been said during that whole mess (x)

@ouat2011‘s Serendipity series is the perfect example of good writing with emotion-inducing moments (also through sensitive and mature themes) and well-written character developments (x

Probably one of my favorite things about Area 11 is they seem like an ordinary british boy band but then you realize all of their songs are about anime and they’re all fucking nerds

I showed this photo of Caspar to my mom (which may or may not be my freaking wallpaper making me die each time  I see it bc his smile is worth the sun okay)

(I’m puting it there even if it’s not mine I’m sorry!)

And she said he was so cute but like, in a way like she just fell in love with him, she repeated it in such a voice; You know that voice you use when you see a baby? That voice.
And I was sat there blushing like crazy and smiling like a proud mom because I was; I was so proud becaue he is worth the sun and idek I was just so glad my mom realized how precious he is and how cute and everything

Just Friends (part 1)

I was so extremely bored. What the hell could I do on a Sunday night at 5pm? My boyfriend, Phil, was at work. That’s when it finally hit me. I snatched my phone from the kitchen counter and dialed my favorite combination of numbers.
“Hello?” The British boy asked.
“Hey, are you just Dan? Phil’s at work and I don’t know what to do.” Dan and I had been friends since second grade. He could easily be titled as my ‘best friend’. I’ve never really liked him more than that, which is good cause my boyfriend would kill him. Phil and I have been dating for almost four years now and he is way too overprotective. He absolutely hates Dan due to our strong friendship because he thinks “he’s stealing you from me”.
“Um well I don’t know how to help you y/n haha,” his laugh made me smile. “Wanna go see interstellar? I heard it’s amazing.”
“Hell yeah!” I hung up and got ready for the movies.

When I arrived at the theater, I noticed that Dan was no where to be seen.
“Yo!” Dan shouted in my ear, startling me. Apparently he stood behind me the whole time.
“Don’t dare me like that!”
“Haha don’t be a cry baby, let’s go.” He takes my hand and walks with me. Dan and I are strictly friends. I like him as a friend. That’s it…. Right?…..
Once we arrived at our movie, there was only a few things occupying the room. A couple (too busy making out to notice they weren’t alone), another couple titled ‘just friends’ (aka Dan and I), and my thoughts. My thoughts constantly nagged me on the way in, begging for the truth. They questioned who I loved. Dan made my heart race like I just ran a marathon, but that’s just because I like seeing him. Phil was my actual love, and without him I would… Uh….Be single I guess. This is what my thoughts hated me for, I had no reason to keep Phil. But I did anyways.
“Ey, mates. You have popcorn, you don’t have to eat each other.” Dan chuckled but froze, staring at the guy he insulted.
My gaze went over to the guy now standing. He was shorter than Dan but a bit, but not too much. His jet black hair and piercing blue eyes created a sharp feeling in my chest. The feeling of hatred.