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30 Day Naruto Challenge

Day 08: Favorite Fight.

(I could not pick one.)

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*The animation in the Team 10 vs. Team Zombie fight is some of the best animation I have ever seen from the show. There is a odd fluid way to how they move, and everyone appears rubbery. Much like an american style of animation. Even the small breaks in this episode, the lip syncing movements were a bit more then open/closed and seems a lot of money went into these episodes. Kakuzu also moves pretty fluidly.

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And you can just tell their personalities by how they move. Really solid animation.

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Konan’s fight with Madara is also one of my personal favorites because we can finally see Konan acting on her own, without being burdened by guilt or her past anymore. I like it for Konan’s character development, and the CGI is actually integrated pretty well here. An sea of papers? 600 billion paper bombs. I love this woman. <3

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My favorite fight in the old series… It had to be Hinata fighting Neji, and then Naruto kicking his sorry ass later. I even do like the PeinHinata fight, for how brief and short it is. Hinata’s tenacity to face her foes head on, knowing she will die every second is a trait I admire about her. And it’s not like after her fight with Neji she remained useless. She spent time developing her own techniques. And it’s the fact that Neji nearly killed Hinata out of this fight and the vow that Naruto makes to kick his ass on Hinata’s blood.  A lot of the Chunnin Exams and the prelims were amazing fights but out of them all, I probably like this one the best in terms of character building. 

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(Animation wise..Chunnin exam saga.. definately Garra and lee’s fight.)

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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 2: Favorite anime you have watched so far

Psycho Pass

I love Psycho Pass but a lot of that has to do because of this sexy fellow………….. Kogami Shinya

like HOT DAME! 

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That and these two wonderful people’s beautiful chemistry together ♥ I SHIP THEM SO HARD! So, when I learned about the movie and I was going to get more interactions with these lovely people I was so hyped! 

Their was also the second season which I liked because I got to see a strong female character develop and grow. I loved the fact that Akane pictured herself talking to Kogami. It was so beautiful. I also loved the fact she developed his smoking habit because it just made me think just how much she cared about him. I SO WANT THEM TOGETHER!

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The second season was just as intense and didn’t disappoint and just like last time the anime made me feel for certain characters and situations and really hate others.

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WORST CHARACTER EVER! She is so pathetic. Akane does not need this shit for brains for a partner who has a stick up her ass. What she needs is Kogami who is reliable and way better at his job then she is. :P I want her killed off like why do the good characters always get killed off like why!? Yet were still stuck with this good for nothing…….-_-

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Now lets get to the story. Well what can I say. It’s perfect. It has a great plot, interesting characters and the best bad guy ever! Like this guy is so scary, I got the creeps from him the whole time. The scariest of monsters are those of human skin that look completely normal when actually they are INSANE MENTAL CASES!

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