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St. on Spellcasting: Energy Feeds and Magic Fatigue

In my (self proclaimed) role as a magical theorists and practitioner, one of the things I do is try to figure out what various practices do to us as magicians and witches. My focus is mostly on how to make magic more efficient and practical. Not everyone has time to do a nine-day candle spell. Not everyone has the oomph to cast an exploding intent spell. I have taken it upon myself to try to find out why.

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I’m beginning to realize how easier things were before I was making any money.  Years ago, I had no job, almost no belongings and I squatted in a storage shed.  But the few books I had were my favorites and the tiny battery powered stereo was more than enough to lift my spirits.  I made a table out of cinder blocks and an old door I dragged out of a dumpster.  It held only a manual typewriter and an ashtray.  I had everything I needed.  Living space per person in the U.S. increased 183% from 1950 to 2000.  Do you really want to spend time earning money to pay for space you don’t need?  Cut your work hours in half and get out of the house.