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So here I am in a new town, all on my own, with a new house and I love it. It means new adventures,  new mystery. I don’t like the idea of meeting new people, but from what I heard people in this town are not so ordinary and boring as the most of the population of this world…anyway, I am here for the mystery and stories, not to make new friends … I don’t like most people anyway so why would that change here.

It’s the first day of my new life here and I’m unpacking a few boxes that contain all of my belongings. It’s just some books, some tapes, a photo album, my camera, my notebooks, my granddad’s gun and some clothes, there might be more but it’s all just old trash. I am listening to the radio and they are playing  I Fought the Law … I love The clash so much it’s the only band that I really like. I am singing along and because my windows are open (I don’t  like the smell that the first owners left) someone yells to turn it off. I just turn it up and the old lady just walks away murmuring something to herself…I really couldn’t care less. Besides annoying old people, this neighborhood doesn’t suck that much. I got this house from a lady whose husband disappeared and they never found him…she didn’t take it well and she moved to Australia… as far away as possible she said, away from this cursed place, the price was really low so I bought it…it was like she just really wanted to get the hell away from here … I mean the price was really low for such a nice house. But that’s not why I am here. I am here because of the disappearing of those people, I really wanted to find out more. And because of the money, I inherited from my grandfather after he died I can easily buy a house and pretend that I live here with my parents…I am not going to spend that money on shoes and clothes or a mansion…no, I am going to live here until I find out what the hell is going on her because if I really love anything I love some good mystery.

Well, rise and shine, it’s my first day at school, should I be excited? because I am not, I barely get out of bad, and I need coffee otherwise I might not be able to get out of my house today. After I eat a pudding pop for breakfast (ok maybe two) I get dressed take a bag and stuff a notebook and some pens in it. I run outside and get in my car, I really do NOT want to be late on my first day.

The school looks fine until I walk in … everyone is looking at me, after all, I am new and no one comes to live here after what happened, well I don’t think even before that people were fighting to live here, I really don’t need that kind of attention right now. Just when I am about to walk into a classroom, and all this weird chatter that is not so secretly judging me is about to and, I trip over my own feet and fall right next to some boy’s feet, the ring announces the start of the first class and everybody is slowly moving away from the weird new girl and into their classrooms. I was still on the floor trying to get to my normal color and not tomato red and trying to get all my things back together. When I heard his voice.

“H-hi? Here let me help you.” he leans down and we touch hands on my Walkman that was trashed on the floor. He backs of really fast “sorry, I just, i…I am Jonathan” he just shuts up like he is surprised and confused, why is he talking to a total stranger. I look up and I see a boy about my age avoiding my gaze, gathering my things and maybe, wait, what? just maybe blushing a little bit…no, it can’t be. He finally gathered all bits of mine…now destroyed Walkman and awkwardly handing them to me. “Here, your…stuff”. I just sit there for a moment and he clears his throat. I realize I’m just sitting there so I try to end this embracing conversation as fast as possible.

“Oh, oh sorry. I mean thanks…wait, where is my tape? oh no my tape”. We both start looking, and after a while, he finds it and he grins

“You like the Clash, for real?”,  

“Yes, yes I love them, they are my favorite band since forever”.

“That’s cool, what’s your name, new girl?” he is almost smiling now,

“Y/n…Y/n Y/Ln”

“well nice to meet you Y/n”.

He hands me the tape and this time he doesn’t back away when our hands touch.

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Hey 👋 my names Carly, I’m 16 (17 in 4 days!!) and I’m from #Utah ! I’m #bi, love to sing and play guitar, write random stuff but mainly poems, and watch scary movies or listen to scary stories on YouTube xD (I LOVE scary stuff) I am a lover of practically any kind of music, and would probably take forever to tell you all my favorites singers/bands 😂😂 I’m very friendly, but also very honest 😂😂 but don’t be afraid to hmu cx peace peace ✌️

Wedding Dress- Rap Monster

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~Sometimes love doesn’t turn out the way you expected~

A/N: Wedding Dress- Taeyang

No fans or water for this one, maybe just a box of tissues. Enjoy~ 

You never expected this day to come.

The day you’d see him at the end of the aisle, reminiscing in all the memories of you as your shoes click on the tile. Namjoon smiles at you, bright and happy as he straightens his tux. You can remember the first day you met.  

It was the pouring rain in the middle of December, your coat soaked with rainwater and throat dry with thirst from running. He’d literally ran into you as you stopped to collect the falling droplets on your tongue, sending you both tumbling to the slick wet pavement. Feeling so bad and apologizing ten times more than necessary he’d insisted on buying you coffee.

And as they say: the rest is history.

Walks in the park, nights in the studio, a secret kiss in front of his door you’d never forget, when his lips were warm from the heat and tongue sweet from the candy. Things began to build up, secrets shared, lives joined, two inseparable bodies who were on their way to something more. Something beautiful and magical.

You’d sit together for hours, doing pointless things that meant nothing but everything to you, making fun of his unusually long playlist of American pop, peeking over his shoulders to catch a glimpse of what he’s reading, making him food when you know he’s sacrificed health for the ink of his pen. 

In the summer, when all the trees were bare and swaying with dehydration, praying for the rain as they twisted and shriveled to the ground… It was here you realized that you loved him. That every glance at his pale face brought a rush of red to yours, that every brush of his hand brought shivers up your spine, that every dead tree looked beautiful and absolutely stunning when he was next to it.

He used to tell you how pretty you were, how much he loved your smile, your laugh, your eyes and the day he said he had a surprise for you when he saw you next, the largest smile on his handsome face, was supposed to be the best day of your life.

Until you opened your door to find him, all dressed up in your long gown and best earrings for the occasion of what you thought was coming. You could only stand and watch with a growing sickness in your stomach as he pulled a girl- one of your friends from around the corner and told her not to be afraid of telling you.

The man you love and your best friend.

You blink, pulling your gaze away from his at the end of the aisle, trying not to fall apart as you step aside for the bride, all white and beautiful in her dress, looking like a perfect rendition of Snow White with her dark hair and bright lips. You knew since you girls were young she’d marry someone as equal in looks and as high in intelligence, always braiding her hair and telling her stories of possible suitors.

But not one of your child-like fantasies sounded like this.

This is more of a nightmare.

You watch as Namjoon’s face brightens further, more than it did when you walked through, more than it ever had for you.  

You wish you could tell him it was a mistake. That you were the one for him and would always be. That no matter how much he thought he loved her, he loved you more. But how could you live with yourself for doing such a thing? How could you live with yourself now? You remember him asking you for advice on her, insisting you knew her better than anybody and that you could help when they had problems, when they were on the verge of divorce before they were even married. She’d hurt him so many times, yet he still goes back.  

You force yourself to stay sitting, helpless as the man you love marries someone else, as you never had the time to heal before he’d given you dates and names and numbers, pulling you along to pick up rings, asking why your eyes seemed so red.

“They really pump out those sad movies on TV around this time.” You’d lie, knowing well your TV hadn’t been touched in months, the only solace you found in your bed, sheets stained with tears and regret. Perhaps you should’ve known it was coming, perhaps should’ve made a move when you had the chance. But it’s too late for that now.  

You clap as they kiss, walking back down the aisle to say their thanks and goodbyes before leaving. When Namjoon comes to you, you can’t meet his eyes, staring at the space between your feet as he rubs your bare arms.

“I want to say thank you.” His voice is bright and happy, but not for you. For her. For his marriage. “Here, I have something for you.”

He digs into his pocket and fishes out a ring, engraved with the day you both met on the inside of the small band. “Because this day will forever be my favorite. Not only because I met you, but because you lead me to happiness.” He looks back at his new bride with a loving smile. “You brought me to love.”

Namjoon slips the ring on your finger, giving the crown of your head a quick kiss before he’s gone. You hold your hand up in the light, the silver reflecting off the sunshine coming in from the stained glass windows. Only one thought crosses your mind, perhaps unwarranted, perhaps selfish, but still there nonetheless:  

It should’ve been me.  

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I was tagged by @cavalcade-of-perversion to list my nine favorite musicians. This was damn near impossible. It took me days to try and narrow it down. I chose the following people because they each have genuine and unique talent that sets them apart.

1. Bjork
What isn’t incredible about this woman? She began studying classical music as a child, with the intention of becoming a composer. The unique thing about Bjork is her unconventional ideas and approaches to music. She is a childlike wonder, who is both pure, dark, innocent and sexual all wound into one person. She is able to move me in ways no other musician has. Bjork’s music paints an emotional landscape for the listener. The raw emotion exposed is terrifying and refreshing. I love that she is always breaking out of boxes, and that she makes music because she wants to push the boundaries and explore new horizons. Her songs are very interior, so incredibly complex… I mean… The woman records volcanic beats to put in her songs. She is shaped by the icy continent from which she was born. I feel bjork in the pit of my soul. Her music like waves crashing over your body, again and again. Unrelenting in it’s beauty and sadness.

2. The one and only Kate Bush
Kate’s music is immensely personal to me. When I was in my early twenties I was obsessed with her. Kate was a constant source of inspiration because she possessed a childlike mysticism and sensuality to her. She incorporated theatre, magic, interpretive dance, film as well as elaborate costumes and mine into her music. Not to mention she wrote all the lyrics, broke the mold of what was “conventional” for a woman to do in those times. Kate was a pioneer. She was carrying a torch, making music for music’s sake. Speaking as a voyeur observing others, always a healthy Aquarian distance away from oneself. That emotional objectivity, while still remaining so nurturing and gentle hearted was always beautiful to me. I can’t describe what her music did for me. Some of it is too painful to listen to anymore. All I know is that i am enchanted by her and her aura of mystery. She’s rather shy, but very introspective. Yet when she sings and dances, it’s like being confronted with a cobra. Her voice a ghostly echo, holding you out in space.

3. David Bowie
The man–is a genius. A chameleon. Does he really need an introduction?. My favorite song of his is “five years”. I also love the wild eyed boy from free loud, cygnet committee, the bewley brothers, big brother…He’s s well read, cultured, a brilliant lyricist, so incredibly creative. I love his movies, just everything. My father is a HUGE Bowie fan, so I grew up with him always on in the house. I’m most particularly fond of Bowie in his early days. The man who sold the world, space oddity, Ziggy stardust. I can listen to that on vinyl over and over. Never gets old. I saw him once back in high school. He puts on an amazing show. Also he is very personal with the audience, very intimate with others. He seems really down to earth.

4. Robert Smith
Anyone who knows me, is aware that the cure was my favorite band growing up. I still love them, I’ve seen them three times, once third row center and Robert blew me a kiss and I almost died. I related to the music so strongly. The words, the sound, especially the early stuff. Robert is super talented. As I got older my tastes changed, Cocteau Twins is my forever favorite band, but the cure will always be a really close second. I don’t think I’ll ever get over what they meant to me. Sometimes I wish I could call him up and have him sing me a lullaby when I can’t sleep. Nothing and no one is more comforting.

5. Buckethead
Now, I’m not really a metal head, but I know good music when I hear it and buckethead is phenomenal. I don’t know how he shreds like that but it is fucking insane. I have major respect for him as a musician. Plus he’s a total weirdo which I love. Wearing a kfc bucket on his head, never speaking, always with that creepy mask on.

6. Chelsea Wolfe
In a world where all music sounds the same these days, Chelsea came out with an entirely new sound. Not sure why I resonate with her so strongly. A combination of witchcraft and palpable darkness. I met her once at the rickshaw and she’s very sweet. Very dreamy and mysterious, but also very kind. I admire people who have their own thing going on, and she certainly has that.

7. Joanna Newsom
Most people are surprised when I put her on lists of favorite musicians. I think she has s very sweet and unique way of storytelling. She’s a mountain woman. Her writing is very ambiguous, but riddled with hidden meanings. I love that you have to decipher what she means. When she plays the harp…. Sigh. Absolutely beautiful. She’s a darling angel from above. A sparkling star of brilliant talent and I adore her. Though I have many sad associations with her music.

8. Lisa Gerrard
Dead can dance is just incredible. Best live show I have ever been to, hands down. And I’ve seen some amazing shows. They even beat out Bowie, slowdive and Portishead. It was like going back in time… To experience their music live… And Lisa was truly hypnotizing. Her voice is remarkable. They play ancient music, and use worldly instruments that are uncommon. Their sound is like reliving a past life.

9. Melora from Rasputina
I don’t care what anyone says, as far as “musicians” go, she is so talented. She plays the cello, the violin (which I LOVE). I’m a huge fan of the string instruments. I love her unusual humor, and her unique sound that is entirely her own. I am always impressed with her music. I tag whoeverrrrr.


30.04.17-Day 120

forever blessed. the 1975 has been my favorite band since 7th grade (ty rhianna) and i can now say that i have met them, been blessed by their presence, and can die happily now that i have heard them live

dani, thank you for being my ride or die, waiting way too many hours in line to see 15+ bands now, and for being down to do it all over again every time. i love you so much 💜

tobiou-kageyamas  asked:

3, 6, 28, 97 & 100! For the "get in my business" ask thingy :p

3. How many tattoos I have and what they are:

i think if i were to get a tattoo my parents would disown me lol. also that kind of long-term commitment kinda scares me like what would i want to print on my skin that i’ll keep forever?? 

6. Favorite band:

if band here talks about any group of people who sing or make music, that would be Kalafina. if we’re talking instruments and the works—perhaps Ling Tosite Sigure? i don’t really have a fave among the western ones and i’ve been out of touch with all of them lately tbh. and i’ve just started thoroughly listening to my own country’s music so no fave yet.

28. Favorite ice cream:

all ice cream should be loved, but do all dairy queens all over the world have that oreo ice cream cake? damn, that’s so good.

97. Have you ever cheated on a test?

when i was a kid for some reason, there were moments when i couldn’t grasp instructions no matter how hard i tried. one time, during a test (i was 6) i couldn’t understand what i was supposed to do for this one part so i kept trying to peek at the person next to me’s paper to see what she was doing with that part. the teacher got mad lol but i don’t remember what happened after

100. Have you ever give us one thing about you that no one knows.

….i’m going to assume that this is asking me to give you one thing about me that no one knows, and tell you: i barely give effort to anything. ever. especially endeavors related to school. i rarely study and everything i hand in is completely last minute. despite this, i used to be an honor student and have never failed a class in my life. that’s probably going to change this semester tho lol

Get in my business 

I had wonderfully splendid first day of hangout fest.. so many groovy acts but what’s gonna stick with me forever is my favorite band, MGMT and the magical Mac Demarco. Can’t believe that was even real. I’m not sure how to go about the next two days of this thing..

The Suggestion:

Me: Can we all do a fun pose?
Dennis: Let’s look dramatically up to the sky.

The Result:

Pat: I don’t know you people.
Shane: Fuck you. I’m gonna stand like this anyway.
Jake: I’m just a small, scared child.
Dennis: Wow. Maybe there really is something up there….
Shawn: BEHOLD!!!
Jeremy: *awkwardly looks the wrong way*


Bastille: Tickets, Meet & Greet, WWCOMMS prize pack - Rebekah M.

It’s not every day you can meet the band that means the world to you. Bastille has been my favorite band for what feels like forever and I am so thankful to have been able to meet them. I got to show them some of my artwork from my printmaking class and Dan asked if he could have one of my prints which was INSANE, I never thought I could say that my favorite band has my original artwork. This was an incredible experience and I am so thankful to everyone who helped me win the Tunespeak raffle for it. I can only hope to be able to meet them again someday.

remember-me-forever-silent-angel  asked:

Darling, Cherry!! In regards to your Question of the Day. I can't think of an unpopular opinion of mine right now. But as for my user name, it's taken from two songs by my favorite band Alesana. "Remember me forever" comes from the song Heavy Hangs the Albatross, and "Silent Angel" comes from their song This Conversation is Over :)

Oooh I love names that are linked to music! Music is just like so important to our lives! Thank you for sharing Darling Stephanie 💜