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1) Senza Volto Sorry to bother, but I was looking for a fanfic I read ages ago where Baekhyun randomly(?) calls Chanyeol, who he doesn’t know, and think’s he sounds hot or something and they basically talk on the phone all the time. Chanyeol is annoyed at first and doesn’t wanna talk. Later on they meet at a party and hook up or something similar? I think Chanyeol might be a sports player too. I remember them talking about sports or something.

2) hi! do you know that chanyeol!photographer x baekhyun!idol fic where baekhyun spots chanyeol in the crowd of paparazzi and gets flustered?

3) Hi I’m looking for this one fic on AFF and it was age gap and daddy kink (i think?) and Baekhyun was a CEO or something and Chanyeol was a college student, and Baekhyun goes home all tired or whatever and Chanyeol punishes him or something? please help me if you know this fic!

4) MODS ive been thinking abt this for weeks omg one of my favorite fics involved baek as a music major and baekyeol kissed and baek has a tattoo that says andante and explain that it means moderately slowly! Its one if my faves but im so bad with titles! Its not why like this or on the booze!

5) Needy hellooo so i’m trying to find this one age gap daddy kink fic where Baekhyun was a CEO and Chanyeol was a college student or something and Chanyeol was the dominant one in the relationship; Baekhyun called him daddy. i don’t remember more of it, just those details!

6) Blinding hiii! do you know this fic where its wolf au, and i forgot the position/ranks of chanyeol, buy baekhyun was a lower ranking (omega i think?) but basically, chanyeol was always in love with baekhyun while Baekhyun wanted to stay as friends in order not to ruin their connection with eachother, in the beginning of the fic, baekhyun talks about how his relationships never work and how he thinks he isnt a normal omega/beta and in the end of the fic they have sex after baekhyuns failed baking attempt

7) Daddy I read a fic a while back and now I can’t find it. It was rated M, and in it baekhyun had a dry orgasm in the middle of a talk show and Chanyeol carries him off set and they have sex in the dressing room or something. Any idea what it was?

8) Innocent(currently in draft status on aff) Hiii I have a question, do you guys know a fic where Baek comes from an abusive relationship and family, Luhan was his btother and he stutters and then Chanyeol finds him and they get married but Chanyeol is very mean and violent with Baek, there’s age gap between them and Baek alrrady has a son called Jungkook? Do you know what happened to the fic or the author? I’ve been looking for that fic and I can'tfind it

9) Baby Brother Hello, do know the title of the incest fic where Chanyeol treats Baekhyun as a baby, and Baekhyun doesnt like it. So when Chanyeol stopped treating him like a baby, he kinda regretted saying he doesnt want to be treated like one. Baekhyun is bestfriends with Kyungsoo and Kyung is concern with Baek dating his own brother. I don’t remember much of that’s why I want to reread it but I forgot the title. Thankieee

10) The Interest of a Ghost hello! i am looking for an incest fic but i forgot a lot about it. i just remember that they end up going to a fair on the boardwalk or something like that? and i believe kyungsoo is baekhyun’s best friend and he catches him kissing chanyeol near their truck. in the author notes the author spoke about her opinion on incest? it was really well written. i wish i could remember more. i’ve been racking my brain over here! thanks in advance!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love baekhyun so much! Can you recommend some impressive authors like Exobobz (Not Intented is so wonderful!!!) who had done great chaptered bottombaek fics to me? Chanbaek or Krisbaek or anybaek is fine!!! Love u!!!

i think exobubz is honestly the only fic writer i know that writes multiple long chaptered fics, it’s been hard to find any more and even harder to find any non-chanbaek writers who do multiple nc-17 chaptered stories haha BUT I’LL TRY MY HARDEST

  • gloomygragon (chanbaek) (has only a few chaptered, rest are oneshots)
  • ai-love-sarang (chanbaek, krisbaek, kaibaek)
  • greatest_love (chanbaek)
  • exobubz/toffeecoffee (of course)
  • i would also suggest looking through thebaekfest (all baek ships) and baeconandeggs (chanbaek) since a lot of great writers choose to only submit their stories to fic communities :D (i cannot guarantee that theyre all bottombaek but i know there are many very lovely stories)

if anyone has any other writers they know of, feel free to let me know! ((also i agree Not Intended is a full blown masterpiece, easily one of my favorites!!))

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chanbaek for the ship meme! :))

I’m sobbing, anon. Chanbaek = favorite pair of boyfriends and Endgame OTP. LET’S DO THIS THING.

• when or if I started shipping it.

Look me in the eyes and tell me that this isn’t love

• my thoughts:

Baekyeol’s friendship is one in a million.  I love how easy going it can be at times, where the constant teasing/shit-talking is only a testament to how comfortable they are with each other. They just do dumb things together. Like seriously. Dumb.

They’re like two friends who share a unique brand of humor, and they’re always laughing at each other’s jokes even when no one else is laughing. Or they just start laughing at other people.

When they’re not too busy being little shits, I think they do care for each other an awful lot.  Chanyeol goes into serious Park Boyfriend mode sometimes. All the time. He notices things about Baekhyun that other people don’t. Even Baekhyun can’t believe it.  That’s how high Chanyeol is on the Boyfriend meter.  And here’s some of Chanyeol capturing his sweetheart on camera.

In turn, Baekhyun’s really supportive of Chanyeol.  Whether it’s pitching a song to help Chanyeol out or providing encouragement after he sings, Baekhyun’s got his back. Here’s some more of Byun Boyfriend in action.

They also do that thing where they look like mile high boyfriends at the airport. Amazing. Also, how bout that height difference, huh?

At some point, Chanyeol used Baekhyun as some sort of reverse alarm clock where Baekhyun’s moans would cue sleep. He also carries a piece of home with him when he’s away from home ((home is Baekhyun shhh))

Also, they sometimes act like a domestic couple. That “ayy i’m going to the store what’s up with you” phone call still haunts me in my sleep.

EDIT: shit I forgot. they have a song

• What makes me happy about them:


And I can’t believe this actually happened.

• What makes me sad about them:

They’ve both got really bold personalities and I feel like lines can be crossed at times. That kind of friction in a relationship may make or break it.

• things done in art/fic that annoys me:

I personally don’t really enjoy fics that have abusive relationships or infidelity in them, but this applies to all fics and not just baekyeol ones.

• things I look for in art/fic:

Let me just rec you some of my favorite baekyeol fics yeah??? But in general, I like baekyeol fics that characterize them as having a bit of a push-pull relationship while still maintaining affection does this make sense.

Between the Lines ***favorite*** ***cries for 5 million years***

Bent, Not Broken

Bet Your Heart on Me


(Coping 101 From a Not Break-Up)

Hand in Hand (We Swim in Our Sins)

Kiss Me, Kill Me


Savage, SSadistic, SSSensational


Twist My Plot and I’ll Twist Yours

You Light Up My Life (And I Like You in Silver Tights)


• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

Baekhyun: Kyungsoo, Jongdae, Jongin, Tao, Sehun

Chanyeol: Kyungsoo, Jongdae, Kris, Sehun, Luhan

• My happily ever after for them:

violets are blue, roses are red, with this ring I thee wed.

Naw for real, I want them to be life-long friends. 

• what is their favorite non-sexual activity?

This.  It’s also a personal dream of mine to see them go on an IKEA date.

Title: Puppy eyes

Author: FanTheWind

Status: Complete

Rating: NC 17

Length: one shot

Genre: fluff, romance, slight!angst, smut, beagle hybrid!chanyeol & beagle hybrid!baekhyun, hurt comfort

Summary: Junmyeon just adores Beagles, but Chanyeol is a handful. When he leaves for work he prays that the house isn’t on fire when he gets back.
Recently, though, Chanyeol’s been a bit aggressive lately, and Junmyeon decides he needs a playmate. Of course, though, he wasn’t going to get just any hybrid. He has his own gain from this: He plans on breeding them himself.

Admin Shiba: SO adorable, and the romance is so well developed. Definitely my favorite hybrid fic!


anonymous asked:

Hi, can you recommend your favorite baekyeol fics? :>

These are my personal favorites. Like, I dunno what your fic taste is but I’m sappy and bestfriend and cry and stuff.

Zodiac | Hell yeah, bending and Avatar shit. Fuck yeah. Little Love what?


Lavanya | Feared the worst for this.

Then Came You | Kei, you shit. You know I love you.

The Letter | Possessive Chanyeol is best.

Phoenix Rising | This Chanyeol is also pretty fucking sexy.

Firestorms, And the Rate of Consumption | I’m really fond of magical AU’s. This is magically sad.

Glissandi | I’m not sure if I  favorite this or I hate it. This fic is unfair as fuck and I think it’s great.

Fix You | Can we not.

The Boy Who Leapt Through Time | Timey whimey things and I’m on the hook. This didn’t break me but the Epilogue did a bit of damage. Time Traveller’s Story

Woodnote | Timey whimey things and “If ya cud change yer fate wood you do et?” Goddamnit. I love the string red ajdwdask shit.

Suitcase of Memories | Refreshing with the scenery’s that isn’t Korea. Ya feel? This is the kind of drama I dig.

Forevermore | Timey whimey things got me hooked but this shit was fabulous but can we not. Why? Goddamnit.

Hand In Hand [We Swim In Our Sins] | Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Moments Like These | I’m made of fluff and frosting and a bit of masochism and a dash of sadism but this is just fluff and cute.

I Don’t Want To Fall In Love With You! | If you’re easily affected by secondhand embarrassment, then you should read this because it’s nice and funny but also frustrating.

Moments | This story is cute. Lick a lollipop and stick it on a strangers face kind of sweet.

Well, that’s all so far. Ah, enjoy! ^^

anonymous asked:

any fluff with innocent chanyeol? thank youu and happy new year :)))

hey there! hope you’ll like these fics with innocent chanyeol :> 

enjoy! - Admin Rose :> 

anonymous asked:

hellooooo my fav baekyeol fics site!!!! omg congrats on the new admins too!!! may i ask for any admins' fav fluffy fics of baekyeol cs i'm currently stressed out with my exams so they're my stress reliever.... hehehehheheheehhehehe thanks ;3; /kissy & heart emoji/

Hey anon! thank you hehe we’ll make you guys proud <3 Here are a few of my favorite fluffy baekyeol fics~

These are just a few I could think of from the top of my head! Good luck for your exams and try not to stress out too much ;; take care of yourself, drink water and sleep well, you can do this anon!! <33 - Admin A